Okay so can someone just tell me i am not going to end up marrying a kpop guy cause i am not handling this well

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I'm kind of depressed and sad :(. Can you give me some cute canons about yixing please?

I’m sorry to hear that :^( Here’s some cute ZYX headcanons I’ve got

  • Xing actually texts Vixx Leo continuously about his day everyday with heart emojis and Leo sends back one cat meme per day
  • Xing wasn’t dressed up as bride because of Go Fighting, he actually married the Earth because he’s the only one deserving enough
  • Xing’s studio is just a front for a rabbitry 
  • Before Luhan peaced out he made ZYX one of those talking bears at build-a-bear and it gives him words of encouragement like “hang in there!” and “the world is your oyster!” when he presses its paw
  • Remember when Exo was on stage with a bunch of other groups and Yixing held Cap’s hand from Teen Top and Cap looked really happy and didn’t even hold hands w/ his own group? This isn’t a headcanon but it’s cute
  • ZYX has a bible study with KJD and Topp Dogg Jenissi 
  • Yixing was a bunny in his past life but not just any bunny, king bunny
  • The pigeons weren’t attacking Yixing, they were fighting the gravity around him so he can’t age and the world will never have to be without him one day

That’s all I’ve got for now 💕💕💕

I’m so fancy

I was talking to a friend about fast food and how it’s gross and we should quit.
He goes “Yeah Fast food sucks , except Wendys. Wendys is like fancy fast food.”
Um no ..Wendys is like… Wendys.
No one on their way to prom has ever stopped for some “junior bacon cheeseburger.”
If you think Wendys is fancy you are going to get married at an Olive Garden.

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Why did you choose this URL?

Because in my mind, Killua is going to marry Gon at some point in the canon hxh universe. And on top of that, he’ll probably want to distance himself from the Zoldyck name if at all possible, so I think he’ll take Gon’s last name. I added an extra e because the url was taken and I was set on the idea. 

Also I’m just imagining Killua for the first time showing someone some form of ID and him having the Freecss name on it and he notices the person doesn’t get scared of him and how happy that would make him.

What is your middle name?

nah. starts with a g tho

If you could own a fairy tale pet, what it would be?

None? I just want more cats lol

Fave color?

Blue or green.

Fave song right now?

Fall Out Boy – I’m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)

Jamie xx - Loud Places (Feat. Romy)

Top three fandoms?

Hxh, hxh, and hxh. I don’t really participate in other fandoms….I’m a one fandom at a time kind of guy. I really like the Haikyuu fandom though. I just don’t really blog about it on here.

Why do you like Tumblr?

People on here are just super chill and it’s nice to find people who feel the feely feels that feel…feely about hxh.

Tag all nine of your Tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!

gonpika woozaful awesomepaufan schwing-alicious meowchiwawaa ohhmygon demisexual-ayato tanabah kvrta gayhiei

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For blurb night: you and luke competing to be top in the class. Constantly comparing your marks on tests.

You and Luke have been competing for the #1 spot ever since you can remember. Though Luke is competition you couldnt help but be completely in love with him. You have helped each other academically and non academically. Him teaching you how to kiss in middle school or being his date to the dance because his ditched or helping one another with your calculus homework. But once senior year rolled around, it seemed like more of a business deal what ever you did help each other with because one wrong move and your competition would be valedictorian and you wouldn’t. You and Luke scored the same thing on every test throughout senior year leaving it down to the last and hardest test of the year to decide who would be #1. “You guys are going to get married no matter who turns out to be #1 or not” Your friend sighs picking at her salad. “So it’s going to be a win win no matter what” “We aren’t going to get married , especially if I’m not valedictorian.” You stomach drops when you see Luke headed towards you with his results. “He so likes you so I think it will be easily forgiven once he looses his spot.”  “I’m not going to loose so whatever you were saying is wrong.” Luke smiles sitting down next to you. “Whatever Hemmings..ready to see that I won?” “You’re on (Y/N)” “Lets say it on three… 1,2,3!” “ 90%” You both scream. “I guess we are both number one” Luke smiles, hugging you.

highschool!5sos blurb night

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I love fandom. Like we take these characters that don't really get along and go "they're married" "but they hate each other" "THEY ARE SO MARRIED LOOK HOW CUTE" "but that one's a villain!" "BEAUTIFUL HUSBANDS" And also all of these charactes (sans Dragon bab) are grown men and we're over here like "LOOK AT OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN, SO SWEET"


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True story: the sad "imagine" posts that have been going around have been giving me really bad anxiety so I really appreciate the happy one you posted

I’m so sorry! I deal with anxiety too so I can imagine what you’re going through. That was a happy little shower thought I had one day. They’re either going to be each other’s best man or they’re going to be marrying each other. So happy thoughts!

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Culture… I am inshaAllah going to marry a man from a different culture. He is Eritrean and I know next to nothing about Eritrea or Eritreans. My best friend is actually Eritrean.
I’d like to think I’m a multicultural person… I absolutely love learning languages which are steeped in cultures. They’re the corner stone of culture.
I’m studying Arabic right now sorta, have studied French for a decade at this point and I took some Mandarin in HS…

When people my age get engaged I really dont take it seriously. Its like yeah you’re engaged but you’re not REALLY engaged. Like I think they’re never going to get actually married. I dont know why I think this way cause I’m 21 and thats not a completely crazy age to get engaged. But its like????? We are children???