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Do you mind if I ask how do you give a song cover art? 'Cus a lot of my songs are blank and it looks bad ://

i use an app called ‘star music tag editor’ on phone and on pc i just use the default ‘groove music’ app (:

Anonymous said: Hii. Thank you so much for the cover art, it looks really pretty! Plus, now i finally have a sing with a photo ahhah

you’re welcome <33 i had to edit those photos quite heavily lol the results look nothing like the original photos

Cartoons I Loved But Forgot About:

Mucha Lucha

El Tigre


American Dragon Jake Long

Chalk Zone

Jackie Chan Adventures

Kappa Mikey

All Grown Up

Xiaolin Showdown

The Replacements

Secret Saturdays

Yin Yang Yo

Generator Rex


Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Robot Boy

Camp Lazlo

Class of 3000

Code Lyoko

Duck Dodgers

Krypto The Superdog

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Static Shock

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Totally Spies

add if you want to.

One thing I absolutely love about manga/Brotherhood Roy and Riza is that, despite them holding different ranks in the military where one is technically subordinate to the other, it’s clear that they overall respect and treat each other as equals.

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fun fact: only ur comics made me realize that gladstone is a goose not a duck. he's a duck in the polish version which i grew up with and which gave up on the alliteration in translating names. i may or may not be having a crisis but also a rising need of looking up duck comics in english

is he now? well fancy, I don’t know if it matters a great deal though (heck I mean he’s Donald’s cousin so it’d make more sense if he were a duck tbh)