goat bby


Have an early holiday present on me (๑・ω-)~♥”

Christmas edition bbys to celebrate their freedom from “new home”.  Please take good care of them ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3

josukehigashikatas  asked:

I really love your undertale xmas icons, they're so cute! do you think you could make one of asriel's "second" form? (the one that he first appears as in battle)

did you mean ultimate rainbow weeb lord? don’t lie to me that’s what you were thinkin (◕‿◕)

Oh Asriel, you adorable goat bby loser, never change (*¯︶¯*)

And to the people sending me asks about the same thing that I already answered, please read the FAQ on my blog first.  Trust me, all of your questions are answered there.

also have a bonus comic that I’ve been thinking about for a while [x]

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3


Bonus from my previous post [x]

Asriel, your gary stu is awesome and all, but I think Chara’s “OC” is more terrifying because they d o n t  n e e d  o n e

It reads right to left btw cause im a nerd that got used to this format