“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 4

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Neither you nor Harry mentioned the small semi-argument you’d had the night at the dance club for a couple of days. You went out surfing and swam in the ocean and explored the beaches with a very close Beau and Savie and met up with Charlie and Henry whenever they weren’t working. You spent time cooking and dancing along to the local radio, and you almost forgot that there had been a moment there where you’d almost spilled your heart’s deepest wish to speak your vows to Harry. 

You were in the last three days of your vacation when you woke up to a phone going off, which was something that you hadn’t had happen to you in a while. You felt Harry’s hand shift across your body as he was slowly woken up from the shrill noise as well, and you opened you eyes to see him reaching for his phone and blinking to get a look at the caller.

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 2014 -2017. 

The pic on the left is from 2014 I had already lost a lot of weight and was happy with that weight loss. Then became comfortable and gain a few pounds back. The pic on the right is from Sunday. I uploaded this photo for the bb.com 250Kchallenge. We all slip up and my let ourselves go, but you can always get back on track. 

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“Oh c’mon, Jakey! You had promised me you were going to go bikini shopping with me, you gotta pay the price of it being a very very long day for you.” The blonde chuckled as she took another bikini top and showed him. “Hmm?” She asked, smiling as she wiggled her eyebrows. “But then again, you also get me to show all these bikini’s for you.” She whispered into his ear as she had moved closer.