goat unicorn

Unicorn Tolerance

Drawn to the dark
Covered by the blood when possible
Call to the corners
To any open Crucible
Easy to reach
Bearing every mark unmissibly
Wanna leave behind some token of what I carried with me
Search in the storm drains
Sleep in the underpasses
Try hard to look hard
Behind my blackout sunglasses

But I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance

Swim with real sharks
Those who never speak when spoken to
Hard limits fade into memory
Once broken through
Scaling the well
Every single day instinctively
Feel shame real shame
For what my friends must think of me
Dig through the graveyard
Rub the bones against my face
It gets real nice around the graveyard
Once you’ve acquired the taste
And when the clouds do clear away
Get a momentary chance to see
The thing I’ve been trying to beat to death
The soft creature that I used to be
The better animal I used to be

Draw where I’m drawn
Seldom wonder why just follow you
Never blame the rags that swallowed me
For the place the river took me to
Long life to the spiders
Safe travels to the crow
Love to the ghosts
Who taught me everything I know

But I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance
But I have high unicorn tolerance
I have high unicorn tolerance

from Goths (2017)

Two 50 year old boring arguments

Tumblr pagans are carrying on from the 1960’s to now.

A few people who were in Gardner’s covens and left thought lots of his Wicca was B.S. Several of them left at different times and sought something older and Robert Cochrane called it Traditional Witchcraft to distinguish it from Gardner’s design. Cochrane complaining constantly about Gardner caused Valiente )who Gardner had alienated by insisting HPS be younger women but the HP (himself) could be old) to leave Cochrane’s clan and went solitary. She continued her research into older traditions. And this argument continues to this day as Gardnarian Wiccans demand to be called traditional witches and insist that it not be defined as non-wiccan even though that has been a large part of its meaning since day one. Whatever I don’t care.

In 1962 Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart formed the Church of All Worlds a pagan religion based on Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange World. They replicated rituals, organizational structure, the polyamorous marriage style, and much more based on the book. The cakes and ale ritual language most neo wiccan circles use is from that book. The same founders bred unicorns from goats and toured them in the circus, Oberon dresses like Dumbledore. This is full on life long committed pop culture paganism. And it predates Tumblr by 50 years and the Internet by 30 years. To this day pagans argue over this “brand new form of paganism that was just invented with a particular social media format.” Whatever, I don’t care.

sometimes I realize I have no class or grace or elegance or beauty or delicacy but I mean….. u can’t change a goat in2 a unicorn but can a unicorn climb up a mountain covered in mud and filth and still have strength to spare ? the grotesque goats r the ones who surviveth

henotic-hannelore  asked:

fairy wings, centaur hooves, siren call, dragon breath, unicorn horn, pixie dust

FAIRY WINGS: what do you believe in?

you can’t stop bad things from happening by trying to smile and leave things better than you found them and choosing to move steadily onward, but it feels better if you can say you did the best you could.

CENTAUR HOOVES: choose a place to run away to.

saturday morning, clean sunlight, a pile of blankets that’s just warm enough, enough coffee to make a cup when you choose to stand up, but it doesn’t have to be right now. you can doze a little longer if you’d like.

SIREN CALL: what song makes you feel soft?

hast thou considered the tetrapod, by the mountain goats.

UNICORN HORN: what do you wear to feel brave?

as many shirts and jackets as i can get away with, tbh. weight on my chest and back makes it easier to stand up straight and say what i mean.

PIXIE DUST: what colors do you dream in?

muted greens and grays and reds.

anonymous asked:

Okay let me have a try. Pink would have the Goblin gems, the dwarven gems, Pheonix gems, (coz of Pink's personality.) The basilisk gems, and her main 'destroy everything' would be the Cerberus gems. Yellow: Griffin gems, brownie gems, Nemean Lion gems, Sphinx gems, and her big brute would be Wendigo gems. Blue: Hydra gems, mermaid gems, sea-goat gems, Sprite gems, unicorn gems, her killall the Thunderbird. White: Banshee gems, nymph gems, sylph gems, Valkyrie gems, pixie gems, Dragon gems.



First post in aggeesss! I decided it would make a lot more sense if I used this blog as a more general Star Trek doodles blog than specifically as a TNG comic blog (though I will put more of those up when I get round to scanning them!)

In the meantime, here’s something for the DS9 crowd. I’m very new to DS9, only started watching it for the first time recently and just finished season 1. The characters are great, and I regret missing out on this when I was younger. :D

Mostly this is cardassian (pfft, read: Garak) redesigns, to be more reptillian. I’m not at all the first to do this by a long shot, and actually in this case 100% credit to Spica-tea’s designs for inspiring me. I wanted to go even further in the reptillian direction since ALIENS and also I don’t have the limitations on me that the show had in terms of what they could do.

It might be a bit too much for most people’s tastes? It certainly makes interaction between different species a bit harder. They came out a bit more like birds, and have extremely dexterous talons, the hair on their heads/necks and tail is more like feathers. They probably walk like raptors too, heads bobbing threateningly and looking at people from the side.

I have real trouble keeping proportions when drawing aliens though, so these sketches are a bit all over the place.

The other redesigns are Bajorans as more primate-inspired. Not really based on as much show stuff as reptillian-Cardassians are, but I felt it fit not only for a people who are quite culturally rich, but also made a good contrast with their oppressors.

Bonus Ocampa (larger cranium and smaller stature) and Ktarian (much more goat/unicorn-like) too!

(sorry for the enormously long post)

(Also sorry for the Bashir/Garak shipping there if people don’t like that, I FORGOT I EVEN DREW THAT)

im going to… make a memorial oc now though im going to make Pearblossom into an oc. i will take elements of the design and re-purpose them in a original new concept a new goat based classical unicorn and hes going to be amazing….. i havent made a new oc in such a long time

Antiquities researcher Timothy Zell also produced artificial unicorns dubbed “the Living Unicorn”, remodelling the “horn buds” of goat kids in such a way that their horns grew together into a single one.[28] Zell theorized that this process might have been used in the past to create court curiosities and natural herd leaders, because the goat was able to use this long straight horn effectively as a weapon and a tool.Medieval art often depicts unicorns as small, with cloven hooves and beards, sometimes resembling goats more than horses with horns. This process is possible only with animals that naturally have horns. For a time, a few of these unicorns travelled with the Ringling Brothers Circus.[29] -Wikipedia


More and different adoptables for your eyeballs to enjoy <3

Ms. Mopps: $5 (CAD)
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Bunpon sisters together: $7 (CAD)

-Cost is negotiable.

-Please send me a message if you’re interested in these OCs and then I can walk you through the nonsense that is paypal.

-If you’re not happy with the cutie-mark, palette, or name, I can help you change them after purchase.