A Couple Updates On My Mom and GW2

My mom, with 4 100% map completed characters, has just now decided she’s brave enough to go into Heart of Thorns. She died to pocket raptors.

She’s filled her materials storage (wood, cloth/leather, and ores) 4 times and still refuses to buy the storage expansion.

Despite having played for a full year now, I’m still woken up in the middle of the night with “Stacy, do something about my inventory.”

She engaged in map chat once because someone was talking about dogs and she got really excited about it. She talked about it for a week.

After watching the PoF release she’s excited for the jackal mount. “I can go so fast. Those darned tiny dinosaurs from hell will never see me.”

Every time the announcement showed one of the devs we met at last year’s PAX West afterparty she said “Hey! We met them!” She hoping we can go this year too.

She made an Asura last night after putting it off for a year because “I’ll lose my little lady on the screen”.

Guild Wars 2 has made my mom more southern. Every few minutes while she’s in a high level map I hear “Gawd bless it”, the accent growing thicker each time.

Her elementalist, the first character she made, is currently still in DR from Wintersday. I asked why and apparently she’s still working off the drinks? My mom’s decided that her ele is a “lush” and it will take months for the drinking effects to disappear. She refused to listen to why that’s not how it works by claiming that I’m ruining her canon.

She wants to be a pirate queen and doesn’t like that we kill Taidha.

 Her favorite class so far is the Ranger, and she’s very, very proud of having every pet unlocked (except the HoM ones. I may get a second gw1 account so i can get her those too)

She still questions why we can’t choose what our swimsuits look like. Also, she’s almost done with the diving goggles achievement.

gotham panel nycc 2017

take two because i messed it up last time oops

•the whole cast is very large holy shit
•next week includes anubis!!
•ben mckenzie was working on the script for next weeks episode for months, including on his honeymoon with morena!!
•walls are closing in a little for jim, he doesn’t have a lot of allies left
•crystal says sofia definitely HAS feelings for jim, but we’re not quite sure how it’ll play out. crystal wants to know why it’s never acknowledged that him killed her brother
•david LOVES playing the billionaire brat, says there’s more of that to come!! there’s a scene in episode seven we should be looking forward to!! (includes him dancing)
•bruce/selina is in tatters, but a batcat connection could be in the future
•camren says selina is fed up and wants to focus on herself, she couldn’t care less about bruce right now
•sean pertwee is officially “hot alfred”
•we’re going to learn more about alfred’s backstory this year, we’ll see a new side of him and understand why he became a butler
•ben: sean is really pretty
•bullock has lost a lot, he doesn’t know how the new underworld works since he lost all the people he was used to (fish, falcone, maroni). he’s making the safest bets he can because he’s in uncertain waters, but it puts him and harvey on a collision course
•more penguin/trump jokes (per usual). robin says it’s fun playing “the second most crazy politician in america”
•jim gordon is his main adversary this season, almost full circle because that’s where they both started. jim and penguin both don’t want chaos but they both want to control gotham differently
•robin and david love working together, they’ve had more scenes together this season than in the whole show!! oswald is going to quickly figure out that bruce is going to be a thorn in his side
•david says a major theme in gotham this year is CONTROL, and everyone has a different opinion on how to protect the gothamited (bruce’s is the best obviously bc he wins)
•we’ll be seeing lee in episode five, but we won’t recognize her at first glance. she’s changed a lot, and she hasn’t been the same since the virus, but she couldn’t stay away from gotham. she’s going to be a part of the narrows to help people who were hurt during the virus and she’s in a fight club!
•lucius is officially the most sane character in gotham, chris is very excited to help keep thomas wayne’s son safe. he’ll continue to stay involved in helping bruce develop tech
•cory thinks oswald hated ed because he loves him so much. he misses working with robin a lot, but he loved the scene where robin flipped out after he escaped.
•erin says barbara will always be a bit insane, but she came back from the lazarus pit so she’s a little different (a lot more zen, knows martial arts) and ras has her back. she’s still got bits of the barbara in her, but she’s more of a business woman now and she knows she needs her family (tabitha and selina) and she still wants to be on top.
•jessica says that tabitha doesn’t really want to forgive barbara but she understands that she’s stronger with barbara and she needs allies.
•even though barbara and tabitha are the parents of this family, selina’s the one who’s able to calm down a situation.
•solomon grundy arrives this thursday!! drew says it’s butch in there somewhere but he doesn’t remember anything (hence his team up with butch). drew says solomon/ed/lee is the dream team you didn’t know you needed it.
•ben didn’t know that morena’s mom played magenta in a production of rocky horror picture show
•donal used to be an altar boy in rome
•david had an 102 fever when he auditioned for gotham
•robin’s been to the north pole, which cory doesn’t think exists
•sean’s dad knew the real christopher robin (of winnie the pooh fame). they used to play pooh sticks together!!
•camren was legally blind as a child, and she used to have to wear an eyepatch
•erin has a camel tattooed in her toe (camel toe!!) she was drunk when agreeing to it, but it’s small. it’s named falafel!
•drew’s first audition was for days of our lives, he didn’t get the part :(
•chris chalk has seen titanic fifteen times
•ben has NEVER seen titanic. morena says it’s gonna be their next date night.
•cory used to breed gerbils as a child. it was his first experience with pets. his first gerbil was named perdita because he loved 101 dalmations
•chris once pooped his pants when his teacher wouldn’t let him leave during a standardized test. (camren had heard the story before). he got a 98
•crystal wanted to be a race car driver as a kid
•alexander played chief stout in wind in the willows once
•robin says penguins defining scene was the pier with jim gordon, camren says selina’s was when she pushed reggie out a window, sean says when alfred let bruce kill him bc he loved him so much, drew says getting shot in the head
•cory is taking notes from ben on how to be a more mature actor, ben doesn’t know how he did it (he does fewer shirtless scenes!) ben loves the creative experience on the show, says that they’re all a family, he says that it’s unnatural how much they all like each other
•erin’s favorite line is “i’m not crazy i’m free”, camren’s is “the best liars already tell the truth”, morena likes “it’s gotham you should have checked for a pulse”
•morena says lee and barbara have some scenes together, she FINALLY gets to deck barbara. lee doesn’t know about sofia yet!!
•david’s biggest batman influence is the writers!! he also loved the comics and the old series with adam west
•robin says that in gotham anything could happen, and ed and oswald come back into each other’s lives next episode!! oswald has absolutely no idea what’s coming, and there’s a change he never would have expected
•danny immediately knew robin was perfect for the role of the penguin, robin really brought the role to life
•robin says killing someone in gotham is a compliment, it shows someone cares
•sofia and oswald’s relationship will evolve, they finally meet and it’s very cat and mouse, they’re both very strong willed, sofia wants to befriend him for suspicious reasons, and he IDOLIZES her father to figure out if she’s with him or against him
•ivy wills eventually stop taking penguin’s abuse, she won’t stand still and she’s going through a really dark change. there will be a whole new ivy by episode twelve!
•ben says villains are allowed to walk into the gcpd bc the security office is taking a nap
•robin says the penguin gets his time statistics from mr. pen, he’ll know
•penguin knows nothing about ras al ghul, he needs to stop always thinking that he’s on top!! he’s gotta learn about looking at the bigger picture and not to underestimate his enemies!!
•i almost got the front of the line to ask a question but i didn’t :(((
•but i did get really cute photos with david and drew, camren told me i looked nice, and cory waved at me from his car!!

anonymous asked:

How do you think the cresswell proposal would go down?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this one because y’all know how dear Cresswell is to my heart. And as a result, this thing turned into more of a novel than a headcanon. My apologies, anon! #sorrynotsorry

  • As we all know, location is one of the most vital elements in planning a proposal. Thorne struggled with trying to pick a place that struck the right balance of emotional significance and romantic quality for AGES!
      • “I can’t propose where we first met because it’s a heap of rusty metal in the Sahara.”
      • “I mean, I guess I could propose on the roof where we had our first kiss…but we also almost died there.”
    • In the end, Thorne decides that there’s really only one place that makes sense: the Rampion itself.
      • Every room in that ship is full of good memories for them. The galley, which makes Thorne think of the smudges of flour Cress gets on her face when she tries to bake and the way her nose crinkles when she laughs after he points them out. The cockpit, where Cress always claims the copilot’s seat and gasps over the view whenever they dock in a new city. Etc.
      • Not only does it loom large in their history, but it’s where they’ve built their present lives. And where Thorne hopes they’ll build their future together.
  • And then of course, there’s the business of the ring.
    • Thorne is a very particular shopper under normal circumstances, so you can imagine how picky he was about something as important as a ring for Cress.
      • “Hmm. And how many carats is it, again? Yeah, I’m gonna need something a little bigger.”
      • “No, that isn’t the cut she likes. It HAS to be a rose cut.”
      • Every jeweler he visits is pretty much ready to kick him out by the time he leaves because he’s just. So. PICKY!
    • By the time he does finally settle on a ring, both Wolf and Kai have accused him of stalling, but in the end, it’s worth the wait because Cress absolutely adores the ring he presented her with. It’s gorgeous, but not too gaudy. Elegant, but not plain. 
      • And Thorne bought it with honest money he earned and saved all because of Cress. That makes it all the more meaningful for both of them
  • And once all that was settled, well…Thorne had no excuses left for his stalling (”For the last time, Cinder, I am not ‘stalling’—I’m making sure everything is PERFECT. There’s a difference!”).
    • One warm spring day—because spring is Cress’s favorite—Thorne took Cress on what he announced was going to be the best date they’d ever had.
      • Cress was not terribly impressed by that since he says that before every date they go on, but she giggled all the same.
    • To begin with, they took another hot air balloon ride, like the one on their first real date. Thorne is not a fan of that, but since Cress adores it so much and because that’s what they did for their first date, it seemed appropriate.
      • Cress was impressed by that since she knows how Thorne feels about heights. 
    • Following the balloon ride, they went to a beautiful little outdoor cafe for dinner, where they could watch the sunset and Cress could scoot her chair around the table to cuddle against Thorne if the spring air started to get too chilly once the sun went down.
    • It was not until they started the slow, lazy stroll back to where the Rampion was docked that Thorne began to get really, truly nervous.
      • He had prepared a speech—as he always does for important occasions—but every time he tried to recall the words, all he could think about was the way Cress’s hand felt nestled in his. And what it would feel like if there was a ring on it.
    • They arrived back at the Rampion long before Thorne was ready, but he paused at the end of the gangplank all the same.
      • They often did that at the end of their dates, pausing before they went inside to lean into each other and stare up at the stars swirling overhead. 
    • That’s why Cress didn’t think anything of it, until Thorne made a strangled noise that sounded like he’d swallowed his tongue and then launched into the most nervous, disjointed speech she’d heard from him since that day in Artemisia when he’d asked her to join his crew.
      • And then suddenly, he was sliding down onto one knee and there was a ring in his hand and the words “will you marry me?” came stumbling out of his mouth.
      • Cress let out a resounding “yes!” without even pausing to think about it because she’d known for some time that that was what she was going to say when he worked up the courage to ask.
        • Her heart felt like it was going to burst as Thorne slid the ring onto her finger with shaky hands, and Cress launched herself at him to throw her arms around him.
        • It was a difficult for Thorne to stand back up with his arms full of very happy Cress, but he managed, grinning like an idiot all the while.
    • And once he did, he dipped Cress in the most passionate, swoon-worthy kiss they’d shared since that day on the roof of the New Beijing palace. But this one was even better because neither one of them had ever been so happy as they were right then, kissing under the stars.
W&N Cresswell feels (Spoilers!)

Me yesterday, reading all the Cresswell scenes:

Originally posted by deceive-the-damned

Guys, I never expected in a million years, not only so much Cresswell in W&N, but SO MANY SHIPPER SCENES. And every single one was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Cresswell more:

- Cress calling Thorne “Carswell”. ^.^

- Thorne asking if Cress could use her hacking skills to his advantage at one point, and she goes, “I could. But I won’t.” and being all smug about it. Like, Cress wouldn’t do anything illegal just to please Thorne but Thorne isn’t even surprised. I’m sure similar scenes have already occurred before. I don’t know I just loved the whole panel.

- Them bantering about going to the gala. They are so cute and all sorts of adorable. I’m sure they couldn’t be cuter and more adorable if they tried. And it just shows how they interact in their relationship. I NEEDED THIS!!!

- The whole escort droid scene. Thorne going for the one that looks like Cress (because it’s modeled after her) and then totally falls in love … with the one that looks like him, haha. :D

- And seriously, can we talk about how Thorne looks when he thinks he angered Cress by suggesting going with “Cress”-bot instead? Cress is not a timid girl who can’t speak her mind. And Thorne is not the one who holds the power in the relationship. This is their post-“Winter” relationship and we got to see it!!!

- Thorne being all sorts of worried when Cress gets sick and takes care of her!!! THORNE - THE GUY WHO ONLY EVER LOOKED OUT FOR HIMSELF - TAKING CARE OF HIS GIRLFRIEND AND BEING ALL SORTS OF SWEET! *cries rainbow tears of joy* He prepared food “made with an extra helping of LOVE”! Like, this sentence is there and in black and white forever. I’m a hardcore Cresswell shipper and even I almost couldn’t handle the feels. *cries some more*

- Also, my poor pumpkin, always being sick. :( I mean it makes sense but still. But look at Thorne being all reassuring (“We still have our whole lives for me to show you the world”). Seriously, if any Cresswell shipper had been there with me, this would have been me:

Originally posted by animated-disney-gifs

I’m so sorry but I would have just screeched into your ears for hours, then cried and hugged you. Guys, our babies! Am I hallucinating? I was seriously scared to wake up and all of it was just an amazing dream BUT IT’S NOT!!!

- And then Thorne still goes on to say that “all the phlegm and mucus in the world couldn’t make [her] any less beautiful”!!!! *incoherent sounds*

- Thorne’s speech when he receives the medal and publicly announces what Cress means to him. “This medal is for you, Cress”. I don’t care anymore, I’m just screeching and fangirling but I think I deserve it. It’s like Marissa came down from some angel-rainbow-sunshine-island, floated to Earth just to give her loyal Cresswell shippers W&N, with harp music and a floaty dress. And she goes, “I’ve seen what you’ve been doing. The fanfics, the fanart, the headcanons. Yes, you and @lovelunarchron, and @regolithheart, and @shanlightyear and @nothingtoseehere-move-along (and I know I forgot tons of people so don’t be mad) but here, this is for you. You gave Cresswell life and now, Cresswell will give you life in return.” I mean the plan backfired, because now I’m dead instead, but I appreciate the sentiment. :P

- Thorne being worried, even frantic when he thinks something happened to Cress. “If you hurt her, I will skin you alive.” I live for this kinda Thorne who is so open and shows every raw emotion! *swoon*

- And then it’s Cress who saves the day because of course she does! Who would ever expect anything else? ^.^ And she’s so smart and Thorne likes his girls smart, we know that, we’ve seen it in CGTBL, so of course he has to kiss her (and she’s WEARING HIS SHIRT!). And give her his medal for “bravery and extraordinary heroism”. Guys, just bury me with these panels.

I’m now in happy Cresswell-shipper-fangirl heaven. I had one one-shot planned that would take place during the same time as W&N and while it’s not canon-compatible, I can still try to work in snippets and hints of what we see about their relationship. I’m so happy right now. My babies. ^.^

roses and ruins.

pairing: james potter x lily evans
word count: 1062
summary: soulmate au - every time something tragic happens in your soulmate’s life, a rose appears somewhere on your body, and causes the same pain. when your soulmate dies, a black rose blooms from your chest.

a/n: this is dedicated to the beautiful and amazing @lilypotthr​, happy birthday soph, and ilysm <33

“roses, roses, roses, rotting, rotting, rotting.”

the first time lily gets a rose, is right after she’s out with sev at the park.

she is five, and the rose comes with a piercing jab in her left arm.

it feels like it’s being torn off—perhaps with a snap.

she comes to appreciate the delicate flower, and nearly misses it when it leaves, a short two days after. she nearly forgets that her soulmate is in pain—she’s just glad that she has a soulmate. (but what she hates about the rose is the thorns.)

she thinks it’s sev—sev gets a broken arm that day, but she doesn’t love sev that way, and doesn’t think she ever will.

but sev’s arm takes months to heal, and her rose was gone after two days.

the next time she gets the rose it’s two years later.

it’s on her chest, a big, beautiful flower blooming out of her heart.

and the pain isn’t physical, per say. sure, she feels pain, but it’s a heartache. it’s a heartbreak. it can’t be fixed by a simple check up at the doctor.

almost coincidentally, her mother dies that week.

she doesn’t think the pain will ever leave—and she thinks that the rose might not either.

lily can’t help but burn the roses left at her mother’s grave. petunia adds more.

she wonders if she can burn the one her heart as well.

the rose lasts two months, but her internal rose doesn’t. that rose stays.

lily thinks that it will never leave.

she hates roses, she decides.

the rose doesn’t come around until she’s ten, and this time, it’s on her knee.

it feels like it’s been scraped, and lily’s beginning to think that her soulmate might be a bit clumsy.

the dainty flower graces her knee for five minutes before it’s gone.

the petals are soft, and the thorns prick at her leg, but it’s proof, that someone is out there for her.

someone is meant to love her.

the rose in her heart continues to bloom, but sometimes, lily is able to put the thorns aside, and just leave the petals.

today is one of those days.

for the fourth time, lily gets the rose on her hand.

it’s in the middle of transfiguration, and she gasps, and it feels as though something is carving into her skin.

professor mcgonagall looks over in concern, and lily notices that there’s a small rose on her cheek, hidden behind the slight shimmers of magic.

the rose is a light pink this time—all the others had been deep red, but the petals are just as soft. professor mcgonagall merely raises an eyebrow and continues with her lesson.

it remains for a week.

lily remembers that james was in detention during class.

when the rose blooms on her hand again, during potions, two days later, lily is not surprised.

the pain is the very same, and she nearly drops moonshade into the cauldron when it was supposed to be lavender.

james is not in class, and lily ignores it.

but what she doesn’t ignore is the cloth wrapped around his hand after the day is over.

she’s worried.

one day, lily lashes out at james so harshly, she thought she might just be plucked off earth and dropped into hell for her words.

a gentle rose blooms from her heart, and this time, it’s not the one that’s always there. it’s not the one planted by her mother, and lily begins to realise—this rose was planted by james.

this rose brings a pain similar to the second one she’s ever gotten—heartbreak. 

she doesn’t want to admit it, and she doesn’t, but all those roses, they were planted by james.  

she’s starting to like roses again.

sev calls her a mudblood, and though their friendship has been tethering on the edges for a while, the tears still come.

severus was her first magical friend.

but that’s all he was.

the rose planted by her mother blooms with pride in her heart.

the next day, lily notices a large, beautiful flower pouring from james’ chest.

she knows.

when they share their first kiss, they are not free of roses, and the roses do not go away.

but the thorns are plucked from the stems, and carrying them are not quite as painful anymore.

the petals remain soft as ever, and their kiss seems to fix centuries.

james mumbles into the rose on lily’s forehead, and lily doesn’t quite catch it, but she thinks she knows.

because it’s her thought too.

soon, roses start popping up everywhere, and the pain that it comes with is barely felt by lily.

they come during battle, when lily is on her own, when lily is with her friends, and the day lily dreads the most is the one where the rose in her heart turns black, and blooms out of her chest.

it’s already happened to sirius. (lily remembers it quite vividly; after the fire that claimed marlene’s life, a gorgeous, delicate black rose grew from his chest.)  

the thorns prick her once soft skin, leaving scratches and scars, and soon, the petals do not offer their comfort as they did before.

but lily’s used to the pain.

when she hears james’ screams, she runs, as fast as she can, and huddles harry against her.

roses bloom on her everywhere.

the thorns prick and burn, and the petals begin to fall.

but her very last rose comes with no pain.

it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, and she hopes to god that she never forgets it.

it’s black, and it’s just the rose—no thorns, no pain, just the softness of the petals, and for one moment, lily is at peace.

she then hears herself yelling, and the last thing she sees is a long jet of bright green.

when sirius comes by, the house is tattered in ruins, and roses.

but the biggest and brightest of them all were the two delicate, black flowers lying beside the people who were once james and lily potter. he picks them up, moves them to be side by side.

the roses rot, but their memories do not.

sirius makes sure of that, and when he cannot, harry does.

“roses, roses, roses, rotting, rotting, rotting.”

I just need to find me a girl that loves women’s soccer as much as I do so we can go to games together and connect over the players that we love. Any takers? Also side note: I’m planning on going to a Portland Thorns game at some point this season so if anyone wants to tag along with me, hit me up because I’m looking to take someone with me.

  • rowling, tiffany, and thorne: we're going to spend an entire book leading you with a gay couple then haha whoops they're straight and hey here's black hermione such #diversity i know
  • clare: here's this one canon gay couple who im gonna send away for an entire book and focus on this incest plot line but wait here's another gay couple oh wait im breaking them up forever haha how'd that happen
  • rick riordan: holy fUCk guys heres a new book series that revolves around a bisexual guy whose son is also very Gay and in a healthy relationship and here's ANOTHER series with a Muslim warrior and a deaf kid and if that wasn't enough only 3/7 main characters in THIS series are white and did i mention that like all these characters are ADHD/dsylexic its rad
My Problem with Heart of Thorns

I’m going to preface this possibly long and very rambled post by saying this: my problem with HoT is the story. And just that. The new maps? Amazing. The new events? Amazing. The new legendaries and their journeys? Amazing. The mastery system? The mechanics? The specializations? The new class and it’s specialization? All amazing. I love all of that. In fact I have H.O.P.E. myself and I’m working on Nevermore and I have full mastery points and every damn achievement that came out with the expansion because I had so much playing it. 

But now, nearly a year and a half later, I feel like I really need to voice my main problem with HoT, which is, again, the story. 

And I have several points I’m going to cover, but it really all boils down to one thing: The story of HoT feels malicious. It feels mean spirited, a downer, a completed fuck you, a middle finger to the face. It’s downright hurtful. And yes because I love Trahearne and also Sylvari but also? Even if you don’t like either of those things the entire plot basically revolves around the commander showing up to late. The commander splitting the team and focusing on something less important. Your troops failing you and not acting as they should. The THING that you are chasing(Trahearne) being dangled in front of you several times as motivation and the payoff? You fail. You kill Mordremoth yes, but at the end of HoT what do we the player and the commander have? A broken order, a “guild” that doesn’t even want to be a guild, our friend and mentor dead, and the simple fact that we killed the dragon but lost too much along the way. 

I have never been one to say that Anet’s writing is incredible, in fact I really dislike their storytelling overall. But do you know what the personal story had in the end? It had hope. You kill Zhaitan, and it ends with this hopeful note. There’s a stupid, silly party at Fort Trinity, you get all your friends there, dancing with you, and then Fear Not This Night comes on and I honestly started crying the first time that happened. It was so hopeful and nice. Something that Anet is good at writing. 

I understand what they were going for with the end of HoT. War is horrible and you don’t live through the atrocities without becoming a changed person. For the greater good there have to be sacrifices. Sometimes no matter how hard you fight and how fast you run and how much you FEEL you just don’t save everyone. But you know what? That’s not what Anet is good at. And it’s not what I want from the story. 

We’ve gotten our funerals for Eir and Trahearne(in their own ways), we’ve seen the egg hatch and made a new friend, we’ve now somewhat defeated another elder dragon by sending it back to slumber, and we basically punched a god in the face. 

But it feel hollow, and sad, and like Anet is going for this gritty realism in a game I play as escapism. They’ve never done death well, that is most people’s complaint of the personal story when they actually care about the story itself and not just the long instances and bleh mechanics. In the past they’d introduce you to a character and then kill them in maybe even the next scene as if to be like SEE SEE WE KILLED THEM AREN’T YOU SAD. In the past it was just annoying, in HoT it’s somehow worse because they still have no grasp on how to make death meaningful. 

The story of HoT really in the end for me just boils down to mean spirited. It’s a huge struggle and slog and it’s hard for the average player and in the end you’re left with nothing but dead friends and the feeling that you beat the bad guy but lost too much.