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104% Confirmed List of Things that will happen in Stormlight Archive 3

It’s totally true! (Would I lie to you?)

- The prologue is Elhokar at the party where Gavilar died. He notices Dalinar following the codes as Gavilar said. Then, the two mysterious men convince him to trick Dalinar into getting completely wasted. He gets Dalinar drunk, then gives Szeth directions to Gavilar’s room, gives Sadeas the handbook on how to stop the Desolations (it was the only one of its kind, and Sadeas destroys it), gives Venli the tip that she needs to unlock Stormform, and gives Darkness a list of crimes committed by all Surgebinders so that he can kill them. Adolin is also revealed to have dated Shallash.

- In present day, the Ghostbloods say that Shallan must find true love if she wants to join them. She angsts over whether she loves Kaladin or Adolin.

- Kaladin flies in to Hearthstone in the middle of Roshone’s marriage to Laral (it was a really long engagement). Roshone has now grown an evil goatee and intends to push his new button that gives supreme power to Odium once he gets married. Kaladin bursts in and gives his objection right before the vows. Everyone cheers that Kaladin saved the day, only for a brick to knock him out.

- Jasnah has to babysit Baby Odium, the suckling child from WoK Chapter 57’s Death Rattle.

- Szeth decides to chase his dream and become a rockstar. It is revealed in his flashbacks that everyone in Shinovar discouraged this dream because stone was sacred. Szeth was sad, but then he saw someone Soulcasting some grass into a guitar. Using the guitar, he rocked out, singing that the end was coming. He was made Truthless because his music was too loud.

- It’s revealed that Lirin has turned evil and crowned himself Emperor of Hearthstone. Kaladin, Roshone, Laral, Jost’s Dad, and Hesina team up to stop Lirin from upgrading the Voidbringers into the Super Voidbringers. However, when Kaladin tries to fight him, Lirin goes Super Saiyan and defeats Kaladin, telling him that he has to unlock more true potential.

- Dalinar confesses that he doesn’t remember his wife, only to find out that her name actually is “Shshshshshshsh”.

- Jasnah runs into a hat-obsessed man who likes drinking metal, claims that two and two equals pickle, can regenerate and slow time, is a master of disguise, and hates guns. Brandon’s notes indicate that he is indeed a worldhopper: Hrathen.

- The Highspren cause Highstorms, but they’ve grown tired of it so they give Adolin the power to make Highstorms.

- Shallan actually does draw herself as a bridgeman, causing her to realize that she loves Kaladin.

- Kaladin decides to say the Fourth Oath to get enough power to defeat Emperor Lirin. However, when he learns that it’s, “I will not go after my friend’s girl”, he refuses to say it.

- Dalinar walks up to Shallan and says, “Kaladin killed Helaran” with no context, then walks away.

- Nalan is also in possession of a giant block of ice in which Spook has cryogenically frozen himself.

- The recurring Interlude character (like Szeth in WoK and Eshonai in WoR) is Mazrim Taim.

- Ghost Sadeas appears and swears the Oath, “The death is my life, the strength becomes my weakness, the journey has ended”, causing him to transform into Sataneas.

- Kaladin tries to flee Hearthstone, but ends up tripping over and unplugging a power cord. This gets rid of Emperor Lirin’s power, and Kaladin easily defeats him. As thanks for stopping Lirin, Laral gives Kaladin a big smooch. However, as she does, Shallan walks in, gasps, and runs away. Kaladin chases after her saying that he can explain and we see no more of them in this book.

- To raise money for the new Radiants, Dalinar and Renarin start a car wash. However, Amaram’s 1974 Parsher truck turns out to be a Carform Parshendi, which turns into the legendary Voidmobile when Adolin hits it with a Highstorm.

- Lopen is part of the 11th Radiant Order, the Ganchos.

- Szeth and Darkness can’t get into Shinovar because there’s a ten dollar admission fee. Spook defrosts and the trio go on an epic quest to find ten dollars.

- Derethil is still alive and the Aesudan subplot is resolved when Wandersail falls from the sky and crushes her.

- Nan Balat reveals that Shallan`s mom`s name was `Restares Davar`.

- Szeth, Spook, and Darkness run into Jasnah, owner of Roshar`s last ten dollars. Szeth and Jasnah bond over their mutual fakeout deaths.

- Navani falls into a parallel dimension where Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Alcatraz are part of the Cosmere.

- Lift eats Sadeas`s body, causing Sataneas to get mad.

- Szeth finally gets back to Shinovar with the ten dollar admission fee, only to find out that they`re closed for the summer.

- Taravangian finds love.

- Adolin gets a puppy and names it Sureblood Jr. However, his puppy gets eaten by TenSoon.

- It`s revealed that Odium wants to destroy the Cosmere because he got friendzoned by Cultivation.

- The Nightwatcher is revealed to actually be the Nightwasher, and only gives you a boon and a curse if you wash your dishes.

- Eshonai wakes up and finds that she has been rebuilt into a cyborg.

- It`s revealed that the Ten Fools founded a group called the Knights Radian. It takes two orders to form a Knights Diameter.

- The big twists of the book are:

1. The Recreance happened becuase the Knights Radiant were no longer given a discount on fast food.

2. Elhokar has already been assassinated and Danlan has tricked everyone into thinking that she is Elhokar.

3. The masked Ghostblood is Stella, daughter of Dalinar and Vin, master of all Radiant powers, only one who can stop Odium, and love interest of Hoid. (Totally not a Mary Sue.)

4. Nohadon plaigirized The Way of Kings, stealing it in its entirety from How to be Evil by Dilaf.

5. Lift gets a Shardfork.

6. Ronald McDonald is coming to Roshar.


Robbie Rivet and E.sportacus
I had so much fun designing these TWO!

For E.sports i wanted him to have a muted pallet with gold accents. He wears spikes and lacrosse styled cleets.  He’s still just a short as Normal sports but he makes up for it with his attitude and athleticism. He like sports has a crystal but he wears it around his neck and it’s red from corruption.  IT only beeps when robbie is around to end his fun.  i added the scar and goatee cause thats how all evil counterparts work (i think)

Robbie gets a brighter pallet with lavender and pinks! i kept his cuffs and make-up. his shoes have Velcro cause tying shoes is a waste of energy and time.  I tried to have his outfit be a mesh of normal robbies + a mechanics jumpsuit.  he’s as tired and done with E.sports and his normal counterpart is with his elf.  He’s always cracking his back. (gross)

Reasons Why Mikey RULES OOTS:
  • “Thanks Kevin, see ya next week!” - he KNOWS their pizza delivery guy. Shit, he probably has a Christmas Card for this guy every year and talks about how he can’t believe how much his kids have grown every time he sees them.
  • “I look gooooood, bro!” - he doesn’t believe it. He KNOWS it. That adorable self-confidence is all the more sweet for how fragile it can be
  • The lip licking. STAHP.
  • “ca-CAW, ca-CAW!”
  • He’s not eating that pizza. He’s making LOVE to it. And the pizza ain’t objectin’.
  • The stricken look of dismay when he drops the slice onto the court - not because Leo will be pissed, but because he’s just endangered his family <3 <3
  • The look on his face when he rises onto the street during the Halloween parade: “I’m doing it, holy shit, I’m doing it!!!!!”
  • The sweet wonder but all the same the easy acceptance of Bumblebee’s compliment. “Lookin’ good, man” echoes his earlier words about himself, and that’s mindblowing coming from human, but still - Mikey knows he looks good, so natch!
  • The unbelievably disrespectful way he jumps on that manhole cover Leo is beneath - Mikey, that is some serious sass and you are in TROUBLE.
  • His hero-worshipping little conspiratorial giggle after his bad-ass big bro bursts back into the truck
  • How goddamn much he loves the crazy shit he gets to do: “this is AWESOME!”
  • “Yeah teleportation residue, man. It’s the worst.” - pretending like he knows what any of that means <3
  • Fucking with Casey. Just. Yes.
  • “I’m a vegan. Except for meat, cheese… and eggs.” I mean, can’t you just see Mikey swearing off animal products out of his love for animals, except for “my very, very faves”?!?! But he’s whole-hearted about that shit! He’s a vegan! For the ANIMALS! btw, dinner is a four cheese, meat-lovers pizza.
  • He has a whole game-show styled introduction for each of his bros. I mean, what?? Does he have it prepared? Has he been practicing at home in the mirror, just on the off chance they make a new friend? Is it the only one he has? Does he have a whole array of them ready to trot out depending on the situation? Is this what he does when he’s on cleaning duty for misbehaving? Just come up with snappy intro reels for his family? Whatever, it’s completely adorable.
  • “Ladies like to call me Mikey.” Oh, that sweet optimism. 
  • The LOOK on his face when he contemplates what he’s just heard Donnie tell Leo, the heartbreaking mix of hope and yearning. Oh, my heart.
  • He knows Raph. He knows what Raph is like. He KNOWS. But he still has to go tell him, even knowing what Raph is like, because he HAS to talk about how he FEELS. Cos goddamn, he has a LOT of feelings right then!
  • The look of realisation that dawns when he comprehends what he has done and that shit is about to go DOWN between his beloved bros.
  • Mikey totally does not get how to throw an enraged tantrum. He’s lost. He’s never done this before. What do you do? Slap stuff out of the way and stomp? Yeah! He can do that! YEAH! He’s so enraged! What are they doing again?
  • "uuhHHhhRight!” He’s just gonna do whatever his big bro says. He’s no snitch! He’s not fully sure what’s going on, but he’s behind Raph all the way. That’s what little bros are for! Plus it’ll be fun! Screw Don and Leo!
  • “See you theeerrreeee.”
  • Breaking into police headquarters is FUN!
  • Mikey may be willing to go out onto the streets in the middle of a Halloween parade, but when there’s real stakes (in his mind), he’s a lot more sensible - he’s shocked Raph is prepared to burst out into sight in the police HQ.
  • The tight-lipped, determined, loyal-as-fuck, I’m scared but I’m with you all the way bro nod he gives Raph when his bro asks if he’s with him. 
  • Amidst all the fury and resentment amongst his brothers, and all the shit they’re up against right, he’s still brooding on that.  The hate is what gets him. It’s incomprehensible to him.
  • He’s genuinely impressed that Bebop and Rocksteady have “achieved the power of flight” and is totally sincere about being happy for them. That’s Mikey in a nutshell, really.
  • He sounds actually betrayed when Raph is scared of jumping. How could his badass big bro do that to him?
  • Sky-boarding. He doesn’t need a chute when he’s got his board!
  • Saving Leo’s off-target ass.
  • Hyping for Raph’s blustery effort to reassert his masculinity: “Chutes!”
  • The nimble way he leaps around the plane cabin when it’s careening out of control and everyone else is getting tossed around like lettuce.
  • He’s literally devastated when Leo says they’re not a team. LOOK AT THAT FACE! LEO HOW COULD YOU!
  • He’s right there, leaning into that computer screen alongside Donnie like he has one single clue about what all that data means. Mikey’s care factor: 1000000%
  • He doesn’t get a say. He doesn’t. But he stands aside and lets Raph decide. But that look in his eyes says he’s gonna be thinking about that late at night for many to come…
  •  Of course Mikey was expecting an evil goatee. Of course.
  • All of that badass boarding during the fight with Krang. See, it DOES help to play on that thing six hours a day, Master!
  • You know what? It’s super goddamn sweet he covers for Raph’s blunder with the “garbage truck”. That’s pretty embarrassing, but Mikey is just all ‘well, we DO have one!” because it’s a moment and Mikey isn’t gonna let any one of his bros feel left out of the moment. Not then. Not ever.
  • That smile and wave he gives the assembly when he receives his key to the city - he’s so proud, and so excited, and so delighted, and they’re applauding him and honouring him and his bros and he’s a hero and this just might top the Halloween parade for amazingness - just might. 
  • He leads the cheer at the top of Liberty, because of course he does. He’s Mikey. That’s what he DOES. He’s not the hero we deserve. He’s the hero we NEED. He’s Mikey. And we love him. 

Did I miss any?

6). Favorite Miracle Mask character?

Henry Ledore

(It’s cool how the sky matches his colours here…)

Henry doesn’t like Hershel Layton. This is most evident when they first meet up in Monte d’Or, but even by the end of the game, they haven’t really reconciled.  

How can someone not like the professor? Even some of the villains treat the professor more cordially than Henry. Dimitri and Descole (Japanese version of ED) call him “Hershel”. Henry calls him “Layton” half the time, as an enemy would. 

Obviously, we’re meant to view Henry as a suspect for the majority of Miracle Mask. He’s got that unsettling stare, that evil goatee and that cold voice, kind of similar to Bloom’s. In his first Stansbury cutscene, he’s stalking Angela and Hershel from the shadows. He’s just as unnerving when he walks in for his first Monte d’Or cutscene. I’ve seen people say they were never fooled into thinking Henry was the villain. I don’t think I fell for it either… but you’re still left wondering what Henry is hiding during the game.  

The great thing is that his distrust of Layton and his aloofness makes sense… for the most part. I’m still not sure why he didn’t just shout at the unmasked Randall, “I BUILT THIS CITY FOR YOU! I’M NOT REALLY MARRIED TO ANGELA!” Eh, Randall kept interrupting him. 

At least this gives us a nice resolution at the end - one of the happiest in any of the games. And we actually get a smile for Henry. It’s beautiful. 

Watching Star Trek in the 21st (because you werent born when it aired) is an experience 

You watch an episode of TOS and often have this initial reaction to something: “oh god, that was such a cheesy overused cliche trope”

and then you have to take a step back and remember that this episode is probably the origin of the trope, and the idea was original and fresh and just be amazed at what star trek gave us

briellasophia  asked:

hey loves! i'm looking for some more steter fics where peter is good, so could y'all pretty please rec me some more?! thanks

@briellasophia can we talk a bit here? I want to talk about how I think “good” Peter is kind of relative? I mean, Peter wouldn’t really be Peter without being a little not good. That mustache and goatee thing just screams evil. So I made you a list of kinda good Peter. Basically he’s not forcing amyone to do anything or trying to kill his family members. So still sassy af, but not too bad. I hope that works! - Anastasia

Originally posted by disseria

(I haven’t read all these so if he turns out he went full evil then I’m sorry.)

camaraderie by nezstorm

(1/1 I 678 I General I Steter I Pre-slash)

After the Stilinskis welcomed him in the neighborhood and Stiles almost covered them all with cookies (which were absolutely divine, he has to admit) Peter thought it would end there. The Sheriff simply made his presence known and scoped him out, if briefly, and the his kid satiated his curiosity about the newcomer.

Peter, obviously, thought wrong.

maybe in time by Lua

(1/1 I  1,856 I Teen I Steter)

Peter knew better than to look for romance.
And he didn’t plan to fall in love.

“I saw that day; lost my mind. Lord, I’m fine.
Maybe in time, you’ll want to be mine.”
El Mañana - Gorillaz

One of Those Days by Inell

(1/1 I 2,000 I Explicit I Steter I Fluff)

Peter is having one of those days, and Stiles has about ninety minutes to make it better.

Omega to Alpha by Amazingsuperwholockedisnotonfire

(1/1 I  2,009 I Teen I Steter I Canon Divergence)

After one to many fights with Scott leaves Peter dangling on the edge of becoming an omega, Stiles offers him a deal- his knowledge for Stiles pack bond. Their friendship only flourishes from there.

Want Is Just A Feeling by lakritsnr1

(1/1 I 2,032 I Teen I Steter, Sterek I One Sided)

Peter knows who Stiles is. Peter wants Stiles. It is all.

To Some Other Moon by clawstoagunfight

(1/1 I  2,532 I Explicit I Steter I Smut)

It isn’t that he likes Peter—because Peter still creeps him out more than a little; what, with the coming back from the dead bit—but more and more lately, it feels to Stiles like Peter is the only one that realizes how much he has to offer. Maybe it started the night Peter offered him the bite. Maybe that was the catalyst for…whatever this was now. He never told anyone Peter offered him the bite. It was something special and private between them. It was their secret. But it wasn’t the only one.

Whatever Works by KouriArashi

(7/? I  29,188 I Explicit I Steter, Sterek I Asexual!Derek, Aromantic!Peter)

The problem with having your soulmate’s first words to you tattooed on your arm is knowing your whole life that you’re fated to be with a jerk. It’s enough to make Stiles want to date other people … which is how he winds up dating his soulmate’s nephew.

no moral compass, pointing due north by AuntieClimactic

(1/1 I  4,709 I Explicit I Steter I Troll!Peter)

“I certainly didn’t suggest anything untoward,” Peter says, honestly perplexed but hiding it by widening his eyes innocently. “I can’t help it if you overreacted to my natural sexual magnetism.”

Parade Upon Your Victory by oriolevent

(6/? I  37,398 I Mature I Steter, Scira, Draeden I Magic!Stiles)

Peter never planned on going back to Beacon Hills. But when his nephew asks for help, how can he refuse? Turns out there are some interesting people in Derek’s new pack…and one in particular that catches Peter’s eye.

Where trouble leads, Peter will follow - or maybe it’s the other way around. He can never keep it straight.

love me lights out by veterization

(1/1 I  41,771 I Explicit I Steter I Fluff)

Stiles and Peter get snowed in together. (Or: what happens when you accept phone calls from people you haven’t spoken to in over five years.)

Reluctant Allies With Benefits by veterization

(8/8 I  93,217 I Explicit I Steter I Friends With Benefits)

Peter suggests he and Stiles start having no strings attached sex. It’s that simple. No, really, it totally is. Stiles will make sure of it.

This got away from me

So I thought to myself, “Today is the day I make something sweet for you” and I was, I honestly was. Then this plot bunny with an evil goatee thing hopped over and said, swear he said this.

“But what if this happened?”

And so this is a result of that evil plot bunny.


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