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i've read that "fluency" is a bad goal as it's not measurable or definite. what are a few better language learning goals?

this is a great question! i definitely think it’s really important to have lots of small short-term goals so that you can track your progress and stay motivated by celebrating your successes, rather than just one very vague long-term goal that can seem very daunting and difficult to define

these are some of the goals i had for learning german and am currently using for norwegian and polish, vaguely in order of when i expect to achieve them:

- learning all the lyrics to a song
- learning to recite a poem
- reading a picture book
- watching a children’s tv show with or without subtitles
- reading a wikipedia article
- reading a newspaper or magazine article
- understanding a whole song having looked up the lyrics
- having a written conversation with a native speaker
- finishing a course book (e.g. teach yourself, colloquial, etc.)
- completing the duolingo tree
- watching a youtube video, movie or tv show with subtitles
- having a short spoken conversation with a native speaker
- understanding a whole song without looking up the lyrics
- watching a youtube video, movie or tv show without subtitles
- having a long spoken conversation with a native speaker
- getting mistaken for a native speaker
- reading a novel

you might also like to check out this post about how i define fluency ヾ(^-^)ノ

Push that snooze button too often and you’ll end up working for someone who didn’t.

by @Ericthomasbtc (Dr. Eric Thomas), called The Hip Hop Preacher

To be clear: 

This is not only about sleep. But also about life. Postponing your dreams can be dangerous…  as you might end up learning that “later” can easily turn into “never”.

Happy Monday!

April 3rd, 2017

Good morning, all! I’m a little recharged. Y’know, I’m really happy I journaled last night. I feel like I averted a complete panic attack. Talked with my sister more, which always helps. We’re in this together. My fiance is working from home today. Man, as much as we really love the Subaru, stuff keeps happening to it. A pebble hit our windshield so now we’re waiting on Safelite.


Steps: I’ve been keeping up with the gym for a few weeks now, but I think I need to keep my steps between 10,000-15,000. Now, I’ve been getting between 20,000-25,000 very often lately and I know you’re thinking, “Why on Earth move less?” I simply do not rest enough and I seem to eat much more appropriately for an activity level around 10,000-15,000 steps and what I do at the gym that morning.  

Squats: I’ve decided since last month was all about doing push ups, I’m going to take it upon myself to do squats this month. So, 100 squats every day in April. I’ll probably still do push ups on my upper body days. They’ve sort of just fallen into that routine and that’s awesome because I actually saw results!

My Monthly Workout Challenge: I am so excited to get started with this. I don’t even know what team I’m on yet, but I’m so ready!

Bits and Bobs

Migraines: They were much better this weekend. The weather really improved, which is the bulk of it. I felt like I was coming down with one last night because I was so emotional (it’s stupid how easy it is to trigger one sometimes) but I sat in a really dark room for a while and it called down. I’m becoming better at identifying triggers and my more subtle prodrome cues. It’s easy to tell when you have an aura, y’know? It’s not so easy to connect every little dull ache, tingle, or mood swing to prodrome, though.

Results of Push Up Challenge: I didn’t take any pictures, and the results are only really palpable because of my skin, anyway. I’m actually really happy with the result after one month. It’s made more progress on my triceps than most things have all year, so I’m going to keep doing them regularly!

Things That Make Me Smile

It would have been easy to convince myself to eat a lot of stupid things yesterday, but I sat down and wrote down everything I was thinking and feeling. That’s what that post yesterday was all for and about. I really recommend that anytime you’re feeling strong emotions to write something down, even if it’s a few sentences. At the end of the day, the “streak” is just a number but I’m really proud of that ‘24′ this morning.

Its a new year!

Here are some excerpts from my Law of Attraction Planner I thought people would find helpful to copy down and fill out. I would do this every year, as you, your situation, and your goals change.


1. What do I want to experience in life if time and money were not an issue?

2. How do I want to grow?

3. What do I want to contribute to this world?

4. Who am I? Why am I here?

5. Where am I going? How do I want to be remembered when I am gone?

6. If I achieve all of my life’s goals, how would I feel? How can I feel that along this way?

7. What is most important in my life? What do I value the most? What am I most passionate about? 

8. What brings me the most joy & sense of peace in my life?

9. What does a successful life look like for me?

10. What do others admire in me? What unique gift do I want to share with the world?

11. What are my top 10 achievements in life?


1. Choose 50 goals to achieve in all areas of your life.

2. Choose 5 top goals to achieve this year, next year, until you have 5 years of 5 goals/year. Set rewards for each goal. 

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If you love journaling...

and planners, and self-development, and #studyspo, and periods of time for self-reflection and taking stock of your life, then this is for you.

We’re coming up on the two-week anniversary of quitting my job. (It just happened!)

I was at that job for over two years, and I wasn’t happy. I felt like the proverbial dog sitting on a nail, and I didn’t move but I kept howling until someone showed me a way out. And I took it.

When I quit, I decided to take the whole month of December off, to rest and recharge and write and reflect.

On where I am, now.

On where I want to be.

On what I’m doing to get there.

A couple of years ago, I wrote this nifty little ebook that I called Journaling Your Goals.

It’s loosely structured into a four-week program:

Week One: Here and Now

  • evaluate the current balance of your life
  • realize your values
  • start implementing small changes to make you more productive
  • learn how to track your productivity 

Week Two: Reflect:

  • look carefully at what you’ve accomplished
  • how your current behavior could bring you joy…or regret
  • how to overcome paralyzing doubt
  • how to combat fear
  • how to become a better you

Week Three: Act On It:

  • associate hard work with good things
  • visualize your goals
  • automate your routines
  • use various techniques to “hack” your brain to respond positively to your efforts at productivity

Week Four: Moving Forward:

  • create your own manifesto
  • start a spiritual routine
  • celebrate your achievements
  • support yourself with self-care and healing techniques 

JYG also includes sections on:

  • how to set a self-directed challenge
  • how to get obsessed
  • how to make a Memory Jar
  • New Year’s Resolutions

It’s about 30,000 words of handy tricks, life hacks, and inspiration, based on my own experiences as a lifelong addict of organizational tools and journals, for $3.

$2.99, actually.

I’ll be using it this month to realign myself with my values and get back on my feet for the New Year.

So if you feel inspired to do the same, especially considering the fact that I am facing a month with no income and every little bit helps, I would appreciate your support by buying a thing that I created (all by myself! out of thin air, it seems!).

Thanks, lovelies. You’re the best.

And if you do start going through the program, please tag me or drop me a line and let me know how it works out for you!

Read the pitch here.

Buy the ebook here.

I think the biggest physical change I’m looking forward to in this weight loss project is seeing my face lean out. I have a narrow face as a general rule, and lately it has felt round and not “me”.

I guess this is a re-commitment to losing some weight post? For the millionth time?
I dunno. I’m quite ambivalent when it comes to this. And flakey. And inconsistent.

This time, I have a defined number goal. My husband is on board, as he wants to lose a bit, too. We’re cosplaying (as who else but Royai) for a convention in August, so there’s a definite date to reach our goals. “No one wants to see Mustang with a dad-bod”, he says to me. I love him so much. And if I’m going to be dressing up as everyone’s favourite mom/sniper, I’ll at least want to get some muscle on to fit the soldier role. :p

I love the fact that we are grown adults whose motivation for weight loss is playing dress-up.

Happy Monday!

February 27th, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! I think I’m going to make these posts regular installations since Mondays are almost always rest days for me. I like to start the week with refreshers, goal setting, little bits and bobs, and things that make me smile.

My boyfriend is nearly recovered from the flu and back to work in his office now. Not going to lie, it’s nice to have the apartment to myself again. I work out of a home studio and I just cannot focus when he’s home. I love him but he’s loud, and I sort of use my ears at an extremely high level to work. So far, I show no symptoms of catching his flu. That will make me flu-free since 2009. It’s not like I’m keeping a tally and trying to rub it in, but it’s pretty damn impressive, right? I should somehow find a way to submit my immune system for official study.

Goal Setting

Push-Up Challenge: I’m starting this today. 100 push ups, 1 month. Arms have always gotten special attention from me. Though, I think I’m going to have to do modified wall push-ups at first. The plan is to build up enough strength to eventually attempt the challenge with traditional push-ups.

Eat at My Table: So, this will sound a little depressing, but people who grew up in dysfunctional families may know exactly where I’m coming from. Anyway, I’ve never really eaten at a dinner table! When my boyfriend and I rearranged the living room and cleaned up, we actually cleared our table. I’ve set it, and you know what? I don’t associate with toxic people anymore so I’m going to stop using my table as a “put all the crap you can’t find a place for” area.

Bits and Bobs

A Few Random Health Apps I Love: I just wanted to give some shout outs to some helpful health apps that I use. As it might be obvious, I use Fitbit. If you also use Fitbit and want to add me, PM me and we’ll set up this digital walking friendship and race each other! If you’re a migraineur, I recommend Migraine Buddy. I think this might be the most comprehensive digital migraine journal and it’s helped me nail down a few of my triggers and kept my appointments with my specialist highly informative for both parties. I sucked at keeping paper ones. If you have anxiety problems and want to track your mood, a habit’s effect on mood, as well have some small pocket-sized CBT exercises, check out Pacifica. I’ve been using this a lot the past few months and it’s an excellent little app to pull out when you’re getting yourself stuck in a bad thought. It will make you re-word your negative thought into something else and have you identify the thinking traps you’re using. 

Reminder: If you have any student loan payments due on the 1st, or Hell, your rent, February ends after tomorrow!

Things That Make me Smile

It’s a bit eclectic but here’s our little table (picture below). I’ve set it with several porcelain flower sculptures that were left to me after my aunt’s passing. Many of the ribbons and fake flowers in the basket came from her funeral. My aunt took my sister and I in during particularly tumultuous times of our adolescence, and we actually did eat at her table. She was a master gardener and loved all things to do with nature and forest critters. I probably would have ended up in foster care without her. So, I’m going to continue eating dinner with her.

Dream big.  Work that much harder to make it a reality.  Dreams require attention to detail, work ethics, and planning to become a reality.  Watch the NASA feeds when astronauts are working in space while on the International Space Station.  These are not lottery winners, or people selected at random.  Each and every one of them worked hard to create an opportunity to make their dream a reality.  Now, start working on that dream.

2017 (a motivational post)

So here it is. Seventeen habits and goals for this new year, things to live by for the next 12 months. We’ll see how it goes.

1. Eat Healthier. I mean, you’ve been working on your distasteful eating habits for years, girl, and it gets better ! So keep up and do your best.

2. Run. Run more, run faster, run longer and further. You like it (well, most of the time) and it helps you to deal with your unmanageables stress levels. Put on these trainers and go running. 

3. Do what you like. You’re going to graduate this year, and you’re still not the down-to-earth, responsible, and pretty dull adult everyone told you you’d become eventually. Maybe you’re just like that. So don’t try to be someone else, stop pretending you actually consider working in a big company and sit behind a computer all day so that you can afford a nice flat and expensive shoes. You don’t even care about decoration and shoes. So be brave, and go for what you are actually passionate about.

4. Learn how to play guitar. Come on, you own two of them and you’re not even able to properly play Wonderwall. So get off your ass, stop fantasizing about being a rockstar and teach yourself a song of two. 

5. Learn a new language. And don’t expect to be bilingual by June. Be consistent and maybe one day you’ll be able to have a conversation with someone in Italian or in Russian. 

6. Knit the Doctor Who scarf. Yeah. It’ll take a while so you might as well start now. 

7. Move abroad. This is the first year of your independent life so DO IT. Don’t be scared. Be the adventurous person you want to be !

8. Be organized. Get yourself a new bullet journal and have som discipline. You’ll be less stressed out all the time, you know it. Consider opening a studyblr, whatever works. You’ve been getting better at this in 2016 so you know you can do this.

9. Chill out. Set your priorities and stick to it, and stop worrying about useless shit. It’s ridiculous. 

10. Travel more. You love it, it makes the best memories, and it makes you spend quality time with your family and friends so explore the world, go on adventures and take lots of pictures !

11. Write. Write articles for the magazines, write articles on your blog, write here on tumblr, write in french and in english, write about the things you love, about music, art, write about your life. Try a bit of journaling everyday, maybe a bit of fiction ? Use that bullet journal of yours that always end up being half empty at the end of the year. 

12. Take care of yourself. Pretty self-explanatory but yeah : pay more attention to your well-being, your feelings are important too so maybe take some time to reflect on your life. Pay attention to your appearance, wear the clothes you want to wear, clean your room, spend some time alone, go for a walk… 

13. Document your life. So this is linked to 10. and 11. but yeah : take pictures, keep movie tickets, write a journal, write a blog, leave a trace. You’ve been wanting to make a travel journal for years so maybe this year is the time to start.

14. Draw. Try to improve your skills, maybe put your art on here ? Or draw in that badass journal / travel diary you’re supposed to start ? Learn to draw buildings, take lessons if you find the money.

15. Tell stories. So maybe this one is the most important of them all : tell stories to the world. Keep on taking notes for that book you want to write. Document your life, your travels. Make videos. Get better at photography. Instead of talking endlessly about stupid things to your friends, focus on telling good stories to the whole world. It can and it will work, I’m sure. 

16. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to create things that are different, that make people look at you like you’re some kind of weirdo. You are some kind of weirdo, darling. 

17. Try new things, meet new people. Don’t be afraid of what people think (you’re too old for that shit anyways), be fearless in what you do, and go out in the world (or on the internet) to meet people who are different or similar to you, interesting humans with interesting stories to tell and a world of their own living inside them. 

You have one year, future me. I’m watching you. 

In this month’s “Designs for Confidence” newsletter, I interviewed Grand Prix Las Vegas 2013 Champion and Pro Tour magic player, Neal Oliver! The full article is available by e-mail; please send me a note if you’d like to sign up!

Neal provided the following outline to find success. While it worked for him, remember that everyone is different. Use this if it works for you.

  1. Figure out what it is that your dream is
  2. Figure out the feasibility of reaching that dream
  3. If it is feasible (even if it’s difficult) start to plan the initial steps to reach that dream
    1. Don’t expect a pathway to follow to the T. It doesn’t work like that. Things come along. As long as you’re willing to adjust, you’re still going to realize that end goal.
    2. Be flexible along the way and take any bad things as opportunities to improve the path instead.
    3. Little goals along the way are great and can help you to achieve what you’re trying to do
  4. Patience is key. You will find a lot of snags along the way – everyone odes.
    1.  At the first sign of failure, don’t be upset. Sometimes you have to try a lot before you get it right.
  5. Flexibility: Be prepared to adjust, pivot, or ask for help to find the right direction.
    1. Some tasks take a long time. Decide if you should cut your losses and move on. (Is what you were trying correct? Did it help you realize that you should try something else?)
  6.  Never fully stop your progress. That’s when you stop improving.
  7. Find joy in every day as you go along the way and it’ll make it a whole lot easier.

Thanks again to Neal for being so awesome and providing us with some goal-setting tips!

2017 & goal setting

2017 is coming and people are setting goals for the new year. i’ve seen a lot of masterposts for this kind of thing, but they all seem to have pretty general statements. 

👉🏻 goal setting is most effective when goals are specific👈🏻

let’s use this goal as an example: i want to spend less time on tumblr

so, you want to spend less time on tumblr. how much time? when do you want to go on tumblr? a way to make this goal better (and to help it stick) is to make it more specific. let’s say i want to spend 1 hour on tumblr each week day, and 2 hours on weekends, but only after i’ve finished my studying. this is more restricted, which will hopefully help you form a habit and allow you to achieve your goal.

another example: i want to achieve good grades in my psychology class

what is a good grade to you? 80%? 90%? 100%? decide what exactly what grade you want to achieve in this class (it could be an average grade or one for a specific test) and stick with it. i want to achieve a 90% average in my psychology class is more detail than ‘i want to achieve good grades in psych class’. this gives you a set grade to work towards and motivate to achieve this mark.

seeing your goals on a regular basis will help motivate you

write your goals on a piece of paper or in your bujo, type them up and print them to stick on your wall, write it on a stickynote on your laptop. as long as they are there as a reminder, you will feel more motivated.

with that said, i hope 2017 is a great year for all of you!! 💖🎉📚😘