goat men

I would like everyone to know that fauns and satyrs are different
Some simple research in mythology will tell you this.
The Greek satyrs were originally dwarfish horse men. With horse tails and ears, sometimes hooved feet. They did later adapt with roman mythos and become goat men. Thus Pan.

The Roman fauns were always goat men like their god Faunus. Goat legs and horns.

They had very different characteristics.
Satyrs were very sexual beings but they were also wise. With beards and wiry hair.
Fauns were tricksters and liked to lead people astray in woods, they were much more childish, playing flutes and being merry and happy. Looking like young men and sometimes women, called faunesses. Though faunesses were created later by poets and story tellers and were not prominent in mythology.


Frank (2014) - dir. Lenny Abrahamson

Have you ever met a fragile artist? Frank (based in part on Daniel Johnston, and Frank Sidebottom) is the most fragile member of a band of misfits and psychotics. The film begins with Jon (Domnhall Gleeson) watching as the keyboardist to a band attempts to drown himself in the Irish seacoast. Don (Scoot McNairy) then invites Jon to come play a gig with his band, the Soronprfbs. What follows is a healthy blend of zany comedy, shots at the music industry, indie bands, SXSW, and what making “real art” actually means. But Abrahamson and screenwriters Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan (the Men Who Stare at Goats) add just enough honest emotion to pull it all off.

It also helps that Michael Fassbender’s the one in the mascot-sized mask. The Soronprfbs perform all of their music live, on screen. All of the songs written by Jon were written by Domnhall Gleeson. All the rest was the brainchild of the actors, Abrahamson and composer Stephen Rennicks. Frank is an odd film for a number of reasons, but at no point is it not succeeding in its quirkiness.


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“Ehhhh…and which specie are you supposed to be originating from?” It was his first time seeing a man with horns, since the enforcers on Skypiea. Needless to say that their horns were nothing compared to Caesar. Without an inkling of hesitation, Enel got closer and reached for one of them, giving it a little flick with his fingers.

Strength Potion

Edward The Great: Hey man you awake?

Weird Cedric: dude it’s three am

Weird Cedric: of course I’m awake what’s up

Edward The Great: Tryouts for the wrestling team are in three weeks. I don’t think I’ll be able to take the heat. I know I won’t make it.

Weird Cedric: Hey hey hey don’t give up now you GOTTA make it

Edward The Great: I’m a stick. Let’s be honest. Even if I worked out every day there’s no way I could match up to those meatheads.

Weird Cedric: steroids?

Edward The Great: Are you… you’re absolutely serious. Dude. No. Illegal. Expensive. And it shrinks your dick.

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