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I want to buy a purebred (a Devon Rex to be exact), but everyone keeps telling me to adopt a cat instead. However, I feel like a Devon would fit me better. Do you think I should go through with buying a cat or just adopt one?

if you think a Devon Rex would mesh with you better, buy a Devon Rex!

responsible breeders do not contribute to overpopulation & shelter deaths, which is why I really don’t care for the ‘adopt don’t shop’ movement (this post sums up my thoughts on that)

[J-NETZ] Reaction to Chanyeol’s Japanese Photoshoot in Haru*hana

Screencap and Japanese->Chinese translation credit to: 桑梓影有一座山

- Had no plan to buy haruhana at first, but bought it the moment I opened it lol. What’s this, this Chanyeol is too handsome

- Chanyeol should fire his agency. He could earn more money if he promoted himself as a solo artist in a station in Japan.

- Please give Chanyeol more Japanese jobs!! Like modeling for a Japanese magazine!! Like a TV program!! Chanyeol-si would absolutely do the best!!

- Wait wait wait wait!? Chanyeol-si in haruhana? Toooooooooooo handsome. Feel like I’m gonna buy a lot of this. I’m gonna die.

- Chanyeol in haruhana is simply even more perfect than my imagination. Couldn’t help but order it on amazon and surrender my wallet

- Chanyeol is absolutely popular in Japan!!!! Give him more exposure in japan please!! Even a nijigen nerd would spend money for Chanyeol!! (tn: nijigen nerd means someone who only cares about anime culture)

- Here!! Here he is~~~!!!!! Japanese style Chanyeol~~~~!! EVERY girl in Japan would fall in love with him~~~!

- Please, I’m begging you, let Chanyeol-si work in Japan (for a very long time)

- I want to breathe in Chanyeol

- Reserved haruhana immediately!!!! Chanyeol-si suddenly appeared on a Japanese magazine, absolutely amazing (what a meaningful lunch break)

- I must buy Chanyeol’s magazine even if I need to die for it. I will leave early for work today to buy it. Wait for me Chanyeol-si. How could I ignore such a handsome guy

- I really decided not to buy any paper products…it’s a lie that I’m not going to buy this wwww I ordered it immediately after I saw those surprisingly handsome pictures of chanyeol-si! I blame it on Chanyeol being too handsome lol

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Omg you met Francesco?? HOW'S HE LIKE IN REAL LIFE I mean is he tall? Is he as awesome as he looks on screen? What does he smell like?? I wish I could meet him too god

OMG… it was very surreal. (i realized i may over talked, just jump to THE ACTUAL MEETING if you don’t care for the whole experience ahah)

I never done stuff like those and emotionally i was on a roller coaster. That week on Friday i had to take the CD plus the pass in order to meet him. I needed to take just that piece of paper and i was so anxious. It didn’t help that a lady on Twitter bragged of the fact that she bought 4 of em. The night before i couldn’t sleep, i couldn’t eat. 

I felt really dumb at the time. He is at the end just a dude who sings. I don’t know actually this guy. But i was so emotionally invested. So i go and buy my physical CD. My Magellano disk. I finally manage to chill and i get to inspect a bit the place where i thought he was going to do the meeting. It felt really tiny but at the end i was right, that was the room. Then i chill even more and i get home with the cd, eat a bit, and then sleep a bit.

Saturday is ok, i get to chat with other fans who also got to meet him and discuss those kinda experiences.

Then Sunday comes and ohhhh boy. I was a mess. An emotional mess. While getting ready i was shaking so much. It was hard for me to eat… again… and i didn’t sleep properly again. I get on the bus, then get to the station… and i actually have to wait there. The meeting was at 15:00 and i was in the station already at 11:30… I waited for a friend there, eat something, and then went to the actual place. Jump a bit, i get to the building and i wait in line. The actual meeting was again 2 h in the future and there was already a line.

I was 31st but i belonged still to the first group. Talk a bit with some fans, with the girls of my gabba chat, the friend who came with me is a photographer and meanwhile i was stuck there he was asking for the authorization to make the photos. Then they take us and they made another line with the first group, but inside that room i visited 2 days prior. With us 50 people in it the room seemed even smaller. I don’t have many photos until this point since my phone was kinda crappy, and in the room the light was… meh. 

But anyway, while waiting in the line they put his music in shuffle and me and a girl next to me start to sing, then we also chat and i discovered the is the first fanfiction writer who did something for Gabba. She asks me if i’m a boy of a girl (xD) and then we just continue singing and waiting…


…and then after other 30-40 minutes he walks in. All grinning and smiling like he always does. He makes the technician lower the volumes of the songs and starts talking. He jokes (like always) “presents himself” (with people saying “we knoowwww”) then he thanks everybody of being there, supporting him, giving him “this gift” of us giving him this year of his dreams, believing on his music and his songs. Then he invites us to his live tour and proceeds to forget the date in Rome xD fans correcting him. All of this with his big smile. 

Then he moves to a little table to say hi to the first fans, making photos, signing the cd, giving hugs, (some even kisses, on the cheek but still), he being a general goofball and funny guy. I’m in line and i watch him, i was shocked like, he always smile but never in a fake way. 

Until that point i was actually very chill (maybe because ahead of me i had this person which was a bubble of anxiety), then i get my turn. I say my name to a guy, then to Dorina (Gabba’s manager or assistant or something, you saw her as his translator). 

Gabba says bye to the last person and then the assistants mention me to come up there(there was a little padio).


So… Guys… he looked at me. Right in my eyes. 

I was smiling sooooo much.
He was smiling sooooo much. 

I really was struggling keeping his gaze. He was so beautiful, and charming, and smiling and… then i realized he said ciao to me… and 

i didn’t know what to say. “Do i say ciao back… but… i don’t really know… do i say… what do i sayyyyy??” i literally forgot my own language. 

i kinda opened my mouth to say something but… then he got it and he made a joke out of it. I laughed too. Something about me being too tense and that i didn’t have to be soo tense, it was “just” him. The assistants passed him my cd and then started writing on it. With his gaze not on me, i had the breath to think of my prepared speech and start to recover my awful presentation. 

First though i gave a look to his hands… i mean… look at them…

So yeah, i told him a few things. I loved the song, sad that i just knew about him in February, and he kept saying, “No but thank youuu”.
So i said, “no but i say this because there are actual people that say that i’m finally more relaxed, more open and that it’s two months that i smile non stop”.

He smiled and laughed some more, him totally being a cinnamon roll about it made me forget what he said about this. But he was proud of it. Then i was looking at him and he was like “Photo!!!” So yeah, i look to the guy i gave my phone to and BAM. Photo done.

And i couldn’t care less about the photos. I had my usual “allampanata” face and he was so clooooose to me in his entire glory. With the manga eyes!!! He looked at me with those eyessss!!! :3

And i don’t know if you noticed this but… he leans into you. 
He drops his head of yours if he can. 
He hugs you tight.


I felt the fingertips on my arm for a whole day.

You guys are making me emotional thinking about it… 

He doesn’t seem so tall in the pic. I’m 155, he’s 176… but it’s because he leeeeans in. While he talks with someone smaller he drops his head lower… He is soooo cuteee.

Also about the smell… well. I forgot. I wasn’t looking for it, and yeah so i don’t know. Talking with other girls even them didn’t got anything. But there is a plus. He didn’t smelled of smoke at all. That, i would’ve noticed for sure…

After the pic he gave me the cd and said hi… while i… i hope i said hi. I actually have a complete black out after. Just out the meeting room some workers there chatted with me… How was it? What did you tell him? Since when you are a fan? and so on.

Then for 30 minutes i was dead on a chair not too far from the place. Just trying to recall everything. 


Im working on the blueprints for my new snake enclosures and trying to decide what to do about them.

Harvey’s new habitat which will reside in my closet is going to be 7 ft x 2 ft x 5 ft. Weve got some of the materials ready i just have to go buy some plywood and we can begin.

The ball python enclosures are really frustrating me though. I only have 4 ft x 8 ft melamine sheets available but the back panel has to be 6 ft 2.25 inches by 5 ft 1.5 inches. Sooo then my only options would be… going a foot smaller or… splicing pieces together somehow that isnt ugly and is functional.

Finally, i have plans to make the xmas tree bin rack easier to care for. As of right now i have to pull the whole tub all the way out, take the lid off, and then have access to the inside. This is reeeeaalllyyy annoying. The problem im running into is the lids add an extra few inches to climbing height, so if i make the tub part flush with the rack and where the lid would sit ive effectively cut off a few inches of climbing. However if i can somehow make a drop down door type thing i might be able to give them another foot of climbing space but… idk its gonna require way more thought.

when i get money, im going to store and buy shitty energy drink and donuts. then im going to stuff them in my face hole and im going to have the time of my life

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Kwesi dont even play. If some smoking hot stranger messaged you like "Hey i found your wallet. You can have it back if you come over and give me that d" Youd have a fucking anxiety attack and then immediately leave the house to go buy a new wallet because you know youre never getting the old one back.


Dear Anons,

You guys are really starting to cross the line with your asks

Please keep things respectful towards our creators

I will not be answering more asks that imply that our creators are not “good enough” to be in this zine because their tumblr accounts are not flooded with Tsukishima content on it. Last time I checked, I went through people’s portfolios, not their tumblr accounts

As for characterization, we never said anything about it not being important (and I have no idea where people are getting this from)

And for the people who have decided they’re not going to buy this zine, that’s OK. I’m going to be honest here and it’s going to sound rude (so we apologize in advance because we don’t interact with people on a regular basis. if we offend you it’s not on purpose). I don’t care. Yes I’d like for this zine to be successful and that other fans buy it but I’m not going to tolerate disrespectful comments, especially not towards our creators who have done nothing to deserve it 

As for the one anon who mentioned they felt offended, we’re sorry. We honestly don’t know what we did to offend you but that wasn’t our intention

If these anons still want to drop messages into our ask box, be my guest. If you’d like an answer, be respectful or ask without being anon. That way we can respond back and keep the negativity out of our blog 

Nice day to everyone

(and be nice to other people)

I wore heels today out of my lov for fashion n long legs n I realized that if my friend is driving I might as well but WRONG !!!! they hurt my feet so fucking bad I was basically about to crawl on the floor by the end of the day, n we had to go to superstore to buy our snacks for alien covenant n BITCH I was actually breaking out in a sweat. I’m finally home now, feet free from the bondage of death n destruction like how do people wear heels to work I would sooner eat a salad for every meal for the rest of my life than do that

one of misa’s co-workers met her boyfriend when she went to go buy a car at the dealership and he was working there, but she couldn’t get it because her credit score was too low. in the end, he offered to put the car under his name so that she could get it and she was like ok yah sure.