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Chapter 29 of “Butterscotch and Bones” melted my heart :’) Please check out the fanfic and go give many kudos!

TnT NOT enjoying their first snow…
Poor things didn’t care for it at all even with their sweaters (yes I know they suck, I’m not very good at crochet, but I figured it’s something) goats hate to get wet but even more so hate to eat their feet wet.
Poor Tiny was tiptoeing around the pen while Tumnus was trying to climb up me! So we only spent about half an hour outside today.

Baby goats ditch sweaters for PJs and we are totally here for it

Cute little goats in sweaters seem to have been popping up quite frequently and we’re not mad about it. In fact, we’ll take any goat-in-sweater action we can get.

So you can imagine our pure delight when we discovered that Sunflower Farm Creamery decided to break the mold by changing their baby goats out of their sweaters into goat pajamas.

Yep, they had a baby goat pajama party. We are internally screaming right now.

What’s more, the farm explained that while there are only 10 baby goats in the video, they are expecting 50 baby goats in total to attend this party.

We just fainted.

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Celebrating dropping the charges reminds me of this old story when a man came to his rabbi for advice because he had a big family and only one room in his house and there wasn't enough space. The rabbi told him to buy a goat. The man protested but finally bought it. After a week he came back complaining it was even worse now: not only was there even less space, the goat stank. The rabbi told him to just wait. After a month he told the man to kill the goat. The man did. A week later they met 1/2

met at the market and the rabbi asked the man how he was. The man looked very happy and started thanking the rabbi. “It’s wonderful,” he said, “the house smells nice and there is so much space without the goat!” Well… I guess they killed the goat for us… 2/2


yeah i’ve remember hearing a similar story years ago from one of my parents about a girl who complains to her mom that she’s too warm and her mother says to put on a sweater and then when she complains to her mom that it’s only making things worse her mom says, ‘now put on your winter coat and a hat’ and the girl is dubious but does it and then is like ‘MOM THIS IS EVEN WORSE I’M GOING TO SWEAT TO DEATH’ so the mom says ‘okay take off the hat, the jacket, and the sweater. how do you feel?’ and the girl is like ‘wow so much better i’m not nearly as hot anymore!’

babygate happening in the first place was the goat and the sweater and then douis/eleanor was the jacket piled on top of the unnecessary sweater and the arrest was the hat. 

i continue to be unimpressed by the lack of progress in this situation.

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i was on a drivers ed drive & my instructor was like "i'll take off 1 point if u hit a dog, 3 if it's a cat, & 50 if it's a baby goat. esp if it's wearing a sweater" like idk why there would be a baby goat in a sweater in a random neighborhood but i thought of u

thats cute im glad he’s looking out for bby goats in sweaters but why only 1 point for a dog why doesnt he like dogs???