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“Happy thoughts,” David said softly and Emma’s laugh was shaky at best. “He’s going to have to do something different this time.”

Emma nodded slowly, not sure what she was agreeing to and her heart felt like it was in her throat.

Killian moved slowly, skating in between the faceoff circles and for half a second Emma thought he’d lost his edge – he hadn’t. And the New York tabs would probably talk about that stutter step for the rest of the goddamn Olympics.

He nearly stopped, pausing just long enough to juke his stick from forehand to backhand and it was more than enough to get the Lithuanian goalie out of position.

He never had a chance.

Emma screamed and David yelled, both of their hands flying into the air as they started jumping in two separate time zones. They won. They won. Killian made sure they won.

“Holy shit,” David shouted, ignoring whatever Emma was doing with her hands. She couldn’t stop moving. It was fine. Everything was fine and they could still keep playing. “Did you see that move?”

The PyeongChang Triple, chapter 5