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have you ever realized that Ella and Erin play on the same team and Ella's the captain and Erins the goalie and Ella plays right back and they're married? and the Ali and Ash play on the same team and Ali's the captain and Ash is the goalie and Ali plays right back and they're gal pals.

😂😂😂😂😂 it’s like a lifetime movie

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are you implying that it's partly Neuer's fault cause he didn't jump in the right directions (like that's no luck if you do)?

implying? no. stating a fact with what i’ve written? yes. blaming him for the loss? no.

penalties are in a large portion a game of luck, there’s no doubt about it. BUT there are a few goalkeepers who are better at reading their opponents than others and by extension defying these penalty shots. 

A recent example was from the world cup: Netherlands vs Costa Rica: Jasper Cillessen was impeccable all through the game and previous game but when it came down to the penalty shots he was subbed out to make room for Tim Krul. why? they all knew who was the stronger one at penalties and he proved them right. 

what i’m trying to say: Manuel Neuer is an exceptional goalie, no question about it. but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. He needs to work on his penalty keeping. that is my lonesome observation, nothing more, nothing less.

he played soccer as a child and would always play goalie. years later I heard that same man berating my son for his goalkeeping skills (or lack of)

Hot for Teacher

boniferhasty, bless her shipper heart, asked me for some WallyxLinda just after I’d posted High School Never Ends. Since my brain was still in that AU space, here’s what I came up with.

Hot for Teacher

The soccer ball hurtled toward Linda Park’s face. Without breaking stride, she caught it squarely in both hands. Without goalie gloves, her palms stung wickedly, but she was too used to the sensation for it to make her drop the ball.

The boy who’d kicked it wheezed as he jogged up to her. “Wow! Sorry, Coach.”

“It happens, Jared,” she said easily. “You guys sign up for this field?” She knew they hadn’t. Kids who wanted to play pickup games at lunch had to check in with her, and use school equipment. The lime green and acid yellow ball in her hands was definitely not property of Brentwood High School.

“Wha - uh, no, but it’s cool, right? We’re studying!”

“Studying,” she said, surveying the mess of boys and a few girls who came jogging up to her. “Yeah, I see that. You’re studying real hard.”

“We are, though,” said a tall black boy toward the back of the group.“Newton’s Laws of Motion.”

“Aha,” she said. “So, an object in motion will remain in motion - ” She dropped the ball and kicked it over the kids’ heads.

He leapt straight up, his long body arching, and caught it. “Until another force acts upon it. Like my hands.”

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If Anaheim is hard minutes physically, Chicago is hard minutes mentally. You have to constantly be tracking the movements of Kane and Toews because you’re paranoid that Kane is going to float back door and Toews is going to know he’s there without even looking up. And I think that’s why hockey is such an interesting game to break down. Most people think of hockey as this brutal game (and it definitely can feel that way when you get hit with a Shea Weber slap shot below the belt) but it’s really a mental game more than anything.
—  Fascinating quote from Jonathan Quick’s Players’ Tribune piece!

I really need more hockey blogs to follow so if you have a hockey blog (I really don’t care what team/teams) REBLOG THIS FOR A FOLLOW