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@ragtimedevil Well then! Didn’t sketch anything today/yet buuut i finished those two already! (and i removed the hands from the giant skull dude in the first pic caaause i hate hands : D)

And since i always draw while listening to one song over and over again to stay in the right mood for the art ™ i’ll add the songs as well.

1. Picture | 2. Picture

To celebrate the end of an amazing journey the cast and crew (minus Chelsea who is out of the country) are together once more to watch the full Call Me Katie story! We’re also playing the official Call Me Katie drinking game, prepared by our writing team! If you would like to play along the rules are listed below.

Call Me Wasted: the official Call Me Katie drinking game

Drink every time:

  • The patriarchy is brought up
  • Tony/Frances Abbott is mentioned
  • There is a kiss
  • There is a high five
  • A character’s entire line is “What?”
  • A line can be taken as an innuendo
  • Annie is fed up with the sexual tension
  • An extra is confused and/or offended by a member of the main cast
  • Peter’s singing ambitions are interrupted
  • Someone puts on a stupid accent
  • Science is mentioned
  • There is a pun
  • The Rules ruin someone’s day

PGBC Cubes with Brianne Drouhard!

It’s the first part of our new series PGBC Cubes! Cubes will feature the workspaces of the crew that makes Pig Goat Banana Cricket so awesome. Today we’re featuring the cubicle (cube) of storyboard artist Brianne Drouhard - @briannedrouhard - who worked on this Friday’s episode, ANGRY OLD RAISIN. Below, you can read all about how she works!

1. What makes a comfortable workspace for you?
I like to listen to music and/or the audio track for the episode I’m storyboarding on, so good headphones are a must! I also make sure I have tea and stay hydrated. Brains can’t think without water!

2. What tools/software do you use the most?
At Nickelodeon, I use Toonboom Storyboard Pro for drawing my storyboards.  I will occasionally use Photoshop too!

3. What’s your favorite thing in your cube?
It’s really tough to decide what my favorite piece is.  Most of the art and figures are from friends; many are handmade.  Right now, I’m really loving the Pumpkin plush @sewbro made for me; Pumpkin’s the goblin cat from my webcomic, Harpy Gee.

4. What do you like most about your job?
I love being allowed to be creative and being able to draw the characters acting silly. Finding new, funny ways to draw them has been so refreshing!

5. How did you start in animation?
I knew when I was young I wanted to make animation. I went to college for animation, and later tested for a character design job on Teen Titans in 2003.  I’ve been learning new animation tricks ever since.

6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a storyboard artist?
Thumbnail; draw out how you want your scene to go. Sometimes you work off a written script. Read it through, figure out where all your characters will be positioned at the beginning of a scene, where they need to be at the end, then figure out how to get them from point A to B.  Add heart where you can. Pull from your own emotions and experiences. That will help you and the future audience for your work feel invested in the characters.  

7. Are you more like Pig, Goat, Banana or Cricket?
Probably a toss up between Goat and Pig. I can be pretty oblivious like Pig, but sometimes too riled up like Goat!  


PGBC Cubes with storyboard artist Zach Smith!

Here’s another installment in our series PGBC Cubes, this time featuring storyboard artist Zach Smith - @zachattackary. See how he makes great boards below! 

1. What makes a comfortable workspace for you?
The least amount of privacy and the most amount of fluorescent lighting.

2. What tools/software do you use the most?
On Pig Goat Banana Cricket we do everything in Storyboard Pro, but at the start of every board I still do a thumbnail pass on paper and post it notes.  Tombow Mono 3b [pencils], baby!

3. What’s your favorite thing in your cube?
My favorite thing in my cube is the old coffee cups; if I throw any of them away I could lose the priceless memory of the time I drank out of that specific cup.  Hey, if you think the amount of trash in my cube is bad, you should see my house! It’s actually just a dumpster… 

4. What do you like most about your job?
I am still really appreciative of the fact that I get paid to make weird drawings all day. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Michigan and assumed I’d have to 3D model mini-van ads when I got out of school.  So this is working out nicely so far.

5. How did you start in animation?
As a kid I figured out how to make stop motion movies, comics, and really bad SNL-style skits with my siblings and friends.  I went to art school in Detroit to study animation, then eventually I ended up doing an internship on a Cartoon Network preschool show called The Mr. Men show.

6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a storyboard artist?
Keep making funny drawings.  There will always be some older, grumpier, more classically-trained-than-you artist hanging around to tell you how bad you draw, but you should ignore them. Keep drawing with the funny and original voice you had when you decided to make cartoons for a living. I think that’s what matters, not the ability to draw a perfect hand, nobody cares about that.
7. Are you more like Pig, Goat, Banana or Cricket?
I’d say that I’m more of a Clerk McGuirk type!


PGBC Cubes with storyboard artist Phil Jacobson!

Phil jacobson - @storyboredartist - is one of our talented storyboard artists. Learn about him and his workspace below!

1. What makes a comfortable workspace for you?

I love my dual monitor setup. It lets me watch Netflix while I work, which is great because now I can be super distracted all the time. I also have a space heater that is always on because I’m constantly cold.  

2. What tools/software do you use the most?

I almost exclusively use Storyboard Pro. Sometimes Photoshop. In a few cases my team director and I will rough [sketch] out some panels on paper too, like our ancestors apparently used to do in the dark times.

3. What’s your favorite thing in your cube?

I have a pretty awesome dead plant over in the corner. He’s been dead for about a year and a half now. I should probably throw it away, but the shape the plant makes in the cube really adds to the ambiance. Also, I have a giant inflatable deer head. Absolutely a pro essential.

4. What do you like most about your job?

There’s a free cereal bar up in the kitchen that’s pretty rad. Jokes aside, I work with a lot of great people. (Except Matt. Matt if you’re reading this, go away. This is MY page. GO.)

5. How did you start in animation?

A series of accidents turned into a career, honestly. I went to college for comics, did some work on a few series, and then randomly applied to Nick. About a month later I was really excited to get a phone call. It was a loan shark asking me to pay back my student loans. Then I got hired at Nick.

6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a storyboard artist?

The number one rule is to always have fun with whatever you’re doing. I think anxiety can really show through in drawings - you can tell when someone is overthinking or nervous. Draw what you love. Draw it often. Make dumb jokes. They are the spice of life. And the spice must flow…

7. Are you more like Pig, Goat, Banana or Cricket?

I want to say Cricket. I pretend like I’m Pig, but behind the scenes I’m pretty neurotic and anxious. I’m also a pretty big planner, and I like having everything organized. He even gets my hat and hair during one episode (Underpants-palooza), but that’s another story…

To keep up with Phil follow him on social media:

Twitter: @offbrandlink - www.twitter.com/offbrandlink



Pig Goat Banana Cricket Hi Fives! A lot!

friday five + a life update

.5   the past three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity: received an email from an old friend asking if i knew of anyone looking for a great opportunity to work with his company – i ended up applying, getting the job, putting in my resignation + start on monday. [!!!]

.4   after 8 ½ years with my current company, it was time for a change, time to shake things up. with today being my last day, i’m [really] not looking forward to saying goodbye to this group who have become more like family than coworkers. but no time for tears, i’ve got a farewell party to attend!

.3   i’ll be completely switching career paths, going from an office job to working from home + being out in the field. i’ll have a lot more flexibility with my hours, room to grow within the company, and potential to bring in more loot. and while there’s much to do with training + credentialing, once all that’s done i feel the sky’s the limit – which is really exciting.

.2   life otherwise has been great! so far 2015 has brought some big changes that i’m fully embracing. a new haircut, finally got my volvo, a new job. rhyan’s doing well in school. i was able to visit my dad + bobbi in florida. i saw a good quote a few weeks ago that resonated with me: ‘the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’

.1   i have a nice weekend planned – which includes studying up on product for the new job + beers with a friend tonite, a birthday brunch with girlfriends tomorrow, followed by drinks at the goat with leah + the crew, and wrapping up the weekend with a lowkey sunday. here’s to new adventures!