stayed up till 4:30am to watch my fav counterstrike team play in the quarter finals of Dreamhack: Austin (they lost) aaand my 3 doggos have took total control of the bed aaaand my boyfriend has informed me he’d like pancakes for breakfast (it’s his birthday) SO I have to get up early tomorrow and go to the store

its a good thing I love them all!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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okay but bucky snapping out of winter soldier head space because when he pulls a gun in the common room (freaking everyone out) tony (his boyfriend) leans forward and licks the gun seductively.

ANON GIVE ME SOME WARNING!!!! (lol actually don’t this was a joy to come home to)

Oh my God and Bucky probably just hauls Tony over his shoulder and carries him away like a fucking caveman to have his way with him aaahhhh

Why do people think they’re being profound when they say “Nothing’s perfect”, or “the word perfect doesn’t exist”?

Don’t be so hard on the word perfect. It’s my favorite word, because it has close to 8 billion different meanings.

Every one has their own definition of perfect. To me, my house and the area I live in is the perfect living condition. I’m surrounded by tons of trees, and I live right next to a large pond. I have few neighbors, and I live on a nice hill. It’s perfect, but maybe it’s not perfect for you.

This may sound naive, but I think that thinking that “perfect” is a terrible word, is a pretty close minded thing to think.

Don’t be so hard on that word.