goal save

y’know sometimes I really think about how Fallout New Vegas was an actual game that happened 

like, this was a game in a series that’s about a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a 50′s esque setting. The main character is usually from a vault or has a connection to a vault and has some goal that mostly involved saving someone, you tend to run around a shithole filled with mutated abominations and bloodthirsty raiders

and then you get this game that just 

like Fallout New Vegas was a game that included: 

  • mass murdering roman legionary cosplayers 
  • post apocalyptic cowboys and cowboy robots 
  • a dominatrix zombie 
  • a sexbot called ‘Fisto’ that you can test-fuck 
  • an entire clan of Elvis impersonators 
  • Chandler from Friends 
  • fucking giant killer wasps twice the size of a person
  • a bunch of Genghis Khan cosplayers 
  • old ladies that try to mug you with rolling pins
  • a casino that’s secretly a bunch of cannibals 

And the main character, well

Fallout 1: Your from a Vault and you have to find a water chip to save your vault.
Fallout 2: you’re from a tribe descended from a vault and you have to find a GECK to save you village.
Fallout 3: your from a vault and you have to find your dad and save the wasteland. 

Fallout New Vegas: You’re a fucking mailman from christ knows where and you have to find the asshole who shot you and then fuck up the mojave two ways from sunday. 

I dunno I just think this game was a wondrous masterpiece 

‘Good Jack Zimmermann’

Jack spends his first year with the Falconers determined to be the best as quickly as possible. He needs to prove himself and his public image suffers. As far as anyone is concerned, Jack Zimmermann is still a joyless hockey-robot.

Jack can deal with the criticism because he has Bitty. He has friends he loves and teammates that support him and he’s playing the best hockey of his life, whether he cracks a smile or not.

But then a sportscaster points out how little Jack does in the community. How often Jack has (accidentally) ignored a kid trying for a photo or fist bump, how he never attends events and his general radio silence off the ice. How could someone so disconnected from Providence be given the A? 

Jack is stunned he’s seen as so out of touch. He loves kids. He loves Providence. He loves his team. The thought that his 110% determination is making him look like an asshole is devastating.

So Jack quietly starts signing up for Falconers outreach events. He partners with Make-a-Wish and saves his luckiest pucks for the sickest kids. He makes bets with Ransom and Holster to see how many selfies he can photo bomb at home games. He gives away game sticks like candy and answers his own fanmail.

While the goal originally was to save his image, Jack finds he loves doing outreach. He loves meeting with kids and doing what he can to make others happy. He’s working harder than ever before, but somehow it doesn’t feel as exhausting as it used to. #goodjackzimmermann becomes a thing.

Tl:dr: Jack slowly becomes the softest bro in the NHL, and that’s okay with him