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Seventeen in North America Fan Projects

hi everyone, sorry for the absence! i’ve been busy helping coordinate the banner project for the august 23rd stop of their tour with a few others and as of yesterday, we’re at 84%! we need only 107 dollars to complete the goal before the july 30th date so any bit helps! for a sample of the banners plus the donation link, please click here. additionally, there will be an ocean and flag project once the banners are completed and for both things to happen, our target goal is $265!

to donate for the dallas banner project, please use the following:

venmo - svtindallas2017
paypal - paypal(.)me/svtindallas2017

also anyone going to the concert in nyc, there will be an ocean project done by @happydk (or akkindads on twitter). the goal is to get 3,000 bags in the rose quartz/serenity colors so that each plastic bag can cover a lightstick and form a glowing ocean for the boys! the target is $300 for the goal and if you’d like to donate, click here!

please reblog to spread the word! let’s make their first tour in north america unforgettable.


my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

Hello! I’m Alessia, and today I decided to introduce myself. Better late than never! I created this blog to motivate myself to give two hundred per cent in my studies (and not only).

About me:

  • I am italian, so sorry, my english might be full of grammar mistakes
  • I am born in February
  • I am studying for a bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • I am BuJo addicted
  • I am made up of coffee ☕

My Targets for 2017-2018:

  • Finish bachelor’s degree within winter session
  • Become a BuJo master
  • Learn hand-lettering
  • Find a part-time (*) or volunteering (**)
    (*) for spend money in supplies and trip maybe
    (**) for gain experience in my sector
  • Start master’s degree in neuropsychology
  • Start english course for TOEFL (B1 to C1)
  • other (?)

My interests:

  • Science and research
  • Graphics and programming
  • Read and write
  • Draw and photography
  • Cooking and bricolage
  • Geopolitics and history
  • Music, film and series

My favourite blog:

@cwote @castillos-co @elrood @elkstudies @marcelaadv @kikkistudies @stvdybuddies @latosblog @studyquill @moirajournals @studyblr @kyliestudies @studybab @magnolia-studies @debbieestudies @etudiance @focusign @sprouht-studies @steudious @ambitiousandcaffeinated @myneurostudies @procrastilate @jennystudy

How to “kill” the “middle stage”

I asked @y3lir-europe if i can write a 2nd part to this post  and he accepted, so thank you again. He focused on the fact that you need to learn more vocabulary and also the importance of recognizing what weaknesses you have, so i won’t cover that in my post. However, i’ll add some strategies and i’ll also add some suggestions on how to choose the right kind of vocabulary.

For the 2nd point of his post:

Start figuring out what you know and don’t know and want to know. Similar to a pros and cons list you are acknowledging what you can already do in your language, what you don’t know, and what you want to know. That way you can smoothly go into learning.

A pros and cons list is an amazing idea and after you are done, you just have to think of ways how to solve that. 

Since many people don’t feel motivated to do so because they will get out of their comfort zone and they want more like a book or a person to tell them what to do and how, i’ll make a motivational part at the end of this post.

Number3: Vocabulary!!!! Seriously, even though you are past the beginning level the real reason you are stuck is because you need more to work with. Try learning more advanced vocabulary. Medical terms, organs/bones, space, etc.

He is right here. However, you already know around 2.000 words so you will be wondering how you decide what to learn. Easy, you are going to use your preferences. Let’s say you’re a Harry Potter fan, can you talk about wizards, unicorns, dragons, magic? Then next week you focus only on this kind of vocabulary. Let’s think of other situations, you like makeup/cars/books, can you talk about them? And not in general “i like red cars”, i mean, talking about parts of the cars/books, what you’re doing with that makeup like blending and so on. Think what you usually like talking about and then make a list with what kind of vocabulary you need, in this way, you learn words that interest you not only random advanced vocabulary.

Number 4: Be creative. Try to learn how to play with the words you know. Learn how to speak in sarcasm, or with idioms. Learn some metaphors and similes. Try to find fun ways to use your language.

He’s right again, this is the time when you can start learning idioms! If you write “idioms in language” you will probably get a long list with suggestions. Make a course on memrise or quizlet, learn what interests you out of all these idioms.

Here i’m done with quoting y3lir and start writing my ideas.


Do you have a goal in your target language? Goals as “i want to be fluent” won’t work. Why? They are vague, so little details, you need something specific like “i want to be C1 by the end of the year”. After you have a goal, set some tiny ones like “i want to read 1 comic in Spanish by the end of the week”, “i want to understand what this songs says in 2 days” or maybe “i want to have a conversation for 10 minutes with an advanced learner/native”. Don’t forget to celebrate these mini goals, they will give you some motivation.


You got used to a routine by now. You probably have your favourite method of studying like duolingo, memrise, classes etc. You’re in a comfort zone and that won’t help you at all. I love and envy those people who have Nth days on duolingo, they can do something which i don’t, maintain a routine. However, i respect those people who give no damn about having a certain number of days on duolingo and memrise. They can’t use only those methods, they prefer variety and that’s helpful because they don’t get in a comfy zone. Now, if you really like the green owl, don’t give up at it. Keep duolingo and memrise in your routine but add something that will spice up your schedule. Add some activities that you haven’t tried before or you haven’t focused on them much. Talk to someone in your target language for 5 minutes, read a comic/book/story, play word games, watch a movie, write a short story, look around and name what you see and so. Have at least 1 activity that will be changed daily and that focuses on your weak spots.


Have you ever been around someone who is better than you at something? In such moments i want to improve, to be just as good if not better. I know that they worked a lot to be so good at that something and i want to do the same. Try to study with someone who is better than you at a language, or just talk to someone who is. Not only that they might motivate you a lot, but they can also correct your mistakes and maybe suggest you some solutions, they have been there already.

Challenge yourself

You might understimate yourself. Set a goal or a challenge that you think it’s difficult to achieve and try to finish what you are going to start.You might think that reading an entire book is difficult, then choose a story/comic/fanfic/article and read that. Next time, you choose another story/comic/fanfic/article and so on until you gain enough confidence and you can start reading that scary book. 


At the beginning of this post, i said something about a game. I can’t focus on tasks for a long time because i get easily bored and many people just hate to have a routine so i thought that a rewarding system will work. “You want something? You should study for it.” that’s what i had in mind when i came up with this game. 

Basically, whatever you want (book, chocolate, a trip to Sweden, shoes etc.) has a number of points. I thought that 50pts should be the smallest amount of points for something. And there’s no “the highest amount of pts” thing. 

Let’s say you want a book, that’s 250pts. (you set the points, but try not to be too harsh with yourself, you want to get motivated, not to study until you die). In order to get that book you decide to learn 10 new words (10*10=100 pts), to read 2 pages from a book and to write down the unknown words (25*2= 50pts), to watch a movie in your target language (50pts) and to learn 5 idioms (5*25=125) and you got 325 pts, you get your book and next time when you want something you already have 75pts. 

[Translation] Bazaar 2017.08 NCT 127 Interview: Haechan

Named as the “prankster” “Happy-go-lucky” member in the team, but is exceptionally toned down today.
I’m kind of shy (laughs). I like to joke around and do aegyo, maybe that’s why the hyungs who take really good care of me like to call me that

Role in NCT 127 is the youngest member, but members in NCT DREAM are of the same age group, the atmosphere is different.
If I say 127 is consisted of 9 different people with different personalities, DREAM is like a group of young reckless friends gathered together. (laughs) If I have to compare by sense of humor, the hyungs are more interesting. 

What’s the funniest moment that happened during this promotion period?
We have a move in “Cherry Bomb” where we have to slowly spread our legs, there’s always an incident whereby someone’s pants would rip… During the shooting of our MV, Mark-hyung suddenly stopped dancing because his pants ripped. As his pants ripped we had to stop filming until his pants were sewed back (laughs)

Heard that everyone practiced very long for the synchronized group dance “Cherry Bomb”
One of the reasons we took a long time was because the choreography was changed many times. The dance itself is indeed difficult, but everyone has high target goal so each time we discover something lacking we practice more, thus extending the time taken for practice.

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It is okay if you are spending the summer with daily things to study in between your relaxation. It’s okay if, like me, you’re told to stop and relax, or that you’re “not normal” for wanting to spend your free time in museums instead of shopping. Do a little at a time. Read that book you’ve wanted to. Make a goal in your target language.

It’s also okay if you aren’t studying this summer. If school has granted you freedom from summer homework and you don’t want to see another textbook for the rest of your life, that’s okay. Enjoy the indoors and outdoors. Catch up on self care and do things that you enjoy. Spend time with friends you’ve been too busy to hang out with.

It’s okay to take the summer off to enjoy yourself. And it’s definitely okay if enjoying yourself still includes studying.



● Work smart, not hard. Keep a schedule of exams so that you are able to prepare on time. Remember not everything will work for some people, so find what works for you and stick to it.

● Making notes- don’t write notes for the sake of it, be concise. Grow a habit of summarizing everything. Break down notes in to diagrams, flash cards, graphs or other pictorial representations. Summaries are great for remembering long notes/chapters.

● Teaching others- this is an excellent way of retaining what you learned. For example, you can get together in group and each person could teach one module to the rest of the group. Plus, you’ll be rewarded for helping your fellow brothers and sisters. (Remember too many people may become distracting, so try limit it to 1-2 people you know who are highly dedicated).

● Practice exam questions- This may be obvious but gets overlooked. Practice exam questions, then go to lecture notes to try and understand. This way you can filter out the non-essential stuff quicker and be more efficient with your time. Go through lecture notes, because lecturers might put similar if not the same questions they delivered in the lectures in the exams. Also, doing past papers/ exam questions helps familiarize you with the exam.

● Memorising- Look at you notes multiple times. Spider diagrams, mind maps and concept maps are great for visual learning. You can memorise it and then try re-create it.

● Breaks- Take regular breaks for revision, this helps the brain remember all the information that you’ve taken in. Try 50 minutes on, 10 minutes off.


● Start early and finish early. Wake up for Fajr and stay up till lunch. There is a lot of barakah as the Prophet (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) said: “O Allah, bless my nation in their early mornings (i.e., what they do early in the morning).” [Ibn Majah]. So utilise the early hours for revision. It is advised to work from the morning (whether after Fajr or at 9am) to 5pm, and to take the evening off for rest and enjoyment

● Try and take the Afternoon nap (Sunnah). Any nap shouldn’t prolong such that you enter deep sleep. For example, 20-45mins, you will feel refreshed and more productive Inshaa’Allah.

● Organisation- With any goals/targets one must be organised from the start. So have a plan/timetable/diary etc. that divides your time.

● Avoid futile activities- Minimise activities such as watching TV, Netflix, social media, gossip and bad company.

● Procrastination- Constantly remind yourself of the end goal and make lots of Du’a to Allah to protect you from Procrastination.


● Intention – As Muslims it is vital to have a noble intention behind our studies e.g. doctor – to save lives; an engineer – to build things that will benefit people etc. These will benefit us not only in the Dunya (world) but also in our Akhirah (Hereafter) insha Allah (If Allah wills).

● ‘Struggle now, enjoy later’ – put yourself in this mindset throughout i.e. in the short term you will work at Uni/library then relax at home; in the medium term you will work until exams and then relax in the summer; in the long term you will work until Uni finishes and do well in your chosen career.

● Company – Surround yourself with highly motivated and hardworking people. Being around aspirational people can help you in the right frame of mind and help prevent you from procrastinating

● Avoid regret – One of the worst things in life is regret, and something that happens to us a lot. Put yourself in the mindset that if you don’t work hard now, then you will regret it later.

● Fight procrastination – “Never do tomorrow, what you can do today, procrastination is the thief of time”. Something of an epidemic amongst students is to procrastinate, but fight the urge and make a start to get the ball rolling and remove the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality.

● By yourself – Realise that you have to work hard for the simple fact that you are the one who will be sitting in that exam hall doing the exam, no one else will be writing for you, so prepare as much as you can.


● Plan around Salaah (Prayer) – It is very important to plan your revision around the five daily prayers and use these as breaks, they are an obligation upon us set by Allah, imagine seeking success in exams whilst not fulfilling the obligation that is a backbone to ultimate success.

● Qur’an – set aside some time (15 to 30 minutes) to recite and contemplate on the Qur’an, not only is this a break from revision but also, by the permission of Allah, puts barakah (blessings) in your time so efficiency will increase

● Make plenty of Du’a (supplication) - Without Allah’s aid you have nothing. You can have all the knowledge memorised but then you arrive at your exam and with a click of a finger it’s gone. Ask for His aid often.

● Morning and Evening Adhkaar (remembrance) – Fajr until sunrise (Morning Adhkaar), and Asr to Maghrib (Evening Adhkaar), try to keep up with remembering Allah in these times and read the Adhkaar which are Du’as that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) read. The Adhkaar can be found in the Fortress of the Muslim (a pocket sized book that many may have, can be bought cheap from Islamic book stores)

● Intention – As Muslims it is vital to have a noble intention behind our studies e.g. doctor – to save lives; an engineer – to build things that will benefit people etc. These will benefit us not only in the Dunya (world) but also in our Akhirah (Hereafter) insha Allah (If Allah wills).


● Diet - During long days of revision it becomes very tempting to just each junk. Heavy fatty food makes not just your body sluggish but your mind too. Have healthy lunches and also have good snacks such as nuts, fruits and plenty of water.

● Speeding up videos – When watching videos, lectures, seminars etc. on Q-Review, Moodle, YouTube and so on, it is helpful to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x so you can save time as well as absorb information quicker

● Someone to monitor you – If you find it difficult to discipline yourself then you may want to get someone like a family member to ‘monitor’ you by controlling your reward and punishment. For example, your parents could hold your PlayStation controller, if you complete a good amount of revision or fail to, then they can allow you to play or prevent you, respectively.

● Distractions – Smart phones can be a major distraction so battle this by giving your phone to a family member or friend while you revise; or switch it off completely and leave it on the other side of the room; or download on app called ‘Forest’ which prevents you from going on your phone and if you do then your virtual tree begins to die, if you leave your phone untouched for the time limit set then you get points and may be able to get a real tree planted somewhere in the world; or some brothers have even gone to the extent of getting an old ‘brick’ phone as their primary phone, they say that productivity has improved hugely.
Also try to cut down on other distractions such as video games and TV shows, it may be tough to stop completely so limit it e.g. normally if you watch 4 episodes of a TV show a day, then reduce it to 1 episode a day.

May Allah grant all of us success in this life and more importantly, in the Hereafter, Ameen!

katybergs  asked:

How do you develop female voice? I've tried a few things based on YouTube videos I've seen but I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I try things but I worry that I might break my vocal chords or something :P

There’s a secret to developing a more feminine voice and it all has to do with resonance. Basically voice training is like training any other muscle. You’ve got to train those muscles, but first you have to know which muscles to train.

There’s a set of muscles in your neck that basically attach near your Adam’s apple to right below your ear (go ahead try to feel them) These are the muscles you want to target. The goal is to learn how to utilize these muscles to pull your voice box upwards (for pitch) and backwards (for resonance). Although this can be tricky to figure out.

1. Place your fingers on your throat lightly, swallow, feel how Adam’s apple goes up, then down. Look at it in a mirror (or from a side using a web-camera).
2. Swallow again, try to delay its descent. Try to feel inside your neck (not with fingers) the muscles which pull Adam’s apple upwards during swallowing.
3. Learn to pull your Adam’s Apple upwards and backwards.
4. Then learn to do that during speech. It’s the shortcut.

Gurgling water can also help because it uses the same muscles. For a more detailed explanation, check this out:


anonymous asked:

I'm so sad at the world. I'm from London and I'm just so scared to even be living in the city right now. I can't understand why there is so much hate and it makes me so scared for the future, and even with Teresa May saying we just need to carry on as normal (easy for her to say) its just really hard.

(( OOC: The world is a very sad and fearful place at the moment. To have so many horrific attacks of hate happen so close together is difficult to understand or comprehend.

But what is happening in the UK right now isn’t any different to the rest of the world. The news has been reporting the terror going on across the globe for a long time now. There has been and will always be evil in the world.

This senseless violence has nothing to do with politics, as much as our political leaders may try to swing it that way. It has nothing to do with race, or religion. There can be no true motivation for evil, not one that they will ever be able to justify.

These people create terror to make us feel terrified. That is their goal. They target children and families going to concerts, they target Londoners enjoying their Saturday night in a pub. They target these places to cause maximum fear, to make us feel like we can’t enjoy ourselves in our own home.

If you allow them to make you feel scared in your own city, to not live your life and go about your day as you wish, then they are achieving what they wanted to. If you allow them to divide us, to cause fear and conflict among ourselves, then you are letting them win.

So yes, Teresa May will carry on as normal behind the safety of her security. But we will carry on as normal behind the safety of each other. We will carry on going to concerts. We will carry on going to pubs for a piss-up. We will carry on loving each other, and supporting each other, and living our lives as best we can.

We will always come together again. And as long as we do that, as long as we continue to chose love over hate, then they will never win. ))

anonymous asked:

what do you think about isis

What do I think about a group whose main goal is to target people like me, and for that matter, wipe us out from the face of the Earth in the worst gruesome manner possible because we belong to a minority branch of Islam that has been oppressed for 1400 years?

Idk, they seem very nice