“The Czarina’s Sleigh Ride” (12” x 12” on stretched cotton-duck, SOLD). This is the final Christmas Card image for 2016.

I enjoy reading about Russian history, which prompted this painting, which depicts Maria Alexandrovna (Мария Александровна), being pushed in a sleigh to deliver Christmas gifts on January 6th – the Russian equivalent of Christmas Eve (24th December, elsewhere).
Maria Alexandrovna (Marie of Hesse and by Rhine, 1824 – 1880), a German princess, married Emperor Alexander II in April 1841, having converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Apparently, she had many difficulties adjusting to life at the Russian Court: the damp climate of St. Petersburg proved unhealthy and, as a result, she developed a tenacious cough and a repeated fever.

Alexander II’s (also known as ‘Alexander the Liberator’) most significant reform was the emancipation of the Serfs in 1861, but he was also responsible for others including reorganizing the judicial system, setting up elected local judges, abolishing corporal punishment, promoting local self-government, imposing universal military service, ending some privileges of the nobility, and promoting university education. You can see why he was popular for some, but very unpopular for others (particularly the Elite, I guess, as seems to be the case today). For his pains, Alexander II died in a horrible assassination, to be succeeded by his son, Alexander III, and the return to suppression of civil liberties through autocratic power.
Here, in happier times, Maria Alexandrovna is being pushed in a sleigh filled with gifts. I was reminded of a lovely scene in “Dr. Zhivago,” in which Zhivago (Omar Sharif) and Lara (Julie Christie) return to their ice-covered home in Varykino, now seized as the property of “the people.” A link to the scene on YouTube is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGd87xRnEAI. If you’re oiling your sleigh for winter, or otherwise, I hope this day brings you health and happiness. #russianhistory #czarina #goat #bunny #christmasgifts #sleighride #sleigh #winter #christmascard

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decided to draw granite a goat oc i adopted from @kilalabunnies a long time ago, id drawn her once i think a while back just to try drawin her and if i recall correctly i did pretty crappy >.<

so originally id just intended to draw her but then i thought well she likes dogs so it would be pretty cool to draw her with winona then i thought well a background would be pretty simple now im thinkin i just wanna die cause hooly crap ive been workin too long on this, ive been goin about 5 hours strait on this cause i kept tellin myself just a lil more then i can finish it tomorrow over and over T.T

well anyways its done and i honestly think its pretty fricken awesome so hopefully people like this :p

Goat (2016), Andrew Neel

There is an obvious “ominous” quality to it all, partially becayse Andrew Neel specifically designs it to be, with its slow-mo, machismo-fuled intro and spurts of moody music within it’s artistic rawness, but mostly because excessive masculinity is fucking disturbing and strange and scary and so is the fact that society in many situations forces us to be subservient to that overbearing masculinity, often out of fear, and the film captures those themes in very disturbingly fascinating ways, even if they were often a bit overkill. 

Metacritic: 64, RT: 75%, IMDb: 5.8

Extinct goat was cold-blooded
An extinct goat that lived on a barren Mediterranean island survived for millions of years by reducing in size and by becoming cold-blooded, which has never before been discovered in mammals.

Research reveals that Myotragus balearicus survived the island’s scarce resources by adjusting its growth rate and metabolism to suit the available food, becoming cold-blooded like reptiles.