I am such an APR fangirl now...

It’s kinda funny. I’ve heard all the bad things and the good things about the company thanks to Ryan. It’s most definitely had an effect on me. I don’t work there, but I guess hearing all the stuff that goes on there from someone who does makes you somewhat loyal to the company. There’s so much passion, joy, and pride from their workers. Even when he’s pissed off about something that he had to go through during the day, I can always tell he still loves that damn company. No matter how much he denies it when he’s mad. I guess a bit of that love has been rubbing off on me haha

I don’t really know why I’m posting this, but the way I feel about that company has been showing a bit more. Official fangirl over here…

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  • 42nd Street, Teen Titans GO! and more!

Bold and Blu: 42nd Street, Teen Titans GO! and more!

Released Apr 28, 2015

Get ready to “Come Back a Star!” as we take a look at the newly restored 42nd Street (1933) Blu-ray and then follow that up a high definition meatball party for the smash hit Teen Titans GO! Season 1 (2013) Blu-ray debut. The its time to get set for some classic TV drama - STAT! - as Dr. Kildare learns some lessons in love, at Blair General AND in Rome in Dr. Kildare, Season 4 (1964-1965). Then we take a wild and wooly ride South and West with BLACK GOLD (1947), SON OF BELLE STARR (1953), SOMBRERO (1953),ARROW IN THE DUST (1954), MARAUDERS (1955), BLACK PATCH (1957), and THE HIRED GUN (1957). Then it’s to for some mysterious suspense as we investigate the JOHN J. MALONE MYSTERY DOUBLE FEATURE (1944, 1950), KID GLOVE KILLER (1942), ESCAPE FROM EAST BERLIN (1962), SCORPIO LETTERS (1967) and EVERY LITTLE CROOK AND NANNY (1972).

nomorethaniron asked:

“Yes. I might have given you rabies. But in my defense, that’s ridiculous and I didn’t.”

                     STRANGE STARTERS | ACCEPTING.

             ❝   ——– I’M HONESTLY WORRIED about the implication that you’ve
                             BITTEN me while i was obviously unaware. in all seriousness,
                                                W H A T ? 

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American Express BlueCash Review

American Express Blue Cash Credit Card Review

The American Express Blue Cash for Business credit card is a very economical cash rewards business credit card when compared to its direct competition. In most of the reviews the four salient features that differentiate the American Express Blue Cash for Business credit card are:
$0 annual fee
0% APR on purchases for the first six months
Low on-going 11.24% APR on purchases
7.99% APR on balance transfers for the life of the amount transferred.

Business Support
Finally, many of the reviews report a willingness on the part of American Express to go the extra mile for small businesses. As a holder of the American Express Blue Cash for Business credit card, you gain access to:
24/7 customer support services
Chat facilities and forums where you can speak to other small business owners and experts, Articles and reports purposely compiled for the small business sector.

American Express also offers online reporting and management tools, to help you automate some of your tedious administrative tasks.

Go go Protoman !!

Enfin !
Après je ne sais combien d’heures (une quinzaine je pense), j’ai enfin fini ce customiibo /o/

Constat : j’ai perdu trop de temps avec les couleurs, et le résultat s’en fait ressentir. Mauvais gris initial, le rouge n’est pas si métallique que ça (malgré le vernis). Mais il est bon, et j’aime bien le rendu, pas trop tape-à-l-oeil.

Sinon, oui, plus tard, quand je recevrai mes nouveaux outils, j’m’attaque à l’étape 2 de la custo : faire le casque/bouclier/lunettes/cape. OH YEAH !

Enjoy /o/

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Useful Info For Charge Card End users And People

Getting bank cards requires self-control. When applied mindlessly, you may manage up big monthly bills on nonessential expenditures, inside the blink of the eyesight. Nonetheless, appropriately monitored, a credit card often means great credit ratings and benefits. Read on for several tips on how to get a loan with no credit history, to be able to be sure that you use your credit cards and they also will not use you.

Don’t terminate a card just before evaluating the entire credit history influence. Frequently it leads to reducing your credit history which you may not want. For that oldest cards that comprise a large chunk of your credit rating, it can be worthy of continuing to keep them open up.

Don’t be enticed by the opening charges on a credit card when opening up a replacement. Make sure to request the creditor just what the price may go approximately soon after, the opening amount expires. Occasionally, the APR may go around 20-30Per cent on some cards, an rate of interest you definitely don’t desire to be paying out as soon as your opening rate disappears altogether.

Make use of the simple fact that exist a free of charge credit profile every year from a few independent companies. Make sure to get all 3 of them, to enable you to make sure there is practically nothing happening together with your a credit card that you have overlooked. There could be one thing mirrored on one which had been not on the others.

Prevent being the target of credit card scam by keeping your bank card safe at all times. Pay unique attention to your greeting card if you are utilizing it with a retail store. Make certain to make sure you have sent back your greeting card in your finances or purse, when the obtain is completed.

When you have a credit card accounts and do not would like it to be de-activate, ensure that you apply it. Credit card companies are closing credit card makes up about low-utilization in an raising price. This is because they look at all those profiles to be lacking in revenue, and thus, not really worth preserving. Should you don’t want your profile to get shut, apply it for tiny acquisitions, one or more times each 90 days.

In case you are going to stop utilizing bank cards, cutting them up is not really actually the easiest way to undertake it. Even though the credit card has disappeared doesn’t indicate the accounts has stopped being wide open. If you achieve eager, you could possibly request a new credit card to utilize on that accounts, and get kept in a similar cycle of asking you wished to get out of to begin with!

Make your credit card’s pin program code difficult to imagine properly. If you use anything including if you were given birth to or what your midsection label will be people can easily have that info.

Getting credit cards might be of big help if it is utilized properly. The essential recommendations offered in the following paragraphs should have provided you enough info, to be able to make use of bank card to get products, while nevertheless preserving a good credit score and remaining without any personal debt.