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2016-17 Goals Game 56/82 (vs Winnipeg Jets)

Goal 1: Kane (passes Tony Amante for sole possession of 6th on the all time Blackhawks list, and he becomes the team’s leading US-born goal scorer, scoring his 269th career goal)
Goal 2: Anisimov
Goal 3: Keith
Goal 4: Hossa (Short-handed/Empty Net - his 519th goal passes Dale Hawerchuck for sole posession of 36th on the all time NHL career goals list, and with his 20th goal of the season he becomes the 26th player in NHL history with 15 seasons with at least 20 goals)
Goal 5: Panarin (Empty Net)
Bonus Gif 1: Crow makes an AMAZING stop on Perrault
Bonus Gif 2: Seabrook plays backup goalie, helping Crow save a goal.
Bonus Gif 3: Crow makes an AMAZING stop through traffic


2016-17 Goals Game 65/82 (vs Nashville Predators)

Goal 1: Kane (Powerplay)
Goal 2: Tootoo (First goal & point as a Blackhawk)
Goal 3: Toews (Powerplay - his 268th career goal, tying with Tony Amonte for 7th all time Blackhawks scoring)
Goal 4: Campbell
Goal 5: Kane (Empty Net)
Bonus Gif: Seabrook showing Tootoo extra love after his first goal
**Game Notes**
Blackhawks set a new road franchise record winning 8 straight games on the road.
With this win the Blackhawks jump the Minnesota Wild and are currently sitting in first place in the division.

pretty sweet (lush and zealous) || nurseychow

It’s dumb. It’s incredibly dumb and completely unfounded and totally unreasonable and he definitely, most assuredly, one hundred and ten million percent should not be thinking it because there’s no way, no reasoning, no evidence, and no defense for the absolute garbage his brain is coming up with.

He’s still thinking it.

The problem was… Nursey was all types of beautiful. Every type of beautiful, if Chris was being honest with himself here, as he idly flipped through his texts for class. He glanced up at Nursey where he sat across from him at their spot in the library, intently taking notes by hand from where he’d typed them up on his laptop. His brow creased a little and he crossed a few things out, then tapped delicately at his lip, and Chris found himself getting the soft butterflies that still hadn’t stopped fluttering despite the fact that they were months into their relationship.

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2016-17 Goals Game 62/82 (vs St. Louis Blues)

Goal 1: Toews (267th career goal, ties Jeremy Roenick for 8th on the Blackhawks all-time goal scoring list)
Goal 2: Kane (Powerplay) (Keith gets his 500th career NHL point with an assist)
Goal 3: Anisimov
Goal 4: Kero (Empty Net)
Bonus Gif: Panarin finally joins in the group after an amazing pass to Anisimov to tie the game up late in the 3rd.


2016-17 Goals Game 72/82 (vs Colorado Avalanche)

Goal 1: Kane
Goal 2: Toews
Goal 3: Panik
Goal 4: Panarin
Goal 5: Toews
Goal 6: Kruger (empty net)

**Game Notes**
- with Toews’ two goals tonight he and Patrick Kane become the 6th teammate duo in NHL history to both score 20+ goals in 10 consecutive seasons.
- Hawks score 3 goals in 34 seconds in the 3rd period (5 goals in one period)
- With Calgary beating LA the Hawks clinch their pass to the 2017 playoffs


Alternatively, Sirius is amazing at hockey.
It takes them two years to realize it, for some reason, but they notice that the entire lake freezes over in the winter, so Sirius and Remus go skating together. Remus tries to teach Sirius to skate more gracefully and Sirius tries to teach Remus how to score goals into a makeshift net that Padfoot magically constructed. They’re both pretty bad at the opposite discipline but they laugh and fall onto each other, and there were a few times before they actually started dating in seventh year when Sirius would fall in Remus’ arms while trying to make a jump, and they would land on top of each other on the ice and stare at the other’s eyes for a few seconds before helping each other up and laughing nervously.