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Megan and I bestow unto you this gif of Arya and a Chicken.


{HUUUUUURGHH imma just leave this here. i got BIG plans and i’m just going to collect sketches for now. I’ll try to throw out a lot more tomorrow. Cause - big plans. mhm. Also: ft. da goat and da bby from @ragtimedevil *dabs*}


Have an early holiday present on me (๑・ω-)~♥”

Christmas edition bbys to celebrate their freedom from “new home”.  Please take good care of them ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3


Next up is Mr. Jung, our hope, our angel, the ball of sunshine, Jung Hoseok aka Hobi, also big thank you to one of my friends to suggesting the role of the reader!!

  • Just a really sweet prince tbh 
  • The people love him beyond words especially the kids
  • He visits the town a couple of times every month and he always gets caught up playing games with the kids
  • He’s honestly just like their best friend
  • He plays tag with them and you can just hear the sighs of his guards bc they’ve given up on trying to get him to stay clean like he doesn’t even realize he’s walking around in a white shirt he just ends up running around with the kids and getting it dirty
  • You can just hear this lil group of kids giggling and he’s laughing with them as he chases after them and the parents are just smiling and even the king has to stop and be like :)
  • He takes genuine interest in the people’s lives
  • Like he sits down with one of the parents and talks to them about what he’s missed since he’s last been in town and there isn’t any fake “oh yeah mmhmm” it’s all rapid nodding to tell the person to keep talking and all the reactions he gives are priceless
  • He just cares so much about all of them like is everyone okay does anyone need anything
  • Before he leaves, he always gets at least one hug from all of the kids
  • You two first meet in a royal meeting
  • You’re one of the new royal advisors
  • You see him walk in and it’s just like oh
  • You didn’t know the prince was so nice looking
  • Like you’d heard that he was handsome and a lovely human being but you never expected him to be this attractive like damn okay then
  • He sits at the head table and is just smiling at everyone and greets them all personally like hey jimmy
  • He realizes he doesn’t recognize you but before he can ask for your name, his father is starting the meeting
  • He kinda keeps looking over at you and when he first hears you talk he lowkey turns !! bc he finally gets to hear your voice
  • He doesn’t truly know what it is you’re talking about bc he’s been too busy trying to lowkey stare at you bc he’s just really curious about you
  • After the meeting, he nearly runs after you like no no no wait up
  • You’re kinda ?? bc the prince is literally running after you like what is happening rn
  • He’s just like hey I’m Hoseok
  • You’re still super confused and you just tell him your name and then he just smiles s o wide
  • He just says your name like he’s testing it out to see how it sounds with his voice and its just all really confusing to you why is the prince talking to you did you say something wrong are you in trouble is he just letting you down easy
  • He starts asking you questions like “where are you from?” “how do you like it here?” “what’s your favorite book?”
  • Tbh you actually really enjoy talking to him bc he’s so interested in what you have to say like he’s just paying attention to every word and he laughs at your jokes and makes his own and he’s just a ray of sunshine
  • To him this is just amazing bc oh wow you’re pretty and funny and smart is this a crush happening
  • One of the other advisors is like we gotta go so you unfortunately have to leave but before you do, you promise to talk to him after the next meeting and he’s just like oh hell yeah man
  • You two end up meeting up after every meeting and it’s just really fun ???
  • Like he’s definitely not your average prince and you really like that
  • Most of the princes you’ve met are a bit stuck up but like he could care less about what people think
  • He’s literally just having the time of his life being loud and giggly and it makes you act loud and giggly too bc his happiness is contagious
  • You actually become really close friends and he does have a major crush on you but he plays it cool
  • At least he thinks he does
  • The reality is he couldn’t make it more obvious
  • He’s forever lowkey flirting with you tbh and everyone knows but they’re all kinda just :) bc aww awe prince jung’s first crush how adorable
  • You two start meeting up outside of just meetings
  • You always end up finding yourselves in the kitchen sneaking in some extra sweets while the chefs aren’t looking
  • You two talk about anything and everything together and he’s honestly so heart eyes over you
  • He doesn’t even mean to kiss you but you two are out in the garden and the wind is blowing your hair around and you’re just sitting there talking about how cute bby goats are and the next thing he knows he’s leaning in
  • You do kiss back but honestly that’s what surprises him bc whoa wait you like him back
  • You just smile at him when he pulls away and he’s for once completely silent
  • Eventually, his own smile returns and then he tries kissing you again and you two are just giggling off in your own lil world

- Aigonorus / God of Capricorn - 

“Whatever happens, I want to protect you. No matter what.”