OutofPenguin ; I’m?? starting to see just how attractive Nagisa is and it feels really weird? Because all of this time he looked like a 12 year old to me but then I see icons like the one above and I’m like: oh no he’s a wolf disguised as a sheep.


.damn all those beautiful girls,
they only wanna do you dirt

I’m serious FUCK my doctor just fuck her prescribing me birth control and shit and telling me it’s normal to have my terrible irregular and painful periods and ignoring literally everything… I’ve been saying something is wrong, so I ended up pushing to go a nurse instead, got an ultrasound and YEP I was RIGHT there is serious shit going wrong in my ovaries lol tmi… But feels good, I’ve been talking about this for a few years minimum, not once was I listened to, until this year by someone who’s not my doctor