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I guess blondes do have more fun????? ................. (in reference to Reyes and CabBAE going back to back?)

LMAOOO The 7 Line called them the blonde bombshells and I’m extremely entertained by all the blonde jokes.

…But none of this is going to make me support the blonde hair.


[ Almost forgot to post these before I went to bed! Wednesday selfies ft close up of Diesel ^^ This was the new blouse I bought the other day, it’s so comfy and I’m glad I spent the 20£ on it haha. Sorry for mucking up your dash with my face! I hope you all have a magnificent day! ]

fetus blonde ney 👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾why I freaking like this👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾👱🏾

Clover scratched her head as she sat in her parked car. The only car she had was the squad car, so she parked it a couple blocks away behind some trees. The wig she had put on was itchy, but it was too late to go back now. She exited the car as a blonde, placing the sunglasses on her nose and heading up the street towards the party. If anyone asked, she was undercover, trying to find out more about the killer. But honestly, she just wanted one night of fun to get more wasted than she had ever been.

She arrived at the house, her tote bag full of beers and vodka, and found a place to sit in his yard. There were a few groups of people around, but she wasn’t quite tipsy yet and didn’t think she should approach them. It wasn’t long, however, until someone approached her.

Husband installed a standing AC unit in our room and it is literally heaven coming home and turning it on and it being cool in a 5 minutes span.

Also my hair. Y'all, I am such a blonde deep in my soul. NEVER GOING BACK.

@suicidebarbie : MRS DOCTOR.

      she hears    noises.    the ear piercing sound of the gates opening.    what was it this time?    force feeding?     just a sinister check up?   whatever it was she    COULDN’T    care less.   the jester had no intention of    COMMUNICATION    today.    so the   blonde   stays perched on her makeshift circus    apparatus,    swinging like she couldn’t be more content.    oh,    how far from the   TRUTH   that was. 

                    ‘      REMEMBER  , HANDS   OFF   THE   BAR,   QUINN.      ‘

the clown laughed,   hands lifting up    m o c k i n g l y    before going back to paying little to no   attention.   that is until the blonde walks in.    head   cants    to the side,    eyeing her up,    the sound of her heels    CLATTERING    amongst the floor almost reassuring.        “    well ain’t you   pretty, lady? y’gonna come in    here?    make it personal and all that?     “

since I haven’t posted a picture since like January or some shit and because I went blonde - I am going back to dark hair because the blonde life is not for me.