goat men

so, just got an ask about fae...

Unseelie Court fae (dark faeries)

Jimmy Square Foot- Jimmy has quite a frightening appearance but is pretty much harmless. 

The Fachan- one legged and one eyed goblins.

Red cap- the goblin who re dyes his cap in human blood and haunts ruined towers and castles.

The Kelpie- the horse fae who drowns and devours its victims. It acts like a lost horse unless it can be successfully bridled with a bewitched bridle. It then becomes a slave to the one who caught it.

The glaistig- a vampire like half woman half goat who lures men to their deaths with her beautiful appearance. She keeps her goat half hidden as not to disturb her prey.

The Killmoulis- A Brownie with a large nose and no mouth, he likes to play tricks and works hard for millers in exchange for food… but can be a hinderance because of his mischievous nature.

Seelie Court Fae 

The Phooka- a shapeshifter who is much like the kelpie but instead of devouring his victim, takes them for a wild ride then ditches them in the middle of nowhere. he can appear as a black dog, black horse or a bull.

Dwarves- they are said to spend the daylight hours as toads.

The Fir Darrig- Delights in practical joking of the more gruesome type

Trows- often seen dancing called ‘Henking’

Puck- A mischievous Hob goblin.

Bogie- with shapeshifting powers they are very dangerous.

Stray Sod- A weed looking fae with powers to rot the memory of one who steps on him during his hidden form.

Pixies- Love to be chaotic and throw things as well as steal horses and ride then into exhaustion. 

Jimmy Square Foot-

Phooka ^

The Killmoulis ^

Kelpie ^

The Glaistig ^

Stray Sod ^


Frank (2014) - dir. Lenny Abrahamson

Have you ever met a fragile artist? Frank (based in part on Daniel Johnston, and Frank Sidebottom) is the most fragile member of a band of misfits and psychotics. The film begins with Jon (Domnhall Gleeson) watching as the keyboardist to a band attempts to drown himself in the Irish seacoast. Don (Scoot McNairy) then invites Jon to come play a gig with his band, the Soronprfbs. What follows is a healthy blend of zany comedy, shots at the music industry, indie bands, SXSW, and what making “real art” actually means. But Abrahamson and screenwriters Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan (the Men Who Stare at Goats) add just enough honest emotion to pull it all off.

It also helps that Michael Fassbender’s the one in the mascot-sized mask. The Soronprfbs perform all of their music live, on screen. All of the songs written by Jon were written by Domnhall Gleeson. All the rest was the brainchild of the actors, Abrahamson and composer Stephen Rennicks. Frank is an odd film for a number of reasons, but at no point is it not succeeding in its quirkiness.


elephantlovingmouse  asked:

I would like to know more about Crogta. Where do I sign up for a pamphlet?

Turn off the bathroom lights, and say Crogta five times in the mirror. A satanic goat man with a black tie and white button-up will deliver your pamphlet, then ask you if you have a moment to spare to discuss the Dark Lord. Just tell him you’ve gotta pee. Fuckin’ mirror-to-mirror goat men…

elephantlovingmouse  asked:

I was unaware that burning virgins smelled the same as burning wood. Interesting. Do you know why the goat-men are sad?

They burn the virgins in a wooden alter. God, don’t you know anything about sacrifices?!

The goat men are sad because you’re so uneducated about Crogta. Shun the nonbeliever.

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“Ehhhh…and which specie are you supposed to be originating from?” It was his first time seeing a man with horns, since the enforcers on Skypiea. Needless to say that their horns were nothing compared to Caesar. Without an inkling of hesitation, Enel got closer and reached for one of them, giving it a little flick with his fingers.

anonymous asked:

I never got my pamphlet. I even turned the lights on so I could turn them back off. :(

It’s Sunday, the goat men’s day of partying. Try again tomorrow.