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I’m sorry for this post but I need help. things are really bad on my end. the short version of it is that i’m $1200 in debt and unable to afford my medications or food; i’m literally starving. this friday, the 23rd, i’m being flown to stay with my boyfriend while my neglectful family goes on vacation.. the good news is that he’s taking me to his grandma’s house in Newfoundland for several weeks.

tl;dr i need that $$$ bad and i’m also about to explore a new country so i’m taking requests on what yall might want me to bring back in august.

what I have/can obtain
-herbs herbs herbs herbs flowers and more herbs
-have I mentioned how much babies’ breath I have? jfc
-graveyard dirt AND crossroads dirt
-beachy things (driftwood, shells, seawater, etc)
-sea salt
-bee pollen
-animal bones
-engraved bottles
-pocket ‘coins’ engraved with sigils of your choice!
-engraved anything!
-friendship (trade only, just exchange your hand to into mind. metaphorically.)
-wands and athames made from anything you’d like, including human bone! (yes, osteology is legal. i get my bones from a lab.)
-cheap tarot and pendulum readings, and scrying!!!!
-four leaf clovers
-a lot of other stuff!!!

(please ask me if there’s something specific you’d like me to bring back!!!!)

what I’m looking for in return
-primarily $$$ (it doesn’t have to be a lot and we can haggle!!!)
-candles of nearly any kind
-anything skull or goat themed
-sheddings from your pets (fur, claws, milk teeth from kittens, snake skin, etc)
-cool trinkets
-cards from incomplete, damaged, out of use tarot decks. my favourites are the Lovers, Death, and the Moon, but I’ll take any cards you don’t want!
-things with pentacles or pentagrams
-surprise me with an offer!!!

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Rockwell Kent (American, 1882 – 1971) 

Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska, 1920

Rockwell Kent spent seven months living in a goat shed on Fox Island off the coast of Seward, Alaska. During that time, Rockwell and his 9-year-old son refurbished the cabin and sketched together. The sketches made their way into a journal published in 1920.

“It seems that we have…turned out the beaten, crowded way and come to stand face to face with that infinite and unfathomable thing which is wilderness.” - Rockwell Kent

More Rockwell Kent

2/18 Hickory Roasted Almonds, a play by Soup-Nose The Goat.

Soup-Nose: I see you have almonds. Can I have one?

Me: No, they’re too salty for goats.

Soup-Nose: Almond! Give me the the almond. 

Soup-Nose: Nobody has ever in the history of the universe wanted anything as badly as I want this almond. The strong nuclear force pales in comparison to my attraction to your almonds. 

Soup-Nose: Some goats just want to watch the world burn, you know. Goats who don’t have almonds right now.

Me: All right, all right. Here you go.

Soup-Nose: Aauuu! Salty! 

Soup-Nose runs to the water bucket, sticks her head into it, and sprays water everywhere, splashing a very surprised peacock who had been flirting with a Sexy Fence Post. The peacock flies off and sits on top of the goat shed, making angry squeaktoy noises.

Soup-Nose: Whew, that was awful.

Soup-Nose: Hey, are those almonds? Can I have one?


Observers by Alexandra E Rust
Via Flickr:

tinted--blossoms  asked:

In UnderTale y'know how Sans never picks up his socks? I was wondering is it the same with AT Tori? Or is it with another piece of clothing? Or maybe even something entirely different? (Sorry it's just been on my mind for a while now and I just wanna know. Also your AU has changed my life thank you <3 I swear your AU is the reason why Soriel became my OTP, I haven't fangirled this much in ages so really thank you <3 ~ )

Mm, good question. She rarely wears socks or mittens, so maybe… a tuft of her fur? I can imagine the goats occasionally shed, and Tori never cleaning up after herself when it happens. 


visited my Nigerian Dwarf goat children for my 18th birthday

first and last pictures is Catori. she’s 6 weeks old and just joined the family yesterday

the doofus eating my shirt is Boots

the doofus scratching her ear is Freyja

queen of the goat castle is Esmerelda

Freyja and Esmerelda are twins. those two and Boots are 11 weeks old. they’re all does

I made this shitty poster in graphic design today.

My school was on the local news because four idiot seniors stole a goat as a senior prank.

Not only did they steal poor Heidi the goat, they broke into the school and left her there over night with no food or water. They locked her in the girls locker room until the next morning and she pooped everywhere. She’d also just given birth to twins not long ago. Administration then proceeded to put the goat in a shed near our football fields until animal control arrived. The goat is home safely now but the owners are pressing charges against the four boys. As they should.

I’m ashamed to be a senior at ARHS. Animals are no joke. That’s animal cruelty and it’s not funny and it’s not okay.

lord-thundercastle  asked:

do goats shed their horns?

No, they do not.

The only exception is the pronghorn, which is a weird-ass animal Native to the High Desert region of the United States. They’re members of both the goat and antelope family (similar to chamois), but look twice as weird and run twice as fast.

Look at the placement of this thing’s eyes on it’s skull. 

Nature made that and was like, “That’s just dandy!” and now we have weird antelope-goat things that just run around in the desert looking like a bunch of candy corns on stilts with weird shedding horns and freaky-looking skull structure because their eyes are just so high up on their heads and - goddamn it I am so stoked about pronghorn. 

Goat Shed v1.1

Today my friend James and I added a canopy to the front of the goat shed. Basically we just doubled the amount of roof, extending the lines forward. One of the nice things about designing your own outbuildings is they can be works in progress, responding to changing needs.

When I first build the shed, it was spring, and the shed is all we needed. When the summer heat hit, I worried that the goats needed more shade, so I added a couple posts and a big shade sail.

This was great in the summer, but as fall came and the rains started, it just became a soppy mess, hanging low. And when we had a windstorm the other day, it started flapping so hard I feared it might take off with the shed still attached, so I took it down.

I tried to rig up a waterproof tarp in its place but it lasted exactly one rainy night. It looked like shit anyway. The less said about it the better.

So we came to this solution. It just took six more Suntuf panels and a little framing. Here’s James working while Marigold assists.

And, of course, Queen Lily kept a watchful eye on our progress.

I’m quite pleased with how it came out. It’ll give the ladies more cover in this winter’s rains, and provide a little more shade next summer. And hopefully it’ll last longer than that ill-fated tarp.

1/18 Today the heavy metal latch bar used to lock the goats in their shed suddenly ceased to exist.

This is a totally normal event with a reasonable explanation that does not involve time machines or the goats making pacts with the star-eyed beings that wait hungrily beyond the edges of the galaxy to devour our names. 

I will post the perfectly normal explanation soon. Very soon. I totally have one.