DIY Milk and Honey Soap Tutorial from Happiness is Homemade.

Make this 10 minute DIY Milk and Honey Soap made with goat’s milk melt and pour soap base and honey. 

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This is a picture that may be confusing to some of y'all, as it’s a rare and beautiful sight.

You’ve probably heard of goat milk or goat cheese and you may have even realized that those actually came from a goat somewhere, but do you know why that goat was making milk to begin with?

Here’s a female goat, Gertie, with her blind son, Stevie. Gertie started making milk around the time she birthed Stevie and she continues to make it for him. Not for you. For him. And Stevie, who is able to find his mama by following the sound of the bell around her neck, drinks that shit right up, as he should. So let babies like Stevie stay with their moms and drink their mama’s milk. Ditch the dairy!