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Got a tattoo that said “2gether thru life”

Carved in your name with my pocket knife
And you wonder when you wake up, will it be alright?
Feels like there’s something broken inside

All I know
All I know
Is that I’m lost whenever you go
All I know
Is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

Got a tattoo and the pain’s alright
Just want a way of keeping you inside

All I know
All I know
Is that I’m lost in your fire below
All I know
Is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

I see the road begin to climb
I see your stars begin to shine
I see your colors and I’m dying of thirst

All I know
Is that I love you so
So much that it hurts
Oh yeah yeah yeah
So much that it hurts
So much that it hurts

Girl the way you’re movin’, got me in a trance
DJ turn me up, ladies this your jam
I'mma sip Moscato and you gon’ lose them pants
Then I'mma throw this money while you do it with no hands
Girl drop it to the floor, I love the way your booty go
All I wanna do is sit back and watch you move and I’ll proceed to throw this cash..”

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i love this picture. i love him more than any other human on this planet. he is the most gentle protector and strongest person i know. he puts my needs before his own. i can go on and on about how wonderful kyle is, but he would be none of these things without God. everything he is, each character trait, is a result of what God has done in his life. i am so amazed at how God works in him and grows him each day. i cannot believe i get to watch him grow for the rest of my life. yes, this is a soppy post, but i don’t care. it’s my blog and i want to praise God’s work in my fiance’s life. also, please don’t comment on here or reblog with something along the lines of “GOALLS” or “I WANNT” no. stop it. your life is not supposed to be like mine. your goals shouldn’t be what other people have. you have a life, embrace it. i hope you see how unique and wonderful your life is and how God is so beautifully depicted in your story. i love your story. i love my story. they are all beautiful. (sorry for that rant, but i mean it from the bottom of my heart) love you. 


And there I stood
And everything was quiet
Not a sound around
Nothing heard
Simply the sound
Of all the madness
In my mind
And the constant noise
That rattled in my skull
All the thoughts I couldn’t quiet
And the music I couldn’t turn off
And the regret that insisted on nagging
And the memories that crushed my soul
And the love that had nowhere to go
All the sounds inside my mind
As everything around me
Lived in haunted silence
Until suddenly
All at once
I exhaled loudly
And as the air left my lips
So did a sound
And all the noise from my head
Escaped through my mouth
And I realized
At that moment
I heard nothing
Not one sound
Not even my voice in my head
Telling me that everything was quiet
That I wasn’t thinking
Even that voice was gone
And I realized
That I finally
Knew peace.

Original Work: KH 10/7/14

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