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not to b rude.., but your charmer week?literally farmers roommate would be meeting M'boy Chris Chow and just be shady af at him like "oh yes i've heard lots about you... hockey boy..." flash forward 5-10 years and they're getting married and she's maid of honor. her speech is 8k of farmers volleyball prowess with some cute friendship metaphors in there. her only acknowledgement of Chowder (M'boi M'man) is "i still don't know what a fucking goalie can do against men with sticks... hockey boy"


I’m All Yours - Alex Galchenyuk Imagine

Could you please do an Alex Galchenyuk imagine where he is dating an Olympic female hockey goalie and he introduces her to the team? Maybe he gets protective or something when she starts talking to some of the guys?

Aw I really liked writing this one! I hope this is what you wanted and I’m so sorry about the wait!! Thanks for reading, hope you all like it! -Accius

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Johnson to Chowder

J- As Samwell’s Men Hockey new goalie, you deserve to know the truth. This universe is a fiction. We are in a story.

C - Is it a good story?

J - Huh? Yeah, I guess so? I mean, there’s a lot of character development, and funny moments, and raw emotion, and sweet romance, so-

C: It’s a ROMANCE!!?!!!! :D

J- Yes. But sadly, none of us are the protagonists. We’re just background characters to Bittle.

C- OMG THIS STORY IS ABOUT BITTY I LOVE IT NO ONE DESERVES IT MORE THAN HIM HE’S AMAZING I WOULD READ IT ALL- Oh wait, it’s a romance?? With Bitty??!!? Who’s the romantic interest????

J- Jack Zimmermann.

C: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goalies are weird. But they're impossible to dislike. They're too awkward and adorable. Plus they have superhuman reflexes.

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Reblog if you’d wear your favourite goalkeeper’s jersey with pride.

This is to prove a point. 

I mentioned wanting a Buffon jersey, and my dad turned to me and went, “Why would you wear a goalkeeper jersey? Nobody cares about goalkeepers. It’s just stupid.”

I, myself, am a goalkeeper as well. And we don’t get enough appreciation, whether on lower levels, or professionally. If I made it professionally and someone wore my jersey, I’d be absolutely THRILLED. 

 I just don’t see why supporting your favourite player by wearing their jersey is any different when they’re goalkeepers.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who reblogged this and shared their opinion. I wound up getting a Buffon jersey for Christmas because my parents realized they were wrong and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a goalkeeper jersey, judging by everyone’s reaction to this. 😂❤