Have you guys ever filmed on the set that was built to represent this mega famous fast food joint? Just the other day I was on set and it was made to look EXACTLY like Taco Bell but there was a twist – there was NO Taco Bell, tacos! Can you imagine? Like you’re just rollin’ up and you’re thinking wow tacos would be amazing right now, they better have some on set, just to yanno go with out set theme and then you come to find out there is none. Whatever was left of my soul was crushed. I instantly became the Grinch when I’m suppose to portray someone cheerful. That is the story of my life, y’all.



okay so i was hesitant to release this theme, because it is very code heavy. MOST of the editing needs to be done inside the code itself, so i do not recommend using this code unless you’re familiar enough with html to feel comfortable going inside the code and doing things.

this theme was built with character blogs in mind, it comes with tabs for an askbox, rules/full biography, character stat page & navigation page. In the character stats page there are clickable connections that open to new tabs where you can add details about their history/connection or whatever else.

Credit to @ncighbourhood for the tab code base (it’s amazing and so is her blog, go check it out!). This theme is dedicated to the tiny little group I have with @chasingxprongs and @mctherfvckers and our screwed up babies. xo

theme features.

  • 400 px posts size.
  • i-message style chat posts.
  • sidebar with 170x100px image
  • option for background image.
  • 10 font options
  • 4 font size options; 9 - 12px
  • 4 extra tabs formatted for: askbox/submit page, rules page, character stats page, navigation page.
  • features clickable ‘connections’ that open to formatted tabs for each connection.
  • supports all post types.
  • best viewed & formatted for chrome browsers

theme dimensions

  • Sidebar Image - 170 x 100 
  • Character Stats Page Images (x3) - 100 x 100
  • Connection Link Images - 40 x 40
  • Connection Tab Images - 210 x 410

terms of use.

  • do not remove credit.
  • do not use as a base.
  • do not redistribute/repost theme.
  • likes/reblogs appreciated.
  • enjoy!

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EXO Spending Summer Vacation With You

A/N - Shimmy Shimmy KoKoBop … I think i like it! Hellooooo everyone! I’m back! Here with another reaction/scenario featuring EXO who recently made their 2017 comeback with KoKoBop and Power! Hope this brings a smile to your lovely faces! (Yo I’m still shooketh from The Eve performance doe) :) 

Originally posted by fy-exo


You were on a double date with Xiumin and his girlfriend when you realized your boyfriend was dragging behind in line. Looking back, you noticed Xiumin whisper into his ear urging him forward. Come to think of it, those two seemed to be talking more on your double date than you had with Suho. You pouted waiting for your boyfriend to join you. “You want to walk any slower grandpa?” you asked with sass. You saw your boyfriend smile up at you and the trio continue to walk forward when Xiumin suddenly exclaimed, “Well we both will be heading out.” “What Why? We are almost in the front.” “Oh don’t worry about us, you lovebirds have fun!” He exclaimed running out of the line hand in hand with his girlfriend. You felt an arm slithering around your waist bringing you closer to a sturdy body. A kiss on your cheek brought you out of the state of confusion you were in. “We’re next in line Y/N,” Suho stated, pulling you into the Ferris wheel Car. You sat opposite him as the operator locked the gates and pressed the keypad to push the car forward. As you nearly reached the peak you noticed Suho pulling his jacket closer to his body. You cold?” He asked. You shook your head. “Why don’t you come here and share some of that warmth?” He asked matter-of-factly. You raised your eyebrow questioning his incentive. He raised his arms feigning innocence. “I’ll behave I swear!” He exclaimed. You walked over to his side and sat on his lap while pulling him into an embrace. A few moments passed when he started speaking of the first moment he laid eyes on you to each memorable date he had with you. You looked up in shock to realize that he remembered so much of the minor details. He continued speaking, “I loved every moment of these past three years with you. Can I continue to be in your life forever?” A breath left your lips when he pulled out a case from his pocket. Opening it, he unveiled a beautiful diamond ring which twinkled in the lights. “Will you marry me Y/N?” A small smile formed on your lips. “Is this what you were talking to Xiumin about?” He chuckled softly. “Yeah I was kinda nervous about this actually … that I might mess it up.” You gazed into his eyes - there was a certain softness and yet, also a strong vibe emanating from them - a quality which made you fall for him in the first place. “Of course I will marry you, you dork!” you exclaimed throwing your arms around his shoulders and sealing the deal with a kiss. He brought you closer until there was hardly any gap between you two. One hand gripped your waist tightly while the other sneakily rose up your shirt. When you two finally pulled back for air he whispered against your lips, “I thought you wanted me to behave.” You smiled and closed the gap between both of your lips once more.

Originally posted by irpsychotic


After wishing Suho luck with his proposal, you and Xiumin rushed off to one of the game booths to try your luck with winning one of the stuffed animals. It had always been a wish of yours to go out to a theme park and play these games with your boyfriend. Since he would constantly be at practice, the two of you would rarely have enough time to meet up on fun occasions like this. You wanted to make the best of it. You had to agree that he was pretty good at these games. It was almost as if it was the stress relief he needed. It wasn’t until he maintained a winning streak where you felt like you were more of his manager than his girlfriend since you ended up carrying all his prizes. You came across a shooting range booth when Xiumin exclaimed, “Y/N can you hold this too? That puppy plushie will be perfect for Baekhyun! I have to win that!” Before you had a chance to respond you were immediately holding the largest teddy bear known to mankind since it was bigger than your own body! You stumbled a bit trying to gain your balance with the amount of weight you were carrying. Who ever thought plushies could actually be heavy? Thankfully you found a bench behind the booth and took a seat. You dropped the plushies off to the side when you looked up to see Xiumin running towards you with a puppy doll in his hands. “I got one for all the members now!” He screamed with joy when you stood up with a pout and began to walk away. Xiumin noticed your sad demeanor and pulled you back to him. “Aww is my baby sad cause I didn’t win her anything?” You scoffed and nudged his chest. He giggled and asked opening his arms out wide, “Why do you need a plushie when you have me?” A small smile appeared on your lips. oH gOD. Even you couldn’t resist this cuteness. You leaned forward and pinched his cheeks when he quickly tugged on your jacket pulling you into his chest. “I was just teasing. Of course oppa won them for you, baby ~”

Originally posted by luedeer


“Yixing will you slow down?” you exclaimed as your boyfriend ran up the stairs. Your legs literally felt as if they were moments away from plummeting to the ground with all the running you have been doing. Your gaze shifted upward to see your boyfriend turning back to face you with a sly smile on his lips. “Aww is baby tired already?” he said softly earning a glare from you, “We are almost there, just a little bit more.” You sighed. “And why are we doing this exactly?” He responded with another smile. “You will see.” Before you had a chance to respond, he raced up the stairs causing you to follow in pursuit. When you finally reached the top door, he grasped your hand and together the two of you walked through. The crisp, warm summer air rushed through your loose hair, easing your soul after that hell of a workout. A soft gasp escaped your lips when you saw the soft flickering lights from the city below. “Yixing this is beautiful.” You turned back to see your boyfriend leaning against the cement walls with his hands behind his head, clearly proud of accomplishing this feat. He slowly puckered his lips and blew a kiss towards you, causing your cheeks to heat up. He gestured you to come forward and you sauntered towards him. Picking up his phone, he started playing music from your favorite tracks. He left one earbud in his ear and placed the second into yours and then pointed to the sky. As if on cue, a shot of light burst from the ground to an array of dancing sparks which illuminating the night sky. And from this vantage point, the entire scene was simply spectacular. You smiled back at him. “You raced all this way just so we could have this moment with fireworks?” He brought you closer to his chest and pecked your nose. “Yep, its this kind of moment which means the world to me.”

Originally posted by jhoonie


“Let’s try this one!” You exclaimed tugging your boyfriend’s hand towards the tallest roller coaster in the theme park. Baekhyun glanced upward and squinted from the sun’s rays. “Now you have officially lost your mind,” he mumbled giving you a judging look, “How about we just go in the Spinning Tea Pots?” “Because I’m pretty sure you’ll use that moment alone to your advantage, you pervert!” He threw his head back in laughter, astonished by how well you know him. “It’s either this or the haunted house,” you challenged, knowing his intense fear of anything horror related. You saw him shifting his eyes in deliberation when you thought of an idea. “Rock Paper Scissors?” You asked suddenly catching him off guard. You didn’t wait for him to respond and immediately played the best out of three match which you ended up winning. Jumping with joy, you exclaimed, “How about we do the Haunted House?” Beakhyun’s eyes grew wide as melons when he fought back, “Wait you said you wanted to go on the coaster!” “Well I changed my mind!” you sang out loud and pulled him towards to creepy maze. The entire five minutes you spent in there you only heard high pitched shrieks and cursing in dialect - all from Baekhyun. By the time you exited the maze you turned to face him, shaking your head disapprovingly while he panted in trepidation while clutching his heart. “Now wouldn’t it have been better if you had just agreed to the coaster in the first place?” You asked with a smirk on your face. He glanced up at you with those fiery eyes and you began to run for your life.

Originally posted by baeksilisk


A gentle breeze caressed your face as you heard the soft waves from the ocean crash into the shoreline. The hammock swayed from side to side and the gentle rocking motion drifted you in and out of sleep. You shifted to your side when you heard a whine, “Ah waee ~” A gentle tug pulled you back to a sturdy chest. You peeked up to see your boyfriend’s face nuzzled in your soft hair. “Hmmm you smell so good,” he mumbled sending a crimson blanket to cover your cheeks. His arm was draped lazily around your waist and he gently pulled you upward until you were eye level with him. “I really don’t wanna leave tomorrow. Five months on tour without you is going to be torture.” You smiled and quickly pecked his nose. He smirked. “If you really continue to be this cute, I guarantee we will never leave our room in time for the flight.” He bent his head forward and nipped the edge of your ear. You giggled from the ticklish sensation and buried your head in his chest and embraced him. Your eyes shifted softly upward when you whispered, “If it extends our time together then its fine with me.” You felt his lips curl into a smile and he quickly slipped from your embrace and swung his legs over the hammock. “What is it?” you asked. Instead of responding, he swept you up into his arms bridal style and placed a searing kiss on your lips. “We might as well get a head start, beautiful.”

Originally posted by daelysunshine


You placed a plate of perfectly sliced watermelons upon the table when a rush of laughter and squeals caught your attention. When you turned around you saw your boyfriend caught in an intense water gun fight with the neighborhood kids who your parents so graciously invited to your annual Summer Party. You rolled your eyes. Clearly, you were dating a chid. It took you a moment to realize things got a bit too quiet. Before you could comprehend what was happening, you felt a rush of cool jets slamming you from all directions, soaking you from head to toe. You cried out in agony while trying to shield your face with your flailing arms. When the sprays stopped, you heard a rush of laughter and peaked up to see your boyfriend snickering at your current state. “Channie!” you cried out while coughing miserably. He chuckled and made his way over to you. In one swift motion he lifted you by the waist and placed you onto the table so you were eye level with him. “Sorry about that,” he said softly dabbing a napkin on your forehead, “But I couldn’t resist.” You pouted. “Well thanks to your fun and games, my dress is soaked and completely ruined.” He raised his eyebrows and scanned you from head to toe, memorizing every curve on your body accentuated by the wet clothing. “It’s not that bad,” he replied with a smile. “Urgh, why are you such a pervert?” you asked throwing the napkin back at him, “I’m starting to think you did this on purpose.” He titled his head to the side with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Now what gave that away?” He pulled your body closely to his own and instantly placed a passionate kiss onto your lips. You couldn’t help but melt in his arms as he brought his body closer until there was no gap between you two. A series of groans and exasperated cries resonated from the sides as you noticed the kids starting to point their water guns at you two. Oh Great. Before you two could pull away, you both felt an army of water attacks flying forward. Almost immediately, you grabbed the nearby gun beside you and fired back, “Oh its on now!”

Originally posted by dulcetyeoll


Summer walks along the boardwalk were the best, especially when you were walking hand in hand with your boyfriend, Kyungsoo. During the afternoon peak of the summer heat, you two were fooling around by the shoreline, stepping into the cool refreshing water which usually ended in sudden tackles and a tickle war. As the temperature cooled down in the evening, you would walk along the brilliantly lit boardwalk and admire the twinkling lights above and laughter in the air. This moment was almost too perfect. The silence was interrupted by your boyfriend’s snickers. You looked to the side while still clutching your ice cream cone in your hand. “Whats so funny?” you asked. “You have a little ice cream on your face.” “Really?” You exclaimed in shock, urgently trying to find the spots on your face where the specks of vanilla could have landed. “But where?” You asked. “Here,” he replied nudging his own cone forward and brushing the right side of your cheek. Your eyes grew wide in shock. Oh this little shit! “And here,” he stated while brushing your forehead and the left side of your cheek. “Kyungsoo!” You exclaimed trying to wipe the cream off, “Urgh, where is it? Take it off!” He leaned forward and quickly pecked the regions on your face with ice cream with his lips before leaning back with a smirk on his face. Dumbfounded, you stood completely still and almost couldn’t believe what you witnessed. When you came to your senses, you smacked his shoulder as he threw his head back in laughter while exclaiming, “What? You asked me to take it off.”

Originally posted by kyungso


Your eyes skimmed the last few words and you eagerly turned to the next page, highly anticipating what would happen next. Your moment was cut short when a high speeding volleyball sent a heavy blow to your skull, knocking you back and sending you and your book flying off the beach chair. Thankfully, you plummeted onto the soft sand while simultaneously looking like a deer in headlights. Well … that was quite embarrassing. As you frantically tried to brush the sand off your hair and face, you heard a scurry of footsteps approaching you. “I’m so sorry, are you ok?” came a voice. You glanced up to see the most handsome face staring back at you. He offered you his hand while flashing a radiant smile which nearly made you stumble as he pulled you up to your feet. “I’m Kai by the way,” he said nervously while handing you your book. “Y/N”, you replied quickly trying hard to not blankly stare at his tanned broad shoulders and his toned abs. “So-um Y/N,” he stated timidly while tossing the ball back and forth in his arms, “Are you free to join us for a game?” We are missing a player.” “I’m really not that good at sports.” “It’s ok, neither am I,” he said almost too quickly causing you to raise your eyebrow in suspicion. Uh-Huh, sure you are with that body, “I can teach you,” he said softly, his eyes clearly earnest. You nodded softly, earning another heart stopping smile from him. “Come on then,” he answered, leading you towards the net. 

Originally posted by intokai


You stood upon the balcony of the cruise ship overlooking the tranquil ocean with a warm cup of coffee in your hands. A soft breeze drifted though the air causing you to pull your loose cardigan tighter over your shoulder. You took a small sip from your mug and leaned your head in bliss. Yep, the first sip is always the best. You softly swirled the stirrer in your coffee and gazed back into the sea. A soft shade of crimson blanketed your cheeks as you recalled the events of last night with your fiance - well husband now - seeing this is now your honeymoon. Just as you were about to turn your attention back to your coffee, a pair of arms slithered around your waist, filling you up with an overwhelming amount of warmth. You looked up to see a handsome face peering back at you with a smirk on his lips. “You left me alone,” he whined while dipping his head forward, pecking your lips and bringing you closer to his bare chest. You felt a breeze again and this time he nuzzled his face into your neck, breathing in your scent and leaving small kisses on your shoulder. “Sehun,” you said softly placing your mug aside and turning around to face him. “Hmm?” he whispered tugging your cardigan down to move his kisses to your shoulder. “We should probably get ready if we want to make it to the show on time.” He chuckled softly while gently nipping the skin on your collarbone. “Actually,” he replied, lifting you off the ground until your lips were barely a centimeter apart, “I have some other plans of my own.” 

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Art for the banner made by awesome @siruoa! Go check their art here~

Hello again FMA fandom! Despite everything, Greedling week is still happening as planned! Now with MORE MODS! (Welcome Siru) MORE THEMES! (Check them out under the cut ^^) MORE EXCITEMENT!!! 1000 ELEPHANTS!

This event is dedicated to both appreciation of the character himself as well as the relationship between Greed and Ling in all its forms and dynamics. It will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of April.


  • Tag your works as #GREEDLINGWEEK17 within the first 5 tags
  • Please tag any potential ships, trigger warnings, epilepsy warnings and nsfw
  • Either tag or write in the caption the theme(s) you used

Any kind of fanwork is welcome: fanarts, fanfics, gifsets, edits, AMVs, cosplays, playlists… You made it? We want to see it!

Want to know more?

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Just Friends

Source of picture: link

Word Count: 954
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Pairing

Description: Can it be considered as a friendzone? Do you think they love each other more than just a friend?

The sound of rain was loud enough to pierce through the walls of his apartment. You two had planned to go to an amusement park yesterday. You were so excited about the idea that you even decided to stay over in his place so the next day, the two of you could leave earlier. 

It had been quite a while since you had time to go out which probably why you were so enthusiastic about the outing. Other than that, going out to a theme park with him was always fun, the last time you two went, you considered it as one of the best days of your life as the day was filled with a constant laughter and fun. Besides, you knew you needed a little short break to relieve your stress from your work. 

However, much to your disappointment, the weather had decided to be a bitch and ruined the whole plan you had in mind. 

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NSFW Aoba Jōsai Third Year Headcannons

Props to @hq-imagine-matchup for helping me!! (Go check ‘em out!!) 


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they’re all fucking liars and cheats anyways, trading their friendship for materialistic possessions, making me buy loveseats that go extremely out of my theme to make them happy. i never ask them to change up their camper material, i never tell them to buy me three squids and a puffer fish in order to become friends. these selfish bastards, won’t even visit my campsite. i have to buy this bitch a fucking swinging bench for him to visit 

House Party Headcanons

Cause let’s face it inter-house partying must happen all the time at Hogwarts and you know it would be the bomb

Gryffindor throws the parties with the most collateral damage. They’re the ones that host after Quidditch matches (the ones that they win, of course). Somehow, the parties always end with at least ten people waking up in the Forbidden Forest, madly hung over and occasionally covered in centaur dung.

Ravenclaw is the host of the classier parties, like masquerade balls and that sort of thing. They have a dress code and always manage to get their hands on something more upscale than firewhiskey. They also hold poetry jams sometimes, which the Hufflepuffs gladly attend.

Hufflepuff’s parties are just fun. They go all out with themed events, occasionally coming up with innovative party games, and they always, always manage to play the best music. A couple people usually stay sober to make sure that no property gets destroyed and that no one injures themselves or anyone else.

Slytherin hosts the ragers. If you go to a Slytherin party, be prepared for some hard alcohol, intense dancing, and lots of sex (sometimes because of the Slytherins’ penchant for brewing love potions and playing drinking games with them). Sometimes they’ll degenerate into Gryffindor/Slytherin brawls at varying levels of violence and seriousness. You’re just as likely to stumble across a drunken Slyther/Gryff dance-off as you are to see a member of one house punch the other in the face.

And, of course, there’s one thing that all of the parties have in common: no first through fourth years allowed.

Ruined - A JB imagine yoo

hi can you an imagine where y/n and justin want to have a fun day out, going to theme parks, the beach, skate park but paparazzi ruin it and y/n get kinda scared of them, so justin get angry at them and they leave and she they get home y/n gets really emotion but jusitn comforts her. thanks sorry this does’t really make sense



requests are always open :-)


“Lets go out today” I say , bouncing on the bed where Justin was currently trying to fall back asleep on .

“Y/N , your energy level is too high for this time of day” Justin groans and I stop bouncing , before pouting .

“Please? I wanna go to the beach” I beg , and he sighs , before turning onto his back .

“No Y/N , paparazzi is on full force on Saturdays and I don’t want you getting hurt” He mumbles , and I roll my eyes .

“Justin , im a big girl and I can take care of myself . Plus , when was the last time we went on a date?” I point out.

I quickly take the opportunity to straddle him , resting my head on his chest .

“What else do you wanna do?” He asks , and I shrug .

“I don’t know , maybe the skating rink or like universal!” I say , getting more and more excited with every option .

“Fiiiine” He grumbles and I squeal , pressing a kiss to his lips .

“Thaaaank you” I say , and he laughs at my childishness.

“Lets get ready!” I shout , bouncing on the bed once more and running into the bathroom.


“Justin!” I squeal as he splashes water at me , and I quickly try to run away from him but he catches me , lifting me up and throwing me back into the water .

I gasp , which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do because water filled my mouth, making me choke as I sprung back up.

I crossed my arms as Justin stood a few feet away from me , laughing .

“That wasn’t funny” I pout , walking until I was in front of him and he wrapped his arms around me .

“Youre right , it wasn’t funny” He says sincerely , and I smile .

“It was hilarious” He jokes , before bursting into another fit of laughter .

“Ugh!” I say , before jumping on him , making us both fall into the water. I felt Justins hands wrap around me thighs as he picked us both back up and I wrapped my arms around his neck .

“Gotcha” I say as I stare down at him , and he smiles , his eyes moving from mine to my lips .

“You look so beautiful right now” He whispers , and my stomach flutters wildly.

As I move in to press my lips against his , I see a flash , multiple flashes following .

I turn my head and freeze slightly as I notice the crowd of paparazzi at the shore of the beach , snapping pictures of us .

“Fuck” Justin mutters , before letting go of my thighs , making me stand on my feet.

“Justin its fine . We can just leave okay?” I say , grabbing his hand and he clenches his jaw before nodding .

“Stay close to me” Justin says as we start to walk closer and closer to shore .

I move closer to him and shiver slightly as we reach the sand , a crowd of men surrounding us , screaming and snapping pictures .

“Y/N! Y/N! Are you with Justin for his fame?”

“Y/N , why are you in a two piece?”

“Y/N lose weight!”

I gasped as I felt a slap on my ass cheek , and I quickly gripped Justins arm tighter , fighting my tears .

“Move back! Give her some space” Justin growled , pushing through the crowd.

When we finally made it to our private tent , we quickly grabbed our stuff.

Before we left Justin moved closer to me and I looked down , trying not to get upset.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” He asks , his finger caressing my cheeks .

“O-one of the guys” I start , my bottom lip trembling .

I watched as Justin tensed up , and I let out a deep breath .

“One of the guys what?” He asks , his voice hard .

I looked away from his glare , shaking slightly .

“Y/N “, he said more gently , and I looked up at him , my eyes shiny with unshed tears.

“Please don’t get mad” I plead , and he clenches his jaw , before nodding .

“T-they , slapped my butt” I said finally , and within a second Justin was storming towards the front of the tent and I was hot on his heels .

“Justin , please don’t do anything stupid!” I cry , trying to grab the back of his shirt but he was already outside .

“Which one was it ? Which one of these fuckers touched you Y/N” He growls and I pull his arm , the paparazzi taking the opportunity to snap photos and record .

“I don’t know Justin I don’t know ! Please , lets just go.” I beg , trying to get him to look at me .

“Please Justin I want to go home” I whimper , finally letting the tears fall , and he looks down at me , his eyes softening at my distraught state .

“To the fucker who touched my girlfriend , watch your back” He threatens , before grabbing my hand and leading me towards the car , paparazzi still following us .

“Put this on Y/N” He says , removing his shirt and handing it to me .

I quickly put it on , before hurrying into the car and closing the door , Justin moving to the drivers side and doing the same .

He quickly pulled out and drove off , and I let out a breath of relief , before staring out of the window.

I felt Justin grab my hand , giving it  a slight squeeze , but I continued to stare out the window , words replaying in my head .

“Y/N! Y/N! Are you with Justin for his fame?”

“Y/N , why are you in a two piece?”

“Y/N lose weight!”

I closed my eyes , wanting to be home as soon as possible .

When we got home , I got out of the car and walked silently to the front door , waiting for Justin to open it .

We were both silent as we entered his house , and I slowly walked up the stairs, into the master bathroom.

I peeled Justins shirt off of me , as well as my bathing suit , and stepped into the shower , turning it on and letting the water wash over me .

After a few minutes the curtain opened and Justin entered , standing in front of me .

I stepped back so he could get some water , and he moved closer , both of us underneath the hot water.

Before I could say anything , he wrapped his arms around me , making me burst into tears.

“Shhh , youre okay now alright?” He says quietly , and I nod , sniffling slightly .

“I wont let them do that ever again you understand? I promise” He says gently , and I press a kiss to the cross on his chest before pressing my cheek against it , Justin kissing the top of my head .

“Paparazzi sucks” I croak and he chuckles .

“Yeah , they do” He agrees, hugging me tighter.


GOOD-MORNING LOVES! here is a set in which yoongi took selfies on your phone before leaving on tour

But, uhm you see in the second text i made a typo. It is supposed to say “im glad you like the pics i took on your phone” i hope you guys dont mind…hehehehhe.

send in requests please, 


huntingbird headcanons [1/?]

  • Bobbi secretly likes Hunter’s stubble.
  • Not a beard though. Never a beard. N e v e r
  • Any time they go out to a Spanish themed restaurant Hunter makes a point to show off his language skills and orders in Spanish. 
  • Seemingly forgetting that Bobbi is also fluent in Spanish. 
  • Hunter once accidentally rented Titanic and he figured they might as well watch it. 
  • Bobbi isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day or any day that requires mandatory romantic intentions.
  • Which is why Hunter never pays attention to them either and gets Bobbi tulips on random days.
  • Hunter tried to surprise Bobbi once by buying her a new dress.
  • Only once because he had to go and return it since it was too short. 
  • He once bought her lingerie and Bobbi is still trying to figure out how he managed to get all the measurements right. 
  • Bobbi sometimes speaks in foreign languages while they’re in bed because she knows it turns Hunter on but most of the time it’s nonsense like frying pan, buffet, or couch potato.
  • Hunter buys a few shirts that are extra long so Bobbi can wear them around the house.    

anonymous asked:

Any friend drama for the ask thing?? (I'm so nosy ahhh)

mmmm well i’m not involved in any ahah the closest to drama i’ve had recently was a few of my friends saying they were interested in going out to a beyonce-themed party at a local club (not even a lgbt club), then later on when asked backing out because they “were told it’s really hardcore, like, lots of gay people just making out” and i was like…… really…….. i thought you were above that, ok

but other than that i live for my bff’s love life drama and cycles of uninstalling tinder, getting bored and reinstalling, getting disenchanted again, rinse & repeat lmao i am so glad i don’t have to deal with the whole dating scene rn

sleepover saturday 🌟 ask me about anything, talk about your day/crushes/drama, what you’re looking forward to, music/movie/book recs, etc!!!

just like the 40′s

Requested by anon: “Hey there lovely person :) My friend hunter-of-baker-street recommended your blog and I’m already loving it!! Can I request a Bucky x reader smut where the reader is an actress and she’s dressed up in a ‘40’s military uniform for a play?? Thanks and have a wonderful day 💜”

Warning: smut, fingering, fluff at beginning and end 

Originally posted by natpekis

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