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A Beginner's Guide to Detoxing

For tmphenomenon:

I was looking forward to writing this for you because I love seeing young, black people do things to better their overall health (so we can be fine and sexy forever and slay into eternity, Amen). ALSO, ‘CAUSE, YOU’RE FAM FOR LIFE!!!

Why people detox:

When we enjoy delicious ass shit from our affordable fast food restaurants, we are destroying our body. Most of the time, the food we eat has been fried, dyed, processed, “enriched,” packaged, repackaged, and distributed, so by the time it gets to us it’s not really even food, though it tastes fucking amazing. It really messes with our internal health and perspective, clouding our judgment and fucking up our life. The healthier you eat and drink in general, the more clarity you have.

To combat the nasties, your body needs mini-cleanses every now and then so your digestive system can properly eliminate the bad, allowing for the absorption of good vitamins and nutrients we actually need. This strengthens your immune system and cleanses the blood. It also helps to block certain negative creepy crawlies that try to infect our cells.

The body eliminates toxins via the kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, and lymph nodes, but most of the time it’s using all of its energy to break down everything we eat. Therefore, the toxins just float around and wreck havoc because the body ain’t got time to kick them out.

Buckle, up! Here we go! 


Food + drinks:

1. Lots of liquids- this flushes out all the bad stuff. It’s good that you already drink lots of water, but we need to kick that up a notch with herbs that will help cleanse your liver and colon, bettering your overall digestive health. I, of course, being a ratchet hippie, recommend tea. 

 a) infuse water overnight (slices of cucumber or lemon in a bottle). See tumblr for the chart of when is best to drink water for the most benefits + recipes at bottom.

b) green tea or herbal tea, start off with green +honey then work your way up 

c) juice! -fresh, not-from-concentrate, not- bullshit into thinking it’s healthy

You don’t even need a juicer, honestly. pour some water in a blender and spinach in there. BOOM. juice.

2. Fresh fruits and veggies (it’s cheaper to do this in smoothie-form). Big bags of spinach, bananas, and whatever fruit you blended up in a cheap blender (I got my from Wal-Mart for $15 and found another one at Goodwill for 3).

3. Fiber: This will help your body get rid of the toxins easier. I recommend eating at least one of the following ever day: brown rice, sprouted bread (NOTHING “enriched,” that just means bleached to look pretty -__-), cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, etc. Fruits and veggies have an ass of fiber, so if you’re already eating those, you’re good.*

*If you don’t want to do the actual work, I recommend Bolthouse farms green juices. They taste good, have no preservatives, and are like 2.35 for 8 servings at Aldi. If y'all don’t have Aldi, I’ll get you some. Also, a lot of people mix these with water to stretch them, but also to make sure your body isn’t overwhelmed.

4. Take some type of vitamin. When I was drunk I ranted about “eating the rainbow,” because different colors correspond to different essential nutrients we need to survive the human experience. These colors also correspond to the 7 chakras. If you’re eating right, it balances other aspects of your life as well. Most of the time ain’t nobody got money or time for that, so buy a cheap one-a-day multivitamin so you won’t shock your body during detox.

What do the colors of fruits and veggies mean? (pic via @catasana)

Blue/purple= high antioxidant + balance bood pressure

Green= remove toxins and carcinogens, also sources of vitamin K, folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids

Yellow= Lutein (good for eyes), healthy fats, pretty skin

Red= powerful antioxidants 

Orange= vitamins A +C

Tans/weird beiges–usually high fiber content

5. Healthy fats- Depending on how long you want to detox, you’ll need to reintroduce heavier foods into your diet, after mostly eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc., so you won’t shock your body when you eat a piece of pizza

Try: Salmon, avocados, walnuts, etc.

6. Simply substitute slowly (alliteration for that ass!) Going cold turkey will make you miserable. Instead of french fries, get sweet potato fries. Instead of ranch dressing, get Italian or something oil/vinegar based. Instead of iceberg lettuce (which is honestly trash, and I would slap the fuck out of anyone who tried to serve it to me), get romaine. 

1 month detox:

First week: just drink one green smoothie/drink/tea (or eat your fill of fruit) every morning and don’t change anything else. Soon your body will start to crave whatever is in your smoothie.

You can also alternate between a green smoothie, a scrambled egg on toast w/ avocado, or BOTH. Whatever else you want that’s not like… frosted flakes you can pretty much have. You just want you body to get into a routine. Avoid heavy, delicious foods like pancakes, pasta (anything wheat-based. we’re prepping your digestive system) and no candy +sugar.

Second week: Make your breakfast AND lunch “green.” Have a big ass salad or lots of vegetables with a side of sweet potatoes or something. NO CHEESE (feta/goat cheese is okay though–easier for body to digest and less allergenic). We’re not even supposed to have dairy products, because it doesn’t agree with our systems at all, plus it’s gross (but so delicious).

I tell non-vegetarians that it’s okay to have chicken and lighter choices, but stay away from beef and dairy products. Listen to your body. Once it’s detoxing, you’ll start to crave everything you DON’T need to have. Especially sugar. Pretty much any fast food we eat is jacked up on sucrose. 

The first 2-3 days you might feel super crappy because your body is ridding yourself of toxins, but  once you get past that you’ll have an unusual amount of energy.

Third week: If you made it past the cravings hurdle, up the ante. Have a green juice before bed as well as in the morning. Stick with your one green meal for lunch or dinner. It is important that you eat enough, otherwise you will feel weak. Plants and herbs give you a lot of energy but you need to EAT them and drink them. We feel full after eating a burger but lethargic the next day because we just poisoned our body. We feel awesome after having a big ole salad because we basically just ate direct sun energy.

Last week: Listen to your body. The first time I did any kind of detox, I was so eager to stick to a plan, but every plan doesn’t work for everybody. Your body will tell you what it needs and by this time you’ll know what it is you’re supposed to be eating and drinking. It takes 21 days to break a habit (I don’t know if this is true, but let’s go with that).

Also, your body might not need a full month, and it might need longer than a month. You can tell how you’re doing by your energy level, whether or not you had a detox reaction (the feeling crappy, almost flu-like), and if you’re shitting regularly. 

Common types of detoxes:

Some people detox for weight loss, health issues, or just want to give their bodies a break. From what I’ve experienced, here are the most popular types:

1) Strictly juicing/liquids: unfeasible for you because you’re on your feet all day or using your energy on snapchat. The longest I’ve seen someone do a juice cleanse is for 41 days, but usually they’re 3-5, just to give your body a break)

2) All green- basically, no animal products and not a lot of processed food. Plant-based/(80/20 raw/cooked) are common forms. If you eat pasta/fries/pizza, you make it yourself and know all the ingredients going into it. Be cheap and buy frozen fruits and vegetables and make stir fry. Whatever you want to learn how to make, check out organigasm’s instagram and I’ll send you the recipe. It doesn’t have to be flavorless and fucking boring to be healthy.

3) Paleo- Yes: Fruits, Vegetables, Seafood, Nuts & Seeds, Healthy Fats, Lean Meat. No: Dairy, Grains, Processed Food, Processed Sugar, Legumes, Starches, Alcohol. Honestly, I think this diet is a fad that comes up with different names every few decades. Seriously, a bunch of rich people use this to diet or have “healthy lifestyles,” but thousands upon thousands of families don’t have access to these types of foods. I digress.


1. Set your intentions when you wake up in the morning. Example: “Today, will be fan-fucking-tastic,” or you can thank the creator or thank your body for helping you out with your shenanigans. Keep it to yourself, write it down, shout it out, whatever. You need to start your day with positive thoughts to ensure you have the willpower to make it. You will crave everything you DO NOT need.

2. Work-out at least 30 minutes a day, and if you can’t do that, try 3/7 times a week. Start somewhere. Dance it out when you get out of the shower, walk down the street at a fast pace–whatever, again, just get moving.

3. For strength of body and mind, I recommend yoga, and I hope your stubborn ass considers it (it also makes for fun sex, I’m just saying).

Here’s a link to good poses for detoxing: http://bodyunburdened.com/yoga-for-detox-10-poses-that-promote-cleansing/ + youtube and netflix have free videos FOR NOOBZ!#@

4. Before you go to bed, clear all the negative energy you can. I’m not gonna get into all the stuff, but like when you woke up, write it down, draw it out, etc.

Doing this throughout the detox will allow you to clear your mind and determine what works for you during this new journey!

5. Get enough sleep–This is a tough one, but while you’re sleeping your body does the most incredible things. Seriously, you will thank yourself. Even if you only get 4 hours of sleep, getting 15 extra minutes, then gradually increasing REALLY helps.

Final tips:

1. eat your biggest meal at lunchtime (your metabolism is peaking from about 12pm-8pm)

2. SLEEP. Seriously. Your body is healing you. Let it help.

3. I will help you meal prep, but frozen vegetables + canned beans, packaged nuts keep the costs of detoxing low. Also, farmer’s have good ass prices. Take a fine honey on a date to the farmer’s market and cook a sexy meal afterwards.

4. Try new things. Seriously. You can’t eat a cucumber and an apple every day and expect magic to happen. 

5. Don’t overcook anything. Leave that broccoli a little crunchy. Don’t kill the nutrients, bro.

6. cheat! allow yourself one day during the first two weeks to cheat on your detox, or whenever you fucking feel like. you deserve rounds… of krispy kreme donuts. TREAT. YO. SELF. 

7. Don’t count calories, or carbs, or whatever the fuck the newest pyramid says to do. 

Good Water Infusion Combos:

1. lemon/lime +mint + honey

2. strawberries, blueberries

3. pineapple + basil

4. grapefruit/orange

5. mango + peaches

6. apple+ cinnamon + honey 

Final thoughts: Really, once you get used to it, you’re always detoxing. Even drinking a cup of tea a day and still eating like shit is better than nothing.  Just be kind to yourself. It’s a process, and I’m still learning, but I get better every day. Good luck! I’m always here to help. 

Now, let’s go detox, y'all.



Goat cheese boreks with tarragon, parsley, and chives

This was inspired by a fellow blogger and the brittle yufka sitting in my fridge. 


  • Fine chop one tbsp of parsley, one tbsp of chives, and two tbsp of tarragon
  • Crumble half cup of goat manouri and half cup of goat feta
  • Toss the herbs and cheeses together into a uniform mixture. Season with fresh ground black pepper. Add one tsp of crushed red peppers
  • Whisk 1/3 c of olive oil with 1/3 cup of water. Apply the mixture to two sheets of yufka. This makes the yufka more malleable and creates a crispier, flakier final product. 
  • Shape your borek pie n the pan you’ll be using the to fry; fold the yufka evenly enveloping the ingredients in even layers
  • Remove from pan

Add two tbsp of butter to the pan and melt on medium heat. Add the pie back to the pan, lower the temperature to medium low and cook for 12-15 minutes. Check the bottom of the pie for doneness. Set the pie aside, put two more tbsp of butter, put the other side of the pie in the pan and cook for another ten minutes. 

The final product will be very much like a quesadilla but flakier, with a range of textures.

Ordering Pizza: AC Edition

Altair: gets a pineapple and ham pizza with extra garlic in the sauce. Eats five slices really fast, vomits in the sink, and has to be forcibly restrained from eating more pizza. Secretly resolves to get more pizza and eat it again.
Ezio: opts for a pizza margherita (tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and mozzarella), mostly because he’s pretty sure he’s eaten something like this before. Orders it from Domino’s, using their 5.99 deal in combination with Altair and Evie’s orders. Won’t shut up about Evie’s choice of the “Italian sausage” topping.
Edward: goes for the manly all-meat man-pizza, with bacon, steak, ham, sausage, and pepperoni. Adds chicken, spinach, olives and half anchovies to round it out, and orders it EXTRA LARGE from Domino’s, with a side order of dipping sauce.
Haytham: Creates a rewards account with Domino’s and uses his account to buy Edward’s pizza. Insists that Connor share a deep-dish pizza with him, and gets into an argument over the toppings. Haytham eventually agrees to split the pizza in half, taking mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, artichoke hearts and extra parmesan.
Connor: gets into a brief argument with Haytham, as he doesn’t want to share a pizza at all. Loses the argument, and his half of the deep-dish is loaded with bacon, beef, and barbecue chicken. Upon Haytham’s insistence that he eat healthy, he adds spinach.
Arno: Gets a carryout pizza from a local gourmet eatery. Deep-dish Chicago style, he chooses this establishment’s signature spinach and mushroom pizza. Gives a slice to Evie, who is immediately hooked.
Shay: Takes home a Pagliacci’s pizza, plain cheese with gobs of feta and goat cheese as well as pesto on top. Inhales the first two slices, and washes them down with some soda pop.
Jacob: Orders a none pizza with left beef from Pizza Hut, and regrets it as soon as he opens the box. Eats one slice, and tries to beg slices off of everyone else. When that doesn’t work, he steals Altair’s pizza after he vomits, and leaves the none pizza with left beef out on the counter.
Evie: orders a plain, medium pizza with mushrooms and Italian sausage from Domino’s. Immediately forswears all other pizza when Arno shares a slice of his Chicago deep-dish.

Desmond: Heats up a plain, frozen, pepperoni pizza he bought at the grocery store, and inspires everyone else to try and find pizza of their own. Gets pretty pissed about that, because he wanted to go to bed early, but pizza delivery keeps ringing the doorbell and he can’t get any sleep.

Note: the deep-dish Chicago pizza I’m thinking about is from Zachary’s in Oakland, CA. It’s pretty obvious I’ve taken some liberties with the setting here, as for the most part, these antics take place in Bellevue, WA.


Simple Salad with Homemade Yogurt-Avocado Poppy Seed Dressing 

A great addition to this week’s meal prep menu. 

Ingredients for Poppy Seed Dressing 

2 cups 0% fat Greek yogurt 

1 tbsp honey 

1 large avocado 

3 capfuls of apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp poppy seeds 

Juice from 1 lime 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Water to thin out, if necessary 

Ingredients for Salad 

Grilled chicken - recipe here 

Grilled onions - recipe here 

Grape tomatoes 

Feta or goat cheese 

Salad greens of your choice 


Blend together all ingredients for salad dressing. Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

NOTE: I preferred for my dressing to be on the thicker side but feel free to thin out your dressing as needed. 

Assemble your salad and serve. 


Best avocado toast:
- 1 egg
- ½ an avocado
- pesto
- goat cheese
- salt & pepper to taste

Toast the bread, and fry an egg on the pan with salt & pepper to taste (I also like to add chili flakes to spice things up). Then I spread some fresh pesto on each toast & mash the avocado over the pesto with a fork. Then take some goat cheese (or optional feta cheese), and crumble it on to the toast. Top it of with the fried egg and you are good to go 😍

Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

Black beans

A cup of black beans packs a whopping 15 grams of satisfying protein and doesn’t contain any of the saturated fat found in other protein sources, like red meat. 

Try this recipe: Spiced Black Bean Hummus With Marinated Peaches


Oats are rich in fiber, so a serving can help you feel full throughout the day. Just a half cup packs 4.6 grams of Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat. 

Try this recipe: Dark Chocolate and Oat Clusters


There’s no reason to be afraid of eating fats—as long as they’re the right fats. 

Oleic acid, a compound in avocados’ healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), may trigger your body to actually quiet hunger. Stick to a quarter or a half of an avocado and watch that belly fat melt away. The creamy fruit is also packed with fiber and protein. 

Try this recipe: Avocado, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwiches


Lean sources of protein help you feel full without adding fat. However, 50% of women ages 18 to 50 don’t know if they get enough of this essential nutrient. 

Up your intake with salmon; it’s a leaner choice than red meat and is chock-full of MUFAs to boot. A 2001 study found that dieters eating a MUFA-rich diet lost an average of 9 pounds, while their low-fat diet counterparts gained, on average, 6. 

Try this recipe: Pan-Grilled Salmon With Pineapple Salsa


Best known for their anti-aging effects, blueberries, while tiny, are a powerful figure-friendly eat: A 1-cup serving sets you back only 80 calories, and helps you feel full with 4 grams of fiber. 

Try this recipe: Blueberry-Lemon Sorbet


Cooked or raw, this cruciferous veggie is well-known for its cancer-preventing powers, but with a punch of filling fiber in less than 30 calories a serving, it’s bound to prevent weight problems too. 

Try this recipe: Broccoli Salad With Sesame Dressing and Cashews

Brown rice

Brown rice is a heartier, fiber-packed alternative to less-than-super white rice. A half-cup serving contains 1.7 grams ofResistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat. 

Plus, brown rice is a low-energy-density food, meaning it’s heavy and filling but low in calories. One study found that women who ate a higher-energy-density diet gained three times as much weight over six years than women eating a low-energy-density diet. 

Try this recipe: Wild Salmon and Brown Rice Bowl


Just one pear packs 15% of your daily recommended amount of fiber. One study found that women who ate three pears a day consumed fewer calories and lost more weight than those who didn’t. Ditch the peeler though; the skin is where all that filling fiber is hiding! 

Try this recipe: Warm Pear With Cinnamon Ricotta


Resveratrol, the famed antioxidant found in grape skin, stops fat storage. Studies show that moderate wine drinkers have narrower waists and less belly fat than liquor drinkers. Downing a glass can boost your calorie burn for a good 90 minutes. 

Try these: Best Bargain Bottles of Wine


Even if you changed nothing else about your diet, eating half a grapefruit before each meal may help you lose up to a pound a week! 

A compound in the tangy fruit can lower insulin, a fat-storage hormone, and that can lead to weight loss. It’s also a good source of protein, and because it’s at least 90% water, it can fill you up so you eat less. 

Try this recipe: Ginger-Citrus Fruit Salad

Kidney beans

One of several varieties of beans to make the list, red beans offer protein and fiber (more than 5 grams per serving!). Kidney beans are also rich in Resistant Starch; a ½-cup serving packs nearly 2 grams of this slimming carb. 

Try this recipe: Red Bean and Poblano Chili


Nuts are another superfood rich in healthy fats that help you slim down. 

Almonds in particular can help you shed pounds: In one study, people who added a daily helping of the nuts to a low-cal diet lost more weight than people who followed the same diet but swapped almonds for a carb-heavy snack like crackers. 

Try this recipe: Almond-Ciabatta French Toast

Green tea

This steamy sip hydrates like water, which can help fill you up and shed pounds. Plus, the antioxidants in green tea will up your fat burn and calorie burn. One study found that five cups a day could help you lose twice as much weight, most of it around your middle. 

Try this recipe: Minty Iced Green Tea


Lentils are a great source of satiating protein and fiber. A half-cup serving delivers 3.4 grams ofResistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat. 

Try this recipe: Gingery Lentil Soup


Bananas are a slimming superfood at the heart of Health’sCarbLovers Diet. A slightly green, medium-size banana will fill you up and boost your metabolism with its 12.5 grams of Resistant Starch. Even a ripe banana still ranks high on the list of foods containing RS, with almost 5 grams. 

Try this recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bites


Eggs get a bad rap when it comes to weight loss. But the breakfast staple is loaded with protein that will curb your appetite. One study found that overweight women who ate egg breakfasts lost twice as much weight as women who started their days with bagels. 

And don’t worry about cholesterol: The study found that egg eaters don’t have higher bad cholesterol or lower good cholesterol than bagel eaters. 

Try this recipe: Scrambled Egg Burritos

Dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! A nibble of dark chocolate here and there can slow down digestion so you feel full longer and eat less at your next meal. 

Dark chocolate is full of MUFAs; studies show eating a diet high in these healthy fats can rev your metabolism to burn fat and calories. It may also help by curbing cravings for salt, sweet, or fatty diet-wreckers. 

Try this recipe: Light Chocolate Chunk Cookies


At only 59 calories, you may not expect much from an orange, but thanks to a hefty dose of fiber, it ranks highest among fruits on a list of 38 filling foods put together by Australian researchers. Feeling full can help you eat less throughout the day. 

Try this recipe: Blood Orange and Duck Confit Salad


True, potatoes are high in carbs, but they are three times as filling as a slice of white bread, and top all the foods on the same satiety index as oranges. Plus, potatoes are also rich in Resistant Starch, which helps your body burn fat. 

Try this recipe: Two-Potato Salad With Mustard-Chive Dressing

Pine nuts

Nut lovers don’t have to stick to almonds. These tiny bites pack the same heart-healthy fatty acids that quell hunger hormones and burn belly fat. One study found that swapping healthy unsaturated ones like those found in nuts for saturated fats helped overweight people lose weight without reducing calorie intake or upping their exercise. 

Plus, at only 95 calories for more than 80 nuts, you can enjoy them guilt free. 

Try this recipe: Sautéed Brussels Sprouts With Parmesan and Pine Nuts

White beans

One-half cup of these fiber-packed beans contains almost 4 grams of fat-blasting Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism. 

Try this recipe: Ravioli With Tomatoes, White Beans, and Escarole


Fresh goat cheese and feta contain a fatty acid that helps you feel full and burn more fat. Look for cheeses labeled “grass-fed,” as those will have the highest content of this healthy fat. 

Try this recipe: Olive–Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Low-fat milk

The same fatty acid is found in milk, and milk’s proteins can keep you feeling satisfied. The added calcium may also help; in one study, women burned more fat and calories when they had 1,000 to 1,400 milligrams of calcium per day. 

Try this recipe: Very Chocolate Milk Shake

Garbanzo beans

Also known as chickpeas, these slimming beans pack more than 2 grams of Resistant Starch per half-cup serving. They’re also a great source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. 

Try this recipe: Pancetta and Chickpea Soup

Pearl barley

This starchy side makes a slimming complement to a low-cal meal by adding some satisfying fiber and nearly 2 grams of Resistant Starch in just a half-cup serving. 

Try this recipe: Spicy Sausage, Barley, and Mushroom Stew


Another diet-friendly whole grain, quinoa is rich in hunger-fighting protein. You’ll stay full longer on fewer calories and avoid overeating at other meals. 

Try this recipe: Toasted Quinoa With Chiles and Corn


A half cup of cooked plantains packs almost 3 grams of Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat. 

Try this recipe: Honey-Lime Plantains

Source: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20475957_01,00.html

I know there have been other watermelon salad recipes submitted, but here’s mine!

Salted watermelon salad


  • Chopped watermelon
  • Goat cheese or feta
  • Fresh basil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Sea salt

A couple tips: make this a no chop recipe by buying pre-chopped watermelon. It’s a little more expensive but it makes it really easy and you don’t need as much prep space or time. (Therefore you could totally make it in a dorm.) Also, I originally planned on making this with feta, but when I went to the grocery store this amazing seasoned goat cheese was on sale, so I went with that and just crumbled it with my fingers.

Okay, put your melon in a bowl, add your cheese, basil (I used about 10 leaves for the salad in the picture and just tore it up with my fingers), salt (a couple pinches), and balsamic (I started with about 2 tablespoons). Mix it all around, then taste. Add more of an ingredient if it needs it.


The salad pictured was the perfect amount for a side for two people, or as a main dish for one. 

anonymous asked:

What's a healthy clean lunch that you can pack for school? I think it's really hard

  • Tuna sandwich
  • Egg sandwich
  • Quinoa salad 
  • Wraps (egg or ground turkey, avocado, cucumber, chopped tomatoes, hummus spread, etc.)
  • Turkey salad rolls (Combine diced smoked turkey, toasted almonds, halved seedless red grapes, thinly sliced celery and mayonnaise. Have with whole wheat bun, bread, or wrap)
  • Corn and zucchini fritters. Prepare a batch of whole wheat pancake batter, using about ½ the liquid. Stir in a cup thawed frozen corn, one small grated zucchini and a handful of Parmesan, and a sliced scallion. The zucchini will add moisture; add more liquid if the batter is too stiff. Cook until golden, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Pack with Greek yogurt for dipping. (X)
  • PB w/ banana and strawberry burritos 
  • Turkey, cheese, cucumber, and spinach pita pockets 
  • Paninis (Use a whole wheat wrap, on one half place broccoli, asparagus, green peppers, and grated cheese, fold wrap over) Cook in a pan of olive oil for 30 seconds on each side. Be careful not to burn it.
  • Chips and dips. Make your own salsa/guacamole and pack in containers. You can make your own chips by cutting whole wheat wraps and lightly toasting in a pan. 
  • Healthy style nachos. Using these chips you can make nachos with low fat cheese, peppers, jalapenos, etc
  • Healthy egg mcmuffin. Whole wheat bun, poached egg (cooked slighty tougher than normal to prevent it from breaking during the day) low fat cheese, avocado slices, tomato, etc
  • Bean and cheese salad (Whisk 1 part lemon juice to 2 parts olive oil; season with black pepper. Add finely chopped shallot, let sit for a few minutes, then toss with canned, rinsed cannellini beans (white kidney beans), feta or goat cheese crumbles, thinly sliced cucumber half-moons, and chopped fresh dill or parsley. Pack with multigrain pita chips or pockets)
  • Quinoa/black bean patties/meatballs on whole wheat bread
  • Chicken/turkey soft tacos. Pack a container with avocados mashed with lemon juice; top with a layer of shredded Monterey Jack before sealing. Fill 2 small whole wheat tortillas with shredded rotisserie chicken and sliced romaine lettuce and store in resealable plastic bags. Assemble at lunch.
  • Egg salad pinwheels. (Combine chopped hard-boiled eggs, raisins, sliced celery, mayonnaise and curry powder. Trim the crust from a slice of bread and press to flatten. Spread with a layer of egg salad, then roll and secure with a toothpick)
  • Parm polenta and caprese bites (Thinly slice a tube of store-bought prepared polenta lengthwise, then cut out shapes using cookie cutters. Brush with olive oil and sauté or bake until golden and warmed through; sprinkle with grated Parmesan. Pack in resealable plastic bags with a separate container of bocconcini, grape tomatoes, and chopped cucumbers tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, and torn fresh basil.)
  • Chicken salad sandwich (Combine shredded rotisserie chicken, chopped apples and celery, walnuts, raisins, and mayonnaise. Spread the cut side of a split whole wheat hamburger bun with low fat mayo and assemble the sandwich using the chicken salad and butter lettuce leaves)
  • Quick fried rice (Saute thinly sliced scallions (whites only) in vegetable oil, then add frozen carrots, peas, corn, and a splash of water and soy sauce. Cook until heated through, then stir in leftover brown rice and another splash of water and soy sauce until the rice is softened and heated through. Stir in thinly sliced scallions (green parts), toasted sesame seeds, and chopped peanuts.)
  • Pesto chicken rolls (Toss diced roast chicken breast with pesto, diced mozzarella and sliced sugar snap peas. Transfer to an airtight container and pack with a whole wheat hot dog bun.)
  • Pesto pasta 
  • Grilled chicken salad (Mixed greens, chicken breast, fat free dressing of choice, nuts, any other veggies of choice)
  • Chicken sub (6 inch whole wheat bread, chicken breast/sliced deli turkey breast, lettuce, other veggies of your choice, dijon mustard or non fat dressing)
  • Canned veggie soup
  • Baked salmond filet, brown rice, and steamed broccoli 
  • Baked herb tofu (X)
  • Halved cucumbers top with cheese and herbs. Baked.
  • Overnight oats with fruit 
  • Hardboiled eggs, halved and topped with guacamole 
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Extremely quick and easy banana and egg pancakes (2 eggs, 1 banana, mash and mix together. Scoop into a pan and cook in coconut oil on each side)

And that’s just a few :)


Avocado, tomato, mizuna (or spinach works too), goat cheese, feta, Dijon mustard, and Parmesan on multi-grain bread.
-Wolf praatzelwurm