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“So you gonna actually tell her you like her or just be a creep and watch her from afar?” Kozik looked away from you and towards Jax who was standing next to him. He said nothing and took a long pull from his beer while Jax chuckled and sat beside him. “You can’t be mad at her if you don’t tell her that you’re interested. How is she supposed to know to stay away from him? That prospects not gonna quit unless he knows she’s taken.” Kozik looked away from Jax and looked back towards you, his blood boiling as he saw the prospects hand had moved to your hip and he was standing much closer to you. Kozik handed his beer over to Jax and stood, beginning to make his way over to you.

“Maybe I can take you for a ride later. I’d love to spend some more time with you.” “Actually that’s not gonna happen.” You looked over to your right to see who’d answered for you and saw Kozik standing there looking less than pleased. His jaw was set tight and his eyes were focused on the prospect in front of you. He looked from Kozik to you and back again. “Didn’t know she was taken.” You could hear the confrontational undertone in the prospect’s voice and and looked to Kozik, unsure of why he was butting in your business.

“Walk away.” “She’s not your Old Lady or anything, no reason why I should back off.” The prospect removed his hand from your hip but only to put them both at his sides and stand up straighter, taking a step towards Kozik. You could tell where this was going and all though you were just as confused as the prospect, you really didn’t want them to get in a fight over you. You stood next to them and placed and arm between the two, trying to defuse the situation. “We were just talking Kozik.” He finally looked away from the prospect and looked down at you, fire in his eyes. He grabbed onto the hand that you had against his chest and pulled you towards him roughly. “Go to my dorm.”

You stared at him blankly and didn’t move, not wanting him to leave him alone since you knew he’d end up beating the kids ass. He couldn’t have been more than 20 and you didn’t want to be the reason he ruined his chances of getting patched. Kozik didn’t seem to like your hesitance though and grabbed onto your chin roughly, squeezing your cheeks and bringing your face centimeters from his. “I said go to my dorm. Don’t fucking make me tell you twice.” You gulped and nodded as best as you could in his ironlike vice before taking a look at the prospect and walking to the dorms. He had a smug look on his face as he looked at you like he thought he was going to win and you knew that wasn’t going to be the case.


You’d been sitting on Kozik’s bed for a good 3 minutes, hearing the hoots and whistles as the fight ensued when he came in. He slammed the door shut and turned around to you, a little blood on his eyebrow from a cut. That seemed to be the extent of his wounds though and you stood, planning to inspect him but he grabbed onto your hands and spun you around. Your back hit the wall with a thud and you gasped quietly, completely surprised by his aggression. Kozik was always the perfect gentleman, holding open doors and pulling out your chair for you. He was one of if not your best friends and he’d never, ever treated you the way he had tonight. As unexpected as it was, you couldn’t deny that it had turned you on.

You’d never really seen him that way before, never thought of him as anything more than a friend but now you were seeing him in a whole new light. He held you against the wall by your shoulders, his face right in front of yours. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing messing around with that prospect?” You stood there with your mouth open, no answer in mind. “He doesn’t give a fuck about you. He had 3 croweaters in his bed just last night, you really think you’re special to him?” “No. We were just talking. I wasn’t even going to sleep with him. It was a little harmless flirting.”

His jaw twitched and he huffed out a breath. “Well that shit stops tonight, you understand?” You nodded lightly and leaned forward pressing your lips against his roughly, not knowing what came over you. He reacted instantly, his hands leaving your shoulders and going to your hips. He grasped you firmly and pulled you towards his bed before pushing you down onto it forcefully. You bit your lip as you laid there and looked up at him, standing at the foot of the bed and pulling his clothes off. You raked your eyes over his strong arms and tattoos in a trance.

You reached down and grabbed onto the hem of your dress, pulling it up. Exposing your panties to him, you ran a hand up and down the inside of your thigh while you waited for him to finish with his pants. He let out a growl as he watched you and crawled onto the bed towards you, stalking you like prey. “Get that dress off.” You obeyed and sat up slightly, pulling the fabric over your head. As soon as your breasts were exposed, Kozik took one in his mouth and a handful of the other, pushing you back down on your back before looking up at you. “You’re mine.”

He said nothing more and planted his lips on your chest, his hands still groping you. Your hand instinctively went to he back of his head and you held him to you, your eyes closed as you enjoyed the feel of his mouth on your skin. “I didn’t know you liked me.” “Yeah. I know.” You laughed lightly as you heard the angry edge come back to his voice, no doubt thinking about the prospect again. “Oh you think that’s funny do you?” You bit your lip and looked at him, trying to hold back your smile. “No. I just feel bad for the kid. Not his fault you never said anything.” “Well I’m saying it now. Stay away from him.” You nodded and saluted sarcastically. “Yes Sir.” Kozik smirked and gripped you by the hips, turning you over and pulling you on all fours. “I’ll give you Sir, smart ass.”