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TITLE: set me on fire

PAIRING:  senpai!wonho x kouhai!changkyun (wonkyun)



SUMMARY: “if only senpai–” “oh but he already noticed you long ago.”

A/N: this…i don’t know what happened to me. unbeta-ed as always, however, with a tsun changkyun fufufu ~ shownu, minhyuk and jooheon make an appearance on this fic as well!

 this was actually meant to be a crack fic  but oh well–

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UH OK i was watching a football game and one of the players was tying the goalkeeper’s shoelaces because goalkeepers wear big gloves and it would take too much time to take them off just to tie his shoelaces and then put it on again. so i thought about andreil?? just imagine the foxes in the middle of a game, and andrew asks neil to tie his shoelaces so he doesnt have to take his gloves off and neil is like “sure ok”, but everybody is “???why is andrew letting someone do something for him”. and then neil starts to do it every game without andrew having to ask because he is such a caring boyfriend and andrew pretends he doesnt notice/care but he always lets his shoelaces untied on purpose before going into the court and waits for neil to tie it for him.

8 questions for the USWNT in 2017: From Hope Solo, to the CBA, to the newbies

Caitlin MurrayJan 2, 2017 at 3:13p ET

Although 2017 is very much a quiet year for the USWNT with no major tournaments, it doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done. Far from it. The new year represents a crucial stretch where no changes or experiments are off limits. By the time 2018 rolls around, the team will start preparing for the 2019 World Cup, so this year is about figuring out the fundamentals.

Given that 2016 was probably the worst year on record for the USWNT, the team is ripe for changes, too.

What will the USWNT’s new CBA look like?

The USWNT’s collective bargaining agreement with U.S. Soccer ended when the calendar turned to 2017. By all accounts, the existing contract is simply rolling over while talks continue, but negotiations are going to be a big distraction until they are finished. The USWNT recently fired their legal representation, which doesn’t suggest negotiations have been going that well.

But the collective bargaining agreement could affect a lot of things, from how many games the team plays, to how many new players coach Jill Ellis is allowed to call into camp. A new agreement will set a new tone and the rules under which the team operates for 2017 and beyond.

Will Hope Solo be back?

After her high-profile firing from U.S. Soccer for calling a superior Swedish team “cowards,” Solo has mostly been laying low and serving her suspension. She stepped away from her club season with the Seattle Reign and Ellis started doing something she hadn’t done in a while: letting goalkeepers other than Solo start games.

But Solo’s suspension is up in February and if Ellis wants her back, she can return. Solo has said she hopes to return to the USWNT and it doesn’t sound like she is ready to hang up her goalkeeper gloves just yet. But she is also 35 years old and trouble has followed her for the past few years. Whether or Solo returns will probably say a lot about how strong Ellis feels the goalkeeper pool is.

What is the team’s attacking identity?

For years, thanks in large part to Abby Wambach being the best header the women’s game has known, the USWNT have focused on direct, long-ball soccer. But without Wambach on the team anymore and teams like Sweden figuring out how to limit those chances to break in behind, the USWNT faces something of an existential crisis.

In terms of pure athleticism — speed and stamina to race in behind back lines for 90 minutes — the USWNT often has the upper hand. But they also looked more dangerous and able to break down defensively stout teams by attacking with the ball on the ground via the wings. Maybe they don’t have to pick one or the other approach exclusively, but they probably need to be more comfortable doing both, which they haven’t been.

Are players like Lynn Williams and Kealia Ohai the future?

In closing out 2016, Ellis did something new: She called in a slew of young, uncapped players and left veterans, like Alex Morgan, off the roster. That was already pretty remarkable, but even more was the fact that players like Williams and Ohai made immediate impacts and showed themselves to be contenders to fight for spots.

It’s a good bet that Ellis will continue calling up young players from the NWSL, and the question is how much they can push existing veterans out of the picture. If Ellis is willing to hit the reset button in 2017 some more, the team that plays in the 2019 World Cup may look nothing like the one that won the 2015 World Cup.

Is there any room for Sydney Leroux or Amy Rodriguez?

It’s built into the USWNT players’ contract that no one can lose their spot on the team just because they have a baby. So, Leroux and Rodriguez will likely get an opportunity to win back their spots, if they want it. But with youngsters like Williams, Ohai and even Christen Press — who has been on the team for years but has seldom been used as a striker in important games — there just might not be any need for Leroux or Rodriguez.

Leroux was struggling with a goal drought before her pregnancy, with some pundits speculating she wouldn’t make the Olympics roster even before she removed herself from consideration. But Rodriguez came back in 2014 from having her first child and played some of the best soccer of her career for both club and country. If Leroux, 26, can be rejuvenated in a similar way, she could surely fight for a spot.

What is the right role for Carli Lloyd?

The thing about Lloyd is, she’s the type of player who can step up in big-game moments and score goals, which is very valuable. But in letting her do that, Ellis has given her a pretty undefined role. She’s supposedly a No. 10, but she plays more like a withdrawn forward, but even then, she really isn’t focused so much on linking up with striker Alex Morgan.

Basically, Lloyd just kind of roams around and does whatever she wants. And the USWNT attack has been built around the idea that that’s how Lloyd is best. But can the USWNT continue to count on that and sacrifice having a true playmaker or a true second striker?

What system makes the most sense?

Coach Jill Ellis has been tinkering with a 3-5-2 to close out 2016, and it’s easy to see why. The Americans were unable to penetrate Sweden’s 4-5-1 and it punished them with an early Olympics exit. The worst part is that Ellis and the USWNT knew exactly what Sweden’s Pia Sundhage had up her sleeve and they still couldn’t break it down.

Will they stick with the 3-5-2 as a way to get more players into the midfield, even if it limits the team in other ways? Then there are other questions, like whether Alex Morgan (assuming she remains the undisputed starting striker of the USWNT) plays better with or without a partner. How attack-oriented should the fullbacks be? Should the USWNT have a dedicated playmaker in the central midfield? Should the USWNT make a long-awaited return to having a dedicated defensive midfielder?

Will more players leave the NWSL for Europe?

With Alex Morgan set to join Olympique Lyon in France, the superstar striker marks the first USWNT player leaving the NWSL, which is where all the USWNT players ply their trade, except for college players. The move is something of a mixed bag — it may not be great for the NWSL, which counts on USWNT players to attract fans. But for Morgan, it’s a move that should improve and expand her game.

It’s doubtful Morgan will be the only one to leave. Crystal Dunn has expressed interest in going abroad and a move doesn’t look far off from happening. But USWNT coaches, including Ellis, have said that players being spread out abroad can be a challenge for the USWNT, particularly because U.S. Soccer tends to schedule games outside FIFA dates. If more USWNT players leave the NWSL, that could affect upcoming camps in a very direct way.


 champions champions ole ole ole

champions champions ole ole ole

champions champions ole ole ole

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“He’s right, there’s nothing in the handbook that says a wolf can’t play soccer”. Dave rubbed his forehead, still stunned that he was even in a situation to be discussing this.

“Dave, he’s not a wolf! He’s a red panda, that’s what he said when he came out onto the pitch.” Jerry was half looking at Dave and half trying to keep the man in the mascot suit from leaving the locker room, just in case anyone saw one trying out for his team.

“Yeah, but we can’t let him play.”

“Why not?” though Jerry knew exactly why.

“I mean, surely there’s something in the rulebook about not letting someone in a mascot costume play soccer,” Dave reasoned.

“No, there isn’t. The mascot rulebook says they can’t interfere with the game, but that man” Jerry casts a glance at the panda sitting patiently on the bench, paws in his lap, “Isn’t a mascot. The mascot clause means that if someone gets into a mascot suit of their own volition, then we can’t really call them a mascot.”

“Goddamnit.” Dave held one hand to his face.

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-Ali Krieger is world class
-Ashlyn Harris skipped my section except for one girl who took her jersey off and asked her to sign it…
-The Ali/Ash hug after the celebration pics was absolutely incredible, it was so intimate and I was shaking
-Ali was ridiculously cute during the entire ceremony, playing with her medal, looking for confetti. She was giddy.
-The German coach spent a ton of time very enthusiastically talking with Ali.
-Everyone seemed to be thrilled for Ali after how well she played and it made me super emotional.
-Ali and Alyssa had some Penn State brotp moments.
-KlingenAsh is a thing.
-Jill talked to Ali a lot and I assume it’s because she was going to miss getting the up close view of her from the bench :P
-Hinke stood and the next four people after her sat….. until the kind Emily Sonnett came by
-HAO led the charge onto the podium and I love her.
-Kress is a thing and they were absolutely adorable hanging out.
-Ali is very loud on the pitch. Everyone says this, but it was so true.
-Ali runs backwards a lot and her butt jiggles a lot when she runs…. I’m not okay.
-Christen had some really solid moments, I was proud.
-Ali put out her hand and yelled “PLEASE” at a German player who wouldn’t get off her and it was really…. incredible.
-Whitney Engen played a full 90 and rocked it. I’m so proud.
-Ali and Whit and Becky and Hope kept breaking off to chat. Kling was…. doing something.
-The crowd was annoyed with Carli by the end of the game, also had an overwhelming love for Alex.
-There were these super drunk guys a few rows behind me who kept screaming for Alex to take her shirt off.
-I got to meet @kriegs-liebe and @ktscientific which was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t use enough explanation points.
-I took a horrible selfie with Niki Cross because I was super nervous.
-My mom entertained me by asking a series of horrifying questions, such as “who is Ali Lloyd?” and “is that the dugout?” featuring “can the goalkeepers wear gloves?”
-There is definitely more to come but WE SCORED MULTIPLE GOALS AND WE WON.


Alright, so full rundown:

5 Signed SI magazines: Holiday, Broon, JJ, Alex, and Ashlyn 

Jerseys: The green GK jersey has the entire 2015 WWC team, then Holiday, Rampone, JJ, Krieger, Broon and 2 Jerseys signed by Ashlyn. The black one is the 2012 goalkeeper jersey.

Misc: Signed Glove from Ashlyn from the SheBelieves game in Boca Raton, I have some framed photos signed by Diana Matheson and Ashlyn (not pictured)