when Jill Ellis makes the shortlist for FIFA women’s coach but John Herdman doesn’t

when Christine Sinclair isn’t on the shortlist for best women’s player

Me when charlie bowater’s amazing art of Feyre’s dress is on that beautiful cover of ACOWAR

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W&N Cresswell feels (Spoilers!)

Me yesterday, reading all the Cresswell scenes:

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Guys, I never expected in a million years, not only so much Cresswell in W&N, but SO MANY SHIPPER SCENES. And every single one was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Cresswell more:

- Cress calling Thorne “Carswell”. ^.^

- Thorne asking if Cress could use her hacking skills to his advantage at one point, and she goes, “I could. But I won’t.” and being all smug about it. Like, Cress wouldn’t do anything illegal just to please Thorne but Thorne isn’t even surprised. I’m sure similar scenes have already occurred before. I don’t know I just loved the whole panel.

- Them bantering about going to the gala. They are so cute and all sorts of adorable. I’m sure they couldn’t be cuter and more adorable if they tried. And it just shows how they interact in their relationship. I NEEDED THIS!!!

- The whole escort droid scene. Thorne going for the one that looks like Cress (because it’s modeled after her) and then totally falls in love … with the one that looks like him, haha. :D

- And seriously, can we talk about how Thorne looks when he thinks he angered Cress by suggesting going with “Cress”-bot instead? Cress is not a timid girl who can’t speak her mind. And Thorne is not the one who holds the power in the relationship. This is their post-“Winter” relationship and we got to see it!!!

- Thorne being all sorts of worried when Cress gets sick and takes care of her!!! THORNE - THE GUY WHO ONLY EVER LOOKED OUT FOR HIMSELF - TAKING CARE OF HIS GIRLFRIEND AND BEING ALL SORTS OF SWEET! *cries rainbow tears of joy* He prepared food “made with an extra helping of LOVE”! Like, this sentence is there and in black and white forever. I’m a hardcore Cresswell shipper and even I almost couldn’t handle the feels. *cries some more*

- Also, my poor pumpkin, always being sick. :( I mean it makes sense but still. But look at Thorne being all reassuring (“We still have our whole lives for me to show you the world”). Seriously, if any Cresswell shipper had been there with me, this would have been me:

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I’m so sorry but I would have just screeched into your ears for hours, then cried and hugged you. Guys, our babies! Am I hallucinating? I was seriously scared to wake up and all of it was just an amazing dream BUT IT’S NOT!!!

- And then Thorne still goes on to say that “all the phlegm and mucus in the world couldn’t make [her] any less beautiful”!!!! *incoherent sounds*

- Thorne’s speech when he receives the medal and publicly announces what Cress means to him. “This medal is for you, Cress”. I don’t care anymore, I’m just screeching and fangirling but I think I deserve it. It’s like Marissa came down from some angel-rainbow-sunshine-island, floated to Earth just to give her loyal Cresswell shippers W&N, with harp music and a floaty dress. And she goes, “I’ve seen what you’ve been doing. The fanfics, the fanart, the headcanons. Yes, you and @lovelunarchron, and @regolithheart, and @shanlightyear and @nothingtoseehere-move-along (and I know I forgot tons of people so don’t be mad) but here, this is for you. You gave Cresswell life and now, Cresswell will give you life in return.” I mean the plan backfired, because now I’m dead instead, but I appreciate the sentiment. :P

- Thorne being worried, even frantic when he thinks something happened to Cress. “If you hurt her, I will skin you alive.” I live for this kinda Thorne who is so open and shows every raw emotion! *swoon*

- And then it’s Cress who saves the day because of course she does! Who would ever expect anything else? ^.^ And she’s so smart and Thorne likes his girls smart, we know that, we’ve seen it in CGTBL, so of course he has to kiss her (and she’s WEARING HIS SHIRT!). And give her his medal for “bravery and extraordinary heroism”. Guys, just bury me with these panels.

I’m now in happy Cresswell-shipper-fangirl heaven. I had one one-shot planned that would take place during the same time as W&N and while it’s not canon-compatible, I can still try to work in snippets and hints of what we see about their relationship. I’m so happy right now. My babies. ^.^

Wedding vows
  • Lucien: and to think, if you weren't forcefully dunked into a cauldron of magic liquid while i schemed with your sister's abusive ex and realised you were my mate as you got transformed into a being you hated most, we would have ended in a one time hook up
  • Elain: stop you're making me cry
ACOMAF Alternate Storyline:

Instead of staying locked up in Tamlin’s manor in the Spring Court while struggling with PTSD. Feyre escapes and goes out on her own. Then uses her water powers to build herself an ICE CASTLE and lives life like a FREE WOMAN.

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Cress and Thorne in a sexual relationship? Cress is literally 16 and Thorne is 20 years old. That is an inappropriate relationship right there and making it sexual makes it worse. I'm not hating on you and saying you have to stop shipping cresswell, but you shipping two people with a big age difference (one being a minor) in a sexual relationship pretty much says you're ok with statutory rape (and don't even SAY their age doesn't matter to you bc it's still gross)

Okay. First of all, I don’t ship Cress and Thorne in a “sexual relationship.” I ship Cress and Thorne. That’s it. If you’re referring to this post, then you will see that while I do ship them and I do think sex is inevitable and nothing to be scared or ashamed of, I headcanon that it is important to Thorne that Cress is at least 18 (not a minor) because it is important to me

Secondly, I really don’t have a problem with a four year age gap as stated in this post. Because when Cress is 18 and Thorne is 22, I do not care. Reminder, Scarlet is 18 and Wolf is 23 and I don’t have a single problem with that. (And please don’t try to throw the whole but Scarlet isn’t a minor thing at me because Wolf was basically raised with no life skills and also professed his undying love to the first person of the opposite sex who spoke to him. No judgement, because I also love Wolflet).

In the year 2017 in the United States of America, is it technically statutory rape if Cress and Thorne were dating? Yes. Do they live in the year 2017 in the United States of America? No. So why don’t I have a problem with it? Because they aren’t real people. They are fictional characters in a fictional story about a crazy lady on the moon. 

I honestly think the argument of Thorne being four years older than Cress while she is still a minor is an old and tired argument for the mere fact that while I know something like that is supposed to be frown upon, again, they aren’t real people

Why do I ship Cresswell? Because Cress makes Thorne want to be a better person. She makes him see that he’s capable of great things and shows him that he is actually a kind and compassionate person. Thorne is a better person because of Cress. In return, Thorne shows Cress that she is actually really brave and strong – that she’s capable beyond her small frame and physical limitations. He has always looked out for her and made her feel safe and never has he taken advantage of her. I honestly don’t think that Cress being in a relationship with another 16 year old automatically means that that relationship would be more “healthy” than Cresswell. 

One of my favorite lines of the series is at the end of Winter when Cinder is speaking to the Earthen leaders and they are trying to talk down to her about Lunar immigration. She replies with, “So while I’m not going to tell you that I am the smartest or, by any means, the most experienced person in this room, I would suggest that no one use my youth to believe that I am also ignorant.” 

I think more aptly, no one should look at these basic facts and make conclusions about anyone’s character. One of the themes of the series is that people are more than their labels or what society thinks of them. While Cress is inexperienced, she is not naive. While Thorne has been shown to take anything and everything he wants, he’s only ever shown as giving to Cress. 

Furthermore, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to change my mind about Cresswell. I love them for the reasons stated above and many, may more. You’re not going to change my mind. And you, anon, obviously don’t like Cresswell for your reasons and I’m not going to change your mind. So why don’t we just agree to ship who we ship and let other people ship who they ship. I honestly don’t think me shipping Cresswell hurts you in any way. 

***Note: If it’s unclear to anyone else, I’m not up for further discussion on this because you’re not going to change my mind. I honestly think people should let others ship who they ship. 


The Seven Courts of Prythian (1/7)- The Night Court

spring || winter || summer || dawn


N: I was thinking about the first night at the beach house. Caught you out.
E: Yes. I believe I threatened to crush your windpipe.
N: Good times! That night, I offered to help you too, and you said I wasn’t a part of this.
E: Clearly, I was wrong.

My OTP hopes and dreams...

You know what I seriously need in ACOMAF? For somebody to outwardly call Rhysand a whore while Feyre is in his court, and for Feyre to just flip her absolute shit and beat/try to beat the hell out of them.

And for Rhysand to just be like… hot damn, my girl’s protecting me *blush*

Ima go cry ok bye