What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 9/32.

Snow, clouds, ice and sea

Deep in the South Atlantic hides the remote island of South Georgia, a remote British possession. First sighted in 1675, no one landed there or mapped it until Captain Cook in 1775 who named it after king George 3. It has remained mostly uninhabited, barring the odd scientific expedition (such as the German one in 1882-3 to observe the transit of Venus in front of the sun) and summer season sealing and whaling station (which ended in the 1960’s).

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Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning.

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 16/32

San Lorenzo From Miraflores Pacific view Lima Photo Hugh Ardoin

San Lorenzo Island sits on the sea spiked with military antennas

Like some dimetrodon escaped from the Permian through a time warp or from Galapagos

Some vain attempt to a privileged communication with some distant star above

Nazca is just some steps away and our contrived dreams of an interstellar saviour keep our minds out of focus

The lazy Pacific waves come to die on the shore after so many thousands of miles of undulating emptiness

Soon the lights will go, but the roar of the Ocean will go on through the night gently rocking the phantom ship of our dreams

We humans are infinitely small, with a huge ego…

Hugh Ardoin The Americas Gallery

❛ are you trying to flatter me ? ❜          he’s amused, smirk set on lips as his gaze remains on the wolf before him, chuckle leaving his chest in a deep rumble. he’s positive she means it in a way of that she wasn’t expecting him to be in human form, which would be understandable. dragons were proud creatures, but even the ones with the most pride had to hide away ; especially in this day and age, couldn’t walk the earth as they used to. he misses being able to do so ( being able to spread his wings and soar through the skies ), but in this form, he was much safer ; easier to live amongst mortals.          ❛ not what you were expecting when you stumble upon me ? ❜          / @motherwolf ♡ ‘d for a starter.

Sindhu storms into finals, assured of silver medal in Rio

P V Sindhu. Photo: Getty Images

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 18 (IANS & Reuters) India’s badminton ace Pusarla Venkata Sindhu mesmerized world No. 6 Nozomi Okuhara of Japan 21-19, 21-10 on Thursday to storm in the women’s singles finals at the Rio Olympic Games.

Sindhu is now assured of an Olympic silver medal even if she loses in the final.

She will meet world number 1 Carolina Marin of Spain in the final. Marin had beaten Li Xuerui 21-14, 21-16 to enter the final.

Sindhu, who is world no. 10, sent Indian fans into a frenzy by blasting through Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara to reach the gold medal decider.

With a huge contingent of home fans roaring ‘Go India, go!’ at the Riocentro, the 21-year-old Hyderabadi gradually wore down sixth-ranked Okuhara before charging to an emphatic 21-19, 21-10 victory.

The Indian has secured her country its second badminton medal after Saina Nehwal took bronze in the same event at London.


he was looking at his cheese
his shit was swiss–
abyss on his hip
he flipped for fresh kicks;


don’t ask no questions, 
death knows best 
hand to hands
with them tom hanks out west;
grind all night; sleepless in Seattle, 
sleepless in battle;


Bushido code on a different mode,
they called him street
but he was really road
cause he’s seen everywhere shit’ll go.

—  Fractal Roar

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Some poly! LuCanJuv and 'Differences'

LuCanJuv + Differences

   There had been times in the early days of their relationship that they had thought it was never going to work, they were all very different, and as strong as their friendship was…this was something more, and suddenly those differences took on a whole new significance. It was made more difficult by the fact that there were three of them, sometimes it felt like they were trying to build a triangle out of four pieces, there was always something out of place or in the way. However, it was those differences that drew them to each other…it was Juvia’s unusual way of speaking, her passionate desire to be a proper Fairy and her fierce belief in love…it was Cana’s seemingly endless ability to go from roaring drunk, to completely sober and deadly in a split second…it was Lucy’s devotion to her Spirits, and her faith in her teammates… it was the little quirks, like Lucy’s hour long baths, Cana wandering around without clothes first thing in the morning and Juvia filling their room with teru teru bōzu …that brought them together, and slowly they found that the differences were largely forgotten, or had at least faded into the background.