Sometimes you must dare to set foot in places that no one else has ever gone.

Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin


It’s that time of year where some people on social media feel the need to make fun of people who set new years resolutions.

I just want to tell you, that those people are behaving in a toxic manner, and there is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself.

Even if you don’t achieve them, it’s about wanting growth and change in your life & that’s a beautiful thing.

In my opinion, it’s really negative to scorn the “new year new me” mindset and no matter how old you are, I think think there’s always room to improve as a person. We can all be a little nicer, a little more compassionate, a little better at saving, a little better at drinking water and eating more nutritious food…

So be sure to ignore those posts those negative posts. If you want to make new years resolutions, write lists of what you want to achieve in the new year, then you go for it!

Happy New Year! ♡