goat on the bridge

It's not just the food that's revolting.

(long story)

Back in my college days, I lived on campus and ate the 20-meals-a-week meal plan at the cafeteria. It was… terrible. Seriously. I know people complain about their college cafeteria all the time, but they still gain their “freshman 15”. I lost mine. The food was disgusting. Sunday spaghetti was made from tomato sauce and Saturday’s cheap hamburgers. One week they didn’t bother ripping up the hamburgers: watery, sauce-tinted, overcooked noodles garnished with dry, leathery, two-day-old hamburger patties. It was still better than the other options. At first, they had a “make your own pizza” line, but removed it because everyone was using it, and “bread isn’t cheap.” I remember seeing a real salad in their “healthy eats” line and getting excited, because it’s hard to screw up salads, only to realize that it was literally floating in oil. The salad on the actual salad bar was not an option; it was changed out every morning, whether it needed it or not. Oh, sorry, I meant the ice in the salad bar. Not the salad, no. A student wrote his initials in the tuna and it remained for a solid week. Sometimes the salad would grow its own salad.

They had a big board set up for student complaints, and they would write responses back. Oddly enough, the board rarely had bad things to say; the manager, may he be haunted by a thousand bedbugs, confessed that he didn’t have time to answer every complaint, but he did read every one, and took the complaints into consideration. And, as far as we could tell, threw away all the ones he didn’t like.

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AU Ideas

Spy AU: I was pretending to love you just to steal secrets but now I’m regretting my decision, I may actually be in love with you.

Dracula AU: It’s a steampunk world with flying ships, mechanical wings and steam powered pneumatic multi-stake launchers. Vampires take heed.

Werewolf AU: I legit hate being a werewolf. Everyone makes it sound great, but the transformation is painful and there’s hair everywhere and I think I’m allergic to wolf dander.

Fantasy AU: I’m just trying to survive in a world where goblins are killing and stealing, trolls don’t just bother goats crossing bridges and everything smells like swamp… how are you so clean?

Zombie AU: The hordes have rotted away and society is rebuilding. We were doing fine until the new government started interfering. 

Angel AU: You’re an angel and I love you, but is that just because I’m suppose to? God is love and all that, so is that just transfer since you’re his avatar?

Teacher/Student: Yes, I’m aware that I’m more than a little hot but anything more than what we have is just morally wrong. I’d just like to be your friend.

Survival AU: I know we don’t have any food, but I’d like to point out that there are plenty of bodies in the wreck that are doing to get ripe really quick if we don’t start building some fires and preserving… look I know this is creepy and wrong but we’re going to starve if we don’t do something and this is the easiest way to get some food in us with little effort, so we can build shelter and signal for rescue. Don’t look at me like that.

Thoughts I had during the Goatman ep

  • Shane’s legs look really good in those jeans?? Where did he get them
  • Ryan is such a NERD I love him so much he owns my entire heart
  • Shane quit messin with my boy omg
  • “Horny boys” dhaiaoapsgdha SHANE NO
  • Why do they both look so good this episode
  • “You feel that Goatman Energy? You feel those Goat Vibes?”
  • Please someone put “I disrespect your bridge, Goatman!” On a tshirt
  • Shane is also a giant nerd
  • I hope the Goatman pushes Shane off the bridge and into the water. Both for proof and also bc he deserves to get pushed into the water.
  • Car sale noodle Shane
  • *bush moves* oh shit y'all got goats
  • That second “scream” ain’t sounded like shit
  • That was definitely a “fuck” oml ME AS A DEMON
  • O shit the snapping twig
  • “Steve is my dad’s name” RYAN IS A DEMON #CONFIRMED #EXPOSEHIM
  • The spirit box returns, get ready for Ryan to shit his pants y'all and to hear a bunch of mumbling
  • It literally sounds like they’re losing signal on the spirit box…,, Ryan I love you and I believe in ghosts but it sounds like it’s just dropping channels
  • I should start getting dressed bc I’ve gotta go out after this is done but I don’t wanna miss Oujia
  • “There’s your front door, Steve.’
  • Shyan bridge
  • That was… anticlimactic?

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Hey Nikki, is it just me or does it seem like Touka, as a character, hasn't had a whole lot going on that doesn't revolve around Kaneki in :re? I was re-reading TG and found myself missing when she seemed to have a whole life outside of him (school, friends, family conflict, taking an active role in the territory, etc) which really made her feel unique for a female love interest. Am I wrong in feeling like almost all of her recent development has just been about Kaneki and nothing else?

(I hope that last ask didn’t come across as character hate- It’s not! I love Touka’s character and have just felt slightly dissatisfied with the road she’s been taken down lately, so I wanted to see if maybe I was just overlooking things.)


I can see where it seems like Touka’s sole purpose is to move Kaneki forward because– let’s face it– he’s the main character. But while a lot of the stuff she’s said recently can be applied to her involvement with him, that’s not necessarily always the case.

With the “virgin chat” and the sex scene so fresh, it’s a little difficult to keep in mind that several chapters beforehand included Touka’s fighting in Cochlea and talking with Amon and Akira. While she did speak vaguely and briefly of Kaneki at times, for the most part it was about letting go of grudges and trying to get others to see ghouls as people, too. 

Nobody else is as straight-forward as her. Nobody else has her breed of bravery or perspective on life. If you take into account all the other people in Goat right now, Touka was the only person capable of bridging the gap here. 

And speaking of that conversation, I loved this glimpse at what she truly thought of her father. Of course she still loves and misses Arata, but to hear her actually say he was stupid for letting the past eclipse his present was a huge step forward after all the pent-up hatred she felt towards investigators in the first series.

I know we’re accustomed to applying everything about Arata to Kaneki because they’re obviously meant to be similar, but this statement, from Touka’s perspective, was about how it affected HER. It was personal, and meant to show Akira that she could relate to excusing her father’s violence, but that you have to look at what they did realistically if you ever wanted to move past it.

Apart from all that, things about Touka’s current situation with work and family and friends are absolutely still present. Of course the fact that she can no longer attend college is upsetting, but it’s fitting for her present self to move past that, lest it weigh her down. 

Remember back when she snuck into Cocolea with the gasmask group? She wasn’t there to see Kaneki. She probably didn’t even know she’d run into him. That was entirely about saving Hinami despite her family also trying to keep her safely out of it, and it offered a window through which to see how she could still fight with the best of them, even before we saw her hold her own against Mutsuki. 

I could go on forever about all the other ways Touka has moved forward without Kaneki at the center-point of her actions (I mean, she ran her own business for four years before so much as bumping into Haise). But the important thing for us to do is consider that a woman can still be her own person regardless of romantic involvement. I think we’re so used to seeing in one way or another that this concept of Touka being both is a little difficult to take in.

So, overall, it’s a fine line between “she’s just there as the love interest” and “hey, it’s HER love interest, too”… but thankfully Ishida has made sure to let us know that Touka exists beyond Kaneki, while at the same time has the courage and freedom to express that she wants this relationship for herself, too

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Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairing: Logicality
Warnings: None

Summary: Logan has a new phrase to learn and Patton starts a word association game.

Note: I’m filing this prompt away for later because there are a few parts I didn’t use that I’d love to use in later fics if I can.  [Credit to this site for the definition in the fic.]

Tagged: @existental-crises

Patton was going over the schedule for the week, as per Logan’s request, and once he checked off on all of his own activities, he set down the notebook.

“There you go!”  He said as he pushed it across the table towards Logan.

“You’re all set with those activities, then?”  Logan asked, picking up the notebook again to gloss over everything.

“Totes my goats!”  Patton beamed, getting up to go into the kitchen.  Logan slowly lowered his notebook, side-eyeing the other Side as he passed the table. 

“What was that?”  He asked, watching as the other pulled down a bowl for cereal.

“What was what?” The sound of cereal pouring into the bowl filled the silence for a moment.

“That thing you just said.”

Patton paused, pouring the milk carefully.  “Totes my goats?”

Logan rubbed the bridge of his nose and straightened the notebook in front of him.  “Yes.  What is that even supposed to mean?  Totes my… goats?  Those are just nonsense words.”

Patton shrugged.  “I dunno, it’s just fun!  ‘Totes’ like totally and ‘my goats’ like….” He pondered for a moment.  “Because goats are cool!”  

“Patton,” Logan groaned, “that doesn’t make any sense.  Why would goats be involved in a statement of positive affirmation?  Goats are neither relevant nor objectively positive creatures.  Therefore, their presence in that statement is unnecessary.”  Patton gasped.

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Mythological Throwback Thursday: Trolls

Welcome to our latest Mythological Throwback Thursday! This week we’re taking a look at trolls. Fol-de-rol. Come and join us!

A troll is a creature from Scandinavian folklore, although there is a lot of conflict about where they come from. Even the etymology of the word is unclear. Originally they were perceived as familial, rock-dwelling, reclusive types. Some believe that this depiction has something to do with Neanderthals, whose bones were sometimes found by early Norse people.

As Norse culture developed, so the depiction of trolls generally settled down into that of an ugly, slow-witted being. When Scandinavia became Christianised, trolls did not, and were sometimes feared as evil pagans that would hurl rocks at churches with their inhuman strength. People even feared that their babies might be switched with troll-children.

In the little town of Kalundborg, Denmark, there exists a story of a famous troll called Fin. This story has close parallels with the tale of Rumpelstiltskin. A man called Esbern Snare was building a church in Kalundborg, but it was hard work. A passing troll offered his services to build the church, but with a catch: if Esbern couldn’t figure out the troll’s name by the time the church was finished, the troll would take his eyes and heart. Esbern couldn’t guess the troll’s name, and as the troll neared the completion of the church he wandered, eventually finding a troll-woman within a hill singing of her husband Fin and how her child would soon have Esbern’s eyes and heart to play with. When Esbern returned to Kalundborg the troll was fitting the final half of the last pillar. But Esbern called him by his name, Fin, and the troll became so angry he flung the pillar into the air. To this day, the church in Kalundborg only has three and a half pillars. At least this version makes slightly more sense than Rumpelstiltskin singing his own name capering round a campfire.

Another common folktale featuring trolls, of course, is the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. In it, three goats desire to cross a bridge to a hillside brimming with luscious grass. The smallest billy goat crosses the bridge but is accosted by the wicked troll living underneath, who wants to eat him. The billy goat manages to convince him to save his appetite for the second billy goat, who is larger. But the second billy goat, when he comes, convinces the troll to wait for the biggest billy goat. The greedy troll lies in wait, and attacks the biggest billy goat gruff. However, the goat puts out his eyes and crushes his body, before the three goats go and enjoy the grass. I suppose the moral of the story is don’t have eyes bigger than your stomach. Or you just won’t have eyes any more.

In modern times, trolls have been adapted into many European-style fantasy settings. Tolkien, D&D, Warhammer– the legend of the misshapen, misanthropic monster persists. Join us next week for another Mythological Throwback Thursday!

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you are shitfish leaning towards boogara I assume ?

actually i lean towards shaniac, but i switch often!!! there are times, like when ryan was sort of talking to the spirit box in the pennhurst episode, when i feel a bit more like a boogara, but then there are times (like goatman’s bridge) where i’m feeling very much like a shaniac


Mun: Hey Ladies, sorry for the month of neglect. I’m returning this week with more same hearts, a long awaited unanswered request, and some well needed smutt.


Same Heart - You are a Colonel from the Battlecruiser Absolution now aboard Finalizer in an attempt to close a banking deal for the Order abroad. Not much has ever given you cause to seek a significant other before, however, when several people on the ship start taking a personal interest in you things may change. Kylo/MattXReaderXHux  Part 1,  Part 2,

Drabbles and One Shots

Goatman - (Modern AU) You and Kylo head to the Old Alton Bridge to hunt for the legendary Goat Man. KyloXReader

Campfire - Ben Solo tries to ignore his uncle Luke as he tells scary stories to the other padawans.

Trick-or-Treat - It’s nearing an Autumn holiday on the planet where you are from and Hux catches you eating candy on the Bridge.

Under Control - (Modern AU) Luke is hosting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign at his Uncle Ben’s house.

Fallen - Reader is captured and detained by the First Order after coming out of seclusion. Her interrogation proves to be useless and Hux himself take it upon his duty to get her to cooperate. HuxXReader

Holograms - You arrive in Hux’s room at his command. Hux however is no where to be found. How will you cure your boredom. HuxXReader

Silence - You and Ben are two of Luke’s top students in his Jedi academy and have become quite close over the years. Close enough to assist one another with your most present fears. Fears that keep you both up at night. BenXReader

Headcanons and Asks

Pumpkin carving (OT)

Earth Jobs (OT)

Nicola L Robinson Illustration Billy Goats Gruff, Troll Bridge, Chilrens book illustration classic fairytales, Pen and Ink monsters.

                                                                       Found on nlrobinson.co.uk

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Hey, so I'm confused. So it seems Hide has his own human/CCG group against Furuta. They possibly want coexistence, like Goat. There's the battery day, Hide's Ace of Spades, the magician being the bridge between heaven and earth and the Scarecrow etc as symbolism about them collaborating. But then Hide's the witch servant, the Prince's enemy, and the witch probably being Eto or maybe Itori. But Eto is backing up Kaneki, and Hide probably helped her and Arima in their OEK plan to save Ken's [1]

life. Plus Hide’s getup in the play really resembles the Clowns’, but also has Eto’s hat. And then we have lots of Dragon symbolism for Hide, with the Dragon being Furuta’s ally and possibly a revived Shirazu. That would maybe tie the Qs to Furuta, because Scarecrow is apparently depicted as Saiko’s enemy despite the fact he just asked Urie to join him, and Saiko seems to want to collaborate with Urie.

Dragons controlled by Magicians who flew the sky and ended the war between an empire and a rebellious army (CCG/V and Goat?) If it’s Hide’s third faction, it’s curious that he’d control the Dragon, Furuta’s ally. And then there’s the old OEK stuff. Hide’s name possibly refers to the Naaga, and Chika to the underground and maybe the Washuu through Yoshitoki. He sometimes displays special physical abilities, now also as Scarecrow and we’re given weird hints in the redraw. Ishida’s new art may hint we’ll be seeing V, Furuta’s ally, soon. I don’t know what to think about all of this.

Right, so you’ve brought up quite a lot in your ask and I’ll try to address everything, because even though it might seem all over the place, I think it can still all be connected.

It seems to me that Hide appears to have similar goals to Kaneki; to be honest, I never pinned him as caring all that much for working towards coexistence, though. I thought he was more of a character who was concerned simply with himself and his person sphere since he treated ghouls as equals. I didn’t think he cared much for coexistence but he didn’t seem to see ghouls any differently from humans. I’m realising now that the way I perceived Kaneki and Hide may have been switched.

It seems to me as though Kaneki is the one who appears to be fighting for the good of everyone, when he really just admits to fighting for those close to him. Hide on the other hand, appears to be concerned with himself (and Kaneki), but maybe he’s seen now that the way things are can’t go on. He’s now been forced to see that the system they’re living under has fucked up his and Kaneki’s lives. The person he loves most is in constant danger thanks to the current system, and maybe that’s helped Hide to realise that he can’t just sit back and let things continue the way they are. Hide isn’t one to sit back and wait for something to happen, and that’s why I think he’s taking it into his own hands now.

Hide’s card, the Ace of Spades, it’s known to be the most powerful card in the deck, and I think that’s because what Hide is doing now is a game changer. He’s now introduced another opposition to Furuta, one that no one suspected to be of any significance before now, but they’re taking back the CCG and that changes EVERYTHING.

Like you said, the battery day page, Hide and Kaneki’s birthdays as well as their tarot symbolism all seem to be heavy indicators that they’ll join together to work towards a common goal. I think that this will still be the case. Now that Hide has taken the CCG, technically, he is on the opposing side to ghouls. This makes me think that perhaps this is the betrayal against Kaneki? This is the stage where Hide is in opposition to Kaneki, but Goat’s goal has been to make negotiations with the CCG, so I can see them joining forces against their mutual opposition which would most likely continue to be Furuta since he’s at a pretty high position of power in multiple organisations.

As for Eto, I still think there’s space for her to fit into all of this. Hide was heavily injured in the sewers, and of course he must have escaped somehow. I’m doubtful that he managed to get himself out of there alone, and Aogiri were already there snatching up fallen investigators for Kanou to experiment on. Eto seemed to already have shown interest in Hide from the time Hide went to Takatsuki Sen’s book signing. I am almost certain that Hide and Eto HAVE to be involved somehow. It would seem pointless to me to include that scene between them if they’re not. It’s possible that during the time between TG and :re, Hide was with Eto. This would make sense if Eto saw potential for him to be an OEK candidate (there’s me going off about the 2nd OEK theory again lmao).

I feel as though the part of the play which has the witch’s servant receiving forgiveness from the prince and joining him by his side will be when the CCG and Goat join together inevitably.

Additionally, although Saiko has been linked to Scarecrow, I’m thinking that it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be enemies. Some speculate that Scarecrow was Saiko’s online friend she mentioned at the beginning or :re, and really, I see no reason as to why Hide would be against Saiko. They don’t appear to be working in opposing directions, so it would make far more sense to me that she should join him, and that the art of the Quinx simply drew connections between them and the ghouls rather than pitting them against each other.

As for this panel, I want to give my interpretation on it since it ties in with what you said about the dragon being Furuta’s ally but Hide being linked to it.

“A battle between an empire where dragons controlled by magicians soar through the sky and a rebel army that stirred the heart.”

So, the Empire would obviously refer to the current system which Furuta is at the head of. The rebel army would, of course, be Goat, but the dragons don’t have a side specified to them. I think the dragons and magicians actually refer to multiple people on different sides. Of course, Hide being associated with the magician makes me think that his group are being referenced, but I’ve seen a couple theories claiming that Furuta has also adopted magician status, which makes sense since he refers to his secret weapon as “dragon”. In light of this, I think the dragons which are referenced in this panel could be alluding to magicians on both sides using “dragons” against eachother. If this is the case, that means that Hide’s ties with the supposed Naagaraji would still make sense, however it seems to me that Furuta’s kagune we saw in 138 seems to bare quite close resemblance to the Naagaraji we were shown underground.

Hide being a Washuu is definitely still on the table, and if he is one, it would make even more sense for him to take up the position of Chairman at the CCG (though I would personally prefer this position to go to either Matsuri or Marude).

As for that art of the hand with a V on the wrist reaching out to Kaneki, I can’t say I’m entirely sure of what that means. Many have been speculating about who that hand belongs to, but I think that it could just be a metaphor. Perhaps the hand just represents V as a whole? Though I’m not entirely sure why it’s caressing Kaneki’s face so gently.

All I can really say I’m almost sure of is that V will be making a significant reappearance, especially since they will be more vital to Furuta now than ever, now that he’s lost his position of power within the CCG which was his main tool.

goddamn these vampires;; a kate fuller fanmix

“you know, i really thought i could help you. why did i ever believe that? look at you, so blinded by your own greed… and now you want to save me? you’re weak. you’re both so weak. i gave you everything. i gave you all the love that i could possibly give. and for what? there’s no more love left. i hope you burn in hell.”

1. dog teeth - nicole dollanganger
he handed me a pair of pliers // and he told me to pull out his teeth // because as long as he had them // he’d use them to do bad thin

2. damn these vampires - the mountain goats
mount those bridge rails, ride all night // scream when captured, arch your back // let this whole town hear your knuckles crack

3. fuck was i - jenny owens young
skillet on the stove // it’s such a temptation // maybe i’ll be the lucky one that doesn’t get burnt // what the fuck was i thinking?

4. done right discount flooring - joyce manor
oh shit, what do you know, // my unconditional love is a fucking joke

5. funny you should ask - the front bottoms
the good thing about this cast is i can still hold a knife // so if you ever twist my arm again i’ll be sure to put up a fight

6. i like giants - kimya dawson

so i swim for all salvation and i swim to save my soul // but my soul is just a whisper // trapped inside a tornado

7. doll parts - hole
i want to be the girl with the most cake / i love him so much it just turns to hate / i fake it so real, i am beyond fake / and someday, you will ache like i ache

8. locked in a cage - brick + mortar
if you burn me down you’ll never find your way // if you burn me down, it’s true, a little drop of dreams // locked in a cage, for a really long time, time, time

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The tale of the three goats; Attilee, Taylor and Tierra, that wanted to cross the bridge of Pi, but was rudely stopped by an unsuspecting Internet Troll, that somewhat resembled Piglet.

To be honest I haven’t been on the blog much today so I have no idea what’s going on with this lol. It just seems like a pi bridge troll would say that.

In the end, I just wanted to draw us as goats.