goal line save

life is pretty good away from this hellsite. i went on vacation, got my teeth fixed, met some really cool women, got a spot on hockey team by beating several dudes, had a goal, an assist, a goal line save, and got player of the game in my first game. also i haven’t worn much makeup at all in the past few months, and everyday i feel a little less anxious and horrible about existing, and i feel better about living my own life and not living my life in the eyes of someone else. 👌

Take a moment because this is it

This is it. This will be the last time the ‘15ers will all play together. And to think that in a few years no one on the team or the fans will understand anything they’ve been through.

They won’t understand 2007. They won’t understand the match against Brazil in 2011 and how it was so intense and then the pure happiness that followed. They won’t understand the utter heartbreak in 2011 against Japan. They won’t understand when Kriegs tore her ACL and all anyone could do was watch. They won’t understand the match against Canada and the goal from Baby Horse that won the game. They won’t understand the feeling of redemption when we won the 2012 Olympics. They won’t understand the Aussie game where Hope literally saved the game. Or the game where Kling saved the ball from going into the net with a goal line save. Or when JJ fouled the German player and her getting all upset. Or when Hope played with Sasic’s mind and made her miss the PK. Or when Hope and the rest of the team comforted JJ after the PK. Nor will they understand the feeling of when KO finally scored the goal. Most importantly they won’t understand the feelings that came from the 2015 WWC final where we scored 5 goals. Where Carli Lloyd got a hat trick. Where Lauren Holiday got her last tournament goal. Where Tobin Heath redeemed herself of 2011 with a goal. Where 16 minutes into the game we knew we had it. They will never understand that final piece of redemption. That we finally, after all these years, got that 3rd star.

They just won’t understand.

One Year Ago Today......

…marked one of the greatest games ever to be played in the history of women’s soccer. Here is a recap of that outstanding final.

GOAL 1 (1-0)

GOAL 2 (2-0)

GOAL 3 (3-0)

GOAL 4 and the most memorable (4-0)

GOAL 5 (5-2)





This memory will forever be engraved in the hearts of all USWNT fans not only for obtaining that 3rd star, but for all the incredible moments that occured, with Kling’s goal line save, Abby’s last WC goal, KO’s sealer to the final, and of course, Carli’s hat-trick and half way goal. Onward to winning gold at the Olympics!!!