goat punks

My friend explained the DND alignment chart to me, so I made this

Who’s who?

Why Andrew Jackson Jihad/AJJ as Chaotic Evil?

Why Jared Mees as Chaotic Good?

Why The Front Bottoms as True Neutral?

Why The Mountain Goats as Chaotic Neutral?

Why Bright Eyes as Lawful Evil?

If you want more explanations/evidence for bands lmk


Well…those are my original characters 

The only ones that have names are the redhaired girl :Laia and the goat (Mouflon) Muflo lol, 

i like that kind of punk-someting style, so i tried

In story i dont have anything well defined yet xD

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When I mentioned I played with Bob Mould he perked up and asked me to sit down. I would say we talked for an hour but that would be inaccurate. I *listened* to Grant talk for an hour on a variety of subjects: travel, record-making, relationships and, of course, Hüsker Dü. I loved it. For a guy like me, it was like getting an audience with Paul McCartney.