goat unicorn

Unicorn Tolerance

Drawn to the dark
Covered by the blood when possible
Call to the corners
To any open Crucible
Easy to reach
Bearing every mark unmissibly
Wanna leave behind some token of what I carried with me
Search in the storm drains
Sleep in the underpasses
Try hard to look hard
Behind my blackout sunglasses

But I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance

Swim with real sharks
Those who never speak when spoken to
Hard limits fade into memory
Once broken through
Scaling the well
Every single day instinctively
Feel shame real shame
For what my friends must think of me
Dig through the graveyard
Rub the bones against my face
It gets real nice around the graveyard
Once you’ve acquired the taste
And when the clouds do clear away
Get a momentary chance to see
The thing I’ve been trying to beat to death
The soft creature that I used to be
The better animal I used to be

Draw where I’m drawn
Seldom wonder why just follow you
Never blame the rags that swallowed me
For the place the river took me to
Long life to the spiders
Safe travels to the crow
Love to the ghosts
Who taught me everything I know

But I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance
But I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance

from Goths (2017)

Two 50 year old boring arguments

Tumblr pagans are carrying on from the 1960’s to now.

A few people who were in Gardner’s covens and left thought lots of his Wicca was B.S. Several of them left at different times and sought something older and Robert Cochrane called it Traditional Witchcraft to distinguish it from Gardner’s design. Cochrane complaining constantly about Gardner caused Valiente )who Gardner had alienated by insisting HPS be younger women but the HP (himself) could be old) to leave Cochrane’s clan and went solitary. She continued her research into older traditions. And this argument continues to this day as Gardnarian Wiccans demand to be called traditional witches and insist that it not be defined as non-wiccan even though that has been a large part of its meaning since day one. Whatever I don’t care.

In 1962 Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart formed the Church of All Worlds a pagan religion based on Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange World. They replicated rituals, organizational structure, the polyamorous marriage style, and much more based on the book. The cakes and ale ritual language most neo wiccan circles use is from that book. The same founders bred unicorns from goats and toured them in the circus, Oberon dresses like Dumbledore. This is full on life long committed pop culture paganism. And it predates Tumblr by 50 years and the Internet by 30 years. To this day pagans argue over this “brand new form of paganism that was just invented with a particular social media format.” Whatever, I don’t care.

Make a move (requested oneshot)

Requested: “ Could you do a jughead smut where the reader and jughead have been best friends since they were toddlers, Archie sees her as a younger sister so when jughead wants to make a move he tries to stop him but. Betty and Veronica (who are dating) convince her to make the first move and it leads to smut…”~ @thegoddessofbeautyandperfection
Pairings: Jughead x reader, BettyxVeronica
Warnings: Smut, yup definitely some sin in this one, fluff and swearing.

A/N: Fun idea my lovely! Hope you like it!

Jughead POV.

Okay Juggy breath. Breath. This is worse than ask a father for their daughters hand in marriage…I presume.

I stood at the edge of the field waiting for the semi final to be over. I’m going to ask him now when he’s on a high and already too tired to chase me. Breath. Breath. Breath.

Final whistle blew and with it cheering came. A win. Good good this means he’ll be on cloud 10, yup cloud 10, he’ll just skip 9.

After the immediate congratulations and cheering Archie ran over to meet me.

“JUGGY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! WE’RE GOING TO CHAMPIONSHIP!” He was like a child on Christmas and I loved it, so nice to see your best friend happy.

“Yeah congratulations man listen I need to ask you something?”

“Whatever it is man yes! I’m so buzzed right now whatever you want!”

“Okay I’ll go ask y/n out right now then” I turned as fast as I could but not fast enough for the champion athlete. He caught me by the shoulder.

“I’m sorry maybe it’s all the crowds or something I don’t think I heard you right could you repeat that” his grip on my shoulder tightened. Maybe asking him about this while he’s pumped with testosterone was a bad idea.

“Okay emm I’m going to ask y/n out”

“Hah no you’re not” he let go of my shoulder with a light shove.

“But why not?”

“Dude she’s like my little sister, she’s in my house more than I am. I don’t want my brother dating my sister that’s just yanno illegal”. I couldn’t help but laugh at this comment. He’s being ridiculous.

“We’re not actually siblings Arch like the sentiment is nice but I’m not her brother I want to be her boyfriend” this received a stronger shove.

“Nope no dude,no, don’t do it, I won’t let, don’t do it, you’re not allowed do it, I forbid you”

“I’m sorry YOU FORBID ME?!” this was about to turn into a serious fight, it did last time.

I could see archie about to retaliate just as Y/N, Veronica  and Betty ran over  in their cheer gear. Wow y/n looks amazing.

She ran directly into Archie’s arms.

“Congratulations!!!” She hugged him tightly and he shook his head slowly at me over her shoulder. I hate that he’s scolding me like I’m a child.

This was a divisive point in our friendship. He wanted to protect her as if I’m something she needs to be protected from…if only he knew Reggie wanted to get in her pants more than anything. Hah. That’d kill him…I’m going to tell him…later.

Y/N let go of Archie and let the wonder couple give him hugs.

“Come here Juggy, you’re all left out" she cooed wrapping her arms around my neck and burying her head in my chest. I want her to stay like this forever. I could feel Archie’s eyes on me, burning holes in my head.

“Come on y/n we have to go get ready for Cheryls victory party, you’re coming aren’t you Jug?” Betty smiled.

“Nah” not my thing. Y/N looked at me like I had just hit her puppy with a lawnmower. “Ummmm yes you are Juggy” she took my hand in hers lightly. Damn it I’m putty. “Ughhhhhhh fine.”


“Okay seriously love birds if ye don’t stop I’m leaving” I laugh at B&V messing around in my room. “Yeah maybe you should” V purred into Bettys neck. I laughed knowing while that wasn’t all a joke it for the majority was.

We were getting ready for Cheryls in Veronicas. The two of them are sickly sweet and I was sickly jealous of their connection.

“So when are you going to ask Jughead out” Betty pushed Veronica off the bed laughing.

“Sorry what?!”

“Oh please y/n/n you two are weak for each other.totally head over heels. If you asked him to bring you a goat he’d find a unicorn for you” Vernonica teased. I smiled at the two of them. Yeah Jug and I are like that.

“Yeah I guess….but Archie won’t let him near me in any other way besides friendly, he thinks I don’t know but he’s so obvious” It’s not like I couldn’t feel him trying to explode Jughead with his mind earlier.

“Yeah Archie won’t let Jughead make a move…..” her eyes lit up and Betty’s grin matched her girlfriends eyes.

“YOU SHOULD MAKE THE MOVE” They say…scream in unison.

“Oh no no no no no no”

“YES! Betty Get me my makeup bag princess!, it just got serious”.

Jughead POV

Archie and I got there when the party was in full swing. He was whisked away instantly by Moose and Co.

I stood in the doorway looking on at the madness before me. Suddenly an arm sneaked around my waist under my dark denim jacket.

Y/n rested her head on my shoulder from behind. “Don’t worry damsel I am here to rescue you” she smirked.

I turned to face her “Wow” she chuckled at my response. Smooth Jughead smooth. “Um thank you?” She laughed.

Archie came practically running over “Y/N! Where are mrs and mrs gone?”

“Who knows there’s a closet around here somewhere isn’t there?”

“Ugh yeah…”

“Well they’re in there I’d say”

“Haha probably. Do you wanna dance y/n?” I shifted slightly on the spot at Archie’s question.

“Nah I’m going to get a drink, I’ll be back in a second”. I watched her walk to the kitchen.

“Jug please can you just not with her tonight” ughhhhhhh okay, time to use my secret weapon.

“Oh sure Archie, I mean I’m not the one you have to worry about” I say as nonchalantly as I possibly can. “What do you mean by that Jug?” he furrowed his brow at me.

“Oh nothing it’s nothing”

“No tell me” he stepped closer to me. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

“Oh well I heard Moose say he was going to try it with Y/N tonight…he’s probably trying it now" boom. Gone like a flash he took off. I laughed, too easy Andrews too easy. I might get a bit of peace now.

The party got a little out of hand as y/n joined my side again. “WEDNESDAY ADDDDDDDAAAAMMMMMS” well goodbye peace, hello drunk Reggie. I felt y/ns hand slip into mine.

“Hey baaaaaaaaabe why are you with this tool? Come here to Reggie baby, Juggles here probably wants to murder you and wear your skin” he was met with laugh from his goons behind him. Y/n stepped a little behind me. She was never good with confrontation of this nature, especially drunken confrontation.

“Reggie just leave her alone” I tried, squeezing her hand gently in reassurance.

“Oh yeah Wednesday? What are you going to do about it” he reached out and caught y/n from around the waist roughly as she screamed.

I didn’t even know what was happening till I did it. His jaw met my fist and he flew back into his goons.

Y/N scurried back towards me as Archie ran to catch Reggie before he realised what had happened.

A crowd gathered and I felt my face turn red as everyone was looking at me. Y/N caught my hand and swept me away up the stairs.

Before long we were in an empty guest room. I began pacing “oh God he’s going to kill me he’s actually going to kill me” y/n stood silent watching me pace. I ramble on about how he was going to kill me before I realised y/n was yet to say something.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and she still stared at me with soft beautiful eyes. She slowly moved towards me, our eyes locked.

She caught my face in her hands and kissed my lips. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her into me.

She pulled away from me and slowly pulled her dress over her head. I must be dreaming because this is not happening. She smiled and kissed me again. I wiggled out of my jacket and moved further up in the bed bringing her with me.

3rd Person

Jugheads breath was practically knocked out of him as he was coming to terms with what was happening. A nearly naked y/n was on top of him and he was wide awake definitely not dreaming.

Jughead bury his head into your neck and smirked as he begin biting your neck receiving soft moans. Your hands began to slip under his t-shirt. He made it easy for you, sat up and took off his shirt tossing it in the direction of your dress.

You began grinding down on his clothed legs causing groans to rise from both of you.

Jughead moved his hands from your back to your hips, gripping them and dragging them down to meet his. You pulled off his hat and let your hands roam his untamed hair as he began fondling your chest.

You felt his member pressing against your thigh as he lightly nips your neck until you let a high pitch moan leave you, his new favorite spot.

You unbuttoned his jeans and helped him to strip them off. He unclasped your bra and threw it in any direction.

You slipped your hand into his boxers and slowly began to stroke his member. You picked up the pace as his breathing got heavier and uneven.

“Okay okay y/n, my turn” he was just about able to breathe out. He flipped you onto your back.

He kissed from your lips down your neck, bare torso and finally your thighs. He looked up, head hovering above you. Jughead pulled down your underwear and began to rub your clit.

He slowly began to explore your entrance with his tongue spurred on by your moans. You tangle your hands in his locks again and guide him, your moans increasing in volume.

He laid out the length of your body hovering above you and meet your lips again. You moved your hand and removed his boxers, jacking him with the other hand. Jughead moaned deeply driving you wild with lust.

“Juggy. Now.” You whined and he slowly moved into you with the help of your hand for guidance. He propped himself up with one hand and the other groping your breasts. Jughead buried his head in the crook of your neck before slowly starting to move,

Your head began to tilt back as your hips snapped together. Moans and groans leaving the both of you loudly. You wrapped your legs around his waist encouraging him to go faster.

He, happily obliging, began to thrust into you deeper until he hit your g-spot perfect. Your moan to this was particularly loud and he soon moved faster to this exact spot receiving the same result. Jughead grunted at the feeling of your walls tightening around him.

The band in your stomach was being stretched to the limits. “Jug I’m so close” “come for me y/n come for me” he groaned. The band snapped at his encouragement and his hands slipping to rub your clit again. Your nails digging into his back you screamed his name.

The sound of his name on your lips drove him over the edge. His thrusts became sloppy sending you to overstimulation still moaning from your high. He grunted inside of you and stayed their for a moment riding out his high with you still around him. Completely breathless he collapsed next to you. You gathered the duvet to cover ye as both of your legs shook. Highs still being enjoyed.

“Y/N” he huffed.

“Yeah” you say rolling over to put your head on his chest.

“I have been in love with you forever”. You sat up and looked down at him. He instantly regretted it. You cuddled back into him “I love you too Jug…the minute you squeezed my hand earlier it got rid of any ounce of doubt in my mind, I love you Jughead Jones”. Jughead smiled ear to ear. “This is great for 2 reasons, 1) you want to be with me and that’s just… phenomenal 2) this is going to kill Archie" he laughs rolling on his side to deepen the cuddle.

“Dibs not telling him” you say quickly

“No fair y/n/n! He’s going to kill me! The worse he’ll do to you is yell”

“Sorry Jones, better luck next time” you meet his lips.

“You’re worth a grumpy Archie”

“Am I reaaaally though…” you laughed

“Actually yeah you’re right sorry we’re done sorry” he teased pretending to get out of the bed. You pulled him back into cuddles and hit him into the chest laughing before kissing him again.
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ATTENTION: Season two will not only feature dogs, unicorns, goats and a tortoise but also lots of beautiful birds and I honestly can’t wait!