man like whenever ppl tell me that dating their SO has never felt stressful or scary i get so ?????? like it makes SENSE but i cant actually imagine a romantic relationship where im not. scared of making the other person angry /all the time/ so thats kind of messed up and im looking forward to how thats gonna unravel in my future relationships 👌

Seeming I have to leave soon, let me speak about my new ‘schedule’ for Tumblr (and Skype. I’ll usually be online on Skype when I am on Tumblr.)

For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will check in for an hour. I will do the liking and the reblogging and answering asks etc.
That is going to be around 7PM non daylight saving GMT+10 hours.

On Fridays I will post my doodles from the week. I will be on for two or so hours, again starting from 7PM non daylight saving GMT+10 hours.

Saturday and Sundays I will be on from 3PM GMT+10. I will be online for 1 or 2 hours. I will be writing on those days, so fanfic etc.

So that’s going to be it until I get a phone or laptop. Some days I won’t be on and that’s that. Unfortunately, no more digital art for now. My friend Elita, who you would’ve seen floating around and speaking with me, has offered to let me draw on her iPad from time to time, so that will help with any ATs or Collabs, assuming she is okay with that (she probably will be tbh). Other than that, it will only be traditional art! That’s okay, I am waaaaaay better at traditional anyways pfft.

So that’s that! Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to speak to most of you due to time differences, so I apologise for that.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts just ahhhhhh ;;;
Thank you all so much! I’ll be back tomorrow if I am free!

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Whenever I see or read or hear how offensive James LaRosa features "his" couple Zero and Jude this days I get this feeling that this pair - once they will officially be together - will be the only pair which survive this season and maybe the whole series. Maybe there will be ups and downs, maybe there will be separations but I am sure there will always be love between them.... ( Deep in my head I hear the words happily ever after, Mari**** ) ... Come one. I am a girl. I'm supposed to dream. XD

Girl, we are absolutely on the same page here!

Zude will be endgame that’s for certain; they will obviously have their ups and downs but in the end they will always be with each other, when they’re official that is, and seeing how things are going down right now I’m guessing it’ll be sooner than later.

Plus James is gay himself and having this couple being the only non-hetero one, I’m pretty sure he’s going to keep their relationship a key factor to this show. Maybe they will be the one happy relationship everyone can cling on.

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Are you going to update Sans Days again or is it over? o 3o

Originally posted by maxvh4


Currently writing the next chapter!! Just going a little… slow… okay really slow. I’m getting there!! I’d give you guys a fair warning if I thought of ending the series, but that wont happen for a long while yet! 

okay so i have writers block, i won’t like, that’s why i haven’t uploaded anything in three weeks

so imma disappear for a little while and try to focus on writing and see if i can get something on

I’m sorry i haven’t posted anything and thank you all for being so patient

i love you all and don’t deserve any of you

Fanime Recap: Magical Girl School Episode 1

Fanime Recap: Magical Girl School Episode 1!

All art, plot, content, characters, and materials belong to the incredibly talented @magical-girl-school!

As I said in my last recap, anything I say in the recap should be taken with a grain of salt and not taken too seriously! I absolutely ADORE Magical Girl School. This fanime has consistently delivered interesting pots, smart dialogue, and likable characters since its beginning. If you haven’t seen this show already (which is almost impossible) its a 100% must see and you should definitely go binge it right now! I thought this would be a funny tip of the hat to this iconic fanime and I hope you enjoyed my recap! Thanks for looking it over!

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see now i gotta go 2 sleep cuz it's no tellin when that video will pop up at the top of m'dash goodnite you godless heathens

After last night’s episode, I think Lexa set the bar extremely high for future marriage proposals lol.

Like from now on you’re going to see more and more using “I swear fealty to you” or “I vow to treat your people as my people”. I mean its way more romantic than “will you marry me” right?

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With what's going to happen on tomorrow's episode, I really think Stefan's character arc this season will be gaining independence from Damon. I also think part of his arc will be learning the consequences of his actions. Also, I'm really starting to believe these FF's are Stefan's personal hell or something, because with leaked spoilers & JP itw saying seeing Caroline in danger will be a profound experience for Stefan, it would make sense. I'm curious to see if he has to go back into the stone

Now that the episode already aired I can say you were right on the money Anon and ever since I saw the promo about Stefan needing to “let Damon go” I felt pretty confident that’s the direction they were going in. In fact @playtheredguitar wrote up a really great meta on how this could be Stefan’s season long journey and how it ties into the FF being a personal hell (and him needing to escape) here.

I also felt the episode set-up how Damon is literally an obstacle between Stefan’s happiness with Caroline since they inserted hallucination!Damon into the Steroline flashback scenes. It was also really telling that hallucination!Damon kept trying to attack/kill Caroline and we saw Stefan’s need to protect her because keeping her safe is his priority. If the FF are fake that explains with the huntress knew Caroline was the easiest way to get to Stefan, because all of this is created from his mind and his subconcious. I do think Stefan has to go back into the stone since Nora made it seem like since the sword was made specifically for her so I feel like she might be able to do different things with it, it also seems like Stefan’s scar in the FF isn’t the same as the one he got from his first stabbing.

Hey sjws why don’t you talk about the REAL issues, like the fact that a minor character in a musical remake that nobody’s gonna go see is now black??!!?! Explain that atheists, all you pagan atheists


How can he ignore me like this?

Otonokizaka Private Academy

Chapter 7 - Magnetic Heart
Previous Chapters [1][2][3][4][5][6]

Words: 10k+

Summary: Nozomi learns that sometimes giving up is the right way to go. Of course it’s Maki who teaches her that

Tags: #Private_Academy_AU   

Note: Character appearences in order: Nozomi, Maki, Umi, Kotori, Nico, Eli, Nozomi, Nico, Maki, Nico Maki, NicoMaki…oh and with the occasional guest appearance of Drama™  

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Howdy everybody! we’re excited to enter this video into NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert contest! And we would be honored if you helped get this video out there for all to see. Now lets go give this day a kick in the rear! Big thanks to Rachael Smith of RaySquared - Ray² Photography for the Awesome video work!