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swan queen are back in town from the road trip with robin and zelena,she was wearing Marian's clothes, and apparently OQ are back together (they were holding hands) and lily is in town too lol, oh and they're filling ep 20


wow..this is soo…..lame ?

it’s better not to trust pics without context, but i knew robin would come back

but i didn’t expect them to drag zelena in this mess lol, there are so many questions tho

how did she manage to stay as marian outside storybrook?

what about the frozen heart? why was it red and not black?

marian was so sweet and caring toward roland and regina and to the whole town?

marian didn’t show any sign of jealousy toward anyone lmao..like if it was zelena she would have killed roland for being that cute

if she was marian all along then s3 won’t make any sense anymore?

idk..it doesn’t make sense , let’s just wait ok?

so as always,let’s look at the bright side

yes, Regina and Robin will be back together, this is not a twist, i knew it! we all did right

now listen to me

  • it’s not the season’s finale..this is not the big twist or the big revelation! we still have two freaking eps (or more idk?), many things can happen
  • we have also Emma’s promise, which is you know the big thing here,Emma keeping her promise by helping her and supporting her and getting back her happy ending would make a big great impact on Emma’s and Regina’s relationship, and a big step toward a deep respect and love between them,i’m sure we’re gonna have a meaningful scene between them later on, maybe a heart to heart after the mess is done?
  • we have also the operation mongoose, i’m pretty damn sure it’s not about robin, it’s about Regina realizing who REALLY n truly was there for her all the freaking time, it’s about her being happy within HERSELF and her true family, especially that one person who always got her back, i swear if this operation is not about that i’d be so disappointed coz there’s no other option!, if it’s robin then it won’t make any sense,why all the pointless drama ? it would suck big time and make OQ even worse and boring than it already is! it would be so easy and shallow,
  • do you guys realize that they are putting Emma and Regina together for 7 or 8 eps without robin hood, putting them in the same freaking operation , showing to the audience how strong they are together, how deeply they care for each other (like hello remember 13? and that was just one ep! ), how much they understand each other ,the crazy chemistry between them, and how fun their scenes are ,and work perfect as a team, they will show all of that for 7 eps or more..then boom robin is back in one ep and he gets with regina right away! and hah you want me to believe that he’s the one and that regina is nothing nothing without him? come on! if they really care about this relationship at least give them more meaningful scenes together ,stop making robin disappear,doing so makes him unmissable,i barely remember his face, like do you guys realize that once again Robin won’t witness regina’s growth and struggle ?AGAIN, guess who is always there with her…
  • one more thing, OQ getting back together means all canon couples are happy,  and  there’s no way ouat’s finale (or any tv show finale) would end with everyone happy, if OQ is ok then snow/charming or hook/emma won’t be OK, captain swan is too spoiled ,they have no story going on,kisses and smooching 24/24   ,all is happy all is boring, so i think it will be them this time. (i don’t “hate” cs or hook or ..but i’m so bored with their scenes)
  • Lily, if lily is in town with them then i’m sure a big shit is gonna happen,she’s obviously from the EF,she prob gonna die or maybe she’s the devil?, so many things in my head but i need to watch more eps
  • and also, remember that every mid/finale is always focused on swan queen, the big twist is always about Emma and/or Regina .
  • one last thing, if zelena is the bad guy in OQ, then…this couple won’t have any angst or storyline EVER again, lool..they will prob make regina look like she didn’t kill marian, and robin didn’t cheat on his wife (which is bullshit, he BELIEVED she was marian his wife and still didn’t care),..so what? no drama anymore for oq?..kisses and cuddles and sex until the serie’s finale?
  • the big twist is not OQ = they don’t matter, they saved the big shit for a better thing, what is it? i don’t know xd .but i’m sure it involves the swan mills (charming) as always,
  • + if they’re trying to fix oq and make it look good, then don’t worry it’s a sign that the critics were a bit harsh and the audience didn’t like it, and trsut me they  can’t fix what it has been done in s4a, they just can’t, it was gross.

look, i’m not convinced about OQ at all, it’s a joke i can’t take seriously, he’ so insignificant, no backstory,no personality,nada,and he’s never around when he SHOULD be,   they clearly don’t make an effort developing them, they don’t care, regina said “he thought it was a sign of hope for ME”, emma said ” it’s not your story”..why the writer hate oq this much? why they make this relationship looks bad/lame all the freaking time?

so EVEN if they’re back together,i’d never take them seriously,and i’m sure it’s not IT for Regina, they might date in s5..then what? get married? have more kids? plz,

let me worry about captain swan instead xd ..at least i know the writer make some effort with this ship , i can sense it..it’s obvious

ps:don’t trust pics, don’t analyze it too much, we don’t know the context,

Because I don’t want to think about the possibility of Lexa not surviving the series finale, I’ve been thinking about harm befalling the other half of the OTP.  Obviously Clarke’s not going anywhere, but what if she got seriously injured, and Lexa thought she was dead or going to die?  She sees Clarke fall and cries out her name, rushing to her, but she stops dead a couple of steps away.  ’Not again!' she's thinking 'this can’t be happening again!'  

And she’s just standing there breathing heavily and looking broken, until finally she registers the cries of ‘Heda! Heda! Heda!’ around her.  As that builds in volume her broken expression hardens, then turns into intense rage, and she raises her sword as she turns and just roars in wordless fury.  Her people echo her, and then she plunges in battle like a wild animal, because she was weak, she shouldn’t have been weak, she should have known better, but she won’t be weak anymore. She will be the strong and ruthless leader her people need her to be.

She will make the Mountain Men bleed every last drop of their blood until they beg for death. 


With - Jason Webley

Six long months at sea, now a warmer current brings
Echoed fragments of a song I think we wrote
With a worn thin book of maps and a faith so full of holes
It’s a miracle we even stayed afloat

We could taste the salt through our fingertips
And knew the time had come
So we said goodbye to the lives we’d lived
And we pulled our anchor up

Now we scrape the barnacles from off our hearts
And we row the boat to shore, hallelujah
You can feel the end even as we start
And we row the boat to shore, hallelujah

Just done letting go of the things I used to own
Now I guess the tides are changing once again
I got so goddamn good at navigating on my own
But I guess it’s time to bring the old boat in

Well, I’ve worked so hard to get my sea legs
I’ve earned these calloused hands
But I drank this ocean down to the dregs
And I’m thirsty for dry land

Now I scrape the barnacles from my heart
And I row the boat to shore, hallelujah
I heard sirens sing themselves apart
So I row the boat to shore

I have an exam tomorrow that I’m so not ready for and a literature essay I haven’t even started but which I need turn in next week and more work applications to send for the summer but worst of all tomorrow morning I have to withstand another 45 minutes of my linguistics teacher saying pee-pee repeatedly because for some reason she just can’t say prepositional phrase instead


two weeks after defeating unavaatu || two weeks after being poisoned by zaheer and the red lotus


it seems like recently, there is a lot of new larries, i’ve seen it in some people’s asks and it seems like a lot of larry blogs have been gaining a bunch of new followers.

I’m a curious person so I made a survey! It is open to both old and new larries. I want to see if certain periods attract more people to our side of the fandom and/or if certain events are more effective on certain age groups



Happy 34th birthday,Joseph Gordon-Levitt !