Missing someone when you’re in a foreign country gives off some serious Lost in Translation vibes and I need to go to sleep and forget about all of this or go talk to a disillusioned married man in the hotel bar

one of the leads cut his hair the other day and now im in instantly in love with him he’s the most beautiful man and he was reciting french poetry the other day and we had a conversation about goethe and im going to marry him and live in a house entirely decorated with oak and entertain party guests while he smokes a cigar and talks business with the boys

L+W Honeymoon Fund

Hi everyone!

My name is Willow and I am currently in College to become a teacher. We recently became engaged and have been planning our wedding. We can’t afford much so it will probably just be a small gathering with our parents and siblings.  It has always been our dream to travel the world together.

Since we are planning a small wedding, I wanted to surprise my future husband with the honeymoon of a lifetime!

My goal is to reach enough money to travel from Toronto to Greece, Italy, France and the main attraction, Ireland.  The end location is Ireland as we both have Irish heritage and dream about going there every day.

Please help us with our honeymoon! Any size of donation counts! If you are unable to donate, or honestly do not want to that is obviously okay! But if you could please share, and ask your followers and/or friends to donate that would be wonderful! Thank you all so much <3


I have never seen someone admit it, but I know I’m not the only person that when it’s completely quiet during the night and I’m the only one awake I think about how fast life is going and how soon I’m going to be married with kids and not long after that I’ll be old and laying in bed waiting for death. I know this life isn’t forever, but this can’t be it. This terrifies me so much it leaves me on the verge of tears and panic attacks. I really wish more people talked about it, because it really makes me feel like everyone just accepts this life and knows what they’re doing.

MC’s kid copies Soryu and pulls a fake gun

-It was once a request but I couldn’t think of anything, so I changed it up a little-
-And sorry Baba-


“So, tell Uncle Baba about that Michiko girl from school. I heard you’re really into her.”
Your son sat beside you in the penthouse lounge, pouting, face bright red up to the roots of his ears.
“Come on, don’t be shy! You guys going to get married?”
Your son didn’t reply.
“Look at him, he’s so cute!” Baba exclaimed happily to Ota, who only smiled. “He’s shy! I bet he wanted to hold her hand.” He turned back to your son. “When’s the wedding?”
“Stop it!” The little boy jumped to his feet and pulled a pistol from his back pocket, pointing it at Baba’s face.

There was suddenly silence in the lounge, everyone surprised at the young child’s action.
“Rude.” Eisuke said coolly, crossing his arms with a smirk.
“He’s just like you, Soryu.” Mamoru huffs amusedly on his cigarette.
“Interestingly.” The other man commented. Soryu looked rather proud, nodding slightly as he watched your son.
You were horrified.
“Tamo, put that thing away!”
Your son looked at you over his shoulders, wide eyed and wondering why you were so scared.
“No, Tamo! Give that to me!”
Ota was holding in laughter, trying to keep a straight face and ending up with a strained version of that angelic smile that seemed both wicked and hilarious.

“Awww, don’t be so mean to your Uncle Baba, put the gun away. Listen to mommy, kiddo.” Baba was still trying to worm away from the muzzle. Your son glanced at Ota, laughed, and pulled the trigger.



“I swear, that water gun was worth every penny!” Ota burst out, laughing at Baba’s soaked front. “Wasn’t that just the best birthday present for him, Soryu?”
“Hey! You all knew about this and didn’t tell me?” Baba gave his friends hurt look, dramatically clasping his hands over his heart, against the wet suit. “How terribly cruel to a weak old man like me!”
“Finally admitting you’re old?” Mamoru chuckled.
“Oh shush, old guy, don’t hurt my poor heart anymore!” Baba laughed with a wave of his hand. Tamo squirted him with the water gun again and he put his hands up in defeat.
“Kiddo, you’re so mean! Ahhhh!”
“That’s quite the kid you got there, ___________.” Mamoru frowned, shaking his cigarette. “He’s like… Ice Dragon material.”
“Kishi, stop!” You sigh and grab your son by the collar, dragging him back to you, scolding him as you stand him in front of you. He bowed his head.
“Don’t be so harsh on him, it was just a bit of harmless fun.” Ota called out to you, still laughing.
“Ota, it’s no laughing matter!” You shoot him a glare. “He was pointing a gun at someone!”
“You don’t complain when Soryu does it.” Eisuke pointed out.
“Because I know Soryu won’t shoot anyone!” You snap back at him. “I don’t want Tamo growing up thinking that pointing a gun at people is normal!” You glare at Soryu, who met your gaze evenly. “And Soryu, can you please stop doing that around Tamo? You’re setting a terrible example!”
“It’s just a water gun, ___________.” Baba said generously. “It’s fine, don’t give the kid such a fright.”
“Tamo.” You scold the boy. “Apologize to Uncle Baba.”
He looked up at you, stubborn and almost on the edge of tears. You showed no sign of giving in to his puppy dog eyes, and Tamo turned to Baba. There was guilt across his face, and he mumbled.
“Sorry, Uncle Baba.”
“Do you understand what you’re sorry for?” You ask.
“I shouldn’t point a gun at people.” He replied.
“And why not?”
“___________, you’re such a strict parent!” Ota exclaims, and you glare at him so fiercely that for once, he shuts up.
“It’s mean and it makes them feel sad.” Tamo says quietly.
“Exactly.” You put a head on his head.
“Don’t worry, kiddo, I forgive you.” Baba said as he beckoned to him. “I just like teasing you a little. You’re so cute!” He ruffles your son’s hair affectionately and the boy’s mood seems to lift.
You sigh and sit back down.
“Wow, didn’t know ya had that in you.” Mamoru gave you a look of approval. “Even got Ota to shut his trap.”

What did I even write.
Anyway, thanks for the read!

More ideas for videos where Ian and Anthony are in a situation that forces them to act like a couple:

Ian and Anthony want to go out to have fun in a bar but end up in a gay bar and don’t wanna leave since they are giving free drinks so they decide to stop people from hitting on them by acting like they are dating

Ian promised his parents he was going to marry someone before he was 30 so his mom calls him and asks him when is he going to do it and since he doesn’t want to dissapoint them he tells them he is engaged to Anthony, so Ian and Anthony have to have dinner with Ian’s parents and act like they are engaged.

mysticalgalaxydragon asked:

Summarize WoT in one paragraph plz :^V

Uhhh. I’ll try.

It starts kind of LotR. Three babies are in a small village, Rand, Mat, Perrin. They are punished a lot by scary baby Nynaeve who rage-heals people. Rand baby is going to marry another baby, Egwene. Moiraine and Lan babies come and take the first three babies away. Nynaeve and Egwene babies catch up, and gleeman Thom baby comes with. Rand baby turns out to be magic and destined to go insane and save the world but also break it then die. There are over 5000 named characters and they are all sweet precious children (except Fain, I’m sick of him). Rand spends half the series being a scary idiot but he becomes the sweetest most precious little baby who must be protected.

You’re welcome.

futuregreenhairedgirl asked:

Jaxon, seeing as I am fully aware of your view on marriage and know from reading the Mime Order -which I thoroughly enjoyed - that you are not always the nicest of people, I am not going to ask to marry you. However, I would like to say that, Amaurotic though I may or may not be, you are the one of the most relatable and charming characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Also, do you have any writing advice for an aspiring pamphlet author like myself? Regards, Holly Holmes

“At last, I have been let out. Miss Shannon decreed that I was ‘unacceptably rude’ to the last Person who asked me a Question, so I found myself locked away in that ridiculous Brain of hers for Weeks, with only Fools for Company. She clearly has no Concept of Wit.

Fortunately, Holly, you seem a most perceptive Individual, and I feel no particular Impulse to be ‘rude’ to you at this moment in Time. Your Remarks upon Myself are exceptionally insightful. Congratulations on being such a competent Judge of Character.

I would encourage you, when writing Pamphlets for the Spiritus Club, to be as bold in your Thinking as possible. Ask yourself: What will my Pamphlet bring to the World? Never write a Pamphlet without first questioning its Purpose, or you will find yourself writing nought but vapid Nonsense. Also worth remembering: Research is of the Essence! Be objective in your Analysis, and forward in your Conclusions. (Not that a shade of personal Bias is forbidden, of course. No doubt you, Holly, much like Myself, are insightful and confident enough to put forth Opinion as Fact.)

Bear in mind that I myself am the most popular and wealthy Author in the Citadel, and your Pamphlets are, sadly, unlikely to reach such lofty Heights, but I hope you will aspire to be greater, at least, than Mister Didion Waite, and to annoy him as best you can with your superior Wit and Knowledge. 

Warmest regards,

Jaxon Hall”

I hope you all know that I’m going to marry Devendra Banhart and move into a big apartment in the Haight district with him and our two kids.


So I’m late on posting stuff because one thing I tried to make totally failed. Like beyond failed and I tried it a few times…. I was trying to make lemon pie and I just cant get it to work. So if anyone has made lemon pie and has any tips let me know!! I’ll def credit you! I’m more of a cook than a pastry chef. I will get better one day! 

I will be posting another bento box recipe before Thursday! That was actually successful! I made a few for when I went to the Sakura Matsuri in the Brooklyn Botanical garden. I hope you all were able to get out and enjoy some cherry blossoms in April. ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

The next few months are going to be crazy for me! I have a lot going on from friends getting married, planing my own wedding, and trying to get out of my really awful job into a much better one. So if I dont post all the time it’s because of one of those three things or well because I failed at what I was planing on posting but I do plan to keep this up! I have SO many requests I want to try myself!

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before the beginning!

I’m currently working on No Masters or Kings, so Titanic!Everlark it is. Thanks so much for the prompt!

“I’m glad we’re going home early,” Rye said as he fell back onto the couch in the middle of their Southampton hotel room.

“Don’t tell me you miss home,” Peeta said.

“Of course not.” Rye offered his brother a wide grin. “Just my allowance.”

“I’m going to have to marry her, you know.” Peeta sat beside his brother. “We’ll be engaged by the end of the year.”

“I’m sorry.” Rye sounded sincere enough, but ever since their mother had sent a telegram demanding they cut their trip short, he seemed happy. Almost relieved. “Delly’s very sweet. It’ll be a fine marriage.”

Peeta nodded and looked away. He couldn’t tell his brother he had no intention of marrying Delly Cartwright or taking over the department store in Boston or even staying home for long.

He was meant for something else. He felt it in his gut. And once he was back in America, he would find out what that was.

people hating on sehun for commenting on BoA’s instagram were apparently jealous

hun………… they’re not together. men and women can be friends, men and women can admire each other.

plus……….. do you want him to be alone forever? you’re his fan, you’re supposed to support him and wish him happiness and love, not isolation.

do you think you’re going to marry him? or fuck him? or kiss him?

boo, that’s never going to happen. EVER. not ever. really. I mean it.

he’s either going to have someone other than you or no one at all. but I promise it won’t be you. not that it’s impossible, but it is highly unlikely. and by being an awful, possessive human being who treats an idol like a property or a puppet made to sing and dance and not feel or live YOU MAKE IT EVEN MORE UNLIKELY.

trust me, your idol DOES NOT appreciate the unfounded, obnoxious, infantile rage of fans who get jealous over INSTAGRAM COMMENTS. he cannot live off of fanservice.

read a book. masturbate. learn a new cake recipe. do vocal warm-ups. be a productive member of society. I don’t know. just do something mildly useful with your life that does not involve harrassing famous people on social media because you actually think they’ll fall in love with you once you’ve harrassed them enough.

btw BoA is one cool bitch - she’s a princess, learn from her