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Milestone and an Anniversary Giveaway?!

So, I didn’t even realize I hit my one year blog-a-versary (in December!!) and I recently passed 1300 followers! The past nine months since I started posting my own work has been an absolute thrill! That more than 1300 of you lovely, amazingly, supportive people have chosen to follow me will always boggle my mind!

Now for some fun stuff! I am going to be doing a giveaway!! Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Rules and prizes below the cut…

When the new year rolled around, I set a two goals for my blog; Hit 1K and learn how to make aesthetics and I accomplished both of those goals. So what do you do when you reach a goal? Set new ones! 

Now I am shooting for 2k by years end and will be publishing my first novel in the near future! Daunting yet oh so exciting!! Let’s get on with it now, shall we?

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Happy anniversary to my favoritest couple on the face of this earth <3

(WEDDING PHOTOS ARE BY JENNY HAAS PHOTOGRAPHY. The rest of the photos are from Tyler and Jenna’s Instagrams. [[@ jennaajoseph + @ tylerrjoseph ]])

Court of Dreams’ Individual Understanding of Feyre

During my reread of ACOMAF, I was struck by the unique way each member of Rhysand’s Inner Circle related to Feyre’s traumatic experiences (primarily taken from chapter 16 [family dinner]). SJM did such an amazing job with this! IRL, it doesn’t usually take just one person to help heal your past hurts—to understand—and we see this with Feyre. It takes the entire Inner Circle to help her begin to heal, and to learn she was not alone. 

Cassian understands what it is like to starve and freeze—to fight alone for survival. 

Azriel understands the horror of being imprisoned in darkness and brutally beaten, left to die. 

Amren understands being trapped in a body not her own. 

Mor understands how dreams can be stripped away and laid bare—to escape and dream anew. 

Rhys understands the terror of abuse, and what it’s like to wake up every night, every morning afraid his freedom isn’t real.  

Court of Dreams - All of them understand what it means to find a family they’d only ever dreamed of having—to love and care for and cherish one another more than anything in the world.


#s6 has solidified how much I have come to love SQ and their relationship #yes we’ve seen how much growth their relationship has come to #but if anything I think this season particulary #has really shown much these two women care for e/o #from Regina wanting to protect Emma from dying and vice-versa #and then these scenes here #i mean look how scared they both look #its obvious these two really do care for e/o #and I, for one, am here for more of these SQ moment


Biggest OTPs of my life (in no particular order): Seth & Summer [The OC]

“It’s always been you, Summer. It’s always been you. I’ve tried to fight it, and I’ve tried to deny it. And i can’t. I can’t do it. You’re undeniable.”