goatees are evil


Robbie Rivet and E.sportacus
I had so much fun designing these TWO!

For E.sports i wanted him to have a muted pallet with gold accents. He wears spikes and lacrosse styled cleets.  He’s still just a short as Normal sports but he makes up for it with his attitude and athleticism. He like sports has a crystal but he wears it around his neck and it’s red from corruption.  IT only beeps when robbie is around to end his fun.  i added the scar and goatee cause thats how all evil counterparts work (i think)

Robbie gets a brighter pallet with lavender and pinks! i kept his cuffs and make-up. his shoes have Velcro cause tying shoes is a waste of energy and time.  I tried to have his outfit be a mesh of normal robbies + a mechanics jumpsuit.  he’s as tired and done with E.sports and his normal counterpart is with his elf.  He’s always cracking his back. (gross)

my creative process

me: how do i show that these are mirror verse versions of the characters?

my brain: give them all evil goatees. 

me: brilliant. 

it’s been about 24h since I finished The Cursed Child, and I still can’t believe that play is a real thing featuring:

1: Scorpio Malfoy, the Scorpion King: cinnamon roll who Does Not Deserve This

2: Draco’s kid is the best thing in the whole play I would pay good money to read a book where he is dragged unwillingly through his bf’s adventures while really just wishing he could be in Professor Longbottom’s class rn

3 :stop ruining Voldemort Day

4: to quote @ballerinaduck : delphi dark'ness dementia raven way, who can fly without a broom and has hair that any self-respecting My Immortal character would drool over

5: The Stairway Scene aka forlorn staring on stairs boys you idiots

6: whatever the fuck the Trolley Witch is (hey Voldy got you some immortality right there in the form of claws and chocolate frogs)

7: telling if you’re in a Good Verse or a Evil Goatee verse by if people swear by Dumbledore (”oh, by Dumbledore!”) or curse by Potter (”oh, Potter, I’ve got blood on my shoes again…”)

7.1: (the Potter one is seared in my brain forever)

8: there were at least three points that seemed like Someone had been reading too many drarry fics before writing this play

9: that point where Ludo Bagman said DOG DIGGITY, CEDRIC DIGGORY, YOU ARE A DOGGY DYNAMO! and the text kept shitting on his ego the entire time

10: Dolores Umbridge is blasting off agaaaaaaain

and there’s more. there’s so much more. I look forward to quoting from it for the next decade.

Star Trek Predictions

Promised for the future and delivered IRL:

- Flip phones
- Flat screen TVs
- Video conferencing
- Touch screen tablets
- Transparent aluminum

Still pending:

- Faster than light space travel
- Matter to energy to matter transport
- Terminals that explode upon OS crashing
- Mirror universe of evil goatees
- Nebula full of coffee