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G’day, fellow readers! Hope you’re having a great day!

While we’ve got a great amount of games coming up in the backlog for The Video Game Art Archive - there can always be more! Currently we are supported by Patreon, which allows me to go out and buy games and manuals whereever possible to extract and release.

However there are issues with this - some games are really hard to get for example, or cost a lot of cash! Additionally, American manuals and games are hard to get, since eBay makes postage on a single item extremely expensive to New Zealand!

So I thought I might try something… Hey! You! Got any manuals hanging around? Send them to me!

If you’ve got any manuals hanging around for old Sega or Nintendo manuals from the NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy, PSOne or N64 eras which you feel have awesome artwork in them, and you’re willing to part with them, let me know! 

If you’ve got some crazy guide books from a lifetime ago that you’d part with (or at least let me borrow), let me know as well! Send me a message through Tumblr, or e-mail me at ryan@makesvideogames.com and we can sort some stuff out!

In the mean time, I also have a bunch of stuff up on eBay! Games that I’ve since extracted and are taking up space. If you’re keen, check them out! Any way to get more classic artwork out there!

OUT OF CAKE. I COULD CRY RIGHT NOW I’M SO HAPPY??? im such a fool for overreacting i went in to see my professor for my shitty grade and he helped me correct the entire midterm and looks me fucking dead in the eye and goes woW LOOK AT THAT YOU GOT A 100% AND FUCKING PUT AN A IN THE SYSTEM MY GRADE IS SAVED

I printed out little pictures of my portraits and hung them on fairy lights so when the lights are off the faces glow. Also I’m feeling dead inside so I’m going to go buy red kool aid to paint with because when it dries it looks like blood and I’m in the mood to make morbid art…and then embroider flowers into it

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for a moment i was legitimately terrified that yuuri was going to buy bracelets or something… i knew deep down it’d be a ring, but then there was a shot of some nice gold bracelets and my heart stopped, like…. please don’t do this… not now…


Hesokuri Wars: Youkai Event (Stage 4)

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dialogue for clearing stage 4, titled, “A Circle of NEETs!” in this one, the matsus discuss their situation and try to make sense of what’s going on.

Osomatsu: We’re starting the meeting for the Matsuno sextuplets now!

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anonymous asked:

Ah, that's great! I hope you both enjoy yourselves. What sort of clothes are you going to buy? I imagine a new pair of pajamas is at the top of that list ^^;;

An entire fucking wardrobe really.

let’s talk grocery store headcanons.

↪ always forgets her reusable bags and buys more, or gets paper bags. Therefore owns like 600 reusable grocery bags.
↪ thinks a lot about what the cashier will think about her based on what she buys
↪ has to have a list or she ends up with like five kinds of sexy expensive cheese, one kind of meat that she doesn’t even like, hummus, and pricey pasta sauce (but no pasta)
↪ takes multiple trips with her bags like some kind of MONSTER
↪ definitely fell into the kale crazy but HATES kale
↪ always tells herself she’s not going to buy any sweets but inevitable some Milano cookies jump, of their own free will into her cart.
↪ secretly prefers canned peas to fresh, ok

↪ first of all has never actually BOUGHT anything at a grocery store in her entire fucking life
↪ mostly goes to convenience stores and drug stores and stuff honestly
↪ cereal. just cereal and nothing else 90% of the time
↪ it’s possible that the first time eliot brought her to a grocery store was the first time she’d ever been in one honestly
↪ never gets bags of any kind and obviously never makes more than one trip to get her food inside
↪ hardison shows her how to order cereal in bulk on the internet and it’s the best day of her life

↪ before his son died he’d go with Maggie and Sam on Saturday mornings, when they were all home, usually after breakfast where he and Maggie would share the paper/argue about art history and Sam would read the comics/probably play with his gameboy.
after, he only goes to the grocery store on his way home from the liquor store
↪ paper bags only. if they don’t have paper bags, he will decline having a bag at all and just let things roll around lose in his trunk.
↪ buys eggs EVERY TIME he’s at the grocery store. will not go grocery shopping if he has four or more eggs in the fridge no matter how much he needs other food ingredients.
↪ one trip because he can hold his paper bag of groceries in one hand and wedge his bottle in the crook of his arm and have a hand free for his keys
↪ starts buying coffee every time he’s at the grocery store when he’s sober and strugglin’.

↪ hahaha grocery shopping??? what??? is this 1999???
↪ uses grocery delivery services almost exclusively. LOVES amazon fresh and hates living anywhere without it
↪ okay fine sometimes he’s been known to go grocery shopping; buys dino nuggets and chef boyardee and hot pockets and all the other comfort junk food from his childhood.
↪ gets his gummy frogs and orange soda straight from the factories, and buys in bulk.
↪ actually loves farmer’s markets but complains about them a LOT when Eliot makes him go. always buys the weirdest vegetable he can find and saddles eliot with doing something about it
↪ buys pumpkins, squash, etc for festive October decoration and then gets weird and upset when Eliot cooks them because he NAMED ALL OF THEM
↪ one trip with the groceries but always struggles. switched to reusable bags because they fit more and make doing the groceries in one trip easier.

↪ grows his own food when plausible
↪ joins a CSA in every city he’s in for longer than two weeks, and if the CSA offers flowers you can damn well bet he gets fresh flowers
↪ farmers market. every week. good friends with all of the vendors. after the french connection job, parker starts coming with him all the time, so eliot has to kick hardison out of bed and make him come too to help him watch her so that she doesn’t steal anything.
↪ one trip with the food only, and makes it look easy. always makes hardison take a second trip if they must and has never once successfully gotten Parker to bring anything upstairs.
↪ makes his own bread, rolls, muffins, etc.

I’ve heard rumors about there not being another season after this upcoming one because the boys want to move on……but then I remember that this is being said on Facebook. There’s always those rumors soooo….but like I don’t think I want to buy into those rumors….I mean the crew can’t talk about what’s going on with things because they’ll get their pants sued off by Discovery….same goes for the family.

So I kind of feel like the rumors are just that….I mean unless these folks sat down with the boys and were told by them that they were sick of the show and wanted to move on to a more private life, then I’m not going to buy into it.

I kind of feel like everyone says the same story each time the family takes a break from filming. It’s like the same thing again and again….

So yeah I’m not going to believe it unless I hear it from an actual real source.