Namjoon-BTS Ravenclaw

3rd digital art practice i think i’m going to paint all bts XDD 

Yoongi Slytherin

Taehyung Hufflepuff

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Boyfriend Yugyeom means..
  • he loves touching you
    • but like, being cute, not always sexy
  • like holding hands, back hugs
  • anything just to have you close
  • him singing to you whenever he felt like it
    • literally whenever
      • like while you’re doing your makeup
      • while you’re cooking food
      • while you’re in the shower
      • while on the phone with him
  • going to dance practices
  • only to get turned on by his hips and his lip bites
  • him sending funny snapchats
  • like him lip syncing your favorite songs
  • or bambam doing girl group dances
  • or he tries to send a cute video
  • but jackson ends up walking in and screaming like crazy so you can’t hear anything yugyeom said
  • “babe, have you heard this song before?”
  • “i swear, if you play chris-”
  • always pulls you on his lap, even if another seat is available
  • he loves having you close to him, not caring if the other guys are around
  • loves buying you cute little random gifts
  • and yuo wonder what the heck some of them even mean
  • but you don’t care because they are from him and you love them
  • he steals your phone and loves taking selcas, especially with the other guys
  • and then you check your photos at the end of the night and there’s like 70 pictures
  • and you’re like “wtf yugyeom”
  • but he says it’s in case you ever got to missing him or the boys
  • but you can’t be mad cause you do the same thing to him all the time, and it just shows you how much he loves and cares about doing the little things for you

heya protip if you’re ever having trouble with poses
if you’ve got smash go into a solo/practice match and do some attacks and pause in between and doodle the poses
it works a lot better than you think. it’s extra helpful if you save the screenshots
the best results i’ve gotten for super dynamic and flexable poses are captain falcon and sheik esp when doing back/down air attacks

at school we’re doing a poetry slam day, where everyone who wants to can do their poem in front of the school.
my teacher said if we participated he’d add 20% to our grade (wowie) so im the only one in the class who took the offer and now I gotta go in front of the school on Friday and do this two minute poem. i’m really scared because today i did it in front of my class and that was too much for me,? i shook for a good 30 minutes. im not sure if im gonna be able to do this?? I started going SUPER fast so im practicing going slower but oh man im worried about shaking too much??? i am 100% stressed out™

Shot Through The Heart

Reinako Week Day 2: Competition/Rivalry

“Haruka what are you doing? We aren’t on a break yet!” Minako yelled over the playing field as she saw Haruka slacking off in the corner. The tall blonde shrieked and turned her head around with a blushing face. Minako looked in the direction Haruka had been staring at and rolled her eyes.

“Control your hormones Jesus Christ.” She chided her friend when she saw that Haruka had been blatantly staring at the swimming club that was practicing right next to their volleyball field.

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anonymous asked:

hOw Do YoU MAnage YOUr TiME so GOod THAT you can study for like 3/4 hours daily aND do sports??, halp pls.. sorry for this but I'm annoying and I need to know and I LIke CAps :-))

haha thank you thank you!! and aaah kendo isn’t really that intense!! i only go to practices on sundays and during the summer, i go on sundays / tuesdays!

but i use a planner / bullet journal and trying to figure out a way to use a time slot management card for max efficiency! i try to do all of my homework / assignments as soon as i go home and get everything done as soon as i can!! i’ll also do my homework on the bus ride since it’s ridiculously long hehe (using extra class time is great too heehee)

finished my first art trade with @chalala-chan ! you said you like marichat and Alya so i thought wHY NOT BOTH?? lmao hope you like it :’D