A big thanks to all those sites working to promote original photographers on tumblr! These are just a few of my favorite sites…

Photos Worth Seeing (photoworthseen)
World Street Photography
Xonica Online Magazine

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WoW!! :))

A wholehearted and massive to Lensblr and Grey-Card for each featuring another one of my photos on their inspirational sites , as well as a massive thanks Janine for featuring two of my photos on the very beautiful http://go2janine.tumblr.com/. As always i am honored, and you have all made me feel very proud. Big smiles for all of you, :))).Also, and as ever, thank you to all friends and everybody who have given my work their attention.  The love in the tumblr world is immense, and given so freely, that at times it overwhelms me.  And right now, consider me overwhelmed, :)).
Take it easy my friends, one love, :))

“I can’t believe that it’s real, The way that you make me feel, A burning deep down inside, A love that I cannot hide.” -Al Green

Much love and gratitude to all of you and to the Tumblr’s fairies who recently brought light to some of my photos: http://luxlit.tumblr.com again THANK YOU!!, http://go2janine.tumblr.com, http://westernshore.tumblr.com, http://yama-bato.tumblr.com, http://inspiringbitsandpieces.tumblr.com and last but not least http://hjslikes.tumblr.com.

Thanks everybody for the kind messages and cheesy hearts following the featuring on Lux Lit, I would have never expect to receive so much tenderness and understanding. Your are the best energy drink ever :-)

Take care everybody and I can’t wait to see you on my dash. Love, Carole

‘A Whole Lotta Glass’ :))

Skyscraping in London Town, :)).

So I guess I have to bring the curtain down on my 'Skyscraping’ series as I don’t want to start boring people to tears, but have to say, I really have enjoyed it and will be something I will keep revisiting. I also feel it has been my most successful series to date, so I would like to dedicate this photo to all who have helped make it a success.
So once again, to http://www.luxlit.net/   http://thephotographerssociety.tumblr.com/ http://inspiringbitsandpieces.tumblr.com/  http://photographers-of-colour.tumblr.com/  http://go2janine.tumblr.com/   http://biutifulpics.tumblr.com/ http://shapecolourline.tumblr.com/  http://telescopical.tumblr.com/  http://theebrokenpath.tumblr.com/  http://ckworkshop.tumblr.com/ and many more for all the exposure you have given me on all of you very beautiful sites. You have all made me very proud, and happy, as this is the first time I’ve tackled this kind of subject with any sort of seriousness and glad I haven’t disappointed, so thank you all for giving the series such a great reception. As well and as always, thank you to all friends new and old and yet discovered for all the attention you have offered, big smiles,:)). You are all amazing people, right down to the last,:)) 

Take it easy my friends, and enjoy, :)).

     Thank you to Lux Lit!

   (Lux Lit has complied a resource list for blogs to submit your photography to, hit them up (here) to be added to the list)

Lux Lit is one of many groups/people working hard to support and promote artists and their original content. 

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Lux Lit… bringing art to light

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‘The fog clears, and the Swan stretches’ :))

Big appreciation and huge smiles to http://gray-card.tumblr.com/, http://thephotographerssociety.tumblr.com/  and Stu aka http://iseedeadpixels23.tumblr.com/  for your words, http://photosworthseeing.tumblr.com/ and Pete aka http://tvoom.tumblr.com/ for your words, http://inspiringbitsandpieces.tumblr.com/,      http://biutifulpics.tumblr.com,                          http://go2janine.tumblr.com/  http://primitivevision.tumblr.com/                           http://photowok.tumblr.com/                  http://theoriginalplant.tumblr.com/, for all the recent reblogs. You have all made me feel very proud,:)).

And lastly but by no means least,:)), to http://lensblr-network.tumblr.com/ :)). It’s so great to see you guys back to doing what you love,:)). Long my you continue. And as ever, this proud member is very proud to have had a photo featured. I hope all is well with Lensblr and the whole Lensblr crew,:)).    Long Live Lensblr!!

Of course, and as always, a very big thank you to anybody who has given my photography any attention. I hope it has been enjoyed,:)). Over the last week or so, for some reason, I have received a lot of very beautiful and inspiring messages, so I would like to give a very big, and very special thank you to all of those beautiful people,:))). I still have a lot to reply to, as well as comments to reply to, so bear with me,:))),

Take it easy my friends, and stay amazing,:)).