Home alone and stressed out? It’s the prefect time to take silly pictures while looking like a dork to feel better!

In running a Hogwarts campaign, the DM decided to use the random magical effect table for when spells go wrong. While practicing a first-level color-swapping spell, my character accidentally momentarily cast Fly on another character, who started to fly up and away at max speed for a few seconds before the spell was dropped. Needless to say, we almost had our first case of accidental manslaughter among eleven-year-olds at Hogwarts.

Open RP: Abandon Ship

“-Griffons starboard side, starboard! AA batteries two through seven eng-”

“-damage to Hellfire’s engines, she’s listing-”

“-just lost deck three, Nevermore slammed into it! We’re falling-”

“-is MAS Marasco’s Promise, all hands abandon ship! All hands abandon ship, we are going down!”

“All personnel to life pods, all personnel to life pods.”

Another explosion rocked the airship; bits of shattered Grimm plowed through the hall just ahead of Ash. DAMN! When did Grimm become suicidal?

It was working too…the Marasco’s Promise was going down, he could feel it in his boots…they were sinking. The engines would give out soon and then-

Life pod. Had to get to a life pod…

Something-no, someone, blocked his path. Without thought, Ash gave them a shove. “Into the pod, GO!”

He practically hurled himself into the two-man drop pod, securing the straps just as the door closed. A moment later, the ejection charge roared, and they fell free, the pod dropping away from the Promise as she started to list. Ash could see fire along her flanks, her engine core overloading. 

“Oh man…” He muttered. Only then did he look at who had joined him in the pod.

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Beek beek! I'm going to be cosplaying olivander soon!!! I'm super duper excited!! An can't wait to show you!!!!! I'm also going to be cosplaying him at the next con I go to!! I'm practically dying to show you!!!



RFA Magazine Mockups!
{{I also have a Society6 account now!}}

They were supposed to make magazines about the charity parties and benefits lol – i guess everyone did little edits on each other’s covers too hhhhahaha

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God it’s been a long time since I attempted to animate a thing

This was mostly a test for a bigger thing I wanted to put together, but since I only have so much time this weekend, this is as good as it’s gonna get for now.

Simple study of Margaery Tyrell, done over stream yesterday. The recording is here if you missed it.

Please consider following my Twitch channel if you’d like to catch the next painting session! I walk viewers through my process and answer art questions live over the cam, it’s a good time.