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A Very Real Hockey Ask Meme
  • 1: ugliest jerseys
  • 2: best jerseys
  • 3: most tragic beard (playoff or otherwise)
  • 4: best beard
  • 5: best ass (not including Crosby, too easy)
  • 6: most alarming rate of balding
  • 7: best flow
  • 8: most amusing pre-game routine
  • 9: most amusing warm-up routine
  • 10: best goal celly
  • 11: worst goal celly
  • 12: cutest toothless smile
  • 13: best goalie helmet
  • 14: most extra player superstition
  • 15: favourite hit or fight (accidental or intentional)

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3, 4, 8 - 11, 14 and 15 please!

Wow my first question-answer ask! cool

3: most tragic beard (playoff or otherwise) - Sidney Crosby (sorry ily but)

4: best beard - Jordie Benn (cries a little)

8: most amusing pre-game routine - PK’s dance-along! (cries again)

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9: most amusing warm-up routine - GENO (i saw this in person. so funny)

10: best goal celly - this idiot

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11: worst goal celly - same idiot

12: cutest toothless smile  - bishop my boy. i’m making myself sad

13: best goalie helmet - Nilsson did it before it was cool! (also my wallpaper)

14: most extra player superstition - crochby. just watch this.

15: favourite hit - um every time flower gets mad

Kevin Hayes-Sam's

Sorry this is so long, I just kept going. I hope you all enjoy it! ——-/——-/——/———/——-/—/

“Babe, where did Sam go?” I asked my boyfriend of six years, while referring to our four year old son.

“I don’t know. I though he was going to your office.” Kevin says with a small amount of panic.

“I thought he was in the man cave with you?” I reply getting up from my desk and going to search the house.


This was only to find Sam in his goalie gear holding his skates, all the while waiting next to the car.

“What are you doing buddy?” I ask, crouching down with Kevin by my side.

“Daddy promised we go to rink today.” He says in a small voice.

“Buddy, I said we could do that at 10AM. It’s 8AM.” Kevin explains lightly tapping Sam’s blue goalie helmet and taking Sam’s skates.

“Please daddy?“ Sam asks with puppy dog eyes. This made Kevin look at me, silently asking for help.

“How about we go later so you can practice with the team?” Kevin says after looking at our son for a few minutes.

“Does that mean I get to see Uncle Raanta?” Sam asks while walking into the house with us, well more like waddling because of his gear.

“If he comes to practice then yes.”

“I thought every player had to be at practice?”

“There are some days where we have optional practice. So if player want to then they show up.” Kevin explains carefully not wanting to confuse the small child.

“How about we get our little goalie some breakfast?” I ask while walking into the kitchen. The boys not to far behind me.

“What about your big hockey player?” Kevin asks with a pout while setting Sam’s skates on his bag of clean clothes that he is going to take with him.

“He can have breakfast too.” I reply with a laugh.

As I get out the things to start making eggs, pancakes, bacon, and toast, I notice that Sam is struggling to get into the chair. This is of course because of his goalie gear.

I guess that Kevin notices to because he lifts Sam into the chair with ease.

“Thank you poppy.” Sam tells Kevin.

“No problem buddy.” Kevin says as he sits next to him.

As I continue to make breakfast the boys are still talking. Mostly about hockey and which teams Sam is going to tryout for. It was really cute actually. Little Sam looking up at Kevin.


“Breakfast is ready.” I call to the boys.

“Thank you mommy.” Sam says while putting his helmet on top of his head and taking off his catcher and blocker, as I place the plate of food in front of him.

“Yeah, thanks ‘mommy’” Kevin says with a grin as I place his food in front of him.

“Your such a dork.” I say while sitting across from he boys with my own food.

"Have you decided what teams you wanna tryout for buddy?” I ask Sam

"Not yet.” Sam says taking the last bite of his toast.

"Okay. If you guys are going to get to practice on time then you should probably leave within the next ten minutes.” I say as I pick up the dishes, Sam deciding to take his own into the kitchen. Though it was nerve racking because he had his blocker and catcher on.

“I thought you were going with?”Sam asked pulling his helmet over his head

"I thought you and Daddy were going to have a day together.”

“I still want you to come to practice mommy.” Sam says with a large smile on his face as he looks up at me.

“Okay, let me go get my shoes.”


“Mommy! Daddy! Look there’s uncle Raanta!” Sam says as he looks out the window.

“You will get to see him soon.”


“You ready to play with the big boys buddy?"Kevin asks

"Yeah!” Sam cheers as Kevin open the door to let him out.

“Uncle Raanta!” Sam shouts running -well trying to- toward the goalie.

“Hey Sam” Raanta replys squatting down to hug Sam.

“Can I practice with you?” Sam asks with big eyes

“Yeah! Did you bring your skates?” Raanta asks picking up the small goalie gear covered child.

“Yeah!” The young boy yells.

“Okay then lets go.”


“Daddy can you help me with my skates?” Sam asks while he is seated in the home team bench.

“Sure thing buddy.” Kevin says as he kneels to tie Sam’s goalie skates.

“Come on.” Kevin says after tying Sam’s skates, while also lifting him to the ice.


"Momma, come skate with us.” Sam says while skating by.

“I can’t skate buddy.”

“Daddy and I can teach you.” Sam says

“Buddy, it’s okay. I don’t even have skates.”

“Check under the bench babe.” Kevin says as he skates toward the bench, picking Sam up along the way.

When I look under the bench I see skates, a helmet, and a stick.

“Your a fibber.” Kevin says.


“You played in high school.” he says before he taps my head.

“Suit up.” Is all he says before skating away.

“Alright coach.” I reply with sarcasm, while tying my skates.

When I finally get my skates on and step on the ice Kevin comes up next to me grabbing my gloved hand with his and skating with me. All the while Raanta and the guys are giving Sam pointers.

"You know, maybe we should have another.” Kevin says out of nowhere.


“We should have another kid.”

“I got that part. What made you bring it up?”

“The fact that you look really hot in that little bit of gear you have on.” Kevin says kissing me.

“Your a dork.”

“I’m your dork though.”

"I mean, I guess.” I say causing Kevin to playfully pick me up carrying me to where Sam and the guys were.

“Sam, your mom is going to be mean.” Kevin says like a little kid while setting me down.

“Mommy isn’t mean.” Sam say while hugging my legs, making all the guys aww.

“Kevin, the kid wins.” McDonagh says

"Yeah, yeah.” Kevin says.

“Hey sam, do you have that box?” Kevin asks.

“Yeah!” He says while grabbing a small velvet box from under his water bottle.

When he handed it to Kevin, Kevin dropped to his knee.

“Babe, I love you so much, you have giving me an amazing son-,

"That’s me!” Sam yelled, making everyone laugh.

“Yes it is. But, babe, you gave me an amazing son. You have giving me the best six years of my life. Now all I’m asking is the rest of our lives. So, will you marry me?” Kevin finishes.

“What do you think I should say Sam?”

“Say yes.” Sam badly whispers

“Yes Kevin. I will marry you.” I say as he stands up, kissing me.

“Ewww.” All they guys including Sam say.

“Come here buddy.” Kevin says as he crouched down, so he can pick Sam up.

Best day ever, or at least so far.

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No pic, just story

Just met NR for the first time, what a doll. I had him sign my goalie helmet (ice hockey), my TWD spec script, and gave him a piece of my artwork. I got an extra hug and he said, “You’re kind of a bad-ass”. Being called a bad-ass by Daryl was rather something :)

–mod– Sounds like you had a great time. Ummm goalie masks are a total sign of bad assery.Thank you so much for sharing🤗🤗🤗

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5, 9, 13

5. best butt (not including Crosby)
I’m gonna have to go with Sid’s son Conor Sheary. 

9. most amusing warmup routine
Geno’s stretches

13. best goalie helmet
I was never not gonna say Flower’s new stadium series helmet. The day pictures of it came out I cried four times, and several more times since that day. He just loves this team so much and he’s been saying goodbye to it all season :’)

thanks for asking!

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did u see the video of jake allen making a SAVE after his goalie helmet came off??? lmk why hockey rules suck so much and why the refs wont stop play

ugh yes it’s so ridiculous and insanely dangerous and a direct product of the nhl not giving a fuck about player safety, enabled by ppl like don cherry’s fucking gladiator culture 😑

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Hi! I absolutely love your art style! Could you, by any chance, do something with Scott Darling (Chicago Blackhawks) or Shannon Szabados (Columbus Cottonmouths/Team Canada)? Thank you! And, again, I loved the Kessels/Staals drawings a lot (and the basketball ones, though I'm not really familiar with the players). Keep up the great work and have a great day!

2 for 1 for u anon

hockey players kissing their goalies’ helmets after a game (✿◠‿◠)

hockey players with accents or able to speak 2+ languages (◡‿◡✿)

hockey players around/with kids (✿♥‿♥) 

hockey players’ arms/thighs/butts (ʘ‿ʘ)

hockey players with long/short hair, no beard/yes beard (◕‿◕✿)

hockey players (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

hockey teams (ಥ﹏ಥ)