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also can we just appreciate the accessibility niall gave us all? spotify, vevo, etc. he's clearly not in it strictly for the money involved and it's so, so genuine of him to just want to share himself with us. I also can't get over how honest and kind he and harry have been about their time in the band - knowing the truth and that they were truly happy with it makes me feel better even if they don't come back for like another few years

YES, ive always said that if he puts something out, it will be bc he wants to get his sound out there and not for the money, BUT SHIT GO BUY THIS TOWN ON ITUNES RN

….. so I just ordered all the versions….

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yes, I’m a hoebag 

it’s IN VOGUE release day!

I want to say a HUGE CONGRATS to @lucialaurent on her book release today! She took a big chance on @cuethetommo and I, and a brand new company, and has been a wonderful dream to work with. Authors can be notoriously persnickety about stuff (I would know) but Lucia is adaptable and eager to learn and listen and has thrown herself into this big new world of publishing without a single moment of hesitation. I am so proud of her. Nobody deserves success more.

Also, Liz …soul of my soul, none of this would have ever come to pass, if you didn’t come to me and say, “wouldn’t it be great if we started a publishing company?” I replied, “absolutely not, that would be awful, why would we want to do that?” She had to convince me, but in the end, per usual, she was right. And I am damn grateful she persisted in convincing me, because publishing In Vogue has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I’m so glad that I didn’t have to miss out on it.

Most of all, THANK YOU to this wonderful, complex, often infuriating but ALWAYS supportive fandom. I honestly wasn’t certain what the reception would be when we announced Ink & Smith Publishing, but the response has only been 100% positive and supportive. I am so grateful for every single person who has helped boost our posts, who tolerated me reblogging so much about In Vogue, everyone who voted for the book on the Goodreads polls (we were absolutely thrilled to see Goodreads recommend In Vogue as one of their romances to watch in their September romance newsletter that went out to hundreds of thousands of people. Without the work of this fandom, that never would have happened.

me: actually doing really well about managing my finances and even has a good amount stored in my savings
mac: *debuts their selena line this week*
makeup gurus: *post their reviews of the makeup line to get fans pumped up for the line*
me: *sobs because i’m gonna be broke the rest of the week until next payday*

BECAUSE PURPLE - Chapter 20:  This is Something Special

This one is a much shorter chapter compared to the last one!  It takes place the morning after the previous chapter.

Ed is leaving. 🙁

I hope you like it!



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WARNING:  Mature

CHAPTER 20 – This is Something Special

 We woke to the alarm at 7 o’clock the next morning. Ed was to fly back home later that day. I needed to get him to O’Hare Airport by 11:00 am, and there was a lot to do before then.

I shuffled into the bathroom and quickly emptied my bladder, washed up, and  brushed my teeth.  I was still half-asleep when I crawled back into bed.  It was really cozy under the covers, and I just wasn’t ready to come out and face the day, yet.

As soon as I returned to bed, Ed got up and took his turn in the bathroom.

I could feel him flopping around next to me when he returned a few minutes later.

I pulled my arms over my head, pointed my toes toward the foot of the bed and stretched.  I was sore.

I sensed more movement on the mattress, and then he was quietly laughing.

I turned toward him.  “What?”

He shook his head.  “Oh.  Nothing,” but he was still grinning.

“What is it?”

“Well, I know I’m the last person who has any right to comment on anybody’s hair, but…” He ran a hand through the knotted mess on my head, eyes twinkling, “…this is something special.”

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outspoken white woman author in a place to bring attention to racial inequality and actually doing so? im going to have to buy more of your books. Also probably think about turning anon off, tumblr probably isnt going to get nicer

Hah! I actually did turn anonymous messages off a second ago. If people want to come into this inbox and be racist they’re going to have to do it with a name attached and own up to it. 

I’m sorry to all the readers who are shy and daunted about sending writing or book messages with their actual usernames–I hope you won’t hesitate to still send in your questions. 

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you're gonna fucking win that essay competition no doubt about it

I really hope I do b/c the prize is £250 and idk exactly how much that is in Australian dollars but it’s basically infinity money

tomorrow i’m going to! buy  arrt supplies i need find a book to read go to the thrift store find a grey cardigan.. possibly have a coffee, i t’s late late should be sleeping uhh


Juushen // Hera // Deerre // Kovier // Gurren // Floren // Hekaci // Jinnos // Dohvan // Yomi // Lloric // Silans // Ali // Crosse // Tauali // Rin // Chimaa // Rigell

Out of these, pick at least 3. The poll will end in 2 days and the top 12 will get full pieces that might be put on a calendar. Anonymous votes are okay, but please don’t abuse it to vote more than once. Their names lead to their art tags. Feel free to reblog ^^

GOT7 Reacts to you teasing them by treating them like a puppy by making them do tasks.

Jackson: Be shirtless with Seo Kang Joon. Goal accomplished. “She’ll be jealous but have a new phone background~” 

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BamBam: Basically you asked him to bring your car around and jackson was there at the time. You exit the house to see them in the toy cars for the kids you babysit. “Get in Jagi~”

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JB: Simply go buy chicken, he comes home with chicken but is eating the chicken. “I got chicken~” he would be dancing too.

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Junior: It was night time and you two were walking home, he was thinking about the task you gave him. “How do i do it?~”

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Mark: You were on facetime and asked him to get you some ‘things’ from the market. He was embarrassed. So he elevated out. “Can’t do that Jagi~” 

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Youngjae: Now it was an easy task of buttering bread, you run around to see him holding the knife and fake buttering bread. “Done~” He was kidding and did it properly.

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Yugyeom: You asked him while he’s on the radio show if he could introduce himself with the cute baby voice from home. Which he did. “Happy Y/N? I’ve now got a raging fandom~”

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Enjoy Igot7s.

Also this blog has  hit over 100 followers, should i do a give away? Let me know via any form of commincation ~Liyori