I’d like to put this game, bury it in a box and never see it again. No fight in the guys expect for Simmons tonight. I expected an uphill battle tonight, but didn’t expect the Spurs to just kinda give up. Seems like no one wanted to compete & no one was interested in playing basketball. Don’t get me started on LA, (love him as a player), but he was just way too timid, dude just shoot the ball, forget thinking, JUST SHOOT. Anyways, series now moves to San Antonio & all odds are against us, but I like a challenge & relish in the idea of proving so many doubters wrong. Let the Warriors celebrate, they killed it tonight, but come Game 3, it’s on. Going to need the guys to compete, to fight, & to just play basketball. If we win GREAT, if we lose, fine… I just want some competitiveness and some fight from the guys. If we’re gonna go down, let’s go down fighting.

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NAME - What’s my fake name on Tumblr? I think my attached email address says I’m Michael Oakside.

SINGLE OR TAKEN - Taken, but with a laminated list (but the list is just “clone of wife” like 20 times)

CRUSH – I do at Words with Friends

FAVOURITE COLOUR - Like my heart: blue

MARRIED - Two weeks shy of 12 years. What should I get her?

WANT A KID –  Yours? No. HELL NO. Happy with 3, might add a 4th. Unless your kid is a good cook and does impersonations.


LAST DRINK – Monster Ultra Zero

GLASSES - Only when I want my wife to think I look smart.

MAKEUP OR NO – Only if the wife had something really fun in mind.

CATS OR DOGS - Cats to pet on my lap, dogs for virtually everything else.

EVIL OR GOOD – Evil for my TV shows and movies, good for everything else.

FAV SPORT – NBA basketball

FAV ANIMALS - Cows. They’re delicious.

WEIRD - Who could be normal on Tumblr?

DO YOU HAVE ANY HATERS - All the LOSERS and HATERS in the media, or anybody who was mad that the series finale of LOST didn’t involve nanobots.

APPLE OR SAMSUNG - Apple is for pies, Samsung for phones.


Spot on! “Stuff Spurs Fans Say"