suman au

since the filipino lapis au unexpectedly became a thing that a bunch of you guys like, ive decided to make an au for it. it’s called the suman au bc: 

1) su + human au = suman au 


2) this au started with my hc for lapis to be filipino and suman, so happens to be a filipino dish

ahahahah g get it it’s a pu n

Collins and Go

Historically, the SRE teams at Tumblr have often turned to Ruby to write the the various scripts and tools that keep the site running. But lately we’ve been starting to introduce Go as an alternative for certain tasks and it’s been working out great so far!

As you may know, we use our inventory management system, Collins, to keep track of all our servers and what they do. In order to do useful things with Go we need to be able to talk to Collins from it. So, naturally, one of the first things we wrote in Go was a client library for Collins.

Today, we’re open sourcing it so that anyone else who is using Collins and thinks Go is cool can use the two together. You can find the code (and links to documentation) here: https://github.com/tumblr/go-collins

Please let us know on GitHub if you have issues/questions/pull requests!

(The Go Gopher was created by Renee French, licensed under CC Attribution 3.0)