8 Red Heroes from 21st Century Super Sentai entries!

  • Hurricane Red/Yousuke Shiina played by Shun Shioya
  • Aba Red/Ryoga Hakua played by Koichiro Nishi
  • Deka Red/Banban Akaza played by Ryuji Sainei
  • Magi Red/Kai Ozu played by Atsushi Hashimoto
  • Go-On Red/Sōsuke Esumi played by Yasuhisa Furuhara
  • Gokai Red/Captain Marvelous played by Ryota Ozawa
  • Red Buster/Hiromu Sakurada played by Katsuhiro Suzuki
  • Kyoryu Red/Daigo Kiryu played by Ryo Ryusei

I would recommend Super Sentai shows, especially modern ones, to people who grew up with Power Rangers and don’t really have a problem with reading subtitles. It’s even more accessible than Kamen Rider as there’s a much greater foothold culturally (to the point where I often can’t tell if certain gifsets on here are Power Rangers or the Sentai counterpart).

One of the best things to know is that each Sentai series, unlike some occasional Power Rangers shows, is that they’re all self-contained and you can watch one without having to watch any of the others. Even the anniversary shows that feature stuff from other shows lean on their own story more than anything else.

I’d especially suggest Hurricanger (adapted into Ninja Storm), Dekaranger (Adapted into SPD) and Abaranger (Adapted into Dino Thunder). Those shows specifically are favorites of people I follow and on my list to watch (not to mention they were literally my favorite Power Rangers seasons).

For people who don’t want to go into nostalgia, the shows since 2011 have all been extremely impressive as well. My three favorites of the bunch weren’t actually adapted into Power Rangers seasons (or, in the case of Gokaiger, adapted extremely POORLY into Power Rangers)

  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011): Follows a group of pirates who have their own sentai forms and also can change into the previous 34 super sentai teams. While the show is an anniversary season and has some callbacks to previous characters from previous seasons, it’s not required to watch each season to understand the plotline. In addition, this show is a lot of fun just so you can see all the old Sentai/Ranger suits and moves in action once again!
  • Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012): 3 superpowered teenagers (and their robot Buddyroids) work together to protect their city and its people from an evil organization from another dimension, who use robots created from ordinary items in our world and MEGAZORDS to try and sap an energy source that powers everything. The show has a very heavy spy motif (as you’ll see from the designs) and used a great many elements from Power Rangers (including their transformation call being an ‘It’s Morphin Time! Let’s Morphin!’ in english). I haven’t finished it yet, but the heroes are very likable and the later elements of the show make it even more exciting and intriguing.
  • Ressha Sentai Toqger (2014): Do you like trains? Do you like stories involving childhood friends becoming heroes together? Do you enjoy people fighting with the power of IMAGI-NA-TION at their side? Toqger has all that and more. 5 teenagers travel along the Rainbow Line to free various towns around Japan from the Shadow Line, a group of evil monsters who’ve placed the towns under their own control in some way or another. They can’t remember anything about their lives, including where they’re from, but they know that they have to find out the truth together. This show is the first Super Sentai show I finished and my favorite out of the bunch so far for its often wacky, but occasionally dark plotlines and genuinely great balance of characters. Also, the Zords are all trains.

Well, well, this movie may have just went to a legit PG-13 (not the modern fake one, the hardcore one we had back in the day for good old fashioned bloody violence). Amazon Alpha and Omega from Kamen Rider Amazons are going to meet their fellow Riders!

Wait… in the top center… no…can…can it be…


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater