goat unicorn

And here we have Mr Van Winslow riding a goat with a party hat Majestic Unicorn.

I can actually imagine Guybrush getting kidnapped and Van Winslow riding this goat Majestic Unicorn into battle to save his captain.

This is part of a King’s Quest / Tales of Monkey Island crossover AU. I got this idea after @captmickey and had a bit of a headcannon brainstorm a while ago.


More and different adoptables for your eyeballs to enjoy <3

Ms. Mopps: $5 (CAD)
Tsuyu Ajisai: $5 (CAD)
Rainbow Sherbet: $5 (CAD)  -Sold to Pony-ivan
Calrock “Caly” Bleu: $5 (CAD)
Rose Lilac: $5 (CAD)
Annie Lilac: $5 (CAD)

Bunpon sisters together: $7 (CAD)

-Cost is negotiable.

-Please send me a message if you’re interested in these OCs and then I can walk you through the nonsense that is paypal.

-If you’re not happy with the cutie-mark, palette, or name, I can help you change them after purchase.