Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3,610

Request: OMG I’m so happy to see that the requests are open again! I want to say that I LOVE your writing and I was wondering if you could do a Steve x reader smut where they have a strained relationship but then they have to share a bed during an undercover mission and that leads to sex, possibly with rough/Dom!Steve after all the tension (maybe they had to pretend they were a couple for the mission or something). Feel free to change this if you want I trust your writing genius :)

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Steve, hair pulling, captain kink, dirty talk, orgasm denial, light spanking, light choking, oral sex, swearing, Steve is a little tease

Author’s Note: I’d like to again dedicate this one to @scarlets-wanda, who tried to sneak the fact that it was her birthday last week past me! So in return, I wrote this for her. Enjoy.

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How to make sentences in Korean! [CORRECTED]

Sentences in English go in the order: Subject, Object, Verb.

Korean sentences go in the order:

1. Subject + Noun = 나는 의사다 (I’m a doctor)

2. Subject + Verb = 나는 공부하고 있다 (I’m studying)

3. Subject + Adjective = 날씨가 좋다 (The weather is nice)

4. Subject + Object + Verb = 나는 한국어를 공부해요 (I study Korean)

~고 있다 = “(I am)   ~ing”.

~있었다 = past tense form of “있다

I Curse You Until The Day You Die

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*Note, This isn’t for a person who annoyed you at work or such, this is for someone who has ruined your life, for someone who has made your everyday existence into a living hell. You have to hate this person so much that you are willing to, well, curse them until the day they die*

The Spell

You will need:

  • An object of theirs or something to represent them (I had a drawing they did for me when we used to be friends)
  • A black candle
  • A cauldron or container big enough to fit the object in (It has to be heatproof and fireproof, also, take it outside if it’s bigger than your hand)
  • Your tears or something to represent your pain, like screaming.
  • A knife or pin.
  • water (As a safety measure)

Take their personal object and hold it in your hands. Now, I want you to remember everything they did to you, how much it hurt and how much you wanted to give up. Just let it all out, scream, cry, shout etc. Do whatever you need to release that emotion and just let it fill the object with every ounce of your anger, your sadness and your pain. Direct it all at them.

Now, Take your black candle and light it, you can chant this or something else:

“(Target’s Name), You will feel all that I feel,
And you will squeal,
Everytime you think of me, of my pain,
You will feel my struggle tenfold, for all your life.
You will carry this to your grave.”

Take you knife or pin or hammer and go all out on the object, fucking wreck it and let it show it’s distress.

Light the object on fire and place it in the container.

Now watch it burn, focus all that hate and anger into the flames, let them carry those emotions to the target, let the person feel everything, visualise them crying alone with no one to help them, let them be alone, they don’t deserve companionship.

Once it’s burnt, pour the water over it to make sure it’s out.


This can be a very exhausting spell, spiritually, physically and mentally.
Take time to relax and calm down.

Take a Healing Bath by adding sea salt, rose petals and chamomile to your bath. Focus on the warmth of the water and let it absorb all your troubles.

Do something that you enjoy, whether it’s snuggling up in a blanket, listening to heavy metal or going for a jog. You do you.

Take time to cleanse the spell area too as energies can sometimes be left behind.

Just take care of yourself.

I love open world/sandbox games, but I need them to have some kind of central plot to give me some direction. I need to always have the plot as an option, it’s what motivates me to do literally everything other than continue the plot

How to Start an Art Journal

Here are some hints and tips to help encourage and inspire you!

1. Buy a journal or sketchbook with blank white pages so you can express yourself freely without the constriction of lines. (Or if you prefer lined pages, that’s great too!) The thicker sketchbook pages are great for practice. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying a journal, printer paper works as a good canvas.

**Using cardboard behind your pages when painting is a good technique to help keep paint from leaking and helps it dry faster.**

2. Purchase some basic art supplies like watercolor paints, acrylic paints, spray paints, letter stencils, colored pencils, multicolored sharpies, Staetdler fineliner pens, etc… These supplies don’t have to be fancy and expensive to work. Take some time to figure out what you like to use and what effects you want to produce with your art.

**A lot of popular journaling techniques involve creating a watercolor background and a mixed media layered effect for their creations. But, this is about you! Get creative and experiment!**

3. Use words, quotes, images, mixed media, and simple and elaborate drawings to create personal pages that express who you are as an artist and writer.

**Get out of your comfort zone and draw things you wouldn’t normally draw. If you don’t like what you’re creating, give yourself time to grow and learn. It’s important to be patient with yourself and let go of your high expectations. Give yourself credit for trying and keep practicing! Don’t give up!**

4. To learn more about art journaling, you can always use Google for more information, look up tutorials on Youtube, check out books from your local library, or even take online art journaling classes. Some classes are even free! There are tons of resources for you to research.

**Don’t wait until the “time is right” or when the “inspiration hits you.” Dive right in and go for it!**

Some art journaling prompts:

1. Practice hand-lettering your favorite words.
2. Practice using calligraphy for your journal entries.
3. Draw your favorite silly emojis.
4. Draw symbols that hold significance to you.
5. Illustrate a cute scene from your favorite TV show.
6. Create your own comic book page inspired by a day in your life.
7. Make your own mandala and color it in.
8. Make a favorite quote page.
9. Fill an entire page with random doodles.
10. Dedicate a page to your fictional or irl crush.
11. Tape in photos from your favorite trip and add meaningful captions.
12. Illustrate a page on how to cheer yourself up when you’re upset.
13. Use stencils to create word art that describes how you feel right now. 14. Cut out your favorite adjectives from the newspaper.
15. Make a “Truths and Confessions” page to release some tension.
16. Color a page red. Write a long rant until your feel better.
17. Illustrate a monster that has scared you and confront it with words.
18. Create a page filled with characteristics of people you admire.
19. Cut out images from magazines that illustrate your dream life.
20. Use a waterbrush pen to write your favorite book quote.
21. Dedicate a page to your favorite band.
22. Doodle and write your favorite lyrics.
23. Write the words you want to say to someone important to you.
24. Sketch a character you’ve fallen in love with.
25. Create geometric or odd shapes. Make them flow together.
26. Use ink and colored pencil to outline your plans for the week.
27. Write a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme. Let it come from the heart.
28. Write about the people, places, and things that inspire you.
29. Create a symbol that reflects your life. (Ex: zigzag= stressful)
30. Sketch or write a list of things you’re thankful for.
31. Make a favorite holiday page.
32. Make a page for your favorite personal photos.
33. Create a new identity for yourself. Illustrate your personality.
34. Illustrate a scene from a fairy tale or make up your own.
35. Draw a totally new character that represents your alter-ego.
36. Dedicate a page to your favorite colors.
37. Write one word that describes you well in big, bold letters.
38. Go outside. Draw the first object you see.
39. Write/illustrate your surroundings.
40. Create a page detailing your ideal peaceful environment.
41. Let the day’s weather inspire your pages.
42. Express whether you’re a night owl or an early bird.
43. Create a layered effect by using old letters, important notes, etc…
44. Create a personal mantra page. (Ex: “Live. Laugh. Love.”)
45. Doodle your favorite silly facial expressions.
46. Make a page dedicated to the places you want to travel to.
47. Draw your inner god/goddess. Name them.
48. Write about the talents you have and the talents you wish you had.
49. Create a “Good Memories” page to make yourself smile later on.
50. Draw a broken heart. Journal about your heartaches.
51. Draw yourself in your favorite clothes.
52. Illustrate your favorite place to write, read, study, etc…
53. Mod Podge old book pages to your journal page for a background.
54. Spray paint your favorite symbol on the page.
55. Journal about superpowers you wish you had.
56. List the things that make you laugh.
57. Draw your favorite plant or flower and explain why you like it.
58. Use a childhood experience to influence your journal page.
59. Draw a candle and write about how it symbolizes hope.
60. Journal about the habits you want to change.
61. Fill a journal page with compliments to yourself.
62. Create a venn diagram and compare/contrast yourself with a friend.
63. Write a “Note to Self” page.
64. Illustrate a favorite career page and how you want to make money.
65. Create a system of symbols that represent people, places, and things.
66. Make a page dedicated specially for your zodiac sign.
67. Illustrate your most embarrassing moment from last week.
68. Make a page of regrets and write about how you could fix them.
69. Draw a stack of books and illustrate your reading goal for the year.
70. Take a heart stencil and dab red paint inside the lines. Write about the things you love most in the world and why they’re worth living for.
71. Cut out stars from copy paper and glue them on the page to form your favorite constellation.
72. Draw a line. Name one point Start and the other one End. write about how you want to grow as a person throughout your life.
73. Stain your journal pages with a damp tea bag to give it an old parchment look. Once it’s dry, write a magic spell for your life.
74. Find your favorite poem and journal about why it inspires you.
75. Dedicate a page for things you’d tell your younger self.
76. Draw your favorite animal then fill it in with bright colors.
77. Use some of that old junk mail, glue it in, and paint over it.
78. Write a “Pet Peeves” page. Don’t stop writing until you feel better.
79. Write about your day and shape the sentences into a spiral.
80. Draw or write with your non-dominant hand and see what happens.
81. Paint a rainbow and write about what your pot of gold (a goal or a dream) would be on the other side.
82. Sketch a sunset and describe how to bring closure to your problems.
83. Tape multi-colored notecards or sticky notes in your journal. Jot down little positive reminders to yourself.
84. Use only acrylic paint and puff paint to doodle and write.
84. Journal about the wisest thing you’ve heard someone say to you.
85. Write about your addictions/obsessions.
86. Create a simple collage of things you dislike with magazines.
87. Illustrate a door opening and journal about your new opportunities.
88. Draw your ideal relaxing vacation.
89. Make a list of the places you’ve been today.
90. Tape in receipts of the special things you’ve bought.
91. Tape in ticket stubs of the movies you’ve seen this year.
92. Press leaves and flower petals onto the page.
93. Paint or draw old sayings like “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
94. Record a dream and draw a few people or places you saw in it.
95. Journal about your beliefs.
96. Create a new style/font of handwriting.
97. Use stickers and stamps to make a border around your page. Fill in the center by writing about your “stick-to-itiveness” or perseverence.
98. Draw you and your friends from an old photo and embellish the sketch with an inspiring/relatable quote. Capture the happy moments.
99. Use all the colors of your sharpie pens to write out your thoughts.
100. Make a page detailing all the things you want for your future.

Express yourself without fear. Remember journaling is all about you. This is your personal journey, so you don’t have an obligation to show anyone your creations.

Make good art!

Concerning Dark Objects and How to Make Them

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These are inspired by the series The Originals. Davina and Kol started making these cursed objects and I liked the concept so now it’s a real witchy thing! I don’t if anyone came up with these yet, but I’ve never seen them around so here ya go!

What are Dark Objects?

Dark objects are basically active enchanted items. Items which you have linked a spell to, and is activated by a trigger set in place by the caster.

Components of a Dark Object:

The Focus: The Focus is the item itself, so a necklace, a ring, or something like that. I personally really like using jewelry as Foci, but that’s just my aesthetic. You could literally use anything, I’ve used a spoon before.

The Source: The Source is the source of power that fuels the item. The simplest one would be to infuse the object with all the energy needed for the spell. You can play with the source to turn it into more of a trigger.

The Trigger: The Trigger is what, well, triggers the spell. I like using a movement, or a small rhyme, as it’s pretty easy, but you could make it so it’s activated when the object is broken, or when a certain person does a certain thing.

The Link: Related to the trigger, this component is optional. It allows to make the use of this item reserved to a certain person.

The Glyph: This is more of a personal thing, but I like to use a glyph with different geometry in it to relate to the spell itself. It helps to redirect the energy into the object, and to govern the energies better. Circles are used to indicate the flow of energy, and to contain energy. Squares are used to represent the four elements, as each corner represents one direction. Lines are used to link different components to each other (more on that in another post). Triangles are used to implement structure and strength to the enchantment. Spirals are used to direct the energy of the Purpose 

The Purpose: Basically the herbs and objects you would use for the spell if you weren’t going to use it as a cursed object. I don’t reccomend poppets, or other types of representative magic, due to the fact that it could make a monkey’S paw effect take action, but anything else is good.

How to make a Dark Object:

Making these can take a little bit of planning, of course, but I personally think they’re worth it.

First you want to pick a Focus. I reccomend something related to the spell, and easy to carry with you. Then, decide on the spell you want to put into the Object. Gather your Purpose and make sure you have everything you need. Then you want to design the glyph, if you’re going to use one. I reccomend using one of my chalk recipes depending on what you want to do. You should also decide on what you want your trigger to be. I reccomend a rhyme, rubbing the object, destroying it, or doing a certain movement. You also want to set up anything that you’ll be able to draw power from, like candles, crystal elixirs, music, whatever helps you raise energy. 

Trace your glyph out, and set everything up. Place your Purpose on the assigned spots of the glyph, or just throw them in a box. If you’re going to use the glyph, make sure the Purpose is placeed at the end of a spiral going towards the Focus or lines going towards it. If using a glyph, your candles should be used as Purpose, to send power to the Focus. Now, it’s time to start casting.

Write out a contract stating the trigger, and the overall intention of the spell using whichever alphabet you prefer. I like using Ogham or runes, but you can also use regular script. If using a Link, wrap it up in the contract, or smear your blood or the person’s blood unto the word. or phrase stating the trigger. If the Source isn’t physical or premeditated, state what it will be when you need to use the object, for example feelings, or entropic energy. Burn the contract and mix the ashes with water or a brew related to the spell. Anoint the object with the mixture. Now you want to raise energy and direct it into the object. Visualize the object sucking in all the energy of the purpose and the Source, if used. Chant the intention of use of the object, preferably rhyming, and visualizethe use of the object. Act as if you were casting a regular spell, but isntead of sending it into the world, send it into the object so it may act as a vessel.

Using the Dark Object:

You want to carry the object with you for when you use it, obviously. Use your trigger and state the target of the spell. Once cast, the object will probably feel different. Less charged, or lighter even. Once the object has been used, you can reenchant it with the same spell you used, or cleanse it in salt and moonlight for an entire night and use a different spell on it.

Depending on what Source you link to the dark object, for example your feelings, you could probably cast the spell as many times as the Source is powerful enough.

Ideas for Dark Objects:

A pendant used to suddenly make you extremely attractive to all around you.

A bracelet used during a test to remember the answers.

A ring to bring intense luck when gambling.

An earring rubbed to curse that one person who wronged you isntantly.

A knife with storms as Source used to cut the clouds and make the sun shine.

The possibilities are endless! Have fun with it :)

So….apparently there’s a new Heathers coming out. With one of the Heathers being…plus-sized. Now, normally I would be all for having more plus-sized characters, but we already HAVE one. MARTHA DUNSTOCK. Who was BULLIED by the HEATHERS for BEING OVERWEIGHT! THEY CALLED HER “MARTHA DUMPTRUCK”, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

I just…am I the ONLY one seeing a problem with this? I don’t give a crap if Heather McNamara is black or Heather Duke is genderfluid, but you can’t have one of the Heathers be plus-sized AND have them harass a character for being plus-sized! It just doesn’t make sense!

HOWEVER, the Heathers’ thing was that, aside from hair colors and personalities, the Heathers were the same! Same clothes, same walks, same hobbies, and honestly it was hard to tell them apart half the time because they even SOUNDED the same. With this set-up? They don’t have ANY of that. These are not The Heathers, these are Mean Girls. These are ripoffs of a ripoff of Heathers. This movie, what little I know of it, is going to suck. And not for the reasons people are saying. We are missing the fundamental key points of Heathers by taking away that “practically the same person” thing they had going.

It sucks. It objectively sucks. Burn it with fire. Just…burn it.

part of fortune

While luck and wealth is associated with Jupiter, the Part of Fortune is an Arabic Part (a fixed, sensitive point) that is another important opulent part of the chart. I like to call the Part of Fortune the point of arbitrary luck. To find your Part of Fortune, go on astro.com > Additional Objects > Pars Fortunae.

In Aries, Mars wants you to take action, so prosperity shines upon you when you are independent, passionate, and bold. Such times allow wealth to find you.

In Taurus, Venus wants you to find pleasure and sensibility, so prosperity shines upon you when you are secure, stable (in terms of finance and in terms of materialistic wealth), and comfortable.

In Gemini, Mercury wants you to find flexibility, variety, and change, so prosperity shines upon you when you are learning and communicating; prosperity comes to you when you are mentally-stimulated.

In Cancer, the Moon wants you to be in touch with the purest essence of your emotions, so prosperity shines upon you when your feelings are being made an essential part of you. Emotional ties may also bring prosperity to you.

In Leo, the Sun wants you to make your presence known as you radiate warmth, so prosperity shines upon you when you are creative, confident, and lively. Prosperity comes to you when you follow your heart.

In Virgo, Mercury wants you to be aware of your surroundings, to live a healthy life, and to be of help to the world, so prosperity shines upon you when you are healthy, work-oriented, and conscious.

In Libra, Venus wants you to attain peace and strong relationships, so prosperity shines upon you when you are balanced, peaceful, and strongly and healthily involved in your relationships. Prosperity comes to you when amity is your strong suit.

In Scorpio, Pluto wants you to transform and to discover emotional profundity, so prosperity shines upon you when you are passionate, investigative, and strong. Prosperity finds you when you feel powerful.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter wants you to expand your horizons, so prosperity shines upon you when you are philosophical, spontaneous, optimistic, and adventurous. Seeking experience and knowledge will bring prosperity to you.

In Capricorn, Saturn wants you to succeed, so prosperity shines upon you when you are ambitious, goal-oriented, authoritative, and hard-working. Prosperity comes to you when you work hard to elevate successfully to the top, aiming to be respected and relied upon.

In Aquarius, Uranus wants you to break from all sorts of limitations, so prosperity shines upon you when you are emotionally-free, are distinctive, and are concerned with the world. Prosperity comes to you when you are YOU and when you aim to make a change.

In Pisces, Neptune wants you to get in touch with your spiritual self, so prosperity shines upon you when you are imaginative, creative, and empathetic. An optimum inner self awaits you at such expansions, and prosperity will follow.

In brief:

In the 1st house, prosperity is channeled through your sense of self.

In the 2nd house, prosperity is channeled through your sense of self-worth. Materialistic means and luxuries will be gained.

In the 3rd house, prosperity is channeled through your mind — be it the way you think, the way you communicate, the way you write, and/or the way you absorb information.

In the 4th house, with your upbringing comes tradition, and it is likely that traditional matters will be prosperous.

In the 5th house, prosperity is channeled through your artistry and hobbies; it is also channeled through romantic affairs.

In the 6th house, prosperity is channeled through your work, service, health, and animals.

In the 7th house, prosperity is channeled through your partnerships and marriage.

In the 8th house, prosperity is channeled through financial means of someone other than yourself (e.g. inheritance) and through taboo practices. It is also channeled through sex.

In the 9th house, prosperity is channeled through travel, philosophy, and foreign culture.

In the 10th house, prosperity is channeled through your career and reputation.

In the 11th house, prosperity is channeled through your friendships and through social circles.

In the 12th house, prosperity is channeled through your subconscious and through the expansion of your inner self.

The four skills are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Don’t be discouraged by slow progress!


  • Practice listening! Infants “listen” for more than a year before they can say anything close to “mom” or “dad”. 
  • Watch videos and listen to music in your language.
  • Try to recognize words, even sounds. 
  • Don’t bother trying to understand, just get used to the sound of the language.
  • When others in class speak, listen for what they say and mentally build images of their answers—in the language itself.


  • Read aloud: think of it as training your mouth to make the new sounds.
  • Learn a short standard sentence, then substitute vocabulary/
    • Subject and verbs can change (I am going; you are going; etc.)
    • Objects can change (I buy a car; I buy a CD; etc.)
  • In class, if your “answer” does not come to mind, repeat the question in the language.
  •  Stay in the mind set of the language, giving your brain time to work in the new language.


  • Do not read word-by-word, or translate word-by-word.
  • Prepare yourself for a reading: 
    • study its vocabulary first; 
    • review the advance questions.
    • Then put aside everything and just read, even twice.
  • Do not look up vocabulary while reading.
  • Do not write in your text book - separately develop a vocabulary list
  • Go beyond your textbook!
    • Children’s books are illustrated and easy to read!
    • Websites are rich opportunities to explore your hobbies in other languages, 
    • Read/sing song lyrics of the language!
  • As you advance, read novels- but read for the story, not vocabulary.


  • Some languages have unfamiliar alphabets, so practice!
  • Write out sentences you have practiced orally.
  • Carefully construct patterns and then write out the sentences with substitute words–multiple times. 
  • If you have spell check and the “autocorrect” grammar feature in your word processing, use it!
  • When you get corrections, re-write them.
  • Correct what you got wrong, even repeating in order to embed it in your mind.
Trump administration signals the end of protections for transgender students
The Justice Department submitted a brief withdrawing government objections to an injunction blocking guidance requiring that transgender students be allowed to use restrooms that match their gender identity.
By https://www.facebook.com/moriah.balingit

Barack Obama was not a perfect president, but he did take unprecedented steps to secure more rights for transgender people, especially transgender students. Last week, the Trump administration took action hinting that all those protections could soon be reversed. 

You will remember that Obama implemented guidelines for schools recommending that transgender students have access to bathrooms, sports teams and other gendered spaces that affirm their gender identity. After a dozen states sued, an injunction blocked the guidance from going through. Obama’s administration formally objected to the injunction.

Well. The Trump administration has withdrawn that objection, meaning they’re okay with blocking the trans-affirming guidance from going through. It doesn’t immediately change circumstances for transgender students, but it does signal that his administration will not only not prioritize trans issues, but may take action to undo much of the progress made in the last administration.

That the Trump administration would reverse course on the previous administration’s efforts on behalf of transgender people is not exactly a surprise.

In an interview last May with The Washington Post, Donald Trump, then the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president, said it was important to protect the rights of transgender people but thought the decision of how to direct schools to deal with transgender students was best left up to the states.

“I don’t think so, because you’ve got to protect all people, even though it’s a tiny percentage of 1 percent,” Trump said. “I think from that standpoint, [states] should come up with a policy that’s going to work for everybody and protect people.”

He repeatedly said during the interview he thought most states would “make the right decisions.”

Not surprised, but still speechless. Trans friends: I’m with you. I will fight for you. You are not alone. We will figure this out and make this right. 

mcg/enj/i: makes more sense, at least they canonly know each other, go way back, objectively better

my mchanzo ass: McCree and Genji? 😂😂😂 McCree’s love for Hanzo 🏹🏹🏹 Never stops 😤😤 Only room for One 1️⃣ Shimada in Jesse’s cowboy Texan🐎🐎 beating heart💕💕 Matt Mercer 4:20🙏🙏🙏

Energy Work Masterpost

Updated: September 2nd, 2016



Charging / Enchanting / Programming



Shielding / Warding

Energy Manipulation / Exercises

Thoughtforms / Servitors / Egregores


@gracefulleopard asked:                    

Would it be possible for a ghost to go intangible, through a wall or object, and then return to tangibility while still inside the physical object? Or would there be some sort of instinct/fail-safe type thing that prevented them from doing so until they were clear of the obstruction?

In short, there doesn’t need to be a instinctual fail-safe because they just wouldn’t be able to do it! Matter hates existing in the same place as other matter. If a ghost tries to unphase in the same space as other stuff, the stuff either compresses, is displaced, breaks, forcefully ejects them, or they are trapped in their phased state.


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Flat lay graphic tutorial

I’m going to teach you how to make this, which is a slightly altered version of a panel from my most recent graphic:

So I started making these graphics a while ago, and although a few people have asked me how I make them, I’ve only ever given really simple instructions so this is going to be a more detailed walk-through on how I make these graphics. Basically, I’m obsessed with them, I’ve made several variations (x, x, x, x) so there isn’t just one way or a correct way to make them. 

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A-Z NSFW: Vernon

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A = Aftercare 

Being one of the youngest, he’s more used to being taken care of than doing the caring so Vernon’s aftercare is kind of rusty and sloppy. He tries his best, but thankfully not a lot of post sex care is needed. Either dragging you to the shower or running to get a rag to wipe you both down. After getting clean it’s just cuddles and kisses before sneaking off to find food.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

He’s pretty clumsy irl but in the bedroom, Vernon’s a master with his hands. He knows he can play you like a fiddle with his fingers and he loves it and uses his skills well. He loves handing control over and letting you do your own thing, more often than not that just means handing the reigns over and you riding him just to he can fulfill his obsession with your hips. He can relax and grasp your hips and watch you work yourself on his cock and feel you rolling your hips under his hands. Watching you move is hypnotic to Vernon and he just loves it. 

C = Cum 

I bounce back and forth between thinking Vernon would be the most gentlemanly (aside from Joshua) during sex and when he finishes; not making a mess or he’s the shithead young guy that makes a goddamn mess and probably draws his name on your stomach with his jizz for the fuck of it. Ngl at this point, I’m leaning towards the latter scenario.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

I swear he’ll hide this in his sock or smth so no one every finds it but this dummy is legit gonna make a fcking list of sex stuff he wants to bring up to try. He’s a weirdo but super eager to play and knowing him he’ll probably forget everything he’s every wanted when sex is brought up so he’s just gonna bust out this goddamn list while you’re sitting there rethinking your entire relationship with him.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Being one of the babies and saying he’s never been on a date or anything, I really don’t see any way he’s got any experience at all. But..being younger just means he’s hella excited and wants to do anything and everything he can think of, so you’ll have an eager horndog on your hands. 

F = Favorite position

He really wants to try anything and everything, so he’s not particularly picky with positions, but he bounces between either having the easy control on both of you on your knees and an arm around you, holding your back to him while he thrusts or just handing over the reigns and letting you ride him into next week. Those would have to be his favorites. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Chwe Hansol? The living meme? Serious during sex? Yeah okay sure. While he is kind of focused on his task at hand aka you, he’s very lighthearted and playful during sex, it’s not uncommon for him to just poke you to make you laugh or slightly tickle you for the fuck of it. It’s a playful time with Vernon, there’s no standards for seriousness or what to do, it’s just a fun time.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t think he’s insanely hairy in general, so the forest that needs tamed isn’t a damn jungle, more like a park’s woods. He doesn’t do much to it, maybe once in a while he’ll manscape but he’s not really concerned with it. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

While he is a bit all over the place with sex, testing the waters with his new experience and stuff, he is a sweetheart and will try to make it as romantic as he can manage. Vernon’s big on eye contact and sweet talking you during sex and pillow talk is very common. He tries his best but does think he’s lacking so he makes up for it in your non-sexual relationship. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Vernon’s a stealthy one, he’s got it down to a science, when the older members are gone, how long he can take in the shower before everyone knows he’s in there jerking it, he’s like a goddamn spy at this point. Daily sessions with himself are pretty common, his hormones are still flying, he’s got a lot of personal issues to take care of.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He’s sightly possessive over you, being probably his first real relationship and sexual one at that, so marking is a huge thing for him. He’s the little shit that litters hickies across your chest so they just barely peak out if you wear too low of a top one day, and he gets that boyish pride of his marks being shown and knowing you’re his. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

He’s not game on being caught, or you being seen if you’re doing something naughty in a place you shouldn’t be. So with that, Vernon won’t leave the bedroom under any circumstances, you couldn’t pay him to. The bed and bedroom is the only acceptable place. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Being younger with hormones, it’s not hard to turn him on. Sit on his lap or touch his thigh or nibble his neck,. Really anything slightly sexual will instantly make things a bit harder for Vernon. Use that evil knowledge to your advantage. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Starting out, it’s easy to bruise his ego. Vernon wants to feel like the man that can give you the world, he doesn’t want to let anyone else do that, anything that involves another person is out. He’s not sharing and letting someone else please you like he’s not capable of it. He’s almost jealous of toys in the same way, he’s got a tongue and fingers, so what’s the need for toys? 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Ah our little rapper. Lord know they’re good with their mouths. Again, Vernon’s very eager to please and add that with being an exceptionally good rapper, you’ve got the perfect recipe for some bomb oral. He’s not going to object from a bj offer either, but he’d much rather skip it all and get straight so sex but he let’s you have your fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Vernon’s pace alternates from either completely erratic; fast and hard and with the only purpose to get you both off as many times as he can manage or it’s so slow it should just be considered teasing rather than sex. It depends on the mood, if it’s before he goes to schedule, he’s a hyper horndog, if it’s after, he’s a tired and affectionate lover. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Vernon’s really fond of quickies, they’re kind of his strong suit, he can get the same amount of pleasure and satisfaction from regular sex as he does for the both of you in quickies. They’re very frequent, almost 50% or more of the time, sex is quickies and he’s okay with it, he really likes it.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

While Vernon does want to play a lot, he’s really cautious about when and where. He’s game to play around with anything like positions and bedroom games, etc, but he won’t do anything if you leave the bedroom. Last thing he wants is getting caught with his pants down.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Vernon is fairly quick, he can bust out round after round until he physically can’t get it up again but that means he doesn’t last very long during each round. One round when he actually puts it in last maybe 10 minutes at most, but he regenerates really fast and is ready to go again before you can blink.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Being semi new to the scene, Vernon hasn’t quite delved into toys or things like that for sex. For a long time, it’ll just be the two of you alone with each other but after a while I can see him introducing some things like bullet vibrator or handcuffs just to play around occasionally.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s kind of a little shit in the bedroom, especially when he figures out what works well i.e. his hands or tongue, so Vernon does like to tease here and there. He’s a big fan of using his fingers on you and stopping every time he can tell you’re close to falling over the edge.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Vernon let’s himself be heard, he hasn’t quite figured out volume control yet so anyone near the bedroom will hear him grunting with each thrust and moaning for you. Only way to counter that is to kiss the dummy but even that, you’ll still hear his muffled moans.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Being younger, Vernon is insanely eager in the bedroom, it’s all new and exciting and he wants to do it all, he’s weirdly become the king of quickies. He gets so ahead of himself that he almost never can stretch sex out longer unless you tell his dumb ass to slow tf down. But maybe you should count that as a blessing, that he’s figured out how to make quickies just as satisfying as regular sex when he’s got a schedule.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Vernon’s more of a stretch, he’s on the thinner side of things, no insane girth or anything but he’s longer than average pushing more to the lines of 5.5-5.8″

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

At 19, I’m sure his hormones are still jumping like fleas or smth so he’s ready and willing to jump your bones any chance he gets. Just sitting on his lap? Oops, there’s a boner. There’s no off switch to him until his hormones settle so uh…good luck with this one.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Vernon tires out pretty quickly after sex, he’s not used to exerting that kind of energy and presumably sex happens at a time/place he can just crash and take a nap. He doesn’t fall asleep fast though, but he does become a slug afterwards and finally goes to sleep prob 20-30 mins afterwards, after he’s just been laying there cuddling you.