There are options for every player, but down in the US the trying part has been over the years as a scout – this is my 11th year just finished – and you go down and there’s a lot of talking, a lot of discussion,” Bonar said. “There are players in the past I would’ve loved to taken, but they’ve told me point blank that they want to be a (Minnesota) Golden Gopher. It’s what they want to do so you stay away and you don’t draft them.
—  the calgary hitmen on drafting american players, but the gophers getting in the way ( ;] ))

oh jesus i almost forgot

there is this hilarious little older asian woman i work with and she’s had gophers living in/eating her garden for a while and today she came to my line buying chemicals and said 

“im going to poison the gophers”

and though i told her not to kill them and if they do die not to tell me, i recognize that she has a license to kill gophers given to her by the government of the united nations

she is actually, a real life carl spackler