Breaking Curfew

Your eyes kept flitting to your watch. Fuck. The towns curfew was closing in-you had to be back home or else you would get a ticket and they weren’t fucking cheap either. 

It was your first two weeks in the new town that you moved to. You take the next turn and you realised it was the wrong one and now you were: 1) terribly and utterly lost and 2) you were in the bad part of town. 

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#TBT to Rome, NY 2010. 4 years ago members of Pacific Crest cordially played the corps song, Ave Maria, for Mrs. Joseph.

“…While in New York, us baritones and euphoniums were walking back to the busses after performing a show, when we saw an adorable elderly lady standing on her front porch. She was watching all of us walk by in our sections, and had the biggest smile on her face.

We were going to go play Ave for the families that had so graciously allowed us to warm up on their front lawns, and got the genius idea to invite the elderly lady to come hear us as well! Our section leader Ryan ran over to her and invited her to come and listen, and learned that she had been around drum corps and had volunteered and helped out with the sport since she was much younger, but was now too old and frail to come down the street to listen to us play…

So, we got another genius idea… why not bring the corps to her… and play Ave Maria especially for her?

That’s exactly what we did." 

The Rome, NY show may have been cancelled yesterday, but the members of the corps did have the opportunity to see Mrs. Joseph!

Pictured: Mrs. Joseph with 5 year trumpet vet, Ryan Collins.