im rly tired but before i go to bed remeber that i lov my gf coul n shes amazing n beautfiul n she deservves th world
n so does m best friedn bryce h is the best ok gn

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/watch?v=FyT7eEoh-ms there is a song in this exo nature republic cf that i have been wanting to know the title but google is no help. perhaps you know or one of your followers do. its around the 4:16-5:10 time mark. i hope someone could help me. thank you.

hello hello i’m sorry i also dont know the song. Like what you said, google cant help us because even the exact sentence in the song won’t show up T^T

@ my followers if any of you knows the song, please reply to this ask


Mass Effect minimalist class “posters”

And they’re done! They’re not 100% accurate, but hey I haven’t worked with Illustrator in a long time, this is as accurate as I could get with these.

Also don’t repost/claim as your own (why do you think I slapped my name on those). I’ve worked 3 hours on them.
But I might release .png files in gray colors for people who want to use them in edits, perhaps. If you peeps would be interested that is.


bunny smile!!!