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Do you think Fitz is in danger this year? I have a feeling that him not being on the list is the primary reason, but something tells me that those whose goals involved in saving humanity through removing inhumanity will want to use him. Plus, Alistair might come into play since his name has some symbolism since Alistair means defender of men (possibly meaning defender of the human race) and so he could be using Fitz for his own ends. I think that was the writers' intentions with his name.

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As I addressed in a previous ask I simply can not speculate on Alistair any further until I have actual evidence he is even in the mix.   I do want to note that according to declassified Alistair himself was a last minute addition to the Framework.   So I’m careful when looking down the road as at the time I think they were after a darker more corrupting influence for The Doctor and they wanted to give Radcliffe a bigger redemption arc.

What I can address is “Do I think Fitz is in danger this year?”  And yes, I do.  Everyone will be in danger at some point be it a battle or being the target of a baddie.  With Fitz not a season goes by where he’s not in some sort of serious peril at some point.  He’s also one of the favorite his fate hanging in the balance cliffhanger characters.

First Fitz simply trying to get to the portal and find the others isn’t going to be safe or easy.   I’m assuming wherever the portal is will be well guarded and whoever has it won’t be exactly cool with people just passing through.   On top of that he’s going to be on a Brotrip with Hunter so yeah things will likely not go according to plan….I am SO looking forward to this!

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The thing I see putting Fitz in the most danger, at least for the first arc, was the fact the Spacenappers didn’t want him here in the first place.  He was intentionally left off of Enoch’s list.  I still need to see the context of how Virgil talked to Jemma about Fitz not being there for myself.  

  • IE was he expecting that Fitz wouldn’t  be there based on the ‘stories’ he’d been told that the team would come and save them one day.  Because if that is the case Fitz crashing the party is going to cause all sorts of trouble with the True Believers and what they have been taught.  

Until I get the why of of Fitz being left behind its hard to speculate much further.  My list hasn’t changed but him being a threat to their plan or leaving him was part of the plan to manipulate him and Jemma into doing something still at the top of my list.  

The relationship between Humanity and Inhumanity is likely to be one of those undercurrent themes throughout the season.  Just as least season they explored what it meant to be Human with the LMD/AIda/Ophelia arcs.   But like with a lot of other theories right now, I’m stuck until I start to get more information.  Who the baddie is and why is Humanity threatened by them.   See what the Kree in space do when then learn Daisy and Elena’s are Inhuman.   And get context as to why the team was taken by the Spacenappers and why the True Believers think the team will save them…and from what.  

y’know sometimes I really think about how Fallout New Vegas was an actual game that happened 

like, this was a game in a series that’s about a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a 50′s esque setting. The main character is usually from a vault or has a connection to a vault and has some goal that mostly involved saving someone, you tend to run around a shithole filled with mutated abominations and bloodthirsty raiders

and then you get this game that just 

like Fallout New Vegas was a game that included: 

  • mass murdering roman legionary cosplayers 
  • post apocalyptic cowboys and cowboy robots 
  • a dominatrix zombie 
  • a sexbot called ‘Fisto’ that you can test-fuck 
  • an entire clan of Elvis impersonators 
  • Chandler from Friends 
  • fucking giant killer wasps twice the size of a person
  • a bunch of Genghis Khan cosplayers 
  • old ladies that try to mug you with rolling pins
  • a casino that’s secretly a bunch of cannibals 

And the main character, well

Fallout 1: Your from a Vault and you have to find a water chip to save your vault.
Fallout 2: you’re from a tribe descended from a vault and you have to find a GECK to save you village.
Fallout 3: your from a vault and you have to find your dad and save the wasteland. 

Fallout New Vegas: You’re a fucking mailman from christ knows where and you have to find the asshole who shot you and then fuck up the mojave two ways from sunday. 

I dunno I just think this game was a wondrous masterpiece