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My weekend summary at BlizzCon and PMX in a nutshell. Sort of.
There was already some food spam so I’ll avoid reposting those.

Weds: Evening arrival. KBBQ dinner for 10.5 at Incheonwon and then bobba at TeboTebo. A really fun place that bottles up your drinks so we grabbed a few extra fruit teas for throughout the weekend. We also got a toast box despite being super full. We called it Wall Maria and while the hole wasn’t filled back up, the titans failed to finish it off, regardless.

Thurs: Lunch at Slaters 50/50 where everyone tapped out after half a burger…Waddled our way to Bizzcon around 2 and got in line to get our tickets. Took around 2-3 hours for the last of our group to get theirs but it seemed to go pretty fast regardless.

Dinner was at Medieval Times where we were Red and Yellow team with a knight we dubbed “Thor” for his looks. He didn’t use a mace though and we lost, regardless. Final fight was Blue vs Red, or Alliance vs Horde. Alliance won~ More bobba that night.

Friday: Went to PMX for the day with friends and got to see a few friends I normally wouldn’t. Felt kind of queasy all day so I hid in Volunteers for the most part. I wore Hanji from Shingeki but couldn’t make up my mind so I was in and out of the jacket all day. Pho for dinner helped some.

Sat: Spent at BlizzCon wandering the floors, shopped, and sat (slept) through some of the panels while awaiting closing ceremonies. BLINK182 concert was really fun despite the AC being cranked way too high and the convention hall acoustics ruining some of the sound. Also, I don’t think Mark’s mic was working well. That or he just sings really really soft. Dinner at The Pizza Press where they do personal pizzas for $10, $8 if you only get cheeeeese.

Sun: Checked out of hotel and went for DimSum in downtown LA. Dropped by Fashion District after but every store I needed was closed because Sunday. ||orz Spent the rest of the day at PMX to chill again with friends. Got my best shots with the Nerf Gun on the white board mwahaha~Dinner at Curry House, dessert at Beard Papa, and then rushing to LAX for 20:50 flight home.

Fun weekends go by too quickly. :[ Although my stomach now has time to recover from all the foods ahaha…