goat herding

The connection between [the productive] forces and [the social] relations is an illuminating one. Among other things, it allows us to recognize that you can only have certain social relations if the productive forces have evolved to a certain extent. If some people are to live a lot more comfortably than others, you need to produce a sizable economic surplus; and this is possible only at a certain point of productive development. You cannot sustain an immense royal court complete with minstrels, pages, jesters, and chamberlains if everyone has to herd goats or grub for plants all the time just to survive.

The class struggle is essentially a struggle over the surplus, and as such is likely to continue as long as there is not a sufficiency for all. Class comes about whenever material production is so organized as to compel individuals to transfer their surplus labor to others in order to survive. When there is little or no surplus, as in so-called primitive communism, everyone has to work, nobody can live off the toil of others, and so there can be no classes. Later, there is enough of a surplus to fund classes like feudal lords, who live by the labor of their underlings. Only with capitalism can enough surplus be generated for the abolition of scarcity, and thus of social classes, to become possible. But only socialism can put this into practice.

—  Terry Eagleton
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Goats walking in the grasslands that surround the barren badlands of Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Link Personalities

I always see each Link as an individual Link with their own personalities and interests.

ALTTP Link: I can tell he is a book worm of some sort. There are a couple ALTTP concept arts showing Link reading something, or sitting in a library. The fact alone that there is a library is great proof, especially in Link’s Awakening. In Mabe Village, There is a Library that you can enter and read every book available on the table.

OOT Link: Most likely, as everybody knows, a musician. He has an ocarina and he play a bunch of songs in great perfection. What do you want more ? xD

TP Link: A very ‘nature’ type. He works on a farm, herds goats, takes care of animals, Cats love him. TP Link is an animal lover <3

SS Link: Based on what is shown in his room, there are a couple of still-in- progress statues of Birds. He must be sculptor. That’s such a nice hobby to have.

WW Link: What’s Toon Link… Probably… Family love? xD He goes great lengths for saving his sister and is sad about leaving his grandma. He also helps her when she gets sick (that’s if the player decides to. let’s say he does ^-^) I can’t figure out what WW Link’s interests or hobbies would be. What do you think?


Every Link is unique in his own way. That is why I don’t like it when people mix them up. A common one is mixing TP with OOT. TP Link is always called ‘Hero of Time’ for some reason. That’s supposed to be OOT!


We’re signing on the new house and moving tomorrow. So we need to be completely packed up today before I herd the goat rodeo the 2 and ½ hours out of state early tomorrow morning.

But we have to leave everything (other than the animals and a very few essentials [because really, you can’t fit much else in your vehicle when you have 4 kids, 6 cats, and 2 dogs–even if they are Chihuahuas]). We won’t be back with the moving truck until Sunday (we couldn’t guarantee we’d get it done on time on Friday before Shabbat and then Saturday’s out because Shabbat). And we’re driving and loading ourselves which scares the hell out of me (we did hire 2 people to help). 

Tomorrow our whole family will finally be living together again. Woo hoo!

So I’ll be scarce for a while, but my queue is set. You won’t even notice my absence. 

I finished my first year of Vet School!

Now that I have finished an entire year of veterinary school and I’m ¼ of the way to becoming an animal doctor, here are the key points I learned this semester:
1. Automatic spell check is taken for granted and no longer applies to veterinary school. No computer program understands what leukoencephalomyelitis is. It can’t be a world. It can’t be spell checked. Just, no.
2. I’m sure doctors develop poor handwriting while in school as a defense mechanism so that their spelling can’t be spell checked by the professor and lose points on an assignment. This unfortunately doesn’t carry over to computer-based tests or quizzes (*i’m looking at you Tritrichomonas foetus*).
3. Lymphoma and melanoma are the honey badgers of neoplastic cells. They can show up anywhere and grossly look like anything. They don’t care. Normal rules don’t apply.
4. You can rent out a herd of goats as a grass/brush removal service and make millions.
5. Human Medical Doctors should have to take Parasitology.
6. Any lesion can be described using food.
7. The best term to refer to the tail is “waggly bits”.
8. Vet school is like throwing manure against a barn door. Some of it sticks, but the rest you know where to find it.

Eddie award, no kidding

“Congrats to Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne: the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them star received the freedom of the City of London on Friday.

The honour was conferred at Guildhall, much to the pleasure of several staff, and is awarded after the recipient is nominated by two members of one of the City’s 110 liveries, or by being themselves a member. Freemen are allowed to drive sheep over London Bridge once a year as a celebration of the city’s history as a global centre of commerce; it has been awarded to Sir Ian McKellen and Morgan Freeman.

Given that Redmayne won the Outstanding Newcomer prize in the Evening Standard’s 2004 theatre awards for his performance in Edward Albee’s The Goat, is there a precedent for goat-herding instead?


The Standard, Jan. 30, 2017

I’m doing inktober! Or at least.. going to try.

I’ll probably post whatever I manage at the end of the month, but in the meanwhile here’s today’s. She’s a goat-taur, goat-herder, she herds herself.

You can put in a request for a spooky/eeire/uncanny-ish/whatever thing on my twitter and I might do it. Or reply to this post! That works too.