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Connor gives ‘welcome to the show’ taps to Dylan Ferguson |
Oilers v Golden Knights | November 14, 2017

Carey Price has never won the Stanley Cup yet he’s considered a goalie god. Henrik Lundqvist hasn’t won one either yet he’s called “King Henrik”. Their skills destroyed the notion that you have to win a cup to be an amazing goalie.

Same thing goes with Alex Ovechkin. His skills and talent should not be defined by how many cups he hasn’t won. He is one of the best active players in the league no matter what, cup wins or no cup wins. It shouldn’t be a contest.

Skill and talent makes a great hockey player, not championship wins. Winning the Stanley Cup is a team effort, not individual.

“I’m just sitting here, talking about armadillos, and you disrespect me in this way!”

- Jeremy Heere, to Michael Mell

keets-blog  asked:

why is luongo the best goalie in the nhl

  1. He’s the highest drafted goalie in the Q ever in history, 2nd overall. (and not the highest drafted in the nhl but still 4th overall!)
  2. He’s the active goalie with more games played in the whole league (966, and the second is Lundqvist with 742)
  3. Even with that amount of games played, he’s still the 7th best active goalie in career save %!!!! (tied with the angel Bishop, and above two time stanley cup winner Crawford and three times stanley cup winner Fleury)
  4. He has multiple worlds and Olympics gold medals (and a world cup gold! from way back then!)
  5. Even though he’s been in the NHL for like 15 seasons, he only played in three teams (Florida missed him so much they got him again!)
  6. He took the Canucks to the playoffs six years in a row (seven years total).
  7. He’s a six time all star NHL player, the last time being only last year! 2016! At 37 years old!
  8. He was actually a captain back in the day.
  9. He has the best twitter in the NHL.
  10. He literally just is and you can disagree, but you’d be wrong.
omgcp characters as things I've done
  • inspired by like every omgcp blog
  • Bitty: got really pissed when no one would eat my peach tart and force fed it to my brother
  • Jack: Had my Queer Awakening(TM) while literally sitting in a closet
  • Holster: sang through the whole Hamilton soundtrack but replaced every "Alexander" with "Adam Sandler", "Hamilton" with "Camel toe", and "Smile more" with "Macklemore"
  • Ransom: Went on a 4am rant about how cool the ocean is and wound up crying
  • Shitty: got into a fight with a bunch of random ass fuckboys about the perks of being a stripper and wound up flashing them before angrily falling into a bush
  • Lardo: invited all my friends over and used them to help me paint space on my door
  • Johnson the Metaphysical Goalie: used my lucid dreaming to turn my friends into old people
  • Chowder: tried to flirt with a pretty girl but wound up sobbing over a dog in my friend's lap while she sat there and watched
  • Nursey: told my friend to chill while I was having a panic attack
  • Dex: stopped talking to my friend bc I realized I had gay feelings for them
  • Tango: started genuinely considering the possibility of Waluigi having feelings
  • Whiskey: Went to a party and spent the whole time being a cynical homosexual
  • Parse: painted a gay flag on my face and forced myself to cry so it would run
Some of ya’ll have been sleeping on the Sabres players...

And I don’t mean Jack Eichel…because no. I love that boy but he’s tragic looking. 
So here’s your introduction to some adorableness. 

First is my good dear sweet boy who can do nothing wrong, Samson Reinhart. 
He’s adorable. 
Just look at that smile.

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Then we have another infectious smile in Tyler Ennis. He’s tiny and has concussion problems, but it’s ok. He also is one of the only survivors from the #tank. 

Speaking of #tank survivors, next we have Marcus Foligno. Yeah, his brother is much more talented and is known for hugs, but Marcus actually is good looking. Oh yeah, he once fixed his hair before getting into a fight. 

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Then we have Ryan O’Reilly. He takes a lot of things really hard on himself so he probably needs cheering up and there should be no shortage of people wanting to help with that. 

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Speaking of things I want to help with…my personal favourite is Rasmus Ristolainen. He’s tall, Finnish, and doesn’t like Swedes much. Also, he’s just grumpy so don’t take it personal if he pushes your players around a little bit. He once said something to Crosby that had Crosby swinging at him. We’ll never know what it was and it’ll haunt us to this day.

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Then we have someone who is totally adorable and nerdy…Kyle Okposo. He love Harry Potter and has an adorable little girl. Plus he’s super nice. 

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We have another awesome hot dad that’s been on another team…Zach Bogosian. He’s absolutely ripped and our dear sweet boy Samson spoils his daughter. Also, he’s married to awesome former soccer player Bianca D'Agostino. 

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And last but 110% not least, our backup goalie from this past year is the super cool Anders Nilsson. You may know him is that one goalie that had a PRIDE FLAG on his mask. Yeah. Him. Have you seen him out of the pads? No? Ok, most goalies are scrawny tiny things. Not this one. 
He’s hot and Swedish and is an ally. What more could you want?

So here’s your crash course in Sabres players. There are more that are wonderful, but these are probably ones that you’ll see the most around here and they’re all adorable and awesome. I’m sure the rest of the Sab Squad will add on (they better actually)

Gay Goalie Duo

TFC-NET’S August 2017 creation event: .

WEEK 1: Brotps

  • Renee and Andrew have a special bond
  • A bond that comes from having equipment that smells equally as terrible
  • Zombie apocalypse plan #16: hide in goalie bags. They’re both small enough to fit and they’ll both smell enough like rotting flesh that no one will know the difference.
  • Andrew doesn’t bother to put on sunscreen on the rare occasions where they practice outdoors so he gets burned in the oddest places. His cheekbones, through his helmet, the area of skin between his armguard and his gloves, the skin behind his knees
  • Andrew and Renee are both smols, unable to reach shots to the highest corners of the goal, so they have to jump to catch some of them
  • Just imagine Andrew bunny-hopping around for some weird footwork drill
  • Please
  • Speaking of footwork, Andrew exclusively does the icky shuffle (something like hopscotch) on the ladders and Kevin hates him bc that used to be his favorite and now Andrew has ruined it completely
  • Andrew doing powerful clears and Renee tearing up bc “it’s so beautiful Allison.”
  • The Gay Goalie Duo’s favorite things about their significant others? When they come back to help out the defense
  • Never a more beautiful sound than the ball hitting a field player’s net instead of vaulting further down the field
  • Never a more beautiful sound than “two more minutes!” From the refs and then finally getting to take the heavy ass equipment off
  • Never a more beautiful sound than either of their partners offering to give them a massage after the soreness all of their gear inflicts on them, usually after a rough game
  • The worst thing? The worst thing is when it rains and their equipment is outside
  • They keep their shit in their trunks and garages during the off-seasons for easy transport, so of course when they finally try to bring it inside the court building it rains.
  • They exchange a quick glance before fucking sprinting to the door, the fastest anyone had ever seen the two book it
  • Neil is awestruck, Allison is proud, Kevin is weeping
  • “Why don’t u run like that during warmup, Minyard?”
  • “Why don’t u shut up like u do when I have to carry ur ass back inside, Day?”
    • (Not relevant but super important: Kevin naps after games sometimes. Whoever is off the bus last gets to lug him up to his bed bc he will not be woken)
  • Gymnastics in goal is a Thing and if I have to do it they do too
  • Andrew and Renee having to go to the vixens for help when they need to get their flexibility improved
  • Katelyn trying to bond with Andrew and get his approval while Renee plays mediator
  • It could go worse than it does.
  • Renee has piercings don’t tell me she doesn’t
  • Andrew gets best friend piercings both bc they look cool and bc he gets to stare down the refs that want them to take the jewelry out
  • Andrew and Renee both despise their mouthguards and will try their hardest to get away with not wearing them during practice (if they’re just doing drills and no one’s taking shots. Andrew might be self-destructive but Renee wants them both to keep their teeth.)
  • Kevin is constantly trying to catch them in the act. They’re too clever. Kevin is once again thwarted.
    • (The guy lost ten bucks to Nicky bc he thought Neil wouldn’t say “I’m fine.” It wasn’t exactly hard.)
  • Cleaning their gear is a bonding activity that involved vats of toxic waste, eight thousand different kinds of cleaners and disinfectants, and rlly strong essential oils bc Andrew’s allergic to fragrance shit
    • Not pictured: the basically black water that’s left in their wake
  • Best part of being a goalie according to Renee: The players are almost required to be nice to you. No one blames you for doing things wrong. All you get is encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  • Best part of being a goalie according to Andrew: you don’t have to run as much as your cardio-crazy teammates
  • Best part of being a GAY goalie: getting to stare at people’s asses for an hour and fall in love with them every time they get the ball out of your circle
Min skat - Frederik Andersen

Requested by anon: I would love to have a sidney crosby and a Frederik andersen one shot….i love both.

A/N: Thank you @carey-pricemas for the idea. I hope you guys like it.

Word count: 1014

Warnings: none.

Master list

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You are incredibly jealous. You are also very pregnant, but jealous nonetheless. Today is your little girl’s birthday and you wish you could join her and your fiancé on the ice. Aila has been playing hockey since she was two and a half and could stumble on the ice by herself. Freddie had wanted to put the pads on her since the first minute, but you didn’t want your baby to be in front of the net stopping pucks so, after countless discussions over it, Freddie and you decided that when she would try the ‘goalie thing’ when she turned 4… Today is the day, and Freddie hasn’t wasted a minute in putting his little girl in full gear.

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