Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater


Well, well, this movie may have just went to a legit PG-13 (not the modern fake one, the hardcore one we had back in the day for good old fashioned bloody violence). Amazon Alpha and Omega from Kamen Rider Amazons are going to meet their fellow Riders!

Wait… in the top center… no…can…can it be…

Go Watch SING Please!!

The movie SING was a lot deeper than I thought it would be… Like damn.

In the trailers it points out that Moon is broke/running low on funds. Johnny has family issues? (I don’t know how to word it right) etc.

Then watching it, um, shit got real in some parts. Literally Moon’s whole life collapses around him, and he pretty much gives up on everything. His friends/the singing competition contestants even come to see if he is alright. Johnny’s whole family (?) get arrested and his dad refuses to see him after the first time Johnny goes to see him (the one in the trailer). Rosita’s family also seem almost completely incapable of functioning without her…

And instead of just breezing past that it keeps up the anxious/somewhat sad undertones for the characters for the remainder of the movie.

All in all it is a pretty great movie, some parts still seemed a little too… Yay, everything worked out! For instance at the end of the movie, when the shy girl starts singing. She is suddenly wildly confident, and starts dancing and whatnot around the stage, but she literally never practiced at all for any of it. Or the reunion with Johnny and his dad just seemed too “it’s gonna be alright in the end”…

That’s pretty typical finishing up a movie stuff though, it really wasn’t unexpected or unwelcomed.
I did thoroughly enjoy it. If you haven’t seen it don’t just shit on it, I thought it looked pretty dumb, and I was happily surprised!

I recommend would recommend SING as a movie to watch with anyone of any age. It has a good message and good characters and decent character development.

Thank you if you read this far :)


Buster and Mike moments! 

In order

  • First meeting aka Mike serenading that boy
  • Mike being the first soloist Buster picks 
  • What’s in THE BOX
  • Buster bouncing along to “Music and Dance”
  • Nana’s still alive? Also the fact that Buster said the same thing to Eddie makes it so much cuter
  • Buster is flirting and no one can tell me otherwise
  • Buster putting Mike first on the original list
  • Buster standing his ground to the bears until Boss threatens Mike even further. THE FACT THAT BUSTER SEES HOW SCARED MIKE IS MAKES IT EVEN BETTER
  • All is forgiven Mike!
  • Buster’s intro for Mike. He let’s Mike sing without a second thought!
  • Buster reacting to Mike’s performance 
  • And Mike standing next to Buster (Just cuz)

I needed something to fuel my ship even more, so have all the scenes where Mike and Buster interact!

goothemighty  asked:

Is this the first time we've had Sentai members that were distinctly not human? Like, untransformed, they are still suits.

If you don’t count Beet J. Stag a.k.a. Stag Buster:

Or Doggy Kruger a.k.a. DekaMaster:

Of course, they were either later additions or extra members so they might not actually count. If they don’t then yes, this is the first time we’ve had non-humanoid out of costume heroes.

[originally posted 2.6.17]

A few days ago we had a
class reunion.
We weren’t quite able to sweep everyone together,
but even managing to connect as well as we did
made me feel our deep bond.
As Go-busters approaches
the #fiveyear mark,
today, tomorrow, and the days after…
Up until now, and going forward, this work
is something that I’m proud of.