goal flow

ok so, usually even for my big pieces, i tend to only spend about 4-5 hours on them, BUT GODDAMN I’ve spent like….15+ hours on this?? I’m exhausted. I feel like it really paid off though???? I mean I’m really happy with it. I’m also trying to be more art positive, so I’m forcing myself to like it (ง'̀-‘́)ง



*timing. though it is really good to charge on, hustle and be aggressive i think it is equally important to slow down at times. re-calibrate. check our focus. our path. do we still have the same goals? because those things change. and that’s not a bad thing. and while we are on the slow down, think and strategize. but, always, be weird.

**last nov in KL while waiting for my indian visa. just finished sri lankan assignment.

Gemini + Signs: Relationships

Due to the high volume of relationship related messages I receive, I decided to make a post to fulfill everyone needs at once. 

Gemini + Aries = In a relationship these two will connect on many levels, financially, intellectually, physically, and so on. Each will have a strong understanding of each other wants, and will even push through and stay optimistic in the most of trying times. It’ll be like no other, but only if both sides put in effort into making it like no other.

Gemini + Taurus = You may hear the worst when people are talking about these two in a relationship, which is actually very frustrating for some. The truth is that if these two were to put aside their indifferences and really enjoyed being in each others presence, or liked one another on a spiritual level.. Than this could be an extraordinary relationship. 

Gemini + Gemini = A lot arguing. A lot of debating. A lot of fun. These two will always have something to say to one another, and when I say arguing, I mean arguing on topics that both love enjoying to talk about. Dull moments will rarely exist with this combination. Sometimes it’ll feel like hell, but it’ll be the best of hell. Trust me.

Gemini + Cancer = This relationship will feel more like a friendship for a Gemini, which is a good thing, but not for a Cancer in most cases. The Gemini wouldn’t be as interested at first, but once they start realize the love, comfort, stability and depth that the Cancer is offering, they’ll notice that this a match to take seriously, making it for sure a love festivity.

Gemini + Leo = Pride, pride, pride and some more pride. These two will make a relationship full of admirable pride. Both love to have fun and are very adventurous, making conversations very interesting and days worth living. However, the con would have to be how the varied interest in the Gemini would spark a sense of jealousy in the Leo.

Gemini + Virgo = A lot of time will have to be invested. Both will spend a great deal of time trying to understand each others interest, attitudes and personality. If the time required is invested, than this relationship will definitely be worth living. I would personally call this the relationship of knowledge and hardship.

Gemini + Libra = The balance of this relationship would be spot on. Both can be very talkative at times, ensuring maximum entertainment. This will be the relationship of the witty, charming, power, energy and all of the above. The con of this perfect match would have to be how both would rather brush a situation or hardship they’re both experiencing within the relationship under the carpet, instead of facing the problems head on.

Gemini + Scorpio = These two would create an interesting match. A lot of chemistry and laughter, but completely different personalities. This relationship will require a lot of effort, and it is a possibility that this could instead be a good match, but the time invested and determination in both is the key.

Gemini + Sagittarius = They either love each other, or they hate each other. Together these two can be everlasting, but only if both was to get rid of the “I can’t stick to or with one thing for way too long” aspect instilled with themselves. Besides that con, both can be very outgoing and the communication level in this relationship will certainly be high.

Gemini + Capricorn = This relationship can be a challenge, but only if the two make it a challenge for themselves. These two would have to take the time to develop the knowledge of each others ways and such to prevent confusing and corruption from occurring. Once they get pass this phase, than potential for something great will be shown.

Gemini + Aquarius = This would be the relationship of wonders, ideas and stimulation. Both have great minds and unique ways of thinking. They would share many characteristics, and they both would have a strong understanding of each others goals. It shall definitely flow like water.

Gemini + Pisces = These two together would prefer to keep things light, fun and friendly. For this relationship to work, a Gemini would have to understand that being smothered with emotions would be a possible of result. Both loves excitement, action and variety, but a Pisces would need more downtime and time to rest while the Gemini keeps pushing.


Please do not solely rely on or allow the content to control the way you think or act in your relationship. You can take advice from this, but do not use this to determine the outcome of your relation as a whole.


Vanitas get’s his heart broken but then soon repaired and Noé is a confused kitten.

You Are The Writer

“You Are The Writer”

Speak to me through works of gallant poetry
Tell me of your fears and woes; goals and misery
Let syllables flow through use of rhymes and words
Let your voice be raised a pitch to sounds you never heard

Tell me of your troubled times through the use of fiction
Mask the pain in metaphors, prayers, and benedictions
You are the writer and the soul of the one you’ve come to know
Why not give your tale a happy ending before it’s time to go?

Through the use of monologues, you can tell a ton
Like how you stunned the King or how your race was won
But maybe you prefer to give your tale a twist
The frog doesn’t have to be a prince with only just a kiss

Or if you have demons lurking then cast them all away
Write them down or cross them out or color them less grey
Make the hero of your story send them down below
Or if you are the protagonist then go defeat your foes

Battle them with arrows; or swords that you can shine
You’re a statue in the sunlight glowing at your shrine
With walls around the ground built up towards the sky
They preserve your history if and when you die

Let me know just how you’re thinking; what is in your heart
Pour your soul onto papers during hours in the dark
Burn the midnight oil and let letters become your dreams
Don’t hold back; exaggerate, who cares if they’re extreme?

I’ll be glad to read them; if I have to I’ll make time
It doesn’t matter how you write or if it doesn’t rhyme
The important thing to know is your words make you whole
They determine who you are; pouring from your soul

So let me see inside your world and the gears that turn
Tell me of your trips and travels and the things you yearn
Tell me of your greatest conquests and what you have achieved
For these are the marks of what makes the greatest of poetry