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Finnick comes over, as Nick and Judy are talking to the foster parents and social worker. Could be good could be bad

Hoho, more Adoption AU! for everyone.


Finnick doesn’t just randomly swing by Nick’s and Judy’s place unannounced often.  Specially now they they have kits.

You know, but sometimes it’s nice to go to the store, buy boxes upon boxes of chocolates and dumb little ice cube molds and swing by.  For a little lesson in entrepreneurship and sweet making.  Before getting everyone hyped up on sugar and just leaving.

Which was what he was doing. 

He dropped the handle of his cart, and jumped up to the handle.  He gripped it tightly as he fished around his pocket for his keys.  Easily he sorted out which key it was and twisted in the lock, before using his body weight to pull down the handle.  The door popped open as Finnick dropped down and grabbed his cart again.

Kicking open the door more, he dragged his little cart inside.  “Yo, anyone home?”  Finnick called loudly into the house as he closed the door behind her. 

No one immediately came rushing to see him, or sharply round the corner to tell him to be quiet because the kits are finally sleeping.  However, that never meant no one was actually home.  For all Finnick knew everyone could be taking an afternoon nap, or hiding withing the depths of the apartment where they can’t hear.

“Hello?”  He called again as he rounded the dinning room table.

The sight that greet him was an unusual one. Two big cats, a lioness and a tiger sitting crammed together on Nick and Judy’s large couch, hunching over slightly from the ceiling.  Each with a cup that seemed tiny in their paws.  A porcupine was sitting in on their arm chairs, looking so smug and proud of herself, and also very shocked to see Finnick there.  Both Nick and Judy were sitting stiff as boards in two dinning room chairs they pulled over.  Looks of slight wide eyed horror at the sight of Finnick.

The desert fox knew their horror was not from his presence in the least, but rather the timing of it all.

“Is this one of your kits?”  The lioness asked politely after a long moment of silence from everyone in the room.

“I’m 47 lady,”  Finnick snarled out, and the lioness looked greatly taken back.  “Though I did use to pose as his kit on some occasions.”  He added coolly, relishing the awkward smile that spread across Nick’s face when everyone turned to the red fox.

It made putting up with all those ‘daddy jokes’ worth it.  Payback could be a really bitch.  

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment.”  Nick said, springing out of his chair.  The red fox made his way to over to the desert fox, with an ever pleasant grin, before ushered him into kitchen.  The smile instantly melted away the moment the two were out sight.  “What are you doing here?!”

“Stopping by in for a surprise candy making visit.”  Finnick stated easily, like it was something that happened every other Saturday.  “What’s going on in there with the towering cat duo?”

Nick hushed him quickly.  “The social worker from Jeremy’s case found a foster family able to take him in.”

Finnick raised an eyebrow at the taller fox.  He’d never meet Jeremy before, but Nick had mentioned him before in recent talks.  Something Finnick had always laughed at because karma does have a sense of humor sometimes.  "And that’s bad, because…”

“It’s great, just Jeremy’s been with us for three weeks, and he’s finally starting to open up and adjust to us.”  Nick sighed frustrated, because the fox cares, and Finnick gets it.  He’s been in the foster system, it’s not great.  “Not to mention, Jeremy ran and hide at the sight of the tiger and neither of us get him to come out, and now the every so lovely social worker is using that against us.”

“Ah, the proci-bitch.”

“She’s in the other room!”  Nick snapped in horror.  Like the last thing he needs is for the social worker to have one more thing to use against him.

“Where are the other kits?”

“Triplets are over a friends house, Emily is in the room where Jeremy’s hiding, keeping him company.”  Nick sighed out.  “Can you just come back some other times.”

“No,”  Finnick said shaking his head, ignoring how the taller fox frowned down at him.  “We’ve gotten out of hairier situations, and Judy and you have gotten out of the hairiest.  Handle the proci-bitch,”  Nick cringed at the words again, “leave the kit’s to me.”

Nick opened his mouth to object but sighed when he realized he didn’t have much of a course. Didn’t matter if he wanted it or not, it was happening.  He groaned for a moment, before giving Finnick a warning look that if he blew this for them hell would rain down upon him.  Finnick just pushed him back towards the living room with little care, because he’s never wasn’t about to ruin this.

Finnick in turn made his own away out of this kitchen.  Just a minor wave towards the living room as he moved to the hallway that let to the bedrooms.  It didn’t take him long to find out which one Jeremy was in, as Emily was just calmly sitting by the closet doors, playing with a stuffed toy.

It also didn’t take him every long to convince Jeremy to at least open the closet door.  Really that was amazingly simple, stating the kit had noting to fear as he was barely two feet tall.  The door open more in disbelief than anything else.  After a few more minutes of talking, and mentioning he had chocolates and candies and collection of fun mold to use, the young tiger cub was out.

“Do you have Iron Tiger molds?”  the tiger asked as he clawed out of his spot.  

“Do I have Iron Tiger molds?”  Finnick mimicked, sounding playful excited.  “Or course I have Iron Tiger molds, they were especially on sale today.”  They weren’t he bought them any way because Nathan never fails to ask every time.  “You can have Iron Tiger candies by tonight, if you wanted.”

Next thing their in the kitchen.  Finnick distracts Jeremy from the grown tiger in the living room by listing the chocolates he bought.  And acting like it was crime the cub had never melted down chocolate into something else.  And it’s only a matter of time before the three of them are melting a mixture of bars on the stove.

At one point Nick barred the social worker from entering the kitchen to collect Jeremy for a “more proper introduction”.  Not the Finnick would have let her take him away from sitting on the floor, determining the next chocolate bar mixture with Emily.

“You’re ruining his chance at happy healthy life.”  Finnick heard the social worker complain.

Something in the dessert fox just snapped.  

“No, he’s not.”  The small fox snapped, rounding the corner of the kitchen where Nick was lightly trying to pull the porcupine away to continue going. “He’s looking out for the kit, a lot more than you.  After all, at this point, it’s the kit’s choice where he wants to go, and he already ran away from your suspected foster parents.  I’d say he’s already chosen for you.”

The social worker opened her mouth like she was going to object with some high and might reason.  Like how could he possibly know what it was like, it’s not even his kit to care for.  And Finnick just glared at her, daring to say something, because he could tear her to shreds.  He knows enough about Jeremy’s story to know the whole thing is a bad idea.  Not to mention his own past experiences.

“I think it’s best we go.”  The adult tiger said, standing up from the couch.  “Given Jeremy’s situation…and reaction, as well as the fox’s words, I don’t think we’re the best fit at the moment.”  The tiger turned to the lioness who is seemed to be nodding in agreement.  “I think it’s time we go, honey.  It was a pleasure meeting you all.”

And with that the large cat couple made their way towards the front door,  leaning over to give small good-byes to the kits in the kitchen, and they were gone.

The porcupine huffed after a moment.  She stormed away to collect her things and was gone only moments later.  Grumbling to herself as she Judy showed her out and closed the door harshly behind her.

“Well that when…differently,”  The rabbit sighed out.  “Suppose we find out on Monday how that went.”

Finnick got a call barely two week later for Judy telling him Nick and her had filed to adopt Jeremy.  Proci-bitch was pissed, and promised to drag out the court process as long as she could because she didn’t believe it was a good choice.

In turn Finnick just asked for a court date and offered to testify on their behalf.  Also he promised to make a whole bag full of Iron Tiger chocolates when everything was finalized.


AN: Uncle Finnick is the best!  Like I imagine him constantly telling Nick and Judy their kids are the worst and pain.  And teasing Nick endlessly for settling down.  But the moment anyone messes with any of them, Uncle Finnick is there to bring hell.

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Do you have any proposal fics? <3

Hi Nonny!

Certainly! I have some fabulous fics on my Wedding and Marriage Proposals Fic Rec List, so check out that list there! It has A LOT of proposal fics on it, because I LOVE wedding proposal fics. (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) .。.:*♡

Here are two others I need to add to it that I have come across while I have been doing a mass-sorting of my fics:

Extraordinary by queenoftrivia (G, 2860 w. || Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Morse Code, Est. Rel, Violins) – Sherlock’s deduced that John’s going to Italy to buy him a violin. Even the greatest detective alive makes a few mistakes.

Never-Ending Cycle by orphan_account (T, 17,211 w. || Christmas, Est. Rel., Proposal, Fluff) – Or, four times Sherlock Holmes attempted to propose to John Watson, and the Christmas Party at which he finally did. Sherlock thinks he’s a miserable failure, John is confused, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade provide some unsatisfactory advice, and Mummy is, as always, the solution. All in a lovely, fluffy holiday theme.

Hope you enjoy them, Lovely!! <3

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park wink as your bf please? thank you💖

Originally posted by 01line

thanks for requesting!!

-definition of a gentlemen

- the type to open doors for u, makes sure that u are walking on the side farthest away from cars, and gives u his sweaters when ur cold

- secretly likes seeing u in his clothing so he leaves a lot of sweaters hanging around in hopes that he would see u one day wearing them

- once he saw u wearing his sweater and he nearly f A INTED

- help this poor boy

- he thought u were so cute and swore his heart almost stopped beating

- u were that cute

- going out shopping to buy matching items

- once suggested to have matching sweaters

- but u quickly denied it LMFAO especially when he held up a mustard yellow sweater and ur like


- so instead, u guys get matching phone charms!!! or lanyards w matching keychains!!t

- jihoon loves to buy u tiny keychains bc they remind them of u and ur like 

- ‘’thanks!! ill go put them on my lanyard w the 83493492 other ones i have!!” 

- but its ok bc he’s trying his best :((

- lots of cuddles!!

- likes to cuddle a lot when u two are laying down or spending time together

- when u guys cuddle, likes to give u kisses on ur neck or shoulders

- or just peppering ur face in kisses if u were on his lap bc he loves to spoil u

- so cute ok

- anyways, he likes to give a lot of hugs!!

- doesn’t matter what kind, he will hug u anytime

- but lowkey loves backhugs bc he likes to rest his head on ur shoulder and then u guys do that little waddle u know

- clingy af but knows when to back off lol

- likes to cling on to ur arms when ur purposely ignoring him or something

- ‘’why are u paying attention to ur phone?? pay attention to me instead!!”

- likes to hold hands a lot!!

- doesn’t matter if ur hands get sweaty lmao he likes to cling on to ur hands

- claims that he will love u even if u got sweaty hands lol

- date time!!

- the two of u like to go out on dates to find those aesthetically pleasing places lmao

- like cafes

- latte art!! jihoon thinks its so cool and so do u ngl

- also, long walks in the park!!

- especially if he sees that there are people walking their dogs bc he lOVES dogs

- the type of person to stop and ask people if he can pet their dog LMFAO

- the two of u also like to have picnic on rlly nice days and invite the rest of wanna one

- mostly bc it gets wILD

- but gets jealous when he sees u having long convos w someone else and he’s not apart of it

- the type to pout at you and get grumpy bc it should be him making u laugh not seongwoo >:(

- dance battles on ddr

-and karaoke battles w the rest of wanna one

-gets jealous that u fawn over jaehwan and minhyun’s vocals

-’’but im better aren’t i??” 

-and u constantly reassuring jihoon that

-’’yes u are! don’t be jealous okay?”

- the type to replace the shoelaces on ur shoes to different colors and tie them for u

- enjoys taking selfies w u and posting the cringiest captions or pick up lines lol

- also the type to judge u if u take those aesthetic pictures of ur food

- but then u end up judging him bc he does it too

- also the type to nap in ur lap when the two of u are watching a movie

- and demands that u play w his hair

- ‘’why are u paying attention to the movie?? aren’t i more interesting??”

- cue him pouting cutely at u ndjknfds

- and ur like

- ‘’,,,u loser’’ and u finally look at him

- and he just gives u a cute little grin and ur like

- dying

- how can a person be so cute??? the world may never know,,,

- also likes to give u lots and lots of kisses

- his kisses are, in general, the softest and sweetest in the world (in ur opinion)

- likes to put lots of emotions behind it bc he wants to convey what he feels through it

- gets flustered and stutters a bit when u two pull away bc he’s still relishing the feeling of ur lips on his

- and he’s like

- ‘’wOW’’

- ‘’how did i get so lucky???”

- jeojangs u a lot

- jihoon: look!!


Originally posted by woojinsus

-fights can be kinda rough w jihoon

-bc u two are still young, there can be misunderstandings and u guys get angry easily

-usually jihoon gets very defensive once u argue w him

- if it’s something dumb, he’ll scoff and roll his eyes but probably say something that makes u even angrier lmfao

- if it escalated into something more serious, u would be the type to walk out first

-mostly bc u know if u get jihoon angry, he would lose control of his filter and would say whatever what was on his mind

- and as mad as u are, u didn’t want this to go to the point where it could end up really bad

-’’u can yell as much as u want but im leaving before i will say something i regret’’

- and u just leave like boom

- but despite the harsh argument, he would be the type to go find you after cooling down 

-and wouldn’t leave u alone bc he hates when u guys drag on the argument, especially over something petty

-making up is mutual tho, the two of u talk it and see what terms u guys can agree to and fix

- in the end, the two of u reunite and spend the rest of the night cuddling away

-because really, who can resist park jihoon??

-especially w his puppy eyes that are pleading for u to forgive him??

Happy T-Day to me! (06/23/17)

I’ve actually been meaning to post about this for a couple days now. This past Friday (6/23/17) was a very important day for me. Things have been so busy that I’m just now getting around to announcing this! See that little box I’m holding in the picture? Yep, that’s testosterone! Pure, inject-able manhood right there. After several weeks of waiting since my doctor’s appointment, I was finally able to pick up my first dosage of T from the pharmacy. So, cheers! Excited to see myself grow and change. The impending second puberty and accompanying acne? Well, let’s just say I’m going to be buying a lot of skin care products. LMAO.

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I saw some reviews on Every Heart A Doorway and looked into it and saw that it was published on my birthday so now I'm going to buy it when I have the money (what a way to decided on a new book am I right?)

Works for me

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jd once made fun of a 7-11 product in a town he'd been to for a few years and the cashier just looked at him and stated, very plainly, "I thought you were going to buy that, actually." and he ended up buying it.

It was probably one of those weird toys and knick knacks they have set up on the counter and he bought five

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Hey, quick question! Where r u going to buy the tickets for gd's europe tour? i've never been to a concert before hahahaha /sobs

i honestly don’t know! i have never been to a concert in europe either. i guess every country has their own site?? we all have to keep our eyes and ears open for every news bit bc im honestly just as clueless. im going to germany (probably) so german friends???? i’m counting on u bitches

you would think I go crazy buying clothes all the time but I really don’t…. it’s the jewelry. it gets me every time. me and my wallet never stand a chance

Literally what I’m thinking about currently:

Two weeks until my baby shower, and I’m just ready for it to be over so I can continue to buy things for the bebe. Richard had me stop because I reached a point where I was going to start buying things off my registry myself.
I have legitimate reasons for this desire/need to purchase everything myself though. At Liam’s baby shower I literally got nothing, and needed to go out and buy everything a month before my due date, and I would rather be prepared and not have to stress the month before I’m due.
And not be disappointed.

And no one better call me fat like my mother’s fucking cow of a best friend did at my baby shower last time.
Cause I’m liable to fuck a bitch up if that happens again.

29 weeks tomorrow and this lil meatloaf (as Liam calls her)

Took a drive to a liquor store to add some minutes to my phone and I dropped by a mexicali pawn shop. Ended up with these two games. Paid $140 pesos ($7.75 dollars) I also spotted some more psp rpgs, they were on a counter behind the register. But the worker said they were sold already. Damn. I managed to see Gungnir and Blazing souls accelerate before the guy put them away. I suspect that he probably was going to buy them. I’m going to try and go tomorrow see what’s up. But I’m pleased with my current stuff.

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

@ everyone else with shitty dads: i know fathers day is all over the damn place right now but may i suggest drawing an abstract depiction of how your half-DNA-provider makes u feel, then placing it in a red chalk pentagram, dousing it in salt and setting it on fire with a yankee candle. then go buy urself a celebratory cake and eat it by urself because ur a better person than that sad sack of shit is ever gonna be. happy fathers day