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Dark irlkent show me the forbidden nursey/chowder

*cracks knuckles*

- Nursey goes with Chowder to get his first tattoo and Chris insists they hold hands even though he isn’t even nervous. It’s their senior year, and he gets a shark and names it Martin. (Nursey chirps him endlessly about it because he doesn’t know how else to handle how adorable the whole situation is.)

- Obviously Nursey’s always tripping or falling or running into shit, so Chowder’s goalie reflexes have saved him on countless occasions. He swears he owes Chowder his life for catching him that one time he drunkenly tried to slide down the banister of the Haus stairs; Chowder says it was just lucky timing that Nursey fell on top of him, even if he did dive dramatically to save him from a concussion.

- Nursey will never ever tell Chowder to “chill,” and especially not when he gets going about one of his hyperfixations. Usually Nursey just stares at him with stars in his eyes while he rambles or rants or whatever till he can’t take it any more and he has to kiss Chowder.

- Nursey is a clothes thief, the worst of them. It wouldn’t be that noticable except he now has like 500% more Sharks merch than he ever owned in his life before. Chowder’s closet is still pretty full though, so nobody can really tell if Nursey is buying things to replace what he takes or Chris just has that much stuff. It’s probably both.

- Chowder loves it when Nursey reads poetry to him. He doesn’t like reading all that much, but Nursey’s voice is really easy to listen to and it’s super comforting and gets real soft when he’s reading poetry he loves. Especially when he’s reading it to the boy he loves.

- They are the literal biggest cuddle monsters. Eating dinner? Nursey’s in Chowder’s lap. Watching TV? Chowder doesn’t stop petting Nursey’s hair the whole time. On a roadie? They’re sleeping on each other. Finals week? They’re on a loveseat somewhere at the library, tangled together as they stress.

- They are the master of selfies. Every selfie they take together has at least one “#relationshipgoals” comment on it. They alternate who gets to post it, but Nursey has a polaroid so half the time he takes a picture and just sticks it up on his bulletin board.

- They’ve also been known to crop Dex out of pictures to make it look like a couples picture, which he gets real salty about. He posts the original and tags them in it with lots of passive aggressive emojis.

- The first time Chowder visited Nursey back home, he brought his stuffed shark with him. Nursey’s sister took one look at Chowder, holding this giant ass stuffed shark and excitedly rambling to Nursey’s moms about everything Nursey had shown him in the city, all bouncy on his heels, and just said “Marry him.”

- She then proceeded to give Chowder all the dirtiest secrets about Nursey she could think of for chirping material.

- When Chowder gets his braces off, Nursey is in class, so he sends Nurse a snap of his new smile. Nursey falls out of his chair mid-lecture when he sees it.

Dear Flower

I found hockey, and you, in a pretty rough period of my life.  Hockey was a great distraction, and goaltending, the last defense and the most athletic and beautiful position quickly became my favorite.  To this day, chances are decent that my favorite player on any team will be their goalie.

But it wasn’t Flower the goalie who saved me in the end.  It was Flower the person.  It was Flower the prankster, the ever smiling.  It was Flower who took everything on his back and used it as fuel.  It was the Flower who stepped aside with grace and poise for Murray, determined to stay a good teammate even when it surely hurt to feel like he was being replaced.  It was the Flower who talked openly about needing mental support from both the team and professionals, who talked openly about being nervous and anxious, it was the Flower everyone loves because that was just the person you are.

It was never about the jersey you wore.

I’m sorry you’re not on my favorite team anymore.

But you’ll always be my favorite.

Things that Surprised Me about Hockey

As promised, here is my post of things that surprised me when I went from zero to sixty in terms of hockey knowledge.

  1. Holy shit how does anybody ever score, ever? I used to wonder why hockey games are typically low-scoring. I do not wonder anymore. There’s no other major sport where the goal is so well-defended. In football and basketball (and baseball, if you think of it like that), there are defending players, but the goal itself is undefended. In soccer, there is a goalie, but the goal is way bigger than them. In hockey, the goal is a tiny 4 x 6 net defended by a large man wearing enormous pads who basically takes up all the space and spends his life practicing intercepting pucks. The current NHL average goalie save percentage is 91.4%. The current NHL leader is sitting on a 95% save percentage. If you score on him, you’re probably more lucky than good. Also, teams looooooove their goalies. That’s their boy. He’s the only one who’s out there the whole game (unless he gets hurt) and he’s the last line of defense. Immediately after the game is over, the whole team files by the goalie to give him a little pat or helmet bump. If the other team messes with the goalie, prepare for WRATH.
  2. There is no such thing as “sitting on the bench” like there is in other sports. Oh, there are guys on the bench, but they ain’t staying there. Cause you see, hockey players swap out all the freaking time. It’s insane. If you’re used to other sports, and you’re not paying attention to the players’ numbers, it’s easy to miss the fact that the guys on the ice change constantly. Hockey is so strenuous that you can’t do it for full-on game speed for more than a couple of minutes at a time, a little more for defensemen. And they don’t stop play to make substitutions! They just sort of fling themselves over the boards and switch out while the puck is in play. I have not yet stopped being impressed by this. A team typically has four sets of forwards (they go out in “lines” of three, a center and two wingers) and three sets of defenseman pairs. Usually the only guy out there the whole time is the goalie. Most of the time, all 12 of the forwards are going to get comparable amounts of ice time, especially in teams that have lots of deep bench strength. If the game is a blowout, the winning coach may choose to rest his top two lines (usually his best players) and give the lower-tier guys more ice time.
  3. There are eight million awards in hockey. There are like dozens of variations on “The [Somebody’s Name] Trophy” or “The [Somebody’s Name] Award.” They’re all for specific stuff. There’s one for the top-scoring player, one for the goalies, one for the playoff MVP, one for the best overall player voted by the players…it’s kind of intimidating. They have an awards show and everything. Like the Oscars.
  4. Hockey rosters are not big. I was used to teams of 60-70 dudes in football. Hockey teams typically have 23ish guys on the roster, but by rules can only “dress” 20 guys per game (as in, get them in gear and ready to play). That’s four lines of forwards, three D-man pairs and two goalies. That’s not a lot of dudes.
  5. Fifty percent of the players in the NHL are Canadian. I mean, I knew there were a lot of Canadians but I didn’t know it was THAT many. Only one-quarter are American. The other quarter are mostly Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Czech players.
  6. There are more hockey teams than I thought there were. Currently 30, although it’s soon to be 31 with the new Las Vegas expansion team. Seven of those teams are in Canada.
  7. The NHL All-Star Game is not just a game, it’s a whole days-long extravaganza. The players don’t just play a game. They also engage in the Skills Competition, which is like a fancy pro-athlete game show and it’s amazing. The two team captains select players to compete in stuff like Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot (that’s hardest as in force, not hardest as in most difficult), shootout, and accuracy. There’s also an anything-goes breakaway competition that’s purely judged on fan votes, so the players can do whatever they want - wear costumes, do fancy trick puck shots. There’s lot of stuff from the skills competition on YouTube, it’s fun.
  8. Hockey is grueling. There are 82 games in the regular season. That’s a lot considering how physically demanding the game is and how much of a pounding these guys give each other (checking is harsh, even without a fight breaking out). Sometimes they have to play two days in a row. I don’t even know, man.
  9. All these players know each other. I mean, I know that’s true in many pro sports, but it just seems more true in hockey. The hockey world is small, and everybody played together either in the junior leagues, the minors, the Olympics or Worlds, or on various teams.
  10. Being a captain actually means something. When you start learning about hockey teams and players, within 0.5 seconds you’ll start knowing who the team captains and alternates are. The captain is the only player who’s empowered to discuss rulings on the ice with the officials. A good captain is equal parts leader, cheerleader, counselor, and on-ice coach.
  11. Hockey is invisible. There are not a lot of players in hockey who break out into fame just in the general sports world, and even fewer who get name-recognition in general pop culture. Wayne Gretzky is probably the last one, Mario Lemieux, perhaps, and Sidney Crosby definitely has it in the sports world but even he’s not general pop-culture famous (except in Pittsburgh and Canada). That’s…kinda fun, in a way. Like being part of a little secret club who know who Alexander Ovechkin is.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Shoot me a message if you have Hockey Questions. I get intense when I pick up a new interest.


2016-17 Goals Game 56/82 (vs Winnipeg Jets)

Goal 1: Kane (passes Tony Amante for sole possession of 6th on the all time Blackhawks list, and he becomes the team’s leading US-born goal scorer, scoring his 269th career goal)
Goal 2: Anisimov
Goal 3: Keith
Goal 4: Hossa (Short-handed/Empty Net - his 519th goal passes Dale Hawerchuck for sole posession of 36th on the all time NHL career goals list, and with his 20th goal of the season he becomes the 26th player in NHL history with 15 seasons with at least 20 goals)
Goal 5: Panarin (Empty Net)
Bonus Gif 1: Crow makes an AMAZING stop on Perrault
Bonus Gif 2: Seabrook plays backup goalie, helping Crow save a goal.
Bonus Gif 3: Crow makes an AMAZING stop through traffic

Soon- Connor McDavid

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Ok so if y'all haven’t seen the video of Connor with the children… do you not have social media? Seriously… watch it! It’s adorable! And Connor got 100 points last night?!?!! FABULOUSSSSS!!! Enjoy!

Warning: unfiltered cuteness

@mysweetdragonfly Request: And then for the happy one cause that video fucked me up of him with the kids I was thinking like you go with him there and your kinda just watching him with the kids and just thinking how good of a dad he will be ( idk maybe your like promised to eachother) and then after he is done you go to see him and it’s all cute and fluffy a little play fighting and then he kisses you in front of some of the kids and they are like ewwwwwww idk man it’s up to you


              You sat on the bleachers with the parents, watching as the kids skated out onto the ice. The woman next to you cheered loudly as number 14 was called out.

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