goat bff


Title: The Very Best Of Friends

Series: Tell-A-Tale 2409-2

Characters: A Boy, Mrs. Cow, Mrs. Goat, Mrs. Hen, A Pony, New Farm Owner

Creators: by Steffi Fletcher illustrated by Carl and Mary Hauge

Year: 1963 by Western Publishing Company Inc.

Publisher(s): A Whitman Book, Western Publishing Company Inc.

Story: Some farm animals are not going to put up with the farm’s new owner’s mean bullshit and so leave. But they can’t use each other’s products and so a boy trades the stuff they eat for their milk, cheese, eggs and pony rides.  

Good/Bad: The art is fine. The story is fine. 

The boy is holding his toast like a smart phone. Also he got the Cap'n Crunch w/o the Crunch Berries. I like that the cow and goat can obviously milk themselves, but that the goat is also a master of making cheese from the goat’s milk. Also Pony Rides. 

This is before the culture wars so this doesn’t feel all Christian or white power or redneck pride or that you should hate city folk and farm people are the best people. In fact, the farmer is a dick. 

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